Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-05-12

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LATEST TRAINING GALLOPS 918 CHURCHILL DOWNS DOWNSLOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE Ky May 11 Todays training operations at Churchill Downs In ¬ cluded the following Weather clear track fast ThrooEighths Mile MileAdmirer Admirer 30 Linwiato 30 30Caladium Caladium 85 57SLady Champ 35 35915GIen 915GIen Liven 35 910Penwell 30 30King King Sols Seal35 739Wg Through 38 Half Mile Mile815Grccn 815Grccn Grass 53 OilRep 49 49Glabella Glabella 49 Itustem 50 50Gupton Gupton 51 S53Sunny Diicrow 48 48710Hullo 710Hullo 41 41FiveEighth FiveEighth Mile Mile738Ararat 738Ararat 101 S37La Derniere 102 102810Advcnture 810Advcnture 105 734Light Rose 100 821Brown Check 105 734Sam Frank 100 100731Guvnor 731Guvnor 103 701Waywd Ladyl03 Ladyl03Three Three Quarters Milo Milo727Aloft 727Aloft 113 85SHadrian 114 1145S5Adonis 5S5Adonis 110 851Kingfisher 118 118849Blue 849Blue ParadiBcl17 843Lit Blossom 115 115718Brennan 718Brennan 110 723Mar Hyncs 114 114737Bonus 737Bonus 113 842Miss Jemima 117 117918Centimeter 918Centimeter 118 733Pyx 110 110819Col 819Col Baker 117 442Uod Iegs 110 110003Coyne 003Coyne 114 732Uib Grass 114 114724Dr 724Dr Clark 118 914Iling Hose 115 115741Flrebrand 741Flrebrand 112 093Swiss 117 117735Frank 735Frank W 120 730Split Grass 110 110I I 915Uigh Cloud 112 735Whippet 120 1 SevenEighths Milo Milo720Tomahol 720Tomahol 131 131One One Mile 914Ben Valet 141 723Fly Prince 145 145851Courtshlp 851Courtshlp 142 912Honolulu Boy 144 144710Colossus 710Colossus 142 79lIxttery 145 145753Chcrry 753Chcrry Tree 140 913My Play 142 142S19Corson S19Corson 143 749Scotland Yet 141 141910ComMcMkin 910ComMcMkin 145 845W McLemore 151 151749Dolores 749Dolores 142 142Mile Mile and a Quarter 84SOnr Dear 211 211NEW NEW YORK N T May 10 Todays training gallops at the local courses in ¬ cluded the following followingJAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICAWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Mile910Broomster 910Broomster 40 911High Prince 30 30910Bessie 910Bessie Lcighton3G 910Uullabaloo 40 40909Ege 909Ege 37 915Mawrcoron 33 33423Cen 423Cen Cadorna37 910Ticklish 39 39913Great 913Great Man 30 30Half Half Mile 915Blg William 50 915Patsy B 50 5091GIlrumado 91GIlrumado 52 915Pcter Brown 50 50910Blue 910Blue Hawk 48 910Rork 51 51912Cowboy 912Cowboy 49 910Sweepy 50 50909Cross 909Cross Dxaminer49 OilTitle 50 50910Exodus 910Exodus 53 915TingaLing 52 52909Homcstretch 909Homcstretch 49 910Vineyard 43 43Many Many Smiles 49 49FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile915Car 915Car Fantagcsl03 910Tikeh 103 103705Daniel 705Daniel A 109 910The Boy 103 103Gol Gol Dawn II103 401 Wise Dove 103 910Mabel A 107 107Three Three Quarters Mile 915Domingo 120 John Joseph 110 110910Eagcr 910Eagcr Eyes 115 915Refrain 117 117914Uorologe 914Uorologe 120 120SevenEighths SevenEighths Milo Milo915Bantry 915Bantry 131 915JTyntc 131 131910Dimmesdale 910Dimmesdale 128 128One One Mile 910The Nephew 145 145Mile Mile and an Eighth 91GOloncannon 159 159Bessie Bessie Leighton ran well High Prince was not extended Blue Hawk was under restraint The Boy looks good Horologe had an easy gallop Jyntee seems fresh and good Dimmesdalo did an impressive work workBELMONT BELMONT PAEK TRAINING TRACK TRACKWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Better Sea 30 Pandowdls 39 39Raffles 907Golden Rule 37 Raffles 36 36Shuffle 910Gem 37 Shuffle Along 38 917Links 39 39Half Half Mile Mile738Blne 738Blne Brush 50 910Grey Lag 58 5890SBelski 90SBelski 49 910 Smoke Screen 56 56915Cum 915Cum Sah 48 909Swift Crass 48 48758Finality 758Finality 50 50FiveEighths FiveEighths Hile 810Lady PatriclalOC W Leather 100 100ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Hile 910Fitzgibbon 121 915Last Straw 120 120910Georgie 910Georgie 110 909Vice Regal 121 121915Kings 915Kings Fancyl20 Fancyl20One One Milo 909AudacIous 141 917Devastatlon 144 144915Algoa 915Algoa 147 907Excelsis 143 910Canyon 140 915Lord Herbert 147 147911Column 911Column 148 915Master Hand 140 140Cum Cum Sah showed good speed Georgie was under restraint Audacious is nearing his best form Devastation is training well wellAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Milo Milo894Avispa 894Avispa 37 914Schaffer 30 30910Emotion 910Emotion 35 910Santa Clara 35 35914Paisley 914Paisley 41 41Half Half Milo 910Bayonne 122 730Prince James 55 55915Mavourneen 915Mavourneen 50 910Polythia 50 50910Mustard 910Mustard Seed 47 Sun Brae 63 63Three Three Quarters Kilo Kilo910Wltchwork 910Wltchwork 120 915St Donard 110 915FiftyFifty 115 115SevenEighths SevenEighths Hile 910Regal Lodge 138 138Ono Ono Milo MilollCRccount llCRccount 144 Tetley 149 149Mile Mile and an Eighth 010Tel Hand 150 150Avlspa Avlspa ran well Shaffer was under a drive Emotion and Santa Clara ran fast Sun Brae was only cantering Mavourncen worked easily Polythia had easy gallop Prince James was only cantering Mustard Seed was ridden out Bayonno and Witch work worked well FiftyPifty did a fast work St Donard was worked hard Hegal Lodge was only cantering Recount needs plenty of work Yellow Hand had a good gallop PIMIICO PIMIICOBALTIMORE BALTIMORE Md May 11 Todays training gallops here included the following Weather clear track fast ThroaEightha Mile 897Anita IIampton40 900St Maurice 30 30910Exterminator 910Exterminator 39 912St Henry 35 35903Kentish 903Kentish Boy 39 907The Lamb 35 35911I 911I idy Boss 35 913Treviscot 41 41Patchwork Patchwork 37 37Half Half llilo 915Cracow 51 901Long Island 49 49910Bridesmnn 910Bridesmnn 49 913Lady Meave 51 51910Oain 910Oain de Cause 52 8S9Wir Zone 50 50900Hidden 900Hidden Jewel 52 913Wellfinder 49 49914Kath 914Kath Harlan51 Harlan51FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile MileOilCounsel OilCounsel 105 908Mai Gold 100 100913IIomlini 913IIomlini 103 913Vigilante 103 103ThrooQuarters ThrooQuarters IJilo IJilo015AIlih 015AIlih 117 015Knnt 117 117915Adamant 915Adamant 120 913LKffare 115 115910Bunga 910Bunga Buck 122 915Pr of India 117 117915Crnnk 915Crnnk 117 910Sikhim 120 120910Clean 910Clean Goue 110 878Solld Rock 122 122One One Mile 014 All Over 140 9100 vcrmatch 151 151915Bondage 915Bondage 147 911Romeo 147 147910Hribed 910Hribed Voterlno 914Rclay 140 140915BatJtille 915BatJtille 149 915Star Jester 14 915OhaRseiir 145 915Sandy Heal 150 150913Cromwell 913Cromwell 145 917Servitor 150 150910IIonyhnhnm 910IIonyhnhnm 148 915Sunny Hill 143 143915KinKling 915KinKling II 147 910Trcvelyan 147 147915MacDuff 915MacDuff 145 910Wrack Grass 147 147Mile Mile and an Eighth Eighth910Brn 910Brn O Lynn205 911Supcrlative 150 010PilIory 150 150Mile Mile and a Quarter Quarter915Lytle 915Lytle 218 024Sweepment 211 211St St Henry was ridden out Lady Boss and The Lamb ran well together Wellfinder had something left Long Island was only cantering Bridesman is in his best form and was only cantering Clean Gone was ridden out and doing his best LEffare raced under restraint All Over and Relay were only cantering and were never extend ¬ ed Sunny Hill ran a good mile Chasseur is rounding into good form Macduff went too fast the first part and was tired Pillory and Superlative ran a good mile and an eighth Sweepment ran well and is in good form

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