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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. I -hi- new cases of the bulionic plague have developed at Havana. London aad only fort] live holdups last year and 1 Berlin had tareat] nine. Paris had 330. The arbitration treaties between the Tinted states ainl Norway and Italy have been renewed Cor live h ears. Plans are in the forming for a campaign to make e Chicago "dry " In 1616. A fond of SHW.OOO will be i anted rot publicity purpose*. King Georges nip t" Paris uet week la one of a a series ,,! journeys io continental capitals which will I end tail li a I iait 30 the C— M . William Sitl/.or will run for governor of New So— ; ni the next election, the candidate oi the American ii party, which hU friends are imw organizing. John R. Thompson has organized a f6j66M,800 II corpora rtoa to take ore* his siring of restaurants in jiions pans of the country and extend his held i of operations Into Canada. Captain Banld Am nadeaas proposed dash to t D -aiorth Iole oaaj not materialise for lack of funds. . He wants 00,000 for tin purpose, which will be .litli.uit to raise, n i- thought. Vincenr Astor is scriouslv ill aad his marriage e to .Miss Helen Huntingdon bedaled for April 30, , iu.iv ii:v to be postponed. Congestion of the long* s followed exposure while boating on the Hudson. Gifferd Piacbot will ran tor Doited States semi tar in Pennsylvania as the candidate of the Pro giesshes on a platform of lhe chief planks of which i .. will be free toils for Asaericaa coastwise -.hipping using the Panama i anal. W. A. Scripps, mill— Baine publisher, who has IS i.. en critically ill wiih pneumonia at lii Pasadena :l home, has improved so much within a day or two • his physicians are coaddenl of Ids recovery. rrilfaaaaii signed by more than 100,000 cltiaens of if Illinois protesting the passage of the Hobson. Shep e pan and Works resolutions, which provide for prohibition .- bj amendment to the Constitution, have i,.-eii received bj members of the Illinois delegation 11 in i — igress. Charles S. Mellen. former prrsirleni of the N ■ iv Vet* New Haven ft Hartford Railroad has been ii cleared of the charge of manslaughter growing oui n of the fatal wreck at Westport. October ::. 1912. in Judge Joseph rattle in the Superior Court. I a nolle prosse having been entered. Seven |mis»«ij- were killed, sixteen seriously in , jured, ami lv.eiiivoiu ta m Ufa .-. totaling seventy V lin- Individuals, wet endangered in an early morning hie thai wreaked the Melvln, a live story brick apartment I noose al lhe corner of Commonwealth and i lying avenges in lhe AUetoa district at Bostoa Physical merger of the sarface and elevated Moo line- of Chicago became a more imminent pos-sihtlitv • when Henry A. Blair, chairman of ihe board of directors of the Chicago sarface lues and ■ :l trastee of the Chicago Elevated Railways Company, • announced that officials of the eompaaiei! were in " rossplete sympathj with the project. The regular baseball season opened yesterday. American .league results were as follows. Chicago. • ", Cleveland, -. Washington. :;. Boston, rt; New » fork « Philadelphia. 2. The Natlona League • ■ games resulted a- follows Cincinnati, lo. Chicago. • 1- SI I oni- 2, Pittsburgh, l: Brooklyn. 8, Boston. t, _■ Philadelphia. 10. Sew Sfork. I. The- Brooklyn n team r the Federal League beal Pittsburgh l to 0. . f«n revolutionary movement has been i, launched in southern China, according to a dispatch 1, from .Shanghai. Th regular troopsal Siaafu. oaplta ,1 Of Shensl nrovlnee, are said to have mutinied and ,1 .., ;,, [eved to be In league With the notorious Inland. Whin Wolf. The rebellion renters a! Nan i j t ! t or .; a j i I i I ■ i j . - : - 1 h e a a I ; ii II i . e , s i .. IS :l • of if e .- 11 ■ iv ii n I a , V I i • ■ :l • in " • » • ■ • t, n 0. . i, 1, ,1 ,1 i kin_r where there js a reign of terror anions the pop ,. ulaee and feverish excitement anions; the official on o Classes. I l.os Aageles, Cal.. April li. — Desert laud may nol " htaiind hereafter from the a-overaaient unless _ the apidieant ean prove that water can be developed " procured for Irrigation purposes. Notice to this eateci was received by the local United states land . office today. Heretofore it has l n posaible to - wepre an entry If the map showing the land indi-eated there was water. 1 ader the mw ruling rerj -striagent retirements are laid down. l The Italian goveranaeal h.i refaaed the demands i of railroad workers tor an increase in pay on the . ~ia wne.i roads •■: thai rountrj that would la- , volve an additional exjienditure of 0,000,000. The net profil ol the Italian railroads is S7.000.000 on , capitalization of XTt.aOO.000,000. The ll.tMiii em plo.ves ,. ! tin date railways are Joined la i beagoe. , The mens chief demand is for a minimum wage of I . 60 cents a day. Seme g*i it oeats a day. Washington, D. c. April 14. — Twenty thousand circular letters cootainlaa ilie wording of the reao luiion to be adopted at the nation-wide demoastra tions May 2, next are tadaj being sent throughout i the •■ouiitiv urging suffragists to call on congress i to Daunt the Bristew -Moodell resolution giving , women thi right to vote, a opy of the resolution is re be sent to every member of the Semite and House. The ongreasioaal I uloa f« Women sui frage is sending them sat. Colorado Springs. CoL, April 14. — lateraal strife, dissension and city. County and railroad officials have combined to dlarupl the detachment of tin sraay of unemployed from California which has been camped near this city sine,, last Friday, owing to the refusal 01 the railroads to furnish transportation. Following the arrest of ten ringleaders ol the army for attempting to w reek a Bock island train east ol this elt] several sipiads of a dozen each ibm aited in severaj directions. Washiagtoa, D. C. April 14.- Only by extraordta ai steps e.n, the Thaw case be considered by the Supreme Conrl before next October, as lie- court plans to suspend hearing all eases April ~l and hear no more arguments before October unless an ex traordinan occasion si,. add demand it. That would prohabh mean thai Thaw must remain in castodj until ai least October. Tliose best posted on the courts procedure prediet it may be Christmas be for the Supreme Court passes upon the case laally. Albany, N. 5f., April 14. Hhsatly before the eXe cution of Dago Fraak" Cironcfi, who was the Brsi of the four gunmen to so to the death chair in Ring Sins prison yesterday, he told Warden Clancy that "Gvp the Blood" Horoaits, -Lefty Louie" Rosea berg and Harrv Nalion. an informer. Bred the shots which killed lb: man Rosenthal, for which crime the four gunmen paid their lives. "So far as I know Lieut. Becker had nothing to do with this case.* the gunman also declared. "It ss-a a gam- l.lers Ight." Washington. 1. C, April 14.— Experiments conducted by the department of agriculture demonstrate thai climate is the chief fa. -tor iu determining the varying characteristics of wheat grown In different regions, It was announced today. TO ascertain this. experimenters grew wheat for six rears in tali I rnla Kansas and .Maryland on soil taken from , tea Of these states. The results showed thai ail wheal grown in California, for example, vas much alike, whether raised on soB of thai stale or oa soil Imported from Kansas and Maryland. Com iition of .lack Johnson, negro pugilist, was upheld on two counts of the indictment by the Unlten 1 States Circuit Court Of Appeals, in an opinion banded I down at the opening of the April term of loitrt here yesterday. The reviewing body held, however, that the o race was Immffirtrnt to sustaiu other counts of the Indictment. Inasmuch as the sentence was based on the two sets ,,f counts jointly, the judgment of the lower court was reversed for re sentence on the .-omits upheld and for retrial on the others, if the goveranaeal has additional evidence to support litem. Concord. . 11.. April 14.— Harry K. Thaws ap-plieatiou for I writ of habeas corpus was granted 1 in the United States Court by Judge Edgar AWricli 1 today Thaws petition for admission to bail 1he • court left undetermined, Jodge Aldrlch taking the ••round that it would be more tor this to be passed upon by the Supreme Conn Of the t niied States, The resuii of the deehdoa is that Thaw- guardianship and coodltlou will he tm changed for the preseat, but ihat his petition :•" ■ writ of habeas corpus will go to the highest I court in the land with a decision Of the lower court in hi* favor. The net debt of the 146 hading cities of the e " ITnited States increased from 900,178.1«1 la lflftt 5 lo *1 SOI 1Mis:, in T.ill. a little mote than 1 » ,,.., ?ent. in the same period the net debt of tlie federal governaieal Increased from .■fO0O.4riT.241 to si 015 784 338.or only 4.S per ceht. The per capita debt of the i nited states as a whole actually b-crested the ineream of popalatioa having been Car 1 greater than the debt increase, so thai the per canita debl was 0.88 la IM1, as against. fl2.24 4 ;n I.ioi. a decreaae of lie, per cent. Ihc per 1 canita debt of the till cities in the same tune in ereised from -S44.1V1 to 9*7.31, the tatter figure being 6.2 times greater than that for the I nltod Slates. Washington. D. C.. April 14. — An I.ltiuiaium to Huerta which, il ignored, will bring about a block- ade or Mexico or armed intervention was the result ,,,- .. cabinet meeting today in which the tangle ol -ill-jirs in :he southern republic was considered bj ,.. l resldent Wilson and his advisers. Four develop- meats of the last twenty-fear hours have brought i: al oiit the crisis. Thej are. l-ii-t That President Hnerta has refused cate- rorieallj nipiv with the demand of the United . siaie- to saline the American Hag at Tamplco In n pnhii.- r -p.iiation for the oatragaous arrest ol a paymastei and sailors of the I nited Btatea arar- r- * seee.mi11 That the mail orderly of the aojaadrou a it Vera Croa, in full uniform and peacefully on his way to obtain mail for the Beet, was arrested bj the police. Be was later released. Third— That elimination of General Huerta by ,v the poller of waiting has ceased to he poasjble for „■ the reason that mformation has- been received al ,i the White House showing that the Mexican dicta , tor baa jusi obtained 0,000,000 in .ash. lln- Is sum will enable him to run his government tor an r other year al least. , , ... .. . Fourth Thai expectation that lhe constitutional I 1st? If the] gain contra] of the country, will es s thblish a governmenl which, while preserving do o- nlestic peace and orders, will respecl and protecl • l foreign life ami property, has practically been aband med as a resull of the expnlslon of Spaniards from northern Mexico by General Villa, with the approval ;" ,,i General Carransa. From neither side, therefore. ,-an the administration hope far I solulion of the " gr ive problem al oar doers. FoUowiag the cabinet meeting. President Wilson 111 ordered Admiral Cadger to proceed to Tamplco at ■" once with tlie eutlre Atlantic Beet. Admiral Badger now is at Hampton Boads. At the same tune orders rs were issued for the traaeperl Hancock, now at New » iirb an- with son marine-, to proceed to lampi "• ■■ Orders also were issued to the battleship South Carolina ., now en route from San Domingo, to join vlie ,. Beet al Hampton Roads to go direct to Tamplco. The gunboat Nashville, at San Domingo, and tie-I eunboat racoma, now at Boston, are also to pro ,. peed to the Mexican port. The entire torpedo fleet, now it Pensacola, was notified to repair immediately ly to Hampton Boads to sail for Tamplco. All told, ii. there are more than thirty war vessels under immediate orders io sail for Mexico. Twenty of these -a.- dreadnaughts. The battleships Vermont, At k-uisi- New Jersey, New Hampshire and Delaware. and the destrovera Benham, Cnmmings, Casein ami Parker are at Hampton Boads. The battleships Idaho Michigan. Kansas, Illinois ami Missouri are it Philadelphia. tbe North Dakota. Washington. j Ohio W. Ing l.oni-ana arc at New XOrX. Al of these t.a ill- shi -. comprising the entire Atlantic . Beet will gel under way with the least possible ,i,.| -, :,n,i nteam .at forced draughl to Tamplco. This will give the Lniled Stales a huge rt.-ct to ,,a. i. up President Wilsons demands thai repan 1 tion be mad for the insult in Hie arrest ol Amen can m irii. t- ai Tamplco lasl Thursday, a wlreles report from Real Admiral Mayo slating that aril ,,ni bad ihe sabie mo been tired, hut that the poll 1 authorities had declared thej did not Intend to Ire e ay saltile", induced President Wilson and the cabi i JieJ to order lh entire Atlantic tb-et raahed to Tarn 1 pico for a demoarstt ttio .

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