Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1922-12-26

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BAIL Y RA CING FORM HANDICAPS . JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are: Jefferson Park JTcw Orleans, La., December 25, 1922. 1 Mary G., Grayson, Anticipate. 2 Vennie, Lady Inez, Reel Foot. 3 Transient, Helen Atkin, Stanley. 4 James P. OHara, Boy from Home, All Fair. 5 DIMPLES, Matinee Idol, Doctor Jim. 6 Natural, Mountain Hose II., Amaze. J. L. Dempsey. Ncit YorU Handicap. 1 Anticipate, Ruggles, Fluff, Grayson. 2 Lady Inez, Vennie, Roseate II., Blue Bird. 3 Hickory, Transient. Cockroach, Bravo. 4 BOY FROM HOME, LEffare, James F. OHara, Colando. 5 Matinee Idol, Dimples, Ramkin. Care Free. G Magician, Natural, Mountain Rose II., Amaze. Chicago nml RuflTalo Handicap. 1 Anticipate, Grayson, Hereafter, Ruggles. 2 Lady Inez, Vennie, Blue Bird, Irish Pat. 3 Not Yet, Bravo, Marse Jimmy, Hickory. 4 BOY FROM HOME, James F. OHara, LEffare, Colando. 5 Dimples, Matinee Idol, Ramkin, Doctor Jim. C Magician, King Trojan, Amaze, Mountain Rose II. Oliscrfcrs Handicap. 1 Grayson, Hereafter, Anticipate, Mary G. 2 Irish Pat, Lady Inez, AI Stebler, Vennie. 3 Ballybell, Transient, Marse Jimmy, Not Yet. 4 BOY FROM HOME, James F. OHara, Colando. 3 Doctor Jim, Dimples, Matinee Idol, Ramkin. 6 Amaze, King Trojan, Mountain Rose II., Edna D. j Consensus of Handicap. 1 Anticipate, Mary G., Grayson, Hereafter. 2 Lady Inez, Vennie, Irish Pat, Blue Bird. 3 Transient, Hickory, Not Yet, Ballybell. 4 BOY FROM HOME, James F. OHara, LEffare, Colando. 5 Dimples, Matinee Idol, Doctor Jim, Ram kin. 6 Magician, Natural, Amaze, Mountain Rose II. HAVANA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Oriental Park Havana, Cuba, December 23, 1922. 1 Conundrum, Cisqua, Grey Bonnet. 2 McMurphy, Mrs. Grundy, Pittsburg. 3 Hohokus, Huron II., Foul Weather. 4 MEMPHIS, Kitty Cheatham, Chow. 5 Riverside, Mumbo Jumbo, War Map. C Pibroch, Hatrack, Chimera. T. K. Lynch. Xciv Yorlc Handicap. 1 Miss Mazie, Gray Bonnet, Conunudrum, Cisqua. 2 Good Enough, Pittsburg, Josephine K., Flying Orb. 3 HOHOKUS. Black Top, Foul Weather, Arthur Middleton. A Col. Chile, Memphis, Chow, Frascuelo. 5 Riverside, Cock o the Roost, War Map, Mumbo Jumbo. C Pibroach, Chimera, Hatrack, Job Thayer. Chicago and ISufFnlo Handicap, 1 Moonlet Way, Gray Bonnet, Cisqua, Miss Mazie. 2 Refrain, Josephine K., Drapery. Pittsburg. 3 Hohokus, Black Top, Foul Weather, Huron II. 4 Kitty Cheatham, Memphis, Chow, Mab. 5 RIVERSIDE, Cock o the Roost, Mumbo Jumbo, Lustre. C Chimera, Hatrack, Job Thayer, Pibroch. Observers Handicap. 1 Cisqua, Moonlet Way, Gray Bonnet, Nutty. 2 Mrs. Grundy, McMurphy, Josephine K., Good Enough. 3 Arthur Middleton, Hohokus, Huron 11., Foul Weather. 4 Memphis, Kitty Cheatham, Col. Chile, George W. 5 RIVERSIDE, War Map, Cock o the Roost, Mumbo Jumbo. 6 Pibroch, Dairyman, Chimera, Hatrack. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Conundrum, Miss Mazie, Moonlet Way, Cisqua. 2 McMurphy, Good Enough, Refrain, Mrs. Grundy. 3 Hohokus, Arthur Middleton, Black Top, Foul Weather. 1 Memphis, Col. Chile, Kitty Cheatham, Chow. 5 RIVERSIDE, Cock o the Roost, Mumbo Jumbo, War Map. 6 Pibroch, Chimera, Hatrack, Job Thayer. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are: Tijuana, Mex., December 25, 1822. 1 Love Bird, Mayflower, I. W. Harper. 2 Walter Dant, Deckhand, Reydo. 3 Peace Flag, Doubtful, Rag Doll. 4 Proclamation, Gipsy Joe, Red William. 5 ABADANE, Lucky Button. Coffield. C Woodie Montgomery, Buckhorn II., Louis. 7 Herder, Ask Jessie, Sister Susie. G. W. Schilling. Xew Yorlc Handicap. 1 Stanley H., I. W. Harper, Brolaski, Lim erick. 2 Deckhand, Wise Judge, Argento, Walter Dant. 3 Peace Flag, Doubtful, Sir Leonid, Lady Lioness.. 4 Silk Sox, Norfords Last, Red William, Ring. 5 ABADANE, Lucky Button, Barriskane, Tom Craven. G Woodie Montgomery, Buckhorn II., Pie-dra. Roisterer. 7 Herder, Ask Jessie, Colonel Matt, Cascade. Chicago and Buffalo Handicap. 1 Mayflower, Stanley II., I. W. Harper, Syncopation. 1" Reydo, Dora, Deckhand, Caamano. 3 Doubtful, Peace Flag, Sir Leonid, Nor- ford Honey. 4 Ring, Proclamation, Silk Sox, Norfords Last. u ABADANE, Coffield, Lucky Button, Tom Craven. C Mannikin II.. Louis, Woodie Montgomery. Buckhorn II. 7 Ask .Tesssie, Herder, Sister Susie, Colonel Matt. Observers Handicap. 1 Alajah, Mayflower, Vera Wood, Stan ley H. 2 Reydo, Caamano, Walter Dant, Deckhand. 3 Sir Leonid, Peace Flag, Rag Doll, Doubt ful. 4 RING, Red William, Proclamation, Silk Sox. 5 Abadane, Lucky Button, Cofffield, Barris kane. C Woodie Montgomery, Roisterer, Louis, Buckhorn II. 7 Sister Susie, Herder, Ask Jessie, Miss Jane. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Love Bird, Stanley H., Mayflower, Alajah. 2 Reydo, Walter Dant. Deckhand, Caamano. 3 Peace Flag, Doubtful, Sir Leonid, Rag Doll. 4 Ring, Proclamation, Silk Sox, Red Wil liam. 5 ABADANE, Lucky Button, Tom Craven, Coffield. 6 Woodie Montgomery, Mannikin II., Louis, Buckhorn II. 7 Herder, Ask Jessie, Sister Susie, Colonel Matt.

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