Close Bunched at the Winning Line: Instances in This Years Racing of Bitterly Contested Finishes between Several Horses, Daily Racing Form, 1916-12-04


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CLOSE BUNCHED AT THE WINNING LINE. Instances in This Years Racing of Bitterly Contested Finishes Between Several Horses. Two features are to be noted in a review of the races of the year that have been marked by exceedingly close finishes among the first several horses. One of these is that it is exceptional for the field so grouped to be made up of the better class of handicap horses, and the second is the small number of such finishes on the metropolitan tracks. l It was not until June 23. that there was a tight fit among three or more leading horses at a metropolitan track, Dolina, 102 L. Mink; Queen of Paradise, 104 H. Shilling; Ting-a-Ling, 114 C. Burlingame; Virginia W., 104 K. Campbell, and Maifou, 97 J. McCaliey, finishing in a compact bunch in a mile race at Aqueduct on that date but even in that contest the margins were not as small as in the summary of close finishes noted below, in which nothing greater than a head finisli among the first four horses is noted. In the Aqueduct race alluded to, Queen of Paradise had a half length margin over the third horse, although all the others were bends apart. Nose finishes between the first two horses are an occurrence common enough, but such narrow margins among the first three are comparatively infrequent. The races cited below are almost wholly limited to those in which three horses were noses apart.or four or more horses were as closely knit as heads apart, when the finishing line was crossed. The three most notable "heaps" of the season, considered for the number engaged, were as follows: May 25, at Woodbine Park, Toronto, in the first : race three-quarters of a mile, Bendel, 113 C. Dishinon, won by a nose from Garnet, 100 T. Parrington; Lady London, 111 A. Mott; Volant, 110 C. Jonts: Pampinea, 103 F. Robinson, aud Gordon. 113 W. Warrington, which were heads apart in the order named. At Dtlorimier Park, Montreal, Juno 27, in a two-year-old race, Out, 118 J. Rooney, won by a nose ! from five horses that were only heads apart, they being Beaumont Lady, 100 J. Acton; Jim Hutch, 103 N. Foden; Hanan, 105 J. Howard; Abe s Martin, 115 C. Gilbert, and Debris, 100 T. . Uiicklc At Hawthorne, July 22, in a selling race sprint, , Rio Brazos. 110 W. W. Taylor; Jerry, 104 F. . Murphy; Luzzi, 104 C. Van Dusen; Royal Tea. , 117 H. Stearns; Rapids, 90 W. Hoag, and Ha Penny, 105 L. Gray, finished all heads apart. Arranged chronologically, the other "bunched finishes" of 1910, have been: la the third race, at a mile and an eighth, at t : ! s . , . , t New Orleans January 4, Transport, 112 A. Mott; Fly Home, 109 J. Kederis, and Helen M., 108 W. i AV. Tar lor, were but noses apart. At the same track, four days later, there was a : thriller. Miss Fannie. 109 L. Gentry; ATiley, 111 AV. Lilley; Kelsetta, 111 J. Kederis. and Car- i digan, 109 F. Keogh, all being noses apart cross- j ing the imaginary line after a three-quarters race. At New Orleans. February 10, in a sprint. Theo- dorlta, 113 J. Kederis; Mars Cassidy, 114 F. Judy; Talebearer, 113, T. Koerner, and The Spirit, 110 J. Callahan, were two noses and a 1 head apart, with five of the other six horses in the field all lapped behind them. A nose and two heads separated Eddie Henry, 105 T. Parrington ; Aermont, 108 F. Keogh; Brave Cnnarder. 112 E. Taplin, and Tiajan, 105 AA AAnrd, in a three-quarters mile race at Pimlico May 9. A rarelv close finish was witnessed in a two-year-old race at Pimlico, May 17, when Meddling Miss, 108 F. Keogh; Savilla, 107 M. Anderson; Owaga, 107 L. McAtee, and Dr. Nelson, 110 J. McTaggart, all finished noses apart. Only heads separated Guy Fortune, 110 K. La-paille: Nettie AVnlcutt, 102 J. Callahan, and Mav AA, 94 B. Marco, in the Juvenile Stakes at "Churchill Downs, May 22. At Douglas Park, in a sprinting race. May 31, two noses and a head separated Erin, 109 G. AV. Carroll; Tillotson, 107 F. Cooper; Mikifula, 100 K. Lapaille, and York Lad. 107 AV. A. Carroll. The Jacques Cartier Stakes, at Montreal, June 13, produced the most closely contested stake event of the year in Canada, although only four competed. Phil Ungar, 110 F. Robinson, won by a head, while only noses separated Water Lady, 10G M. Moutain: Pesky, 94 L. McAtee, and Squeeler, 104 T. Parrington. Three heads kept Turitan Lass out of any part of the money in a sprint at Fort Erie, July 5, when Billy Frew, 100, E. Forehand; Moss Fox, 111. AV. Obert; Mausolus, 118, G. Burns, and Puritan Lass, 104 J. Dreyer, finished in that order. Noses only separated Fleetabelle, 110 E. Martin; John Jr.. 103 F. Murphy, and Blind Baggage, 100 K. Lapaille, in a sprint at Latouia the same day. A head, a nose and another head separated Just Red. 10S J. McCabe; George Roesch, 100 F. AVilliams; Marjorie D., 90 T. Hunt, and Charles Irancis, 103 F. Murphy, in a mile and a sixteenth race at Hawthorne, July 18. At Montreal, July 20, in a mile and 20 yards race, two noses and a head separated Cantem, 113 J. Acton; Fastoso. 107 C. Gross; Molly O., 97 T. Buckles, and Spohu, 110 R. Lowe. In a five-eighths sprint at Toronto, August 12, King Stalwart, 110 G. Corey; Miss Jean, 10S J. Acton; Palm Leaf, 10S A. Claver, and Snip, 108 C. Gross, were all heads apart at the finish. Pan Maid, 110 J. Butwell; Conning Tower, 127 F. Murphy, and Hauberk, 120 J. McTaggart. were only noses away from one another in the last stride of a highweight handicap sprint at Saratoga, August 15, the day on which Dodge beat Spur in the Saranac Handicap. In a five and one-half furlongs race at Montreal, August 29, Revelry James, 110 L. Gaugel; Pass On, 109 C. Gross; Miss Jean, 104 S. Wolsten-holm, and McLelland, 104 J. Dreyer, were two noses and a neck apart; and on the next day, Out, 110 J. Rooney; No Friend, 104 J. AVolsten-holm, and Belle C, 107 J. Dodd, were all noses apart. At Belmont Tark September 4, in the Brentwood Handicap at three-quarters. Rhine Maiden, 113 O. Byrne; Pleione, 109 R. Troxler, and Sisaga, 100 H. H. Phillips, finished all noses apart, with Pan Maid, 123 J. Butwell, only a neck away, lapped by Hidden Star, 114 T. Davies. Time 1:14. The following day, in the Ccdarhurst Highweight Handicap, at three-quarters, Paddy AAhack, 119 A. Sehuttinger; Frizzle. 130 T. Davies, and Lady Hillinglon, 111 J. McTaggart, finished noses apart, with Solar Star and Kens a neck apart and a half length away. In the Quoguo Handicap, 1 1-10 miles, at, Belmont Park September 9, there were only four starters Fellowship, 104 A. Sehuttinger ; Malachite, 113 J. McTaggart; Solar Star, 107 M. Buxton, and Gainer. 120 J. Notter but they finished lapped in 1:40. In the Nursery Handicap, two days later. Hour-less, 127 M. Buxton; defeated Straight Forward, 105 J. McTaggart, and Vivid, 110 R. Troxler, only a head, they being noses apart, and was disqualified for fouling. Time for three-quarters, 1:11. At Toronto, September 14, occurred one of the exciting finishes of the year, when, in the first race, at about five furlongs, G. W. Kiskor, 109 A. Finley; Mona G.. 106 T. McCollough; Barn Dance, 109 R. Ryan; Waxemall. 109 F. Jenkins, and Czar Michael, 111 H. Watts, all finished heads apart. ., , . At Montreal the next day there came a tight fit in the highweight handicap at three-quarters, Thornhill, 127 W. Schamehorn, winning by a nose from Back Bay, 122 F. Robinson; Tiajan, 103 L. Lykes, and Prince Hermis, 119 W. Obert, which were separated by heads , . , , No four horses were closer together in any finish of the year than were Felicidad, 112 W. Lilley; Westy Hogan, 115 L. Gentry; Phoclon, 115 D. Connelly, and J. Rufus, 115 F. Murphy, in a five and one-half furlongs dash at Douglas Park, September 22, with Diamond only a half length behind the quartet. At Churchill Downs, September 29, in a three-- quarters selling race, Old Charter, 103 K. Lapaille, won by a nose over a quartet of horses that were only Leads apart: M. Bert Thunnan, i : i j 1 109 J. Hanover; Hapenny, 108 L. Gray; Mikifula, 104 J. Kederis, and Bigtodo, 97 J. Brown. At Churchill Downs, October 5, in the fifth race, at three-quarters. Bnyberry Candle. 118 J. Hanover; Aogue. 110 AV. Andress; Ima Frank, 110 H. Shilling, and Converse, 105 F. Murphy, all finished heads apart. Time, 1:12. At Laurel, October 10, in the sixth race, at 1 1-10 miles. Captain Parr, 112 F. Robinson; Greetings, OS AV. Collins, and Friar Nought, 104 L. Mink, finished noses apart. Time, 1:47. At Laurel. October 11, in the fifth race, at three-quarters, Brave Cnnarder, 118 T. McTaggart; Estimable. 110 R. Ball; Buck Shot, 110 G. Byrne, and Blue Cap, 110 F. Keogh, finished respectively a nose, a nock and a head apart. Time, 1:14. At Latonia, October 12, in the fourtli race at three-quarters. Mars Cassidy, 107 C. Tudor; Dimi-tri. 103 K. Lapaille; Jane Straith. 102 C. Hunt, and Ima Frank, 105 M. Buxton, all finished heads apart. Time, 1:13. At Laurel. October 14, in the seventh race, at a mile and 20 yards. Virile, 117 A. Sehuttinger ; Goldcrest Boy, 121 J. Butwell, and Gloaming, 109 R. Bryne, finished all noses apart. Time, 1:43. At Latonia, October 2S, in the second race, at three-quarters. Mars Cassidy, 110 C. Tudor; Uncle Hart, 110 M. Buxton, and Roscoe Goose, 10S IJ. Goose, finished noses npart. Time, 1:12.

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