Make Killing at Juarez: Amity Wins Race for Maidens after Being Backed into Favoritism, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-28


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MAKE KILLING AT JUAREZ H + AM1TV WINS RACE FOR MAIDENS AFTER . 4. BEING BACKED INTO FAVORITISM. I , Public Picks Five el tin- Days Winners and Layers Lo-.e Heavily — Wcyanok" Aided to Victory by Jockey Laftas Skill. i;i Fa-.o. lex.. February 27. The lav or- at Jnarea were hard liii 111 the lirsi rare today when Ike ■ Iii-« c yi-iii -old Amity, owaed l y A. B. Kpreckels, »mi :i t i - -1 belle.: hacked tlOWII from 6 l«l J into 2 to 1 favoritism. Sin- scored liamlily over .lolly Tar anil look- lik" .1 1 1 1 1 Dial may turn mil la lie a useful racing tool: Till- public picked liv- of I lie six winner- today and lie- layers lost heavily. Tile weather wan a liil chilly, I 1 1 1 the atlend-iuce 1 cicaiiic.l go tl. JoekcJ Hal-.v -cored with two ol hi- mounts. A iimen ami Russell Mi -.ill. Ihe uiiiiiii of i be fourth race turned an in Wey- hainlled w ontlei I ully well by jockey I.oltus. I I l/.g.-raid inaile the pace an I when LoftttS urged Wevanulx- the latter caioe n to win liy ■ neck. I . .1. Grcfer recently sold Connaught to It. G Marlin and the horse ran in the colon of his new owner today . The twilowing work-outs took place over ;h" Juarea track this moralng. with the "dogs up ami the course hea . Anion -Three-quarters in 1:28. cantering. Is trail in- well. Rellsnlcker • Three inai leis in I .".s. Is good. Cattsse The eighth- in 1:12, cantering. Is trail in;; -low 1 1 . Cbapnltepet Half mile in .".Ii. breezing. Slioiil 1 race better. Chief Desmond- Half mile in 5and Is gaud. Counlij II"1 Five -eighths in 1:12. Is training well. Bye White Fire-eighth* in 1:12, cantering, ia tlaiHiilg -lowlv. ■M lia-kel Tlii -e eighth- in :;! . liamlilv. Aets good. llmliKl Im eighth* in 1:12. Is good. Ilolablnl— Half mile in 58. Is being trained -lowly. Jack o Lantern Five, -eighth* in 1:12. Is train ike well. i, a Kstrella -Three eighths In 43, breesiag. Train ing well. Lady Il-mii Three, eighths in It. Snowing aore ness in training Fapibcriha Three quarters in 1 :_" . Is eood. l.eiirfie I. Tiirce eighths iu . hreeaing. is training well. Mary Ann K.— Half mil in 55. Acta goad and i- Imuroving. M, V:an Tbr eighth- in II N Kood. Mi- Mi Three-eighths in 13, breezing. Training well . N»w Kim i Three-eightlni in II. Is good. ohii Half mil- in " i . breecing. Is improviug. mil Koeebod Half mile in ."•!. Training well. Uaearo — Half mile in .«»i. hreeaing. Is training well. Paw llnee eicliihs iii 13. Acts good. Caafaachapl Half mile in 54. Is good and should race better. Tietu l»ale -Three eighths in t:;. breezing. »i little acconal Ileal si.ii II. iii mil.- in :,s. Has had i h»l ui and has taken on Desb. SauUe. Three-eighths in 13. A -ls good. Servrcenee Half mile in 58. breeahtg. Is at hi- liest. Sister ri.-i-iiic Half utile in 58, hreeniag. i HainiiiK well. Stick Pin- Half mile in 58. Is lie-ins; trailed KloWlj . Sloiieeiiltel- -Half lililo in S3. 1- EOod. Sloui Heart Three-quarters in 1:28. I- liainin;; lovly. Trojan Belle Half wile in 58, Is being trained dearly. Tiuly Half aiile In M. I- at her best. Virginia Lindsej Sereu-eighths in l •"; . canter in. Is training sk wlj . asl.-lla Three elghtbM in II. is k I. Wintergreou Seven-eighths in I :.!s. caateriag. In esrelleat ■ litioa.

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