Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-10-18

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are: Latonia, Ky., October 17. 1 Enmity. Star. Baby, Siuecler. 2 Simonite, Hosier, Tumbleweed. 3 Jack Hare Jr., Top Coat, High Cost. 4 Prince Pal, Bread Man, Alula. r Exterminator. Be Frank. Midway, ti OPPORTUNITY, Medusa, Corydon. 7 Bourbon Lad, Brownie McDawell, Jim Heffer- ing. J. L. Dempsey. BnlTiilos Latonia Handicap. 1 Enmity, Star Baby, Arthur Middlcton, Pre- 2 RavAtkin, Little Niece. Centerville. Melvin. 3 High Cost, Jack Hare Jr., Top Coat, Sewell Combs. 4 Prince Pal. Bread Man, Alula, Maize. 5 Midway, Exterminator, Be Frank, Legal. 6 Opportunity, Flapper. Corydon, Medusa. 7 LINDEN, Bourbon Lad, Mistress Polly. Grey Eagle. Observers Latonia Handicap. 1 Star Baby, Squeeler, Thistle Green, Enmity. 2 Ray Atkin. Hosier, Melvin, Dolph. 3 Jane. Pennybaker, Top Coat, High Cost, Jack 4 BreadSlnn. Prince Pal. Clintonville. Oleaster. 0 EXTERMINATOR, Midway, Be Frank, Legal. G Flapper, Medusa, Corydon, Hondo. 7 Jim Heffering, Brownie McDawell, Bourbou Lad, Grey Eagle. Laurel, Md., October 17. 1 Tattle, Sea Queen, Pirate McGee. 2 Warlock, J. E. Widener entry, Grcentrec Stable entry. 3Arrah Go On, Grimalkin, Foreground. 4 Lazv Lou. Zouave, Puts and Calls. 5 CAMOUFLECR, Lord Brighton, Duchess Lace. Daddys Choice, Fountain Fay, Waukeag. 7 John W. Klein, Frank Monroe, IountajnFay. Buffalos Iianrel Handicap. 1 Sea Queen, Oceanna, Faisan Bore, Goldinc. Syosset. Robin Goodfellow, Wcldship, Doublet. 3 Papp. Foreground, Arrah Go On, Rapid Day. 4 Lazy Lou, Luther, Golden Glow, Puts and Calls r LORD BRIGHTON, Duchess Lace, Camouflour. 5 Queen of the Sea, Waukeag, The Belgian II., Fountain Fay. VWodan, Fountain Fay, Frank Monroe, Harry Breivogel. Observers Laurel Handicap. 1 Sea Queen, Oceanna, Tattle, Goldinc. 2 Toppy Nix, Greentroe Stable entry, eldship, J. E. Widener entry. 3 Arrah Go On, Papp, Grimalkin, Foreground. 4 Golden Glow, Lazy Lou, Zouave, Jack of Spades. ,, - - - ,, r; LORD BRIGHTON, Duchess Lace, Camoufleur. 0 Wisest Fool, Waukeag, The Belgian II., Dad- days Choice. 7 Frank Monroe, Wodan, John W. Klein, Pinard. Empire City Yonkers, N. Y., October 17. 1 Simpleton, Bright Gold, Edith K. 2 Ira Wilson. Minute Man, Royal Duck. 3 Enfilade, Pickwick, Arnold. " 4 Hannibal, Audacious, Star Master. ,r Sundial II.. Tenons Bon. Albert A. 0 JOHN I. DAY, lArd Herbert, Peerless One. F. J. Ortcll. Buffalos Empire City Handicap. 1 Lonelv, Edith K., Sand Bed. Bright Gold. 2 Minute Man, Ira Wilson, Shillelagh II., Royal Duck. 3 Enfilade. Pickwick, Masda, Toto.- 4 AUDACIOUS. Star Master. Hannibal, Spur. 5 Snapdragon II., Albert A., Sundial II., Ground- Swell. V Lord Herbert. Kilkenny, Zinnia, John I. Day. Observers Empire City Handicap. 1 Bright Gold, Lonely. Editli K., Service Star. 2 Ira Wilson, Shillelagh. Minute Man, Royal Duck. 3 Pickwick, Arnold. Toto, Bill "McCloy. 4 Star Master, Audacious, Pickwick, Jock Scot. 0 Tenons Bon. Sundial II., Snapdragon II., Ground-Swell. 6 JOHN I. DAY, Zinnia, Kilkenny, Lord Her bert.

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