Double for H. MDaniel: Horses from Kentucky Trainers Stable Win Two Races at Juarez, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-07


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DOUBLE FOR II. MDASIBL ___ s HORSES FROM KENTUCKY TRAINERS STABLTi WIN TWO RACES AT JUAREZ. I Iv j i Dejuncy Causes Some Surprise by Coming from Be- I I! hind to Sco:e in Second Race, and Sea Cliff i Is Other Winner for Kentuckian. _ i i in 1.1 Pane, Texan, March 3.- 1 1, nt y MeDaalel won ■ two t the i races carded liei ■ thin afternoon, lit- • had three * in i-i — . hut l.a Ksirclhi failed to win in • lln- lr*l liici, a half utile da-h for maidens. Sue w.i- « •!! thought of and falrlj well supported in Ike " hotting. Detancy. from Mr. McltaniePs stable. Bnal ., Ii ran hi- race anil surprised I lie talent hy isoming limn In-hind to in. win ii In- Is ai hi- beat he i-. — niiafij a front ranaer. The other winner front the Mcltaaicl staid,- wa* tin odds-on favorite. Sea . cliff, and alter the pacemakers, Sii,-k Pin and Ittincrsggan, had i ;n -.l themselves Into exhaanttoa, : he i am* along to win easily . N •iiinie MeDee. the winner of the third race. a*aa hid up 8300 over lier i-ntered jui***- of s:;nit hy W. E. Iliillipa. inn was bought in by trainer s. .1. Kellcy. W. I. I lanei purchased LOSgrove front P. C. Nash _ ii private sale, ii is the lateatioo of Mr. Clancy te rate in Kentucky ilu- season. , Iliere was so much crowding at different lime* during ili i, ting of the ii.nd raee ih.u several horse* were hadlj ettt shorn the legs, im I tiding | i . 1 1 1 . . iiee. in Queen ami Ethel Samson. The laai : was so seterelj enl thai she may imi race :tain dm lag ihis meet lax. Jocke Estop was suspended for live days by j latter Faaaidj for disobedience at the poor. This inoraiag** work-oata over the Juan/, track in. hide I the following: Aragpuetaj — Thret quarters la 1:13. It good. Aunt Al.imh Three-eighths in 38**. Baa been i in -lieiied. alio Bub— Five-eighths in l:02ss. la Rood. I.eii liivelile.u 1 , e eighths in l:©2*5. Iniprov log. Haai lie -Half mile in as. Improving, itirka -Hall mile la is1.-.. Needs traiakag: good I ! i Hi,,,; -.. ttM**»ter. Vi IUw -Heard Five-eighths in 1 :i-:.. Is good. • mniu-Thru- piai i-,- in 1:17. Acts good, thiol Desmond three-eighths in :u;-.. I- Rood. io|iiiiii I nn e quarters in I :L"J. I- good. i ie Half mile in oft. Is ". I. in-. Maclas -Tinee .iiarieis-in 1:22. i little a« count . Ihnield iinee i| lei-- iii l .2 Showa anreaeaa. ■ Jeaeral Winn live ei-hlhs in l:Hli-,. Fair 1 iiiiiiden. Ilanlv Mile in 1:43. la Improving fast. Ii. len Pink- Mile in 1 :4::. K Rood. Iloiahird Three-quartera in 1:11. A -i.s good. l|oiie .n -Seven i iirlulw in 1:29, liandil.v. Looks good and should raee better. Jaek Btlbi rhree-elghtha in ::;. Showing aare- lles. Kali lnla Three-qnartera in 1:16. Is gaod. Km- Hadford Three-eightha la M%. la W llellielv good. I. .inch - Mile in 1 i::. I- good. I.eiinie I . Three-eightha In " -.-,. Aeta good. I...N.- Da] Three-eighths in - -.. I- li-*ln aaai 1 . ris tour. M.ilias-eh Ilu vi- *| il:iri l s ill I :_2. I~ fOOd. Mandadeio — Half mile in 4S. AI his beat. Mary A«a K. Three-qnartera in 1:22. latproring. I ; : " U 11. ill mile iii :,o. Will iinprovi- wi.n i i raciag. Mill Jones Three i|iiai lets in 1:17. Is goad. Minnie V. Three eigii Ilia In :i;-.,. 1- goad. Moekler TTiree-eighths in :W"4. Shows mnefa aare ne-s iii training. iiuelia Tin-ei eighths ii ■■. ;-.,. Ai her beat. miiek Trip Three-eighth* in a::... la gaod. Bound Ihe World Three-eighths in - "•.. Getting t light .n training. Itusell] lln.-. eighths in ■ ■:,. Al hi- heat. Sudie Bbapiro- Three-eighths in 38%. Of little e aei-oiinl. BateaU -Three-eighths in 38%. rn-fers the mud. si I.nd Three-eighths in 36%. ItaproTing. Stella Ward -Three-eighths in 38%. Acts vend. ■1 allow Hip Mile ill I :43. !- good. Trulj Three-eighths in 38%. Al her best. IVU-ket- Half m Ii in ■• . i u.H.d. Mlatargreen Hall mile in 17%. Should siuei win ~""ii.

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