English Horse Values: Newmarket Sales Average Price is ,650 for 644 Lots, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-31


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ENGLISH HORSE VALUES . Newmarket Sales Average Price Is ,650 for 644 Lots. . Tom Welch Buys Six for American Owners Record of the Best Horses Sold. LONDON. England. Dec-ember 5. The five days sale of thoroughbreds of all kinds closed at Newmarket yesterday. It was an extraordinary affair. Kven iHor Roods sold high and some of the sales were almost sensational. Tom Welch, of New York, was the only American buyer. He picked ui six horses,- three yearlings, presumably for Mr. George Widener, and three brood mares for Mr. John San-ford. The receipts of the sale were ,708,585 for tAi horses, with an average of nearly ,650. The first two days were reported in a former letter. This is a record of the last three days, December 3, 4 and 5. The sales of December 3 were made up of 170 horses, which sold for 1919.sh33,405. a round average of ,901. The sales over ,000 were as follows: Eos, br. in. i. by Orby Iteiiaissauce, by St. Serf, bred to Tracery; J. B. Robertson 5,000 Roseway, b. or br. f, 3. by Stornoway Kose of Ayrshire, by Ayrshire; J. It. Robertson. 30.000 Ninon, b. f. 3, by Marcovil Chiffon, by Persimmon; Captain Crawshay 15,000 Force of. rarity, b. m. 10, by Forfarshire Gravitj-j by Wisdom, bred to The Te- trarch; Lord Furuess 15,000 Thendara, b. f, 2, by Corcyra Mianola, by Sautoi; J. 11. Wilson 12,500 Silver Wand, b. in, 5, by Lonawand Silver Fowl, by Wlldfowler, bred to Torloisk; Lord, dAbernon ... 11,500 Maundy Thursday, i. m,t 8,,by Symington - -Miiund. by Tariwrley, bred to Diadumenos; Watkin Williams 11,000 Daylight Suver, b. g. 3, by Zria Force of Gravity, by Forfarshire; J. C. McCabe 7,500 Polloia, b. in, 9, by Polymelus Dons Birthday, by Donovan, bred to Beppo; E. Deutsch de la Meurthe 0,750 Mgney Glass, b. c, 2, by Rising Glass Des- ln; by Desmond; M. D. Peacock 0,250 La Mania, b. m, 7. by Symington Maund, by Tai-porley; H. S. Persse 0,000 Saintly Sinner, br. c, 2, by Swynford St. Suva, by St. Serf; Walter Griggs 0,000 Trowbridge, br. c, 3. by Bridge of Earn Lit Danseuse. by Ladas; Captain Teslo 0,000 The Volvox, br. f, 3. by Orby Little Dinah, by Eager, bred to Beppo; R. Whitworth . . 5,500 China Doll. ch. f. 3, by White Magic Derby China, by McMahon; W. G. Joyce 5,500 Hoteross Bun, ch. m, 8, by Rising Glass Bakery, by Bread Knife, bred to Greenback; F. P. Harrison 5,500 Quail, ch. in, 5. by St. Amant Widgeon, by Gallinule, bred lo Corcyra; W. Higgs.. 5,500 Excellent, ch. f, 4, by William the Third-Excellence, by Gallinule; C. F. P. Creed.. 5,500 Argosy, b. h, 5, by Bachelors Double Fragrant, by Spearmint; J. A. Harris 5,000 Avatar, b. c, 3, by Leniberg Aunt Hetty, by Love Wisely; Captain Renwick 5,000 Like Magic, b. f, 2. by White Magic Scotchlike, by Matchmaker; .1. II. Cannon 4,500 Lydgate, b. in, 0, by William the Third Iady Disdain, by Bend Or, bred to Pom- merii; E. Bclluney . -1,500 Poor Tom. b. y. c, by Poor Boy Cat Cleugh, by Wolfs Crag; Capt. Adye 4,300 Chestnut filly, 3. by Picton Dorothea, by William the Third: J. Peard 4,000 Astufleva. b. f. 2, by Suustar Aunt Hetty, by Love Wisely; F. Harding 3750 Miunolo, b. in, 0. by Santoi, dam by Wisdom Sterling Lass, by Sterling, bred to Cerval; W. Woodland 3,550 Wnterford Glass, ch. f, 3, by Rising Glass All Ashore, by Furiman; C. M. Prior 3,350 ltol de Castile, ch. c, 2, by Roi Herode Blunche II.. by Bona Vista: A. Form 3,300 Gork Glus, b. f. 2, by Rising Glass All Asliore, by Farimau; W. G. Joyce 3,250 Cotipiee. b. f, 4, by Cylgad Thieket, by William the Third, bred to Flint Rock; F. Harding 3,250 Allentown. br. c, 2, by Krooustad Maud Allen, by Lesterlin; S. G. Frost 3,050 Ray mare. 5, by Spearmint Startling, by livcno, bred to Radium; C. M. Prior ... 3,050 Flying Post, li. f. 3. by Stornoway Spring Ofr. by Encounter; F. Leader 3.000 Aldcrton. gr. e, 3, by Senseless Raillerie, by Dark -Ronald; J.B. Leigh 3,000 Seusee. gr. f, 3, by Senseless Jane Grey II., by Iju Saucy; Hon. G. Lambton 2,000 Bay Tree, b. c, 3. by Bayaruo Treplda, by Grebe; .1. Nightingall 2,550 Magic Ware. b. f, 2, by White Magic Derby China, by McMahon; J. Timley 2,550 Anne Blanche, b. f. 3, by The White Knight Rasplata, by Wlldfowler; Capt. Tuthill. 2,550 Welbury. ch. in", 12, by Grey Leg Elizabeth M.. by Watercress, bred to Chaucer; Major Fetherstonliaugh 2,550 Plvmouth Rock. ch. c. 2. by Ro-k Flint-Lady Birdie, by Ayrshire; J. Buchanan ... 2,500 Chestnut filly foal, by Torloisk Dug Out, by Bachelors Double; W. G. Smallwood 2.500 Double Glory, b. f, 3, by Bachelors Double Snow Glory, by Ayrshire; R. Armstrong. 2,500 Quantum, ch. g. 2. by Quantock Lady Fow- ler. bv Wlldfowler; F. W. Pearce 2,u00 Loch Ahoy, ch. f, 2, by Lomond In Sight, by Winkfleld; R. Ferguson 2,500 Tintnrn. b. in, 11. by Zinfandel Galinne. by Oulonlii, bred to Hurry On; Major Nevill .. 2,500 Miss SM-arniiut, b. m. 10, by Spearmint The Message, by Galopin. bred to Cellini; W. Woodland 2,500 Cronberr.v, b. m. 5, by Symington Bachelors Cherry, by Bachelors Double, bred to Beppo; l Harding 2,500 Maylwlc, b. or br. m, 15, by Ayrshire Pace-egger. by Kendal, bred to Torloisk; C. E. Howard 2.250 fiynui. ch. c. 1, by Cicero Palmetta, by Paliuiste; A. Wood 2,100 Buy colt, 2, by Cylgad Lady Shamrock, by Buckingham; T. Rintoul . 2,050 Triumphant, b." g, 5, by Evicted Atlanta, hv St. Serf; A. G. Knulsou 2.000 Daddy Longlegs. ch. g. 4, by Orby dam by J.ord Edward II. Strike; Irish Bloodstock Agency 2,000 Heather Kate, b. f, 4, by Swynford Sprig " " Continued on second page. ENGLISH HORSE VALUES Continued from first page. of Heather, by Machcatli, bred to Rochester; Captain Tutliill 2,000 Quantock, b. h, 10, by Thrush Rock Egg, by Aysliire; Captain Raymond ; 2,000 Glenliattie, br. f, 2, by Glenesky Lady Bar- riet, by Rlairfinde; Captain Gnllina . 2,000 Never iu Doubt, b. in, !, by Cocksure II. Dona Sol, by Ayrshire, bred to Treclare; Lord dAltcriion 2,000 Jesmond, br. in,. 30, by Desmond Claque, by Marden. bred to Myram; Lord dAbernon.. 2.000 December 4 154 horses were sold for 0-1,040, an average of ,303.03. Those bringing ,000 or mort" are as follows: Menda. b. or br. m, 12. by Gallinule Glare, by Ayrshire, bred to Chaucer; C. E. Moore. 9, 000 Karenza, ch. m, 9. by AAilliam the Third Cassinia, by Carbine, bred to the Tetrach; H. A. Cholmondeley 2S.000 Tenedos, br. f, 4, by Polymelus Dona Sol, by Ayrshire, bredxto Swynford; M. G. Hnr-tigan - 25,000 Dark Sapphire, b. m, 0, by Dark Ronald Samphire, by Isinglass, bred to White Magic; Thomas AVclch 25,000 Brother to Eos, b. c, 2, by Orby Renaissance, by St. Serf; Major Gilroy 24,000 Nortlifleet, cli. c, 2, by AAinstanlev Moon-fleet, by John oGaunt; E. Llvock 17,500 Crown Reef, eh. m, 5, by St. Frusquln Gold Riach, by Bend Or, bred to Roi Herode; Thomas AVelch ...... -. 10,000 Scala, b. m, 5, by Spearmint Astra, by Gallinule; Capt. C. Boyd -Roch fort 12,000 Queen Herodias. gr. f. 3, by The Tetrarch . Break of Dawn, by Chaucer; C. T. AVallis.. 10,500 Bound Over, b. f. 2, by Kennymore Boundary, by Flotsam; Major Gilroy 10,000 Glencree, cli. m, 8, by Orby Maggie B., bv Galllnnle, bred to Charles OMalley; Buck-land Stud 9,500 Brown colt foal, by Corcyra Dittany, by Count Schomberg; O. Ryan 9,250 Swinley, b. f, 3, by Swynford Buttermere, by Velocity; X. Hobbs 9,000 Pes o My Heart, ch. m, 5, by St. Frusquin Naughty Jill, by Cyllene; J. Jarvis S.750 Sun AAorsliip. b. in, 7, by Sundridge Doctrine, by Ayrshire, bred to Aolta; A. Pol-lock 8,750 Marron dEau, b. ni, 9, by Gallinule Chestnut Sunday, by Bushey Park, bred to Spearmint; AV. AAalters 8,250 Bonavis, b. f. 4. by Buckwheat Sacred Ibis, by Gallinule, bred to Coriander; G. Robinson ........ . 7,500 Croasdale. b. f, 3, by John oGaunt Cro-ceum, by Martagon, bred to Rossendale; J. Jarvis 0,750 Acclamation, b. f, 4, by Prince Palatine Claque, by Marden, bred to Coriander; Lord Glanely ". 0,250 Weeroona. b. m, 0, by Radium AAendouree. by Ayrshire, bred to Corcyra; P. Fitzgerald 5,750 Lesbia. b. m, 14, by St. Frusquin Glare, by Ayrshire, bred to John oGaunt; J. Spiers. 5,500 Bay colt foal, by Charles OMalley Perishability, by Tredennis; II. Sadler 5,500 Bay colt foal, by John oGaunt Damaris, by Sunstar; Major Kerr 5,500 Greenway, ch. in, 7, by St. Frusquin Evergreen, by Bond Or, bred to Feather Bed; C. T. AAallis 5,250 Armorial Ensign, b. m, 5, by .Spearmint 1ortrait, by Velasquez, bred to Charles OMalley; Douglas Fraser 5,250 Perishability, ch. in, 5, by Tredennis Perishable, by Isinglass, bred to Charles OMalley; Major R. L. Kidston .. 4,500 Estrella. b. m, 8. by Spearmint Chere Reine, by Florizel II., bred to Mount AAilliam; Lord Glanely 4,350 Mnraquita. b. f, 4, by lrince Palatine Carita, by Gallinule, bred to AVhite Magic; Capt. AAickham Boynton 4,300 Abbadia, ch. h, 5, by Tredennis Abbazia, by Isinglass; Lord Denmau 4,150 HIerides, b. m, 7, by Chaucer Highness, by Cyllene, bred to. Ulster King; J. B. Musker 4.050 Sir Ashby, b. c, 3, by Sir Archibald Aarna, by Childwick; H. Hugill 4.050 Silver How,, li. m, 9, by Spearmint Mountain Daisv by Ayrshire, bred to Lemberg; Capt. Crawshay 4,000 Buttermere, b. m. 10. by Aelocity Mrs. But-terwick, by St. Simon, bred to Phalaris; Colonel Calllault 4,000 Lady Bower, b. f, 4, by Lemberg Buttermere, by Aelocity, bred to Charles OMalley: J. B. Musker ... 4,000 Piccolino, b. m, 9, by Picton Ronua. by Bay Ronald, bred to Rochester; Mrs. Cradock.. 4,000 Hudsons Bay, b. f, 4. by Tredennis Delagoa Bay, by Bay Ronald, bred to Stornoway; F. r. Harrison 4,000 Dionysos, ch. c, 4, by Llangibby Donnetta, by Donovan; Capt. Crawshay 3,830 Rezende; br. f, 3, by Tracery Lady rortland, bv Bill of rortland, bred to Son-iu-Law; R. C. Brooke 3,800 Chestnut colt foal, by Rossendale Meadow Rue. by Sainfoin; F. Leach . .. 3,730 Arclight. b. c, 2, by AVinstanley Torchlight, by John oGaunt; Dawson Waugh 3,750 Rossini, b. c, "4. by Polymelus Elizabetta, by Diamond Jubilee; A. Isaacs 3,750 Princess Irene, b. in, 10. by Desmond Che-wink, bv Gallinule, bred to White Magic; E. Martinez de Hoz 3,050 Bay filly foal, by Charles OMalley Armorial Ensign, by Spearmint; H. Sadler 3,530 Mrs. Jawleyford, ch. f. 4, by Swynford Princess Melton, by Melton; Capt. Sapwell 3,350 Mabola, ch. m, 11, by Martagon Ierchance, by lersimmon, bred to St. Amant; M. Dou-liere 3,330 Crabby, b. m, 10, by Spearmint May Race, by Cock-a-hoon, bred to Great Sport; Capt. C. Boyd-Rochfort 3,350 Marcette. ch. m, 0, by Marco La Croisette, bv Cyllene, bred to Dairy Bridge; Marquis de St. Sauveur 3,200 Sun Myth, b. in, 5, by Sundridgt Nirvanali, by Eager, bred to Harry of Hereford; Col. Lort lhillips 3,150 Ladv Golightly, 1. m, 7, by Desmond Lady Drake, by Gallinule, bred to Kildare II.; M. G. Hartigan 3,100 Brown filly foal, by Tredennis Fragrant, by Spearmint: Major Basil Kerr 3,050 Bay colt. 2, by Spearmint Lesbia, by St. Frusquin; A. Isaacs 3,030 Chestnut filly foal, by Harry of Hereford Unprotected, by Islington; Major Basil Kerr 3,030 Boundary, b. m. 7, by Flotsam Hard Hit, by Tristan, bred to John oGaunt; Colonel Caillault ". 3,050 Meadow Grass, b. m, 5, by Lemberg Bunch Grass, by" Sainfoin, bred to Charles OMalley; A. E. IAnson 3,000 Our Liz, br. f, 2, by William the Third Countessi Resy, by Santry; F. Hoole 2,850 Radiant Lady, b. m, 5. by Radium Madame de Soubise, by St. Simon, bred to Call o the AVild; F. Harding 2,850 Croctiet, br. m, 11, by Matchmaker Queen of Song, by Baliol, bred to Tracery; R. C. Brooke 2,800 Rum Gal. br. m. 9. by Gallinule Thrums, bv Symington, bred to Black Jester; Captain Tutliill -. 2.800 Francolin, br. m, 11, by Gallinult. Lutetia, by Iontiac, bred to Spearmint; J. B. Musker 2,750 Night Shadow, b. m, 5, by Martagon Atro-pia, bv Florizel II., bred to Polyphonic; J. C. AVicalltson 2,750 San Agnes, br. f, 4, by Santol Speckled Agues, by Troutheck, bred to Golden Sun; F. T. Harrison 2,000 Kerry Lass, ch. f, 3, by Charles OMalley Lade, bv Ladas; A. Isaacs 2,000 Polly Dimple late Gelasma b f, 4, by lolymelus Dimples, by Robert le Diable, bred to Mount AVilliam; Lord Glanely 2,530 Cannie Blanche, b. m, 7, by Bridge of Cannie Blanche II., by Bona Aista, bred to Lomond; E. Bellaney 2,550 Splendid Spur, b. c, 3, by Prince Palatine Lady Jess, by Ayrshire; P. Fleming....... 2,550 Maybloom. br. m, 5, by Sir Harry May Lily, by Mauvezin, bred to Neil Gow; R. AAhit-wortli 2.550 Mythology, b. m, 12, by Cyllene The Gorgon, bv St. Simon, bred to Farimau; E. de St. Alary 2,550 nelm Craig, br. f, 2, by Harry of Hereford Silver How, by Spearmint; AV. Crundell.. 2,500 Sandtoft, gr. m, 7, by Roi Herode Ethel-freda. by Fernandez, bred to Bay dOr; F. B. Barling 2,500 Humps, br. m. 5, by Dark Ronald Mushla. by Florizel II., bred to Jaeger: F. Harding 2,500 Chestnut fillv foal, by AAilliam Unfits Glencree. by Orby; Captain Tutliill . . . 2,500 Censored, ch. m, 5, by St. Amant Lampoon, by Meddler, bred to Brown Prince; Britisli Bloodstock Agency 2,400 Petite Soeur. br. in. 10. by AVilliam the Third Hacklers Pride, by Buckler, bred to Charles OMalley; F. S. Brown 2,250 Meadow Rue, cli. in, 15, by Sainfoin Lily of the Aalley. . bv Martagon, bred to Rossendale; J. Dawson 2,100 Dug Out, U. iu, 0, by Bachelors Double Gravosa iby Orme, bred to Poor Boy; Mrs. AValmsley 2,000 Swynmyth, b. c. 2. by Swynford Mythology, by Cyllene; F. Lender 2,000 Red Michael, b. g, 4, bv Duke Michael-Red Airgin, by Gallinule; D. Ewart 2,000 Caietn. b m. 7, by Cicero Pawnee, by Mith- ra, bred to Stedfast; Marquis de St. Sauveur ...... i.,... 2,000 Blundella, br. m. 15. by Mackintosh Mys- terieuse, by Zut. bred to Golden Sun; Bon. G. Lnmhtou 2,000 Ray colt foal, by Betiielehem Blundella, by Mackintosh; Major Kerr 2,000 Ray colt, foal, by John oGaunt Ronnie Colne. by Sunder: II. S. Gray 2,000 Chestnut "filly foal, by . Tredennis Pile, mi Face, by Flotsam; T. Waugh 2,000 Pile ou Face,!, in, 7, by Flotsam Soleiniiitv, by ForfaVKfilrvr hied to Charles OMalley; Marquis de St. Sauveur 2,000 The sales closed December 5 with the disposal of ninety-six horses for S90.355, an average of 40. The sales of over ,000 are recorded below: Jeunesse, ch. m, 0, by Polymelus Joie de Aivre. by Gallinule, bred to Roi Herode; C. F. P. Creel .:. ,500 Ray mare, 8. by Orby Maze, by Isinglass, bred to Argos; F. Harding 5.000 Chestnut mare, 5. by Orby, dam by Lord Edward II. Strike, bred to Argo; Capt. Tuthill 5,000 rolyflora. b. m, S, by Polymelus Flora, by Florentine, bred to Rock Flint; E. M. de Hoz i 3,730 Bookmuslin, ch. in, 10, by Chaucer Muslin, by Jeddah, bred to Neil Gow; Mrs. H. AV. Rudd 3,250 Rigolo, b. g. 2, by Maiden Erlegh Song ; Queen, by Thrush; O. Mndden 2,000 Chestnut filly foal, by Charles OMalley AnalieR, by Marco: C. M. Prior 2,550 AshhMlp, b. m. 14, by Gallinule Ashbnd, by AAMseman. bred to Stornoway; AAr. J. A. Harris 2,500 Fair Glory, br. .in, 7, by Fariman Snow Glory, by Ayrshire, bred to The :Wliito Knight; F. Harding 2,500 Theory, br. in, 8, by Santry Lady Tliea, by Racburu. bred to Braxted; M. Gurry ...... 2,500 Chestnut colt foal, by Stedfast Kitty Eraser, by Littleton: Thomas AAeleh 2,500 Brown colt foal, by Fairy King Preluka, by Polymelus; Thomas Welch ...... 2,500 Cryptic, b. c, 3, by Etheric Clayleaf,- by Minting; M. De Renter 2,130 Lady Lota, ch. f, 3, by AVilliam Rnfus Lota, by Sundridge, bred to GJenesky; F. Hnole , jJ4. 2,050 Dark Dancer, b. in, 0, by Dark Ronald Mnud Allen, by Lesterlin, bred to Kwang Su; F. Harding 2,00 Bav colt, 2. by Fowllug-plece Dust, by Littleton; Captain Gnllina 2.000

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