Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1923-02-21

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DAIL Y RA CING FORM HANDICAPS JEFFERSON PARK PARKThe The horses which seem best in Wednes ¬ days races are Jefferson Park 3Tcw Orleans La Feb ¬ ruary 20 1023 1 Gladys V Midnight Follies Anna Chest ¬ nut 2 A N Akin Bill and Coo Tom Cassidy 3 AVISPA Orcus Sunny Girl 4 High Cost Hadrian Mom 5 Tan Son Tom McTaggart Brotherly Love 6 The Wit Corson Fast Trial TrialJ J L Dempscy DempscyIVevr IVevr York Ilniullcnp 1 Midnight Follies Bessie ilops Gladys V VDuelma Duelma 2 Stanley Bill and Coo Tom Cassidy CassidyHutchison Hutchison 3 SUNNY GIRL Avispa Canyon Biff Bang 4 High Cost Hadrian Kapid Day Mom 5 Normal Sam Frank Tom McTaggart McTaggartEscarpolette Escarpolette 6 Hickory The Tit Corson Satuna SatunaChicago Chicago nml TtufTalo IIninlicni 1 Duelma Midnight Follies Bessie Hope HopeKivvanah Kivvanah 2 Pastoral A X Akin Tom Cassidy Bill Billand and Coo 3 Avispa Sunny Girl Canyon Orcus 4 HIGH COST Rapid Day Mom Hadrian 5 Escarpolette Tom McTaggart Sam Frank FrankNormal Normal C Corson The Wit Encrinite Spectacular SpectacularGirl Girl GirlObserver Observer Ilnndlcnit 1 Midnight Follies Duelma Gladys A7 Bes ¬ sie Hope 2 X N Akin Pastoral Bill and Coo War ¬ like 3 AVISPA Biff Bang Sunny Girl Orcus 4 High Cost Hadrian Rapid Day Mom 5 Tom McTaggart Tan Son Normal Sam Frank 6 Corson Col Taylor The Wit Solid Rock RockCOIISCIINIIM COIISCIINIIM of II nml I ci tin 1 Midnight Follies Gladys V Duelma Bes ¬ sie Hope 2 A N Akin Stanley Pastoral Bill and Coo 3 Avispa Sunny Girl Orcus Biff Bang 4 HIGH COST Hadrian Rapid Day Mom 5 Tan Son Normal Escarpolette Tom Mc ¬ Taggart 6 Corson The AVit Hickory Col Taylor HAVANA HAVANAThe The horses which seem best in Wednes ¬ days races are Oriental Park Havana Cuba February 20 1323 1 Cuba Encanto Currency Twenty Seven 2 Sirocco War Idol Port Light 3 CHIEF SPONSOR American Ace Edgar EdgarAllan Allan Poe 4 Golden Red Bread Line Red 5 Ruddles George W Chimera 6 OsteHe Advance Kentmere KentmereT T K Lynch 1 Gratian Currency Mannchen Whisper ¬ ing 2 SIROCCO Tony Sue Miss Caltha Ho Hohokus hokus 3 Chief Sponsor Edgar Allan Poe Perhaps PerhapsQuecreek Quecreek 4 Bread Line Red Job Thayer King B 5 Ruddles Miss Rankin Canny Lady LadyDainty Dainty Lady C Acosta Dicknell Ike Mills Lady Frakes 1 Gratian Riposta Mannchen Queen Ma Mazonia zonia 2 Miss Caltha Redmon Sirocco Carrie CarrieMoore Moore 3 EDGAR ALLAN POE Perhaps American Ace Chief Sponsor 4 Bread Line Mooresque King B Short ShortStop Stop 5 Canny Lady Dainty Lady Fair Virginia VirginiaMiss Miss Rankin 6 Lady Frakes Mary Maxim Foy Acosta Observer Ilnnillcnp 1 TWENTY SEVEN Riposta Currency CurrencyGratian Gratian 2 Sirocco Redmon Miss Caltha Port Light 3 Chief Sponsor Edgar Allan Poe Perhaps PerhapsQuecreek Quecreek 4 Job Thayer Bread Line Mooresque King KingB KingCanny B Canny Lady Bounce George W Ruddles C Lady Frakes Black Top Advance Mary MaryMaxim Maxim MaximCoiiHctisn CoiiHctisn of llnmllcnpi 1 Gratian Cuba Encanto Twenty Seven SevenCurrency Currency 2 SIROCCO Miss Caltha Redmon Port PortLight Light 3 Chief Sponsor Edgar Allan Poe Perhaps PerhapsAmerican American Ace 4 Bread Line Golden Red Job Thayer ThayerMooresque Mooresque 5 Ruddles Canny Lady George W Miss MissRankin Rankin G Lady Frakes Ostelle Acosta Advance TIJUANA TIJUANAThe The horses which seem best in Wednes ¬ days races are areTijuana Tijuana Mex February 20 1023 1 Glad News Woolday Clearfield 2 Too Breckenridge Fiame Limerick 3 Glenzar Cigale Tom Brooks 4 Shelbyville Colonel Matt Lenieve 5 Pud Athanna Miss Jane C John Paul Jones East Indian Ten But ¬ tons 7 WALTER DANT Wise Judge Reydo 8 Due de Morny Johnny Dundee Blossom House HouseG G W Schilling SchillingXe Xe r YcvU Hnntllcnp 1 Clearfield Elga Woolday Figuration 2 Flame Cave Man Vera Wood Santhia C 3 Christie Holters Cigale Capon Lucky LuckyPearl Pearl 4 Shelbyville Colonel Matt F G Corley CorleyMay May Flower 5 Norfield Athanna Pud Noonhour C TEX BUTTONS John Paul Jones Prince PrinceDirect Direct East Indian 7 Wise Judge Charley Boy Fireworth FireworthWalter Walter Dant S Regreso Philanderer Irosity Summer SummerSigh SighChicago Sigh Chicago nml UnfTnlit Ilnnillcnp 1 Elga Mrs Pat Glad News Emma Wel ler 2 Teo Breckenridge Flame James G Pink PinkTenny Tenny Dora Cigale Gen Byng Christie Holter 4 Colonel Matt Shelbyville Mayflower Baisy 5 El Roble Noonhour Miss Jane Norfield 6 TEN BUTTONS Prince Direct East In ¬ dian Hyanpom 7 Reydo York Lassie Balfour Fireworth FireworthS S Irosity Summer Sigh Philanderer Due de Morny MornyObserver Observer Ilnnillcnp 1 Glad News Mrs Fat Elga Woolday 2 Teo Breckenridge James G Santhia C Flame 3 Christie Holters Cigale Tom Brook Lit ¬ tle Gink 4 Colonel Matt Shelbyville Itafferty May ildwer ildwerT T El Roble Norfield Noorhour Athanna AthannaC C TEN BUTTONS John Paul Jones Hyan ¬ pom Halu 7 York Lassie Reydo Walter Dant Bal ¬ four fourS S Summer Sigh Irosity Due tie Morny Re ¬ greso gresoConsensus Consensus of Ilnnillcnii 1 Glad News Clearfield Elga Mrs Pat 2 Teo Breckinridge Flame James G San ¬ thia a 3 Christie Holters Glenzar Dora Cigale 4 Shelbyville Colonel Matt Mayflower Raf ferty 5 El Roble Pud Norfield Athanna 6 TEN BUTTONS John Paul Jones Prince Direct East Indian 7 Walter Dant Wise Judge Reydo York Lassie 8 Due de Morny Regreso Irosity Summer Sigh

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