Training of Two-Year-Olds.: Raleigh Colston Takes Issue with Views Expressed by J. O. Keene on Subject., Daily Racing Form, 1917-03-24


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TRAINING OF TWO-YEAR-OLDS. Raleigh Colston Takes Issue with Views Expressed by J. 0. Keene on Subject. Raleigh Colston, the colored trainer of Kentucky, who has been identified with the- turf for ove-r thirty-five years, takes issue with .1. O. Keene over his views in regard to tin- effect of early training of two-ye-ar-olels. What Colston writes on the- subject is coached ill the following language: I am a student, developer and trainer of thirty-fie- years standing, having trained my first stable-of horses in the- yeai 1*S5. As I have developed and trained some great horses during that course of time. I think that my opinion should be worth a passing notice at least. Now. Mr. Keene asks that more- three-year aid races be given, as an inducement to encourage owners to throw away the money-earning chances of their two-ye-ar-olds. in order that they may have- be-tte-r tlire- --year-olds and older horses. 1 cannot agree with Mr. Keene that it is the early training anil developing that hurt our colts. I contend that it is not the e-arly training itself that hurts, but that it is the manner in which it is given. A great majority of our present-day trainers are absolutely inexperienced nii-n. who seem not to have- the- least idea how to bring about what we call condition in horses which they are training, and sometimes when they accidentally bring it about they do not recognize it when it comes and know less how to keep it than they did to bring it about. How often do you see many of the present-day trainers go into winter quarters with what on performances would look to be a ten or twenty thousand dollar two-year-old eolt that conies back in the- spring a three hundred dollar selling-plater three yeiii old. As far as the Lexington Futurity :s concerned you do not have to give a eolt any different preparathm to have him fit for that race than you would to have- him fit for the Club Purse on the ope-ning day of the mee-ting. Perhaps Mr. Keene does not know why Helios did not come- back to the races tin- grand three-year-old which his two-year-old performances warranted. Simply an Athletic Course of Development. I know, but not wishing to appear to personal in my effort to sustain my contentions I will refrain tram publishing it at this time, but will tell Mr. Keene personally, or, if he- wishes, will write it at some- future time. I will venture to say that I know that it was not from the fact that he was over trained or raced while a two-year-old. Long experience as a trainer and developer of colts teaches me that training is simply an athletic-course- of development which, if administered properly, does not. as Mr. Keene and a good many others think, deteriorate- the- physical growth of colts at all. It has just the opposite effect. Insteael of degeneration it brings about a force-, of courage and endurance that is almost beyond human belief. Now. in order to add a little strength to my con te-ntions. I must ask to be allowed to throw a few bouquets at myself and te-11 of some- of the great e-olts which I have- developed. By looking up some of the performances of such horses as Ran Fox. Alleviate. Duelist. High Chancellor, Horatbjs, Fsuu taiablue, Teaerine, Montgomery, Rifleman. Rio Grande, High Private, Berry Maid. Durante, Waldo. Housemaid, Meridian. Pi Intern Callaway and a great many others Which I fail to call to mind just at the present time, you will find some of the many colts and fillies the most of which I broke as ye-ar lings and race-el through their two -ye-ar -old career without that deteriorating; effect which Mr. Keene and others harp on so much. Such great horses as Hindoo. Hanover. The Bard. Raceland. The Emperor of Norfolk and a great host of others met ne-arly all of their two-year-old en-gage-nie-nts anil came back as great three-year olds and older horses. For fear that I may be asking too much nance I will ask to be allowed a few more remarks on the present day Incompetent trainer. I dont be-tleve that it is gene-rally known that one of the grandest races of modern times hail to be discontinued owing to the incompetency of the present day trainers to bring their horses to the post in fit condition to run for it. The Churchill Downs four mile- race- is the- one to which I refer. Mr. Matt Peakea, a trainer of the old school, could. I believe, have won any of those races with a good street-car mule-.

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