Investigation is on at Charleston: Stewards Inquiring into Betting Operations of Chicagoan Known as Nick the Greek, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-07


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s I Iv j i I I! i _ i i in ■ • • " ., . : _ , | j i I ! 1 1 i t e ■ - i • ,r ; INVESTIGATION IS ON AT CHARLESTON. . Steuaids Inquiring Into Betting Operations of Chi-eagoan Known as Nick the Greek. Charleston. S C, March «1. - Selling platen, mosl ol ihe i er sort, were I iiinisheil onportunltj by the conditions of todays card to win something. IJpnets were freajaeal and the aJaaers earn- in.,i unexpected quarters. Bertls and Curtyhuivk v ■ iln onl- elioin- i" -on Ih- ronaer wks es leaslvely supported and showed a itecitliar ns-rforni anee. iii that he appeared to be smmllj beaten dttr lag the middle rnnuing ami then came with a rush the stretch, to wm caatering. The besi :. started in ihi fourth raee. wiili JaciiiTelina and Mi SHI the l.-iioreil one-. I h- latter was looked ii|. ,.i m a "good thing." 1. awl.. a Wiggins was easil.i best ami led all ihe wa.t and Bi ella hai-h. I - end in ad- am- ■ of Jacajnellna. Fine weather dHiaighl with M iuuu.o .-. i.airon:.... . The belt lag. due In the card, uras ol ligti volume. The stewarils reslerdaj began an Investigation, which Is sl 1 »» ; irtng h* -- ral raei«s ihai are looked upon *-ith - spl Ion. Htug to rumor. ihe Investigation Involves sev«Tal promhaent riders and Niik Dandalos iXIck Ihe flteekl. who has been operating sensattonaltj high and who, according to bis own statement, is over son., km, loser oa the meeting. Daudal«a was asked bj ihe stewards lo explain hi~ rea- ill for Iwlliiif; si. ml on J nosttre in his lasi start, when Catael, ridden by i. Graaal, was the favorite. Iiandalos. according to r. ii. Petttngill. was to have appeareil before the stewards again today. Imi railed in ids apnointaieni and de-.aii-i! lor his home In i.hfeago. II, i- n ■jartleil as a high lyee of be«oi with little know ledge ol racing, making linu a large! for - me owners ami rider* wlm like to have a bet ikKvn. According to repart, he was no: Ihe sofi mark expected, altlioiigli lie i laced several cimmuixkious « n wli. : he conahlered si sight Information. The ma j,,i-ii of lln- bet e claiaaed to have 1..-I. Bertls ithanged hands after his rictorj in todays race Illin laintii-li nt Derroli purchased him from Mrs. J. L. Brran f- r f-KHi and mined the horse over i" . is. Davis, whin "ill haadle him hi future. While being schooled al the barrlei this morning; a two-year-old kj Miller, helongiBg ;•■ Catesbj Woodford and trained by Archie Zlmmer. was,1 on the shoulder. Kxamiaatlon showed thai in- shoubler had been broken, whi.-h neoosslrated tlss llesirilel j, Ii n! 1,1 lll.l .1. Phillip-, who is training a public stable here. has secured tirsi eafl on the apprentice rider Mou lour For the remainder of the Charleston and the Norfolk meeting* The I ul met to li,:k traek w.-i~ iii gootl condition ihls mornng, when the rollnWIns work outs took place: Anieiieiis i|iiaitei~ in 1:22, hard held. Is til. Anna Claire Flve-eightha in l :0t;. Baa shown nothing. Armor Tkree-quartera in 1:18. Is working extra well. Boas Three-eighths In .:7. Showing speed. Bnaader Flve-clghtha in I :•♦. Race lo work will w in. Chemulpo Half mile in 52. Showing plenty of speed. Chilton Queen -Half mile in .",1. Wa- never hel ter. clem Heaehev -Half mile in .",:;. hrcealag. Colonel c- Three-eighths in 39. all oat. ion Ciii-raii Five-eighths la l :»+. Haee to Weak will win. noaaterpart— Three-eighths in id. breniaar. cw Baa Three-qnarters la 1:22. hard held. Is It. 111. Hueniiei- -Mile in 1:30. Is right on edge. Floral Day Mill; in 1:53. Ha- had I lei no. i. il. hens -five-eighth* in in:., driving. Of little aceaaat. Gordon- -Pive-eightha in 1 :« •*.. Worklag as Rood as ever. Grace Me -Half mile In 51. driving. Good move. Grover Hngbi Three-eightha in ti. Plrat ni" here; looks inc. Haldeman Five-eighths la 1:»;. At his beat. Ilenrieiia W. Half mile in ,".:;. la extra good just now. Idlewelsa— Three-quarters in 1:22. Tralalng slowly •lack Nuiinaily -Three quarters In 1 :-2. la good. I.eaineii.e Mile ill 1 : IV Is good. I.,„ hlel Mile in i :# . i his best. Mailman -Half utile in 52. hard held. Miss Water- Half mile in 93. Is good. New Haven Three-eightha In 4t. hrrcriair Iandoi ina Three-quarters in 1 : •_,",. breealng. Fa Ion -Mile in 1:40. Al his beat. Prince chap- Half mile in ""i. breexiag. 1iine- |. ,ns. i Three-quarters in 1:19, Daa earlj speed. Iiepuhiiean Three eighths In td. breeahtg. i; ini.-.-ii Half mile in 52, hard held. Sir Clem- -Half mile in o2. I- taring named rot -peed. Spindle Three-quarters m 1:21. Never better. Taleeari ier Three-qnarters in 1:25. breexiag Tarts Five-eighths In 1 n7. well in hand. Toi.-oii din Half mile in 54, Sghting for his head. Nelihorpe Mile in 1:40. I- til and has no e. u _ - .- - -

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