Horses of Commander Ross: Fifty Horses in the Canadian Sportsmans 1922 Stable, Daily Racing Form, 1922-02-16


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HORSES OF COMMANDER ROSS ; • 1 i Fifty Horses in the Canadian Sportsmans 1922 Stable. Boniface, Other Reliables and j Twenty-One Two-Year-Olds in Quarters at Laurel. 1 ■ Henry McDuniel will be ■ busy maa with the . Imnh ..f Commander .1. k. 1.. Boss. He baa i I » I • • 1 1 1 - for USZ racing in his training quartan at Laurel. Md Then an- fifty howea in I lu- lis!. twewty "in- r,t iIhmii two- ui olds. All are dolus well. Commander Ross looked over them mom three areeka ago ami waa areil satisfied with their eondl 1 ion. Among the three-xear oMa i- thai g I -« 1 1 span- ish llahje, one of tin kiml Mr Derby action, only hia aim i- against I ■ i — early preparation, bul Henrj McDuniel Ian I hampered l .v obstadea when In- sua a Kentucky Derby candidate Bpnniah Maine wus a anoi autumn cult, is a superb individual tad la lining steely in lii Laorel quarters. There are -till the reliable reteraaa Boniface, Billy Kelly tad l.iiui dOr ami a aecand division of much qualit ami aiade up if sin- Voter, Baby Qraad, « »ii «l - aad Dladeau. There an- twenty-one more three-yeur-olda ami over with leea of a racing : post than tbeee. I.ut all can win in expert hands. There are twenty one two-year-oWa m tin- Boos ■table. Moo are of experimental hoaae breeding. CI- tetter, Boekgurdeu anil Null! Beeundus were bought at Saratoga Bockgardea is a half-slater in Head : t .■!• Heel*; Kulll fli i undue a half-sister to Brewer; Buckwheat la Bpenieh Maines later, ami Kadfa a half later to that food Marathon filly Diudemu, whieh won aeveu of her ton race* ami same ss.ikmi in Canada Inal year, Priauaar is a first foal from ; that teal man- PitaeUla MuUens The full 1 1 — t of horaea in the Boaa stable t.. i» J raced the coming • a-nll is as follow-: Banlfatf . t a, ~. by Transvaal- Cerina, by j Meddh i , Billy Kelly, h. g. f, i .Y Miik Welle- Qlena, bj , Free Knight I I. ion dOr, eh h, •".. by Hene— Aille dOr, by Cap , tain Hancock. star rater, eb. e, 4. by Ballet Btarrj Kigkt, by , star Nasal I Baby Grand, b. ■- I, by Granite Babe, by lie-Gee ] Pampas, ill. -• I by Short Graaa cuangowaa, by lie Beauvoir Baatllle, eh. •. i b] Votei Oppression, i.v St. Self. Sailing B., b. c, I, by Trap Bee* -Pecadillo bj Hastiags. Becbrtrar, ch. c, 4. by Friai Bock -Star of Danube, h Star Shoot. Iliblur. blk. .. 4. by star Shoot Shelby Belle, by Knight Errant. Meaahnea, a - l. bj Garry Hermann Mesaulinn, in Iieem Ajom. eh. c, 4. by Aleppo Pollie Hill II., by Iol.vmelll- Oriole, b. e, I. by Aaaaigal Hawkaora, by Hawka-w Ick. Wattlkhu, Ch. f. 1. by Star Shoot — Falcon, by H-llell Sudor, b. f, I. bj Donate Sou. bj Haatinca. nying Koi-i. ch 4. bj Oteeaa Oiffords, by huctannnda. laeobina. b f, 1 by King laaaea -Oalanta, tiy illiam tin- Third. spani-b liaise, ch .. : . by Bpnniah Prtno II Wheal ear. by St Ini-i|iiin Uarmottione, ch. .!. by Prince Palatine Melody, ! * Meddler. M,! mi... ih i. 8, by Knar Bock- Mercndel, by The iimiiioner Marble, eh. . . :. bj BaJhM Tiffany Mend, by esarion Keylame. b .. :!. by Usis.n St. K.v. b] St l i tunprin, Iollioga. ch. f t, bj Ugbt Brigade Hindoo Booe, b Hindoo » rineiy. b. f. ;t b] lair PUy Kelieit by Bock Sand. Iliadeina. ch. f. by Maiatliou Sauiuia b Saliloi Affectation, ch. f. I, by Marathon Smirk, by i M uipiati [inmaath eb. f t, by .Marathon Lingar, b] Dublin. Bryntboaa, b. f. 3, by Marathon or Prince Ahaaed — Brynwood, by Bryn Mawr. Bright Merntng. br. f. •. by Mnrntbon— Mfarty Morning, bj Peep oDay interior, ch. -. L-. b Dltinma Da Una Annie, by Dgden. Bnckgarden, Mk. f. -. by Back ""lew- BeOa Klein . by Hon. Nulli Secundus. ch f. -. by OH Keadeaa II.. by Galllaute Hnllota. ch. f. -. by Marathon or Kit/wiUiatu Bella H., by Ballot Doubtful, h. C, -. b] Marathon or Fi tzwilliain Peaky, by Brooanatach Bllthraumr. br. f. S, by Fitzwilli.un The I.ark. by Dick Welle-. "aninore. b. c °. by Marathon Iaiuce, b Bridge of anny. I. lit. b. f. J. by Spaui-h Irince II Melody, by Meddler. Buckwheat, ch. f. 1. by Spanish Irince II. — Wheal ear. by St Ki it-|iiin. fanning Star. b. c. -. by Hillhamptou -Teapei Hour, by Star Shoot. Hallucination ch. c, -. by Fitzwilliam -llea-ani Dream-, by Trap Bock IVrmsteiH e. ch. c, -. by Fitzwilliam Ask Ma. . by Maroliniont II. Fitzrue. ch. c. L. by Fitzwilliam Mary Street, by OnondaKa I.a Belle Dame. ch. f. 2, by Fitzwilliam My Fair r lady. by Prime of Monaco. Woodrace, br. f. , by Mara thon- Brynwood. by Bryn Mawr. ■pfaaaar, b. f. -. by Marathon — lriscilla Mullens, , by Armeath II. - T iCoiitiuued ou second page. HORSES OF COMMANDER ROSS it on turned Cram first page, i !...i.l Pita. eh. .. 2, by Pitxwllliam Ladj l/.n nina. bj Di.-k Welles. Paddys Lass, eh. f. -. by Pitxwilliam N im I la id . hj Bymington. K.i.iin. ch. f. 2, b Prince Ahmed Samara, by Santei. Kitzgar. ch. c. 2, by Pitxwilliam Ltngar, bj Dublin. Flag of Truce, l.r. c 2, by Jim Gaffnej Maltha, b] Ogdea.

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