Great Winners of Each Year since 1902, Daily Racing Form, 1916-12-04


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GREAT WINNERS OF EACH YEAR SINCE 1902. Last year it fell to a horse more than five years old, to figure as the chief money-earner of the year, the only case of the kind in the last fifteen years. In that space of time one four-year-old, seven three-year-olds and six two-year-olds have filled a similar role, showing conclusively that too many of the great prizes of the turf are for the young horses and too few for their elders. This year the fine two-year-old Campfire was so far in "front of the other ages, that they were hardly in sight. Not since 1910 has any horse in our racing -won so much money and, then, it was another grand two-year-old, Sam Hihlreth.s Novelty. There is considerable interest attaching to the following tabulation of the chief winners of the different ages for the period named: 1902. Five-year-olds and over. .. Advance Guard ..$ 25,275 Four-year-olds Gold Heels 25,120 Three-year-olds Major Daingerfield 07.0S5 Two-year-olds Savable 40,100 1903. Five-year-olds and over. ..Land of Clover... 10,010 Four-year-olds Waterboy 50,775 Thrce-ye-ar-olds Africander 70.S10 Two-year-olds Hamburg Belle... 47,125 1904. Five-vcar-olds and over... Colonial Girl 49,035 Four-year-olds Irish Iid 29,130 Three-year-olds Delhi 75,225 Two-year-olds Artful 57.S05 1905. Fivc-vearrolds and over. .. Proper 20,125 Four-year-olds Beldame 20.S5O Three-year-olds .Sy.sonby 144,380 Two-year-olds Burgomaster .... 30,500 1906. Flvc-ycar-olds and over. ..Go Between 3S.200 Four-year-olds Dandelion 30.730 Three-year-olds Accountant S3.570 Two-year-olds Electioneer 03,701 1907. Five-year-olds and over. ..Olorlfier 21.S00 Four-year-olds Nealon 44.S90 Three-year-olds Peter Pan 80.790 Two-year-olds Coliu 131,007 1908. Five-year-olds and over. ..Dandelion 9,300 Four-year-olds Ballot 55,915 Three-year-olds Fair Play 70,215 Two-year-olds Sir Martin 78,590 1909. Five-yenr-olds and over... Jack Atkin 10,820 Four-year-olds King James 3S.253 Three-year-olds Joo Madden 44,905 Two-year-olds Sweep 41,323 1910. Flve-ycar-olds and over. ..Jack Atkin 15,905 Four-year-olds Olainbala 22,815 Three-year-olds Sweep 22,025 Two-year-olds Novelty 72,030 1911. Five-year-olds and over. . . Plate Glass 13,900 Four-year-olds Follic Levy 9,324 Three-year-olds Governor Gray.... 15,051 Two-year-olds Worth 10,045 1912, FIve-yonr-olds and over...liigh Private 12,010 Four-year-olds Star Charter .... 14.G55 Three-year-olds The Manager 12,270 Two-year-olds Helios 12,524 1913. Five-vear-olds and over. . . . Donald Macdonald. 10.080 Four-year-olds..... Kudolfo 14,450 Three-year-olds.... Ten Point 12.840 Two-year-olds Old Rosebud 19.057 1914. Five-year-olds and over. ..Buckhorn 11.175 Four-year-olds Robert Bradley .. 10,315 Three-year-olds Roainer 29,105 Two-year-olds Regret 17,390 1915. Five-year-olds and over.. Borrow 20,195 Four-year-olds Hodge 10,928 Three -year-olds The Finn 17.9S5 Two-year-olds Dominant 18,945 1916. Five-year-olds and over.. Short Grass 10.395 pour -year-olds Ed Crump 10,351 Three-year-olds Dodge:. 04i9 Two -year-olds Campfire 49,73o

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