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I "L "TEW QELEANS WINTER QUARTERS I I Homey Rooms With Board IN THE GARDEN DISTRICT OF NEW ORLEANS. f and A modern home, screened throughout, heated, electric lights and baths, offers handsoiely4 2 furnished outside rooms with gcod board. Prytania car passes tho door and the house is convenient to two other lines. Convenient to the down-town theater and hotel district. I Address MISS LULU BLACKMAR, 332! Prytania Street. f . The editor of DAILY RACING FORM and his family lived with ths Blackmars for nearly six T months and wore excellently cared for. Their house is warmly recommended. k GEMMELL 3-1 WON COL. TOM GREEN 11-5 WON was my Star Special yesterday. was my Daily Wire yesterday. As I said before, youll have to hand it to T. C. for sending out winners. .Better get in on my star specials; for 2 guaranteed to win and win only, or ! wires on my Daily or Occasional FREE. WOODS CLASSD7ICATIONS AND TURF NEWS Combined shows you when certain horses are dropped into soft spots, weight and distance favored, comments as to a horse getting good, or going back, good bets next time out, shows the in and outers or consistent horses, i.i fact everything you need know of every horse that is ready for a winning race. To get acquainted with this publication, will send 4 issues for "0 cents, or send me ?1 for one month and get my own rcvsoual system that will show wonderful results; the cost of each issue is 25 cents, for wait; wiiere-cvor Daily Raeing Form is sold. The following horses are entered at Charleston Monday: 309-326-05 1048-63-455 917-10D-S56 522-404-664 333-6S2-984. .Juarez. Sunday. 249-18 143-83-414 131-218-170 319-292-798 350-392-163 W1-S31-975. SUNDAYS BEST BET, No. 131. MONDAYS BEST BLT, No. 309 use Book No. 4. T. C. WOOD and CO. Delaware Building. Chicago, Illinois. LACKROSE, 61, WON was yesterdays Special. SUNDAYS SPECIAL JUAREZ: Zinc, Canoe, Caprice, Sedan. JUAREZ. JUAREZ. I have just received word on a horse that goes for the money next THURSDAY and my Partner informs me it is the best thing he has had so far. This horse lias been working great guns one mile and an eighth in l:57-fe, flrst mile in close to 1:40, being his last work. Two races are picked out and we expect as good as 10 to 1 for our mouey, as the .commission. -a large one will be placed away from the track. All we want is an even break and this horse will win in a canter. This horse was worked after the races last Friday. GET YOUR XMAS MONEY ON THIS ONE. Patrons who wish this XXX SPECIAL, my TERMS will be TWO DOLLARS tor tlds cue single, or S5.00 SIX WIRES, SIX STARTERS ?5.00 All Specials Included. ONE A DAY. NO MORE. All Wires Sent in Code. Rush your Subscription, as I Will Not Send This Horses Name Ovsr the Wire. EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL Initials E. J. I Room 413, Fort Dearborn Bldg.. :: Chicago, 111. ! NQT8CE ! 7 4 To all subscribers to our "PAY AFTER 4 YOU WIN" service who received ANCON, A .25 to 1 WON, December !, who as yet X not scut us the winnings of a ?2 X Shave straight wager. Inless a money order X readies us bv Tuesday, December 15 for our X S share, we will cut you off our lists, and put T i . subscribers in your place. Dont misi tnew our next Saturday Special, it goes DE- V CEMBER 19. Mail for it today. Get your- V self a copy of the white book. 25 cents is all it costs. It gets em for you. 4 N14 N20 P75 124 V4 052 T10 C36 F74 db A N22 K67 V9 149 F50 S24 -Pll E35 L70 A and T57 C40 D17 US6 D24 D28 E43 T3 C59 X X M27 M33 E67 F18 H17 T16 J55 147 M62. X L THE AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED X Baltimore Building ;: Chicago, Illinois. j NOTICE V DO YOU WANT DIRECT TRACK , I INFORMATION FROM CHARLESTON 9 from people who know? Have a lot of "good ; things" tiiat will be cut loose lien- at a price. Lot me hear from yon at once. Throe wires for live dollars. Address i , M. C. CORE ; No. 71 ANSON ST. :: CHARLESTON, S. C. 3 ; SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO.. 441 Plymouth Court, :: :: Chicago, Illinois. : CAN YOD BEAT IT ? COSINES JUAREZ-KENTUCKY SYSTEPd. ONE HORSE A DAY. At the present JUAREZ meeting, up to and Including Thursday, December 10, it WON with six and had one second, two thirds and one unplaced out "f 10 starters. At Charleston in the last live starts its record was two losers and three winners including PENNYROCK, 5-1, WON. This lias been verillcd by this paper. REMEMBER, season of 10i:M4 at Juarez this system, with 103 STARTERS won ,073 on a capital of 30, or over .0 winner to the race. What did your system do? Can be played on most any track, but especially effective on Juarez and Kentucky. Played at Track or Handbook, large or small capital. If you cant prove to yourself what I say, vour money back. LAST CHANCE! FOR 3 MORE DAYS ONLY: DOWN, balance of 0 when it maks good for you. Address L. B. COZINE 315 Jefferson St. :: :: :: Lexington, Ky. COL TOM GREEN, 11-5, WON j was yesterdays Form Special. j I This makes 7 winners, 2 seconds, ."5 thirds and 1 2 losers out of last 14 starters. Get THE STANDARD and you have die best. For sale at all n?ws-stands that handle Racing Form, 25 CENTS PER WEEK. PER MONTH. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: g No. 606 in Eo3k No. 396. j J Charleston Daily Won. Juarez Dailv ran third. I 3 New Service ran third. 1 THE STANDARD TURF GUIDE. I I Room 403, 22 West Quincy Street. Chicago, III. 9 PAY AFTER YOU WIN JUAREZ. JUAREZ. This coming week I will have word on two or three sleepers that will l:e put over at good prices. Iliey will simply romp home. The right money will lie down on these horses and everything Is ready for a cleanup. Christinas nionev is what we all ivant and here is a chance for hoiiest players to get something good. I Mace straight for me, and you lire on. Send mine the next day. Old clients Jiuwer. ,ive name and address for telegrams. J. C. ROGERS 2025 LANE COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. THE TURF REPORTER; Room 509. 22 West Quincy Street. Chicago. Illinois. Saturdays Specials lest. Iarlay gaV iC winner i ml a second. Fi.rni l-ipecial. ADENA, 4.1, WON. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: No? 10. SUNDAYS: No. 506. S ATTENTION, OWNERS! W Will act as Betting Commissioner for any first class f :tatls. Can get your money down away from tho track. If interested and mean business, address, E. J. FITZGERALD. 1152 Ohio Bldg., Toledo, Ohio. NATIONAL RACINGREVTEwT MONDAYS SPECIAL: New Mexico. Medlev Medley, Canary, Yesterdays Wire. BLACK CHIEF. 2-1. WON. Special. COL. TOM GREEN, 11-5, WON. Room 446, 321 South La Sallo Street, Chicago, 111.

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