Stable Winnings For 1922, Daily Racing Form, 1923-02-21

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j STABLE WINNINGS FOR 1922 S LOUIS LOUISAt At one time or another last year a total of thirtyone horses were registered under the thecolors colors of S Louis They came and went by the claiming process mostly However while whileracing racing in his silks they managed to yin twentyfive races and 28808 not a bad record when the quality of the horses is considered Here are their records in the racing of 1322 1322Horse Horse Col and Sex A Pedisree 1st 2d 3d Won WonUeuuke Ueuuke hlk e 15 By Dick Finnell The Scold l y Meddler 4 1 1 fir ll llClansman Clansman b c 3 By fnele Katrine by Disguise 2 1 0 2585 2585Mvstie Mvstie CM c 3 By Macic II Sobranje by Polymeliis 2 0 0 1799 1799Haiti Haiti br p 4 By Kin Jaino Adelinette hy Melton 2 0 3 1700 1700Boyal Boyal Charlie b g 3 Iy Charles OMuIIeyrCaptive rriucess by Caiiliva Caiilivation tion 2 0 0 1700 1700Pud Pud b K 2 Iy AY rack Mpilnra II by Uabelais 112 1 1Slin Slin oil K 3 By Pebbles Militant by Ballot 100 Coaler br b G Bv Duke Michael Callows Hill by Calashiels 201 1175 11751C 1C of the Hpatherbr K 4 By Oden Madchen by Knight of the Thistle 2 0 0 lOO lOOFreezy Freezy Sneezy b f 3 By Lovetie Frosty by ICockton 100 1000 1000Lady Lady Boss oh f 2 By Manager Waite Viola Ccilil by Masctto 1 0 O IMC IMCStisiana Stisiana ch f 2 By Itock View Stellata by Star Shoot 100 821 821Easteside Easteside eh jr 4 By Handsel Calantho by Ben Trovato 1 1 0 707 707I I idy Myra ch f 2 Ity Atlieling II Minnow by Minoru 032 939 939Cahalan Cahalan b g 4 By Honeywood Alice Cary by Trapiwan 0 3 2 800 800Hilly Hilly Barton br c 4 Ity Huon Mary Le Bus by St Savin 1 0 1 GO GOLEffare LEffare ch K IS Ity As dAtont Impetneuse by Le 1ompon 100 750 750Iennon Iennon ch c 2 Ity Pennant Juliette II by Marco 0 2 f Veiled Colleen ch f 3 Ity The Finn Scenery by Sain 0 0Winner Winner Take Allbr f 2 ISy Fair Play Free Ix ve by Chouberski 0 0Turnabout Turnabout b f 4 Ity Fair Play Job Ijt by Ojden 0 0Monsnlella Monsnlella b f 2 Ity Itallot Chetto Cirl by Iten Itrusb 0 0liromelia liromelia eh in o Ity Whisk Itrcom II Savannah by Yankee 0 0Crusie Crusie br f 2 By Itroom tick Julialeon by Helmet 0 0Lepchnres Lepchnres II b K 3 Ity Iten Brush Khodas Pride by Pride 0 0Pride Pride of India b h li Ity Delhi Dominoes by Domino 0 0Hcd Hcd Lejrs ch K 4 Ity liock View Stareadia by Star ShK t 0 0Plucky Plucky ch t 3 Ity Broomstick Courage by Hamburg 0 0rack rack o Dawn ch c 4 Ity The ManagersShuck II by Jean licreaud 1 1War War Victor b g By tncle Star Dreamer by Star Kuby 0 0Thessaly Thessaly br t 2 By Plaudit Fair Atalanta by Knight of the theThistle Thistle 0 Totals 31 25 25J 15 2G 2SS08 J R SKINKER SKINKERJ J R Skinker was represented in the racing of 1922 by a large stable of horses the majority of which were of the selling plater type They did quite well their a segregate earn ings amounting to 37172 to which Gallivant was the largest contributor Here is the record of the stable stableHorse Horse Col and Sex A Pedliine 1st b g 4 By Garry Herrmann Lady Callette by Lord Edward EdwardII II Sister Flo br t tDuke 4 By Ogden Traditional by Watercress Duke John b b bMidnight 0 By Ivan the Terrible Lassie by Knight Errant Midnight Sun ch g gItucado 7 Ity Peep oDay Summer Night by Star Shoot Itucado br g gMouse 2 By Honey wood Bells by I onid Mouse ch g gTrantula 3 By Tony Boncro Pretty Dale by Hinsdalc Trantula b c cBromelia 4 By Transvaal Vistula III by Flint Uock Bromelia ch in inFusee 5 By Whisk Broom II Savannah by Yankee Fusee ch f fFannie 3 By Fair Play Ferment by Octagon Fannie Itean br f fMax 3 Iy Zeus Mascal by Sain Max Cold b g gDouble 3 By Ormondale Sweet Marie by Ogden Double Cross ch g gTrickster 3 Ity Superman Olevia by Ornus Trickster II b g gPoor G By Irish l ad Artless by Hamburg Poor Sport b g gCharles 2 By Delhi Play Fair by Fair Play Charles J Craigmileb gmileb g 5 By Iataud Miss Jordan by Sir Dixon Eddie Itickenbacherch cherch g gMajority 5 By The Manager Caution by Planudes Majority b c cSiesta 2 By Ballot Cinlrella by Bryn Mawr Siesta b g gTantalus G By Out of Ileach Napping by Peter Pan Tantalus b g G By Knight of the Thistle Tantalize by Meddler Slippery Kim br g gBountiful 9 By Bannockburn Schwalbe by Sain Bountiful b t tFly 3 Ity Wrack Sumptuous by Fatherless Fly Ball b g gElizabeth 3 By Carry Herrmann Joanina by Voter Elizabeth Itean ch f fBilly By Meridian Sweet Flowers by Pleasant Day Billy Connor ch c cForest 4 By Dick Welles Katherine Connor by Mirthful Forest Major ch g gIma 3 By Star Shoot My Princess by Ogden Ima Frank ch m mAlex 9 By Abe Frank Tex Anna by Itaiicocas Alex II ch c cOur 3 Ity Lough FoyleKitty K by Cothaui Our Flag ch c cUillsdale 4 By Cock o the Walk Pi i vale Flag by Hamburg Uillsdale br g 3 By Mont dOr II Lady Hillington by Carry Herr Totals 29 31 38 Fourth money moneyW W PERKINS PERKINSW W Perkins was the fortunate owner of one of the crack threeyearolds of 1922 in Thibodaux which unfortunately after winning the Latonia Derby by ten lengths went amiss and was not able to race again during the year This promising colt accounted for 21775 before the mishap and together with Radio furnished tiie greater part of the 52951 earned by the Perkins standard bearers as the following table reveals llorse Col and Sex A Pedigrtt 1st 2d 3 1 Won WonThibodaux Thibodaux ch c 3 By Cunard Electro by Electioneer i 1 0 2177 Kadio b g 4 By The Manager Clara Louise by Iten Strome 3 Legal b b G By Hilarious Kesponsful by Meddler 4 4Donges Donges ch c 2 Ity Celt Bessie Melton by Melton 301 3900 3900Easteside Easteside ch g 4 By Handsel Calanthe by Ben Trovato 3 4 1 3008 3008Sir Sir Thomas Kuan b g 4 By Golden Maxim I win by Dr nice 2 1 0 2G41 2G41Ethel Ethel Clayton ch f 2 By Adam Bcile Tea Biscuit by Hock Sand 110 120 120jugs jugs b g 3 By Bulse Piincess Thorpe by Woolsthorpe 100 1150 1150Harry Harry It h g 5 By Jim Caffney Flying Frances by Planudos 100 1100 1100Translate Translate blk g 6 By Transvaal Eutis by Star Shcot 1 1Honor Honor Man b g 1 By The Manager lima by Hastings 0 Uekab br g 3 By Dick Finnell Sandringham Belle by Sandring Sandringham ham 0 1 2 210 210Dr Dr Carmen ch g 10 By Boanerges I ady Knighthood by Knight of El Ellerslie lerslie 0 1 0 200 200By By George Smith Misplay by Fair Play 0 0 2 200 By Rock View Jane Straith by Djlhousiu 001 100 100Delhimar Delhimar ch g 3 By Delhi Marion Uose II by Bcarcatcher 000 000Mamie Mamie Smith blk f 2 By George Smith Aunt Mamie by Uncle 000 000Fantoche Fantoche ch c 4 By Fits Herbert Fresnay by Meddler 010 200 Totals IS 21 15 12 552951

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