Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-06-01

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LATEST TEAIOTWG GALLOPS 937 CHURCHILL DOWNS DOWNSLOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE Ky May 31 Todays workouts here included the following Weather clear track fast fastThreeEighths ThreeEighths Mile Mile928Black 928Black Thong 39 934CoI Whallcn 36M 031Iircd at Home 3d 934Lady Vennie 3 935Bojtil 3G 933Pyx 38 38Chief Chief Curry 35 35Half Half Mile 924Alex Jr 52 935Lugs 49 49S30lIarncy S30lIarncy Stone 53 934Rustcm 49 4992SCharline 92SCharline 50H 034Sympathy 48 48933Easter 933Easter Morn 49 932S of Pleasure 55 024J S Reardon 49 034Sun God 49 49711I 711I 48sLether iy Mother 50 931Uncle Velo 48s Lether Fly 48 48Fcur Fcur and Half Furlongs 927 Man cure Maid 55 55FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile MileCalcutta Calcutta 101 935Mamie Smith 103 103931Jean 931Jean Uowdie 103 029M P Gordon 101 934Kings Clorol03Ji 83GPost Haste l02ii 935La Dcrnierel02 845Sandalwood 102 935Ixgal 102 034Triumph 10355 10355934Magikon 934Magikon 102 102Threeauarten Threeauarten Hile Hile930Accelcrate 930Accelcrate 117 935Pctcr Piper 11G = 83tIJlow Bubblesl17 928Pickwick 118 930I5cst Pal 117 931llekab 115 93311 Command 117 025Kewell Combs 117 934Lovelines3 118 S Friedman 116 116931Lncknow 931Lncknow 118 931Undenvritc 118 118934Miss 934Miss Muffins 113 113SevenEighths SevenEighths Kile 73GFrank F 133 Kremlin 131 131030Coyne 030Coyne 130 033Ring Rose 128 128932Easteside 932Easteside 1 32 32One One Mile Mile933Advocatc 933Advocatc 141 935Our Dear 143 935Castlereagh 143 935Piince Wells 143 92Slebadou 141 931Pioyal Palm 142 1429SlIorius 9SlIorius 145 927Sir T Kcanl44 Kcanl44eoCMcgun eoCMcgun 140 025Startle 141 141Mile Mile and an Eighth 931Mar Fallen 150 150WELMONT WELMONT PARK TJlAIXING TRACK TRACKNEW NEW YORK N Y May 31 Todays training gallops over the local courses in ¬ cluded the following Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile 935Alladin 35 935Ira Wilson 3 935Chile 35 932Kcllcrman 35 35934E1 934E1 Primo 30 915Swt and Pretty39 27lluff 30 SKKniuffer 54 Knight Bridge 49V 933 Canyon 51 = 3 922Master Hand 51 935Druid Hill HillD35Iark 49 931Many Smiles 51 D35Iark Magic MagicDoughorcgan 49 935Xancy Shanks 48 Doughorcgan 49 935Hunviso 51 935Dnn Boiling 49 935Uungrand 935Edict 935Hcll Gate 4S 935Sherando 48 48914King 914King Albert 51 931Thussily 51 51S33Kuighthx S33Kuighthx od 4 935 Wampus 51 = 8 8FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile930Exccse 930Exccse Me 101 920Nassau 103 103Three Three Quarters Mile Mile929Fnten 929Fnten 117 Rig Speed l18f l18f935KaiS 935KaiS = ns 123 033St Allan 117 117930Prctty 930Prctty Day 119 119One One Mile 035Cbateaugay 142 930Montalvo 140 140931Eicelsis 931Eicelsis 145 145Kile Kile and an Eighth Eighth933Grey 933Grey Las 151 931Uosc Hill 157 157Milo Milo asd a Quarter 829Scnning3 Park21375 Park21375Grey Grey Lag is near his good form St Val ¬ entine did a creditable gallop Rose Hill was well in hand Sherando seems fresh and good Sennings Park had an easy gallop Excelsis galloped an easy mile mileJAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICAWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Kilo Kilo935Air 935Air Bubble 33 33s s 910Nose Dive 42 42034Ksc 034Ksc 39 934Peter Brown 35 35935Horolosc 935Horolosc 37 i 929Translate 3S 3SHalf Half Hile Hile933Amhler 933Amhler 49 S33l sre 50 50933Ben 933Ben Wocd 50 925Kvelyn Sawyer 53 53931Camouflcur 931Camouflcur 50 024E uire 55 55934Crs 934Crs Examiner 5lz Kecommdation 50 50FiveEichths FiveEichths Hile Hile935Bon 935Bon Homme 1OG 934Monnaw 109 10993GHullabaloo 93GHullabaloo 103 103Thiee Thiee Quarters Hile 935Braiustorm 114 KiSDcep Sinker 122 122030Oahahm 030Oahahm 117 935Inydue 114 035Carmcncita 119 935Mawrcoron 113 113933Domineo 933Domineo 118 932Sca Sand 120 120One One Mile Mile033Cloncaunon 033Cloncaunon 147 903Whisk l43s l43sPeter Peter Brown ran from the barrier Brain ¬ storm showed good speed from the barrier Mawrcoron did a line work well Whisk was not extended Hullabaloo galloped easily easilyAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast fastThroeEighths ThroeEighths Hile Hile931Chatcau 931Chatcau Thierry39 933Serenadcr 35 v33Ilalco 39 39Half Half Kile Kile020Avispa 020Avispa 52 932 Fancier 52 52935Bnd 935Bnd Laraer OH 932Kcwpie S 57 57933Bcrnandino 933Bcrnandino 52 03Jr acerta 43 43923Bcckna 923Bcckna 51 933Seraps 54 54935Bayonne 935Bayonne 50 9C4Sosovia 49 49FiveEichths FiveEichths Mile Mile933Hish 933Hish C 104 933IJcap 104 104935Patchwork 935Patchwork 101 101ThreoCiuarters ThreoCiuarters Kilo Kilo930C 930C Elshiaaiin 121 92SSoa Mint 11G 930Ieochares II 115 030Suurcish 110 933nacquetta 121 121SevenEighths SevenEighths Kile 833Court View l30i One Milo Milo930Dextcrous 930Dextcrous 153 93fRnbidium 143 933Early Bird 113 933Vire McGce 144 144924Jimmie 924Jimmie 147 147Milo Milo and a Quarter 935Captn Alcock210 Alcock210COXNAUGHT COXNAUGHT PARK PARKOTTAWA OTTAWA Ont May SI Todays training gallops at Connaught Park included the fol ¬ lowingWeather lowing Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Mile93GBonntiful 93GBonntiful 29 SSlJoaquina 37 37924Brilliant 924Brilliant Jester39 035Old Faithful 40 40Gallant Gallant 89 900Thistle Queen 40 40S95Gray S95Gray Gables 38 Trippawa 33 33Half Half Milo MiloClallolly Clallolly 53 r 21San Marcns 50 507GGKnklux 7GGKnklux 51 Veronica 49 4992SKcntish 92SKcntish Boy 52 52FiveEichths FiveEichths Mile MileBabe Babe Dell 103 927Redstone 104 SGSPast Trial 107 929Sand Mark 103 932Lady Luxury 103 S59Serbian 107 107919Mcuse 919Mcuse 108 108Three Three Quarters Mile 851 Ace 118 935Natural 117 117935Lucky 935Lucky B 123 123Ono Ono Kile Kile900Hickory 900Hickory 143 926Panla V 151 151Gray Gray Gables and Gallant do not appear to be slow rounding into condition Old Faith ¬ ful looks fit and appears to be in good form Veronica showed a good turn of speed San Marcus ran well and is a much sounder horse than he used to be Lady Luxury was only cantered Redstone is in his best form Nat ¬ ural was doing her best Lucky B was only cantering Hickory was doing his best Su perba and Flying Frog schooled one turn of the field both jumping well and keeping to ¬ gether

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