Racing of American-Bred Horses in England, Daily Racing Form, 1913-12-20

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: RACING OF AMERICAN -BRED HORSES IN ENGLAND In the period of October 1 to the end of the fall racing season of 1913 in England, American-bred horses won twenty-seven races, besides being placed second or third in many more. Of the races won the most valuable was Dalmatians Manchester November Handicap, which returned the net value of ,G25 to his owner. In value the other most considerable races won were Tracerys Champion Stakes at Newmarket, , ,500; Octobers Liverpool St. Leger at Liverpool, ,000; Harmonlcous Great Eastern Railway Handicap at Newmarket, ,975; Castletons Richmond Plate at Kempton Park, ,175; Borrows Challenge Stakes at Newmarket, ,050; Beliefontaines Welter Handicap at Newmarket, ,315; the Yankee Caoutchouc colts Downe Nursery Handicap at Doncaster, ,2C5; Dalmatians Windsor October Handicap at Windsor, ,150, and Sir Martins Ellesmere. Handicap at Manchester, ,105. The other races won were plates, the equivalent of purses In this country, ranging in net value from 00 to nearly, but not quite, ,000. But the most considerable amount won was in a lost race, Tracery receiving ,500 for running second to Cantilever in the Jockey Club Stakes at .the Newmarket First October meeting. On the whole it must be said that the American horses did very well in England this year and,, with Tracery now retired to the stud and a number of Mr. Whitneys best horses returned to this country, it seems more than probable that their winuingsin 1014 will be much less in total value. Here is the record of the racing of our horses in England during the space of time named: Oct. 1 L. Winans b. h, Dalmatian, 0, by Ethelbert Ionis; Newmarket October Handicap, Newmarket . ... 4 . . . . 2 1 II. P. Whitneys, eh. e, Harmonicon, 3, by Disguise Harpsichord; Great Eastern Railway Handicap.- Newmarket- 1 1 H. P. Whitneys b. g, Borrow; 5, by Hamburg Forget; Great Eastern Railway Handicap, Newmarket . . 3 " 2 Lord Roseberys b. e, WatergrucI, 2, bv Watercress Discipline; Sportsmans Nursery Handicap, Edinburg 2 " 2 II. P. Whitneys b. f. Bellefontaine, 3, by Watercress Hamburg Belle; A Welter Handicap, Newmarket . .. 1 2 A. Belmcnts br. c. Tracery, 4, by Rock Sand Topiary: Jockey Club Stakes, Newmarket 2 2 A. Sadler, Jr.s ch. f, Divine,2. by Hippodrome Deity; A Selling Plate, Newmarket 2 3 J. A. le .Rothschilds li. g, Albany Beef, 2, by Broomstick Xela; Bretby Welter Handicap, Newmarket . 3 " 3 Lord Cadogans b. c. October 3, by Rock Sand Octaroon; Newmarket St. Leger. Newmarket.. 2 3 .1. Longmuirs br. c, The Tug, 2. by Deutscliland Bellona; Carberry Selling Nursery, Edinburg . lh 1 " 0 W. Mclnerys b. f. Oneida, 3, by Yankee Ondurdls; Castle Selling Stakes. Nottingham 2 0 R. Woottons b. g. Spiked, 5, by Meddler Gunfire; Trent Selling Plate, Nottingham 1 i; J. Milnthorps ch. h, Fairylight, 0, by St. Leonards Nora Crelna; Trent Selling Plate, Not- " 7 P. Nelkes ch. g. Mix Up; 3, by Broomstick; Hurley Burley; Elvaston Castle Plate, Nottingham 3 " 8 S. Joels br. c. Westphalia, 2, by Hessian rGraziosa; Frogmore Nursery Handicap, Windsor ... 1 " ! It. Dawsons ch. f. Bu!I Luck. 2. by Ormondale-Fine Art; College Nursery Handicap, Windsor. 3 0 L. Wiiians -b. h, -Dalmatian, G. by .Ethelhert Ionis; Windsor October Handicap, Windsor 1 10 K. Jones b. c,- Castleton, -4, by Peter Pan Mintcake; Richmond Plate, Kempton Park 1 10 II. P. Whitneys b. g, Borrow, 5, by Hamburg Forget; Richmond Plate, Kempton Park 3 10 H. Newmans b. f. Home Brew, 2, by Broonistick Jersey Lightning; Earlstown Plate, Haydock Park t 2 " It It. Woottons b. g. Spiked. 0. by Meddler fiunfire;.JJrentford. Selling Handicap. Kempton Park. 1 11 II. P. .Whitneys br; f, -Paiiasine; by Peter Patf Ladaslne; Rivehnead-Welter Handicap, Kempton Park . , ..3 11 A. Gorhams b. e. Indian God. 3. by Ogden Siva: Isleworth Maiden Plate. Kempton Park 1 11 J. Milnthorps ch. h, lairlight, li, by St. Leonards Nora Crelna: Saturday Handicap, Haydock Park 1 3 " 14 A. Betiuonts br. e. Tracery, 4, by. Rock Sahd Topiary: Champion Stakes, Newmarket 1 14 A. Alldens b. g, Medley. 3. by Meddler Kauiara; Apprentices Plate. Newmarket 1 " 14 Lord Harewoods br.. c, Medway, 4, by Meddler Brllliantine: Madely Maiden Handicap. Wolverhampton 3 " 14 W. McEnerys b. f. Oneida. 3,. by Yankee Ondurdls; Stanton Selling Plate, Wolverhampton ... 3 " 15 J. S. Austens eii. c. Forward. 3, by Cesarion Forelock; Kennett Plate, Newmarket 1 15 II. P. Whitneys .ch. e. Meeting House, 3, by Voter Noonday; Kennett Plate. Newmarket 3 1G H. P. AVliitneys b. f, Bellefontaine, Ct, by Watercress Hamburg Belle; Heath. Plate. Newmarket .. ... 3 " 1G n. P. Whitneys, b. g. Borrow,. 5, by Hamburg Forget; Challenge Stakes, Newmarket 1 17 H. P. Whitneys br. f, Panasinc, -3, by Peter Pan Ladasine; Exiling Handicap. Newmarket ... 2 17 Lord Cadogans b. c, October. 3, by Rock Sand Octoroon; Southtield Plate, Newmarket 1 IS C. F. Chapmans ch. f. Fickle Hope, 4, by Islington Maid of Promise; Muswell Selling Plate, Alexandra Park ....I 1 20 P. Whitakers b. g, Luxor, 2, by Ormondalc Lux Casta; October Auction Nursery, Leicester... 1 21 A. James ch. c, 2, by Yankee Caoutchouc; Crawler Nursery Handicap. Gatwick 3 21 T. A. Edges ch. g, Pearldivcr, 5. by Watercress Pearl V.; Stayers Handicap. Gatwick 1 22 W. Dixons b. g. Court Card, 3, by Royal Flush III. Rose of Hampton; Bridge Handicap, Gatwick w 2 " 22 A. James b. f, Gracious, 2, by Yankee Graceful; Country Nursery Handicap, Gatwick 3 22 T. A. Edges b. or br.. in, Lcspedesa, G, by Irish Lad Teetotum II.; Charlwood Handicap, Gat wick 1 " 22 O. Lewisohns b. c. Boots, 2, by Hessian Little Flower; Astley Nursery Handicap, Newcastle.. 3 22 Lord Zetlands b. g. Sun-up, .4, by Hamburg Morningside; Scurry Welter Handicap, Newcastle. 2 " 24 J. Butters ch. c. Bendcl, 2, by Under Bremen; Trafalgar Nursery Handicap, Sandown Park... 3 28 K. Jones b. c. Castleton. 4. by Peter Pan Mintcake; Fordham Handicap, Newmarket 3 29 W. Alldens b. g, Medley, 3. by Meddler Kamara; Apprentice Plate. Newmarket 1 " 29 J. Wilsons b. g. Cheerful. 3, by Plaudit French; Cambridgeshire Handicap. Newmarket 2 30 II. Randalls b. g. Hillside, 7, by Hamburg Morningside; Visitors Plate, Worcester 3 " 30 A. Gorhams b. e, Indian God, 3. by Ogden Siva; Coventry Plate, Worcester 2 " 31 J. S. Austens ch. c. Forward, 3, by Cesarion Forelock; Queensberry Handicap, Newmarket ... 3 Nov. 3 W. Dixons br. h, Wamba, 7, by Ben Brush Cap and Bells; Gautby Plate, Lincoln 1 3 J. S. Austens ch. c, Mr. Peeper. 4, by Meddler Admiration; Gautby Plate, Liucoln 3 4 P. Ivalls b. g, New York, 3, by Broomstick Hearts Desire: Welbeck Plate, Lincoln 3 " 4 A. James b. f, Gracious, 2, by Yankee XJraceful; Haintcn Plate, Lincoln 2 5 W. Dixons br. h, Wamba. 7, by Ben Brush Cap and Bells; Wavertree Plate, Liverpool 1 " 5 Lord Cadogans b. c, October, 3, by Rock Sand Octoroon; Liverpool St. Leger. Liverpool 1 5 L. Winans br. c, Duke of York, 3. by Ogden Unsightly; Liverpool St. Leger, Liverpool 3 10 W. Dixons br. h. Wamba. 7. byBen Brush Cap and Bells: Atherstone Handicap, Birmingham.. 2 11 S. Joels, br. c, Westphalia, 2, by Hessian Graziosa: Chesterfield Nursery Plate, Derby 3 12 H. Blagravcs bi g, Oversight. G, by Ballyhoo Bey Forget; Poston Auction Plate. Derby 2 12 Col. W. II. Storys b. c, The Forest. 2, by Ormondale Futurita; Osmaston Nurserv Handicap, Derby 3 " 13 W. Alldens ch. f, 2, by Broomstick Urania: Drakelow Juvenile Plate. Derby 3 13 O. Lewisohns ch. c, Stepping Stone, 2, by Watercress Gold: Friary Nursery Handicap, Derbv. 2 " 13 A: T. Bells b. g. Spiked, 5, by Meddler Gunfire; Bclper Selling Handicap, Derby ".. 3 " 14 E. Herz ch. f,, Lady f Colonist, 2, by Africander Busy Lady; Selling Plate. Newbury 2 " 15 M. Singers ch. g. Two . and Six, 3, by Peter Pan Half Crown; Rossington Selling Handicap, Doncaster ..-.1... 3 " 15 Sir T. Masons b. c..The Tug, 2, by Deutscliland Bellona; Arks!ey Nursery Handicap, Doncaster 2 " 15 A. James ch. c. 2, by Yankee Caoutchouc; Downe Nursery Handicap, Doncaster 1 " IS S. Joels b. c, Waterbird, -2 , by Waterboy Florence Breckenridge; Kineton Plate, Warwick ... 2 " 18 J. A. de Rothschilds b. g, Albany Beef, 2, by Broomstick Xela; Kineton Plate. Warwick 3 " 18 R. Woottons ch. h, Bobbin. 7, by Meddler Handspun; Southam Plate. Warwick 2 " 19 J. A. de Rothschilds b. g, Albany Beef, 2, by Broomstick Xela; Coventry All-Aged Plate, Warwick I " 20 R. Woottons b. c, Waterbird, 2, by Waterboy Florence Breckenridge; Thursday Selling Plate, Manchester 3 20 E. Herz ch. f, Lady Colonist. 2, by Africander Busy Lady; De Trafford Plate. Manchester ... 3 " 20 S. Joels br. c, Westphalia. 2, by Hessian Graziosa; Eglinton Nursery Handicap. Manchester.. 3 21 A. T. Bells b. g, Spiked. 5, by Meddler Gunfire; Friday Selling Plate, Manchester . 1 21 E. nerz ch. f, Northlight. 2, by Northern Star Torchlight; Ordsall Nursery Handicap, Manchester 3 21 L. Winans ch. h, Sir Martin, 7. by Ogden Lady Sterling; Ellesmere Handicap, Manchester ... 1 " 22 L. Winans b. h, Dalmatian, G. by Ethelbert Ionis; Manchester November Handicap, Manchester ... ..... 1

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