Jockey Powers Has Unlucky Day: Arrested for Automobile Speeding on His Way to Track and Afterwards Figures in Fall, Daily Racing Form, 1910-06-25


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JOCKEY POWERS HAS UNLUCKY DAY. Ai rested for Automobili Speeding on His Way to Track and Afterwards Figures in Fall. . w fork, June 24 K.M-k.-ion- -.i- retaraed winner at the Graas Selling stakes, the featare at Mi. . |. lu-a.l Raj today. lie wa- an OBtrtdrT in the lulling in spile •! receul _-«nl si, orer the pvaa ionise. Beancoup In in at all times an odda-oa ili..i... I.eain ..|i|. ll.itt. i-.-.l hi- l.aek. rs l.y I aeintr !■• ii. !! at. l-ut quit utt.rlv in the Ktretrh and was i|..ii._ bh I" it t" Mil- third n ii at the end. II..- .-..ii.l.-iis, ,1 hist..rv of the ;iass BeUlac Stakes is .-, folio* k: . Wiiiit K.Wt. Jo.k.-v. Val. Time. lfBH I.-iitral Trust. .4 1 1 •; Wilson ,070 1:47 UMJll IIk K. .1 l«l laws, i, . 1.005 l:4«4j ltsil Noucs ■ I"- McGinn ... 045 1:471 l.mj Kuiftuias .7 lis Shaw l.llo J : Is 1h l..a.l.r ..*: ." II Michaels I .TOM 1:".o It i| S.ierit! Bell I lot i-. Kuriis .. 1 .7o"- 1 :3©j Itt.-.. M. Iti.-li.i r.l — .ii .0 loo A. W. Book r. I. TBI 1:1s-V.hi.. I. .ni-iilla .... l lo ; w Kaana 1.003 1:47 i:hi7 Ura|»ple . . r, Km Beckmao . l.« i I • IM s i.i.., Ii lit i .at tier 470 1:48 T.s.i l; ■ .■. r. II Klujr. so I 1".-: | Ill. i Ko.k-t..n, . t! Iimi li- :iln .. 1,151 1:4s .1... k.-v . Poaren wh.. baa beea the rtctlnj of a , pva I d.-al ot haul im-k rc-.nti.v. bad BBjBther tall I , . ias.,n. favorite o.i the 4-llint. platers m ii,.- iii tit i i.. . aras . r..v.i.-d and wiih duwa ua Ihe , Oral t urn. on the way : • the track, had I l„ , -i am i..i loi automobile ~|.e. inu. makiii. the ,i.n t bad im lot- him. thaaffh be iraa aat hart la llll-il.le. . st..-|.l. • I. ■-• lix-ket Iatt. i has beein siiapentled I., i- ii . meet i us ii . I his case baa been referred to • the National Sleeplechas*- and Hunt Association. . action is lal n account ol Tiis i" • « t - "ii i Round Br»ok in th. -:.-. i ■ !--• -li.i -• ■ n V. di i • . whi.i ;..ld Plate was crowded an.i thrown, causing r il„ deal u d Jocke] llup|s . It aras - 1 ii ,i Pattersons mreloss riding was rerajouaibh for r in. a. - blent. Ihis wa- ■ ! ilaj for favorite rolkranprs. August t I.i lin-iit s I; Han. it th. l.i-t i.e.. h. inn the ,„,U tii~i . |,..i. -. to s-,,1-,.. Reyhoatra w best la i iqs ri,. bat Montgomery showed na.nrelBM im - j,i... ii-. i and wh.-n Shilling outrode i;lc br was ■ 1 1,. a inner. I. n la, rerentlj pnrehaacd troin 1. I . HBIcbeock l.y r W. H. Kai 1 1 i i-i -I ■ drna u • Itadl In tb : that ii i ih.iil.ilul it sh. will • .-r i:n. again. larhrj Met; ■ ».e RMapeaded tin.-, dajs for mis liebai b»r al n • i-.-t .n the Oral i a i Jocke Joe Sotter. who wa- badl] hurt arhile rid-n, l- s. ai-ii -ii it I:- linoiii Park, is galloping; boraef a-ain ami will s||..:i!v r- t inn to the saddle. I . , i Butwell rode today for the lust time sin,-,-bht fall at -i — ii. I with Bfarwlek. A race meeting will open at Scran ton I.i.. July 2 _. and ...iTii.-i. "ii. week. Ilea there will •» a w- k ; • t naeahg at Hllkesharre after arhlch then wiir in-a return to Beraatoa I. D. I-aunu.-. is In ehatj,.-.

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