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| , I 1 I I » t I r s ! ■ * [ j I . r Montreal Jockey Club ■■ RACK OOUBSB: OFFIfK: BLUt rVNNETS, THE FOLLOWING II St. Sacramrnt Si. MONTREAL aga» mjm - yjr r-- aj-»w MONTREAL . T TO BE RUN AT THE SPRING MEETING May 30 to June 6, Inclusive WILL CLOSE TO NAME AND ENTER AT MIDNIGHT 0E MONDAY, APRIL 2 7, 1914 KINDERGARTEN STAKES ,500 ADDED KINDERGARTEN STAKES— FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. SELLING, l.y aabecrlptloa of BS each to the winner, .*lo t » aeeompaaj the nomination and .". additional to start; the Montreal .liw-k-y tlnh to add B1.500, of which 00 to the second hone and 30 j ti.i third. Tan arinner to Iks eatered to be sold al auctiou for s.;,d m : ji entered to I..- boM for sj.ik.m allowed 5 Iba.; If for less, 1 li.. allowed for eaeti 00 down ii 00. Belling price to he stated through the entry i« at the course ai u a. m. ..t the daj pie ceding thai upon which tlie race i to be run. otherwise top weight siiall be carried and tin selling price shall be :?o,000. • Five Furlongs. WINDSOR HOTEL CUP $ 1,500 ADDED 1 WINDSOR HOTEL CUP— A HANDICAP FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. B] saMaulaUea or %•:.: each to the winner, ski to accompany the nomination and 6 additional t" start, v Can of tin- value of 00 presented bj the vVindsor Hotel; the Montreal Jockey Clah to add ,500, of which 00 !•• il,e seeuad horse and 50 to the third. Weights to be aunooaced three days before the day of the race, toners alter the pubtleatiofl of areia;hta ." i i » — - - extra. The Cap to be "ii twice by the same owner before t becomtos aarasaasart prop it y. One Mile and a Furlotip. J C0NNAIGHT CUP ,500 ADDED A CHALLENGE CUP PRESENTED BY THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES, THE DUKE AND DUCHESS 01 CONNAUGHT. CONNAUGHT CUP— A HANDICAP FOR THREE-YEAR OLDS AND UPvVARD. Owned prior to Ma] i. lull, by Canadians residing In Canada. Bj subscription i Si.", each I" the winner, sip i. accompany the nomination am] si;, additional t . sla-t: the Montreal Jockej I hib to t SOi.i, of which S::imi p. the e -,. nd horse and 30 to the third. Weights to be announced three days before the day ni the raee. Mia new alter the publication of weights •" lbs. extra. Three horses the property T different owners *■• start or the raee may ne declared void for thai year. One Mile and a Quarter. CANADIAN HANDICAP ,500 ADDED CANADIAN HANDICAP— FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. -Foaled in Canada ami owned there at time •• starting. Bj subscription •.! 5 each lo the wiaaer, -SH1 to accompany the nomination and -Sir. additional to start; the Montreal Jockey dab to add ,500. of which -::;ii.i to the second horse and .» ;r,o to the third. Weights to be announced three days before the day of the race, winners after the, publication of weigbta ." Has. extra. One Mile. JACQIES CARTIER STAKES ,500 ADDED JACQUES CARTIER STAKES— FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. SELLING. By sakacnp • •f si., each i" Hie wiaaer, 0 t" accompany the nomination and 5 addition.-!! to sta.-t: I lie Montreal Jockey Club to add ,500, of which s:; h to the second h. ise and 50 to the third. The winner to be en tered lo In- sold at auction for ,500. If entered to be sold for .SC.twMi allowed •" lb-.: il l"i lest :: lbs all. .wed for each hB * doWn to Si*. Selling; price to be stated through the entri i o :tt the i-ourse al 11 a. in. of the day preceding thai uih.u which the race is to be run. otherwise top weight shall be carried ..ut! i he seUktg price shall be s2..".tK. One Mile. PRINCE 0E WALES STEEPLECHASE ,500 ADDED PRINCE OF WALES STEEPLECHASE— A HANDICAP FOR FOUR-YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD. By subscription Of *■-■• each to the winner, sio to accompany the nomination and 5 additional ■• start* the Montreal Jockej Clnh to add ,500, of which ¥.".o i a the second horse sad .".."-• to the third Weights ti. tw aanoaaced Hire daye before the day of the raee. Winners after the publication "f weights .". II* extra. . About Two Miles and a Hal! ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO The Secretary, Montreal Jockey Club, II St. Sacrament Street, Montreal, Can. - r FKOM a TO -m Adolph ml GENERAL EXECUTOR OF ARTISTIC, CORRECT and MODERN PRINTING. 441 Plymouth Court, Chicago. Illinois TELEPHONES: Harrison 7340. Automatic 67 226. I . Golf Skirts iVAI E OF your own material WILSON, 166 N. State St., Chicago i TELEPHONES: Automatic BS-756. Harrison 1314, 1315. 131G All Departments. OWEN il. f AY LIVERY CO. AUTOMOBILE LIVERY AND GARAGE 435 Plymouth Court, Chicago, III. i » | i . s J :y it ii I- i l; T ,, i rl ♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦ | THE j ! AMERICAN | | RACING MANUAL! for 1914 I I i X An Excellent and Low-Priced ♦ ♦ Book of 486 Pages. t It hoii- toiortnatioii tot pcojdf iaterested in ▼ ♦ racios coatain i In t tket paaiicatioa. ♦ ♦ li i- - ■ i ii i I v • tut j| recerda. ♦ 1P1UI 1 1 ♦ PAPER BOUND 50 CENTS X LEATHER BOUND. 75 CENTS | Single copie. imw b - *l i is regiatered m.iil. T wiiii ii ii extra eh. rge of tea eeati tot regli 2 i tiiitimi. N"i reapoaaik-le foe baoka aaat m ♦ negalai mail. | J S wnii tin- eniiienih baadj I k li hi i-■ kel ♦ W ii admit t ol racing ran readil] ta wet t j[ .iiiii.-.t ,iu Hi,, i thai H.iv rooM np con X X ceraing fad ol n g In tke pa It i • •nil hi r er i" ■ ii printed and con klei ♦ ▼ in i in i"ii - ■ n . aa extn aa !■. ▼ x to i , • i boot ol I M r i I J DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO., | • ±41 Plymouth Court Chicago, Illinois • Ornstein and Schoenberg 4tl Plymouth Court HAT FRAMES FOR THE TRADE**; HIGH CLASS WORK A SPECIALTY. CO F F EE 4 Did you ever try Jcvnes XOCHA and JAVA Coftce ? 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"n »ire tkio • 1 1 the odd sr . :-i i ••! iirtter. ii.,, ..i.,i j,,, the proal ol |8 an I ii m II v«mi have written, don* ■ nil rour natue again. Everj himesl player. will -•■t i i leepor, ju-t lik Belfaat, "• 1 . aroa, "id NimbuK, .Mils. won. Act tmaaediatelr. HENRY DEAN Suite 5 and 6 Marion Building 290 LENOX AVENUE :: NEW YORK CITY ■

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