Daily Racing for Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-12-06

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DAILY RACING FORM HANDICAPS , JEFFERSON PARK i The horses which seem best in Wednes- days races are : Jefferson Park 3Tcw Orleans, La., December 5, 1022. 1 Little Patsy, Ilermis Kemble, Hutchison. 2 Satana, Chief, Light "Wine. 3 Leslie, Better Times, Put and Take. 4 Guvnor, Orlova, Green Gold. 3 CARNARVON, Trooper, Ramkin. 6 Rama, Sagamook, Phelan. J. L. Dernpsey. New Yorlc Handicap. 1 Fred Kinney, Voogeria, Little Patsy, Pastoral. 2 Dr. Rae, Grandee, Harvest King, Hand-full. 3 Leslie, Better Times, Stump Jr., Felicitous. 1 GREEN GOLD, Prince "Welles, Hadrian, Orlova. 5 Carnarvon, Trooper, Ramkin, On High. 6 Phelan, Sagamook, Hope, Old Chap. Chicago ami ltufFalo Handicap. 1 Hutchison, Fred Kinney, Sam Frank, Dare. 2 Dr. Rae, Harvest King, Grace Foster, Light Wine. 3 Leslie, Felicitous, Guest of Honor, Stump Jr. 1 Green Gold, Prince Welles, Hadrian, Or-cus. 5 CARNARVON, Trooper, Thornhedge, Mysterious Girl. C Rama, Hope, "Thelan, Sagamook. Observers Handicap. 1 Fred Kinney, Pastoral, Hutchison, Delhi Maid. 2 Dr. Rae, Warlike, Grace Foster, Grandee. 3 Leslie, Better Times, Stump Jr., Guest of Honor. 1 Guvnor, Green Gold, Orlova, Hadrian. 5 CARNARVON, Trooper,. Mysterious Girl, Ramkin. 6 Sagamook, Phelan, Rama, Hope. Consensus of Hand icaiis. 1 Fred Kinney, Little Patsy, Hutchison, Pastoral. 2 Dr. Rae, Satana, Harvest King:, Grandee. 3 Leslie, Better Times, Stump Jr., Felicitous. 1 Guvnor, Green Gold, Prince Welles, Orlova. 5 CARNARVON, Trooper, Ramkin, Mysterious Girl. C Rama, Phelan, Sagamook, Hope. HAVANA The horses which seem best in Wednes-; days races are: Oriental Tark Havana, Cnba, .December 1922. 1 Gonwithim, Margaret Ware, Illusionist. 2 Valentine dOr, Awning, Humpy. ; 3 Ilatrack, Misericorde, Golden Chance. 4 Billy Lane, Old Sinner, The Enquirer. 5 SEA PRINCE, Cromwell, Buddie Kean. G The Tirate, Harlock, Marie Augusta. ; T. K. Lynch. 1 New Yorlc Handicap. : 1 Gonwithim, Margaret Ware, Illusionist, Miss Ruth L. ! 2 Josephine IC, Valentine dOr, Humpy, , Lui-Meme. 3 Jap Muraa, Golden Chance, Superior, Ma-; chine Gunner. 4 Discussion, Old Sinner, Billy Lane, Col. 5 Murphy. , ! 5 SEA PRINCE, Chief Sponsor, Cromwell, Salvo. l 6 The Pirate, Coscorron, Harlock, Stone-wali. Chicago and IJtiflnlo Handicap. 1 Gonwithim, Margaret Ware, Illusionist, Veneno. 2 Valentine dOr, Winds of Chance, Lui-i Meme, Josephine K. , 3 Superior, Golden Chance, Machine Gunner, Jack Healey. , . t Discussion. Dad. Old Sinner, Koran. 5 CHIEF SPONSOR, Buddie Kean, Cromwell, Salyo. G Coscorron, Marie Augusta, Stonewall, The Pirate. Observers Handicap. 1 Margaret Ware, Gonwithim, Illusionist, Nutty. 2 Valentine dOr, Josephine K., Winds of Chance, Humpy. 3 Golden Chance, Jap Muma, Superior, Jack Healey. 4 OLD SINNER, Discussion, Dad, Billy Lane. 5 Chief Sponsor, Sea Frince, Cromwell, Buddie Kean. C The Pirate, Stonewall, Coscorron, Harlock. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 GONWITHIM. Margaret Ware, Illusionist, Miss Ruth L. 2 Valentine dOr, Josephine IC, Winds of Chance, Humpy. 3 Ilatrack, Jap Mimm, Superior, Golden Chance. 4 Discussion, Billy lane, Old Sinner, Dad. 3 Sea Prince, Chief Sponsor, Cromwell, Salvo. 6 The Pirate, Coscorron, Stonewall, Mari Augusta. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : TijHHHH, Mcx., December 1928. 1 Count Boris. Barriskane, Cicely Kay. 3 Bonnebelle, Merry Lass, Dr. Steven.-"n. 8 Little Florence, Proclamation, Doctor Tubbs. 4 JOELLA J.. Silver Maid, Dick Te rr n. 5 Rajah, Ross R., Whippet, g Romulus, Kimono, Dancing Girl. 7 Millersburg, My Laddie, Midia. G. W. Schilliiu. New York Handicap. 1 Count Boris, Delancey, Cuba, Barriskane. 3 Harry D.. Chrome, It, Cascade. 3 Gleiutar, San Hedron, Little Florence, Doctor Tublis. 4 CARLOS ENRIQUE, Dick Terpiu, Joella J., Mart Bunch. 5 Buckhorn II., Frank Fogarty, Rajah, Whippet. C Madge F., She Devil, Dancing Girl, Honest George. 7 Midia, Millersburg, Conichon, Double Van. Cliicaso and ItnfTalo Handicap. 1 Count Boris, Alajah, Barriskane, Mistake. 2 It, Merry Lass. Chrome, Hanovers Topaz. 3 Little Florence, San Hedron, McGets Pink, Proclamation. 4 CARLOS ENRIQUE, Joella J., Dick Tf-r-uin, Silver Maid. 5 Buckhorn II., Whippet, Frank Fogarty, Rajah. C Honest George, Bill Blackwell, Romulus, Madge F. 7 Millersburg, My Latfdic, Midia, Lola. Observers Handicap. 1 Count Boris, IJelancey, Barriskane, Cuba. 2 It, Chrome, Merry Lass, Cascade. 3 San Hedron, Doctor Tubbs, Little Florence, Proclamation. 4 Dick Terpin, Carlos Enrique, Joella J., Lady Leonid. 5 BUCKHORN II., Frank Fogarty, Whippet, Rajah. C Madge F Romulus, Honest George, Dancing Girl. 7 Midia, Millersburg, Regreso, My Laddie. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 COUNT BORIS, Delancey, Barriskr ne, Cuba. 2 It, Bonnebelle, Harry D., Merry I .as?. 3 Little Florence, Glenaar, San Hedron, Doctor Tubbs. 4 Carlos Enrique, Joella J., Dick Terpin, Silver Maid. 5 Buckhorn H., Rajah, Frank Fogarty, Whippet. 6 Madge F., Romulus, Honest George, Dancing Girl. 7 Millersburg, Midia, My Laddie, Regreso.

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