Yearlings at Woodlands Farm, Daily Racing Form, 1910-08-06

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YEARLINGS AT WOODLANDS FARM. Barney Sehrelbct lias between eighty and ninety yearlings wandering around his Woodlands Farm, ami to all appearances is well fixed for two-year-old racing next year. The sires represented! are Sain, Bannockbarn, Dentschland, Woolsthorpe, Nasturtium, Cesarion. Joe Carey. Monsieur do I.Ormo. Yorkshire Lad. Canopus. St. Avonicus, Sempronius. Samson. Balgowan and Lamplighter, and there are brothers and sisters and half-brothers and half-sisters thov. to Bach celebrities as Sofala. I»eutschland. Jack At-krn. Miss Sain. Tony Faust. Fern L_, Hanives. Tom Shaw. Sir Kearney. Dr. Gardner, Mindora. Gaj Fisher. Bill Eaton, Alice George, Gehehnnlss, Xayon, Minnie Adams. Tim Hurst, Chester K rum , Tokaloa. Chief Hayes and Seymour Beatler. Barney delights in having plenty of horses around bis place, but the supposition is that ho could lie induced to part with some of those on hand, but only because ho will hare others coming along presently. Brown colt, by Sain — Lady Helena. Blows colt, by Sain — Ilanetta. by Martinhurst. Brown colt, by Bala — tTahtipn nl bv star Huby. Bay colt, by Sain— Miss Modish, dam of Kittif-Powers. Bay colt, by Sain — Subway, by Darebin. Bay colt, by Sain — Aponea, dam of Sofala and Lacy" Crawford. Bay colt, by Sain — Lisp, half-sister to Articulate. Bey colt, by Sain — Deri argilla. brother to Deutsoh-land. Bay colt, by Sain— Pranks, by Star Ruby, ■•y COit, bv Sain — Toots Moot:. Bay coii. by Bain— Chahlls, by Artillery. Bay My. by Sain —Pat roness. Bay Illy, by Bnia — Aiasee Abbott, half-sister to Stanley Fa. v. Bay * lillv. bv Sain — El Salado, sister to Jack At-kin. . glOSIB filly, by Sain — Divonne. by nanover. Bay filly, by Bala — Hardly, a stake winner and a ■to idncer. Bay BUy, by Sain — Mayflower. Bay tilly. by Sain — Miss Baker, sister to Miss Sain. Black lilly, by Sain — St. Bone, sister to Tony Faust. Bay filly, by Bala — faalti . dam of nihnath Bay tilly. by gate— Bagshst. bred like Centre Shot and Bay Fisher. Brown caita by Bannockbnrn — Mildred P.. by Sain. Blaefc eolt. by Bannock bars — Augusta Victoria, by Sain, sister to Nealon. Brown .oil. by Banaaekhan — -Revoke, a good win nor and prodncer. chestnut coii, by Bannockbnrn — Kings Ladv, dam of Fern L. Bay colt, by Bannockbnrn — Lady Churchill, dam of Emily Uee. Bay colt, by Bannw ilWIS — Lady Chariot, a good a inner. Hay colt, by Bannock burn — Sula, by Sain — Nora Ives, dam of Haniv. s. Bay coit. by Banaockbnra — Maggie Felix. Chestnut colt, by Bannockbnrn — Clicquot, dam of Dow npatrick. Brown coif, by Bmnookhurn — Belle Ward, dam of Tom Shaw and l.annock Belle. Bay colt, by Bannockbnrn — Ida Kearney, dam of CarondolH and Sir Kearney. Black Illy, bv Banaockbnrn — Flirt. Bay tilly. by Ban kburn — Mai.liff. by Clifford. Bay tilly. by Bannockbnrn -Humming Bee. dam of Frank Perrf*. Baj lilly. by Bannockbnrn — Tarda, dam of Dr. Gardner and Donovan. Baj tilly. by Bannockhara — Toatsey Mack, half-sister to Dermis. Brown lilly. by ITsnnerhhnrs — Can Beaaesaber, dam fif Basalster. Gray BUy. bv Baanofhbnin Alice Finch, bv Gold-Bach. Che algal lilly. by Bsssasrihnia — Ocean Dream, I great winner. Chestnut tilly. by Bannoekbiirn— Semolina, by Sain and a great mare. Brown on. by Dentschland — High stopper, bv St. Q targe. Chestnut colt, by Dentschland — Park Ridge, dam Sarner, Mindora. Tom Shelly and Sigiioriun, the dam of Howdy and Osorino. Black colt, by peiitschlainl -Laura P.. a stake winner. Bay eolt. by Prattrhltnd Mta Brunoll, by Kingston. Bay colt, by Dentachlaad Trained Nurse. Bay colt, by Deuts.hland -Testimony, a good win-and«r. Bay colt, by Dentschland — Appollonia, dam of Guy Fisher. Bay colt, by Dentschland — Merida, dam of Bill rTafan and Kid North. Bay colt, by Dentschland — Esther Rood, a young mare. . „ - Chestnut lillv, bv Deutschland— Modwt na, by Moreno. Bay Ally, by Dentschland — Yokohaitfa, dam of Alice George. Chestnut lilly, by Deutschland — Ohio Belle, dam of five winners. Bav titlv. bv Dentschland — Lady Maud, dam of M.lita. Bay filly, by Dentschland — Bertola. sister to Herbert and Bonnie Bird. Bay tilly. by Dentschland — Saindora. by Sain. Chestnut lilly. by Dentschland — Theresia, dam of Gebeimniss and Mockler. Bay tilly. by Dentschland — Caroline Hamilton, dam of Tavon. Father Wentkor and E. M. Fry. Chestnut colt, by Woolsthorpe — Elsina, by Strath-more. Bav colt, kg Woolsthorpe — Cakewalk, sister to Gold Heels. Bay lilly. by Woolsthnrpt — Fidel Youlin. Bay tilly, by Nasturtium — Dunora, an imported mare. Bay filly, by Nasturtium — Orinda, a great race mare. Brown colt, by Cesarion — Lingerie, a producer. Chestnut colt, by Cesarion — Nellie Grand, sister to Advance Guard. Bay lilly. by Cesarion — Pretzel, dam of Minnie Adams and Anna Casse. Bay lilly. by Joe Carey— Mauch. dam of Tim Hurst .ind Katv Rains. Bay lillv, bv Joe Carev— Frsula, dam of Honry Ach. Chestnut colt, by Joe Carey — Ravolette, dam of Minnolette and Chester Krum." Bay eolt, by Joe Carey — lYoposal, dam of Banposal and Saianosnl. Bay eolt. by Monsieur do LOrme — Now Jersey, by Strathniore. Brown filly, by Yorkshire Lad — Port Wine, a good winner. Bay colt, by Yorkshire Lad — Stra th witch, by Slrathmore. Bay colt, by Canopus — Bonnie Lissak, a stake winner and dam of Mill Jones. Bay tilly. by St. Avonicus — Prudential Girl. Bav colt, by St. Avonicus — I.atona. sister to Jack Atkin. Bay eolt, by St. Avonicus — Anseleta, sister to Dewey and Earl Rogers. Bay eolt, by Sempronius — Rosethorn. an imported mare. Bay colt, by Sempronius — Enid, dam of Tokalon, w inner of the Suburban. Bav colt, by Samson — Ladv Anderson, by St. Blaise. Bay colt, by Samson — Jennie J., by Hanover. Bay colt, by Bannockbnrn or Balgowan — Colleen Bawa, by Kingston. Chestnut colt, by Balgowan— Grand Lady, dam of Chief Hayes. Grand Shot and Seymour Beatler. Bay eolt, by Lamplighter — Native, by St. Carlo. Bay eolt. by Lamplighter — Delighted. by St. Carlo. Brown tilly. by Lamplighter — Ragainanda. by Sain. Bay filly, by Lamplighter — Matronia. a good winner. This is a list of two-vear-olds now in training at Woodlands. Duly a lew have started. All will lie ready for the races within tho next thirty days: Fred Essen, b. g. bv Sain — Miss Marion. n Carlisle M.. b. g. by Sain— Park Ridge. Da boys. b. g. by Sain — Sinfi. Mike Donlin. blk. g. by Sain — Jungfrau. Sainodiotis, Idk. f. by Sain — Melodious. Flo Colmar. b. f. by Sain — Sister to ITnde Bob. Ann Schuyler, b. f, by Sain — Sister Ella. Bay gelding, by Sain — Divonne. Mabel Hlte, eh. f. by Bannockbnrn — Sister Josephine a half-sister to Nealon I. Bert Gett, b. g. by Bannoekbiirn — Gebeimniss. Balivos. oh. g. by Balgowan — Nora Ives, half-brother to Ban! res. "apt. Catmody, blk. C, by Golden Maxim — Balance II. Emma I... b. f. by Nasturtium — Columbia, by Fanstns. Mascal. b. f, by Sain— Chablis.

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