Ben Brush: Famous as a Racer and Sire, Among the Horses That Died during 1918, Daily Racing Form, 1919-01-02


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BEN BRUSH, FAMOUS AS A RACER AND SIRE, AMONG THE HORSES THAT DIED DURING 1918 In the list of thoroughbreds which died in 1918 no more distinguished name appears than that of Hen Itrush. He was a high-class- race horse in his younger days and when retired to the stud became one of the most famous and successful sires in the world. It is through him and his lusty sons that the Bramble line of the house of Ronnie Scotland is now dominant in American breeding. His son Broom-stick has been premier American sire three times and now in 1918 another son, Sweep, has gained the same crowning honors. No less noted as a race horse, but not so successful in the stud, although by no means a failure, Bannockburn is another notable name in the mortuary list. In breeding there were other losses of moment in the deaths of the stallions Ivan the Terrible, Cederstrome, Harrigan, Waldo and Knight of the Thistle. Much was expected from the latter horse when he was brought over from England, but in a way he proved a failure. He sired some useful horses, but nothing brilliant in racing. Some noted brood mares also disappeared in death. Ivory Hells, dam of the great race horse Old Rosebud, was one. The English mare Glass Jug, which ran second to the peerless Sceptre in the Epsom Oaks of 1902, was another. Lady Violet, Belmont-.bred and owned and one of the most prolific brood mares on record, being dam of seventeen living and one dead foals, including Lord of the Vale and Watervale, was at the venerable horse age of twenty-eight years when she died. Horses still in racing or recently in racing which expired included Arriet, Chalmers, Chiclet, Ed Howard, Lady Rosebud, Marion Goosby, Montresor, Pan Zareta, Pockiehoo, Red Cross, Sandhill, Shannon River, Solly and Ute, only one star among them, but all horses gifted with speed and of considerable note. The star was the remarkably speedy Texas mare Pan Zareta. No more well-beloved sprinter ever flew around an American nice track than this wonderful creature. Her death seemed a personal bereavement, to her host of admirers. Chiclets breeding was such as seemed to promise great usefulness in the stud and, in that sense, his death was a real loss beyond the ordinary. The necrological account of the year is: Adeline Patricia, ch. f, 3, by Peep oDay Anna , Patricia. Africa, blk, m, 21, by Savile C.laneuse. Alaric II., b. c, 3, by Verwood Porte Maillot. Alert, b. g, 4, by Marathon Miss Alert; -- Amazonian, oh. f, 4, by Duke of Ormonde Bel-lona. Arriet, ch. m, 7, by Harry Jfelton Koster Girl. Avon Carey, ch. g, 3, by- Joe Carey Maid of Avon. JiiiRUJCkburn, br. h, 23, by Ilayden .Edwards Ct if .C-5sT:iis5f - -and-iandpel49ek K Biirsac, b. c, 8, by Muzugnn Amy J. Relvaal. ch. c, 2, by Transvaal Miss Hellamy. Hen Itrush, br. h, 25, by Hramble Roseville. Hit, br. g, 3, by King James Coppelia. Itlack Mammy, blk. f, 2, by Reach Comber-Whisk Hroom. Blue Jacket, b. m, 24, by Whistle Jacket Hlue Hells. Bogy Johnson, br. g, C, by Connie Joe La Dotta. Ruttington, br. g, 4, by Marathon Shawana. Caljer, blk. c, 2, by Peep oDay Tiffany Blend. Caper Sauce, b. g, 1G, by MorplTeus New Dance. Cederstrome, b. h, 10, by Hen Stronie Lasca. Chalmers, ch. g, 0, by Peter Quince Lady Hope. Charley McFerran, b. g, 8, by Lissak Anna Hastings. Chaneey Fellow, b. g. C, by Pam Haply. Checks, ch. g, 4, by Marathon Monarda. Chiclet, b. h, 0, by Spearmint Nature. Col. Cluff. ch. c, 3, by Galloping Simon Amitic. Cousin Hob, ch. g, 4, by Dick Finnell Kirstie. Deliver, br. m, !i, by Dick Welles Anna Brooks. Dianthea, b. f, 3, by Pluvious Ossabar. Eagle, b. g, 0, by Yankee Miss Kearney. Ed Howard, b. g, 0, by Cesarion Line of Life. Eddie T., b. g, 5, by Golden Maxim Maid of Promise. El Pato, br. g, 9, by Conjuror Pearl Barnes. Engelbert, ch. h, 5. by Cains Orla. Eye Glass, ch. c, 3, by Star Shoot Eyelet. Fellowship, b. h, 5, by Fayette Bohemia. First Rays, ch. g, 4, by Superman Last Rays. Flecha Negra, br. "f, 4, by Dick Welles Pheenie Fickle. Fragonnrd. ch. c, 3, by Hastings Ferment. Freeman, b. g, 0, by Sir Huou Merry Heart. Froissart. b. g, 7, by Havoc Froti Frou. Fuzzy Wuzzy, b. g, 7, by Hdrim Skirts. George W. Avery, ch. c, 3, by Contestor Fannie W. Foiiso. Glass Jug, b. m, 21, by Isingless Amphora. Gold Lace, b. in, 21, by Ormonde Libbertiflibbet. Harrigan, ch. h, 12, by Plaudit Dorothy Hampton. Impetus, ch. c. 3, by Uncle Genius. Ivan the Terrible, ch. h. 10, by Pirate of Penzance Kate Pelletier. Ivory Bells, br. in, 19, by Himyar Ida Pickwick. Jem, ch. g, C, by Ogden Fair Catherine; Jocular, b. f. 4. by Hilarius Rosetinge. Kilix, b. g, 8, by Orlando Odd Girl. King Baggot. ch. c, 4, by Peep oDay Freyja. King of the Wind, ch. c, 3. by Kingship Blow. Kings Joker, b. h. 5. by Sunder Absurdity. Knight of the Thistle, b. h, 25, by Roscbery The Empress Maud. Lady Rosebud, b. f, 2, by Ormondale Ivory Hells. Lady Violet, b. m, 28, by The Ill-Used Lady Rosebecy. Linbra, b. ni, 19, by Linden Lady Hawkstone. Lode Star, ch. g, 3, by Magneto The Lady. Lota, ch. m, 7, by Sundridge Gourd. March Wind, b. f, 3, by Sweep Lardella. Marion Goosby, br.- g, 6, by Marathon Pheenie Fickle. Mary Day, 1. nf; 10, by Peep oDay St. Lucie. Messenger Boy, b. h, 10, by Mazagan Mary Zena. Miss Bonoro, ch. f, 3, by Tony Bonero Busy Miss. Mister Jimmy, b. g, 2, by Assagai Nevada. Mohastlr, 1. c, 3, by Itroomstick Starry Night. Monotony, b. c, 4, by Ogden Tenotomy. . ,Mor,tm?cr.-!,--J, by .Jlonfnrt Jlffcivu- Moosehead. elK- c; 3,-by-StnrSh6ot Miss Kearney. Napper Tandy, b. g, 4, by Cave Adsum Green Erin. Nonie. Lucille, ch. m, 15, by Bradwardim. Duchess of Kilwarlin. Old Hob, b. g,- 0, by Joe Carey Foul Play. Pan Zareta, ch. m, 8, by Abe Frank Caddie Griffith. Partizan, ch. c, 3, by Voter Genny. Peter, ch. g, 2, by Peter Quince--Amy J. Petrovna, b. f, 4, by Peter Quince Micaela. Philemon, b. g, 4, by Peter Quince Lucasta. Phocion, b. g, 4, by Semnronius Eloisa. Piatt, cli. g, 4, by Ogden Al Lone. Pockiehoo, ch. h, 5, by Stalwart Miss Peggy. Polonium, ch. g, 4, by Radium Fayre. Poppee, b. m, 5, by Toddington Pompadour. Postmaster, br- c. 3, by Dick Finnell Huxie. Prince S.. b. g, 7, by Campus Sympathetic. Queen Margot, ch. f, 3, by Olambala Lady Navarre. Rapids, b. m, 5, by Rapid Water Qrilene. Red Cross, ch. m, 5, by Dick Welles Winter. Royal Writ, ch. c, 4, by Roi Herode Alphabet. Ruisseau, b. g, 10, by Hatts Kitty Belle Brooks. Sandhill, b. g, 10, by Rock Sand Mount Vernon. Savino, b. h, 5, by Voorhees Corinna. Scapegrace, ch. c, 3, by Ogden Hot Water. Shannon River, blk. g, 10, by Black Dick Ten-core. Sharpshooter, b. g, G, byMcGee Single Shot. Sixteen to One, ch. c, 3, by The Commoner Hortensia. Solar Star, b. h. S, by Star Shoot Sardine. Solly, b. h, 0, by Peter Quince Miss Finch. Some Reach, br. g, 5. by Out of Reach Naulahka. Star Right, ch. c; 3. by Stalwart Torrid. Stargazer, b. e, 4, by Star Shoot Busy Maid. Strome. b. g, i. by Stromeland St.- Lucie. Supreme, ch. g, 7, by Star Shoot High Degree. Sveugali. b. c, 3, by The Manager Trance. Tartar, b. g, 8, by Ogden Yankee Sister. The Spinner, ch. c, 3, by Textile Miss Hudson. Tony Koch, br. g, 11, by St. Avonicus Screenwell Lake. Tropaeolum, eh. g, 9, by Nasturtium Fair Annet. Tumble In, ch. f. 3, by Plaudit Auvergne. Ute, b. c, 2. by Ogden Onaga. Vencedor, br. g, 5, by Transvaal Margaret Roche. Venetia, b. m, G, by Solitaire II. Salvatrix. Viola B., b. m, 14, by St. Avonicus Resignation II. Virile, ch. g, 8, by Stalwart Cherubine. Waldo, b. h, 11, by Plauudes Salama. White- Wool, ch. h, 10, by Woolsthorpe-Madine. Willi Iris, ch. m, 11, by William the Third Free and Easy. Wondermaii, br. c, 2, by Matchmaker Spades. Woodward, chr h, 5. by- Star Shoot Sardine. Zali. ch. g, 7. by Zal WastL Zida Toiler, br. in, 5, by Mint Stella Campbell.

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