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GARS Chief Observer 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS NEW ISSUE FOR SALE NOW TODAYS FREE CODE: PAIR GROUNDS Ylrginia-Grass-Scn-Iiock LAST AVEEKS SPECIAL LONG S20T: Fincastle 5.90-2 Won Mind, and we rave you this one as a SPECIAL, LOXG SHOT. Be sure and GET the Xcw Issue; plenty of LIVE ONES in it this week. Again We Won YESTERDAYS ?50 .FREE SPECIAL: Miss Domino 5-2 Won And once again the Chief demonstrated what real information is. Today Another 0 Free Special Under no consideration fail to get this trick. PRIMED and COCKED for a SENSATIONAL, RACE. The Chief got the O. K. to Go the Limit on this one today. Ask your newsdealer for GARS DAILY CHIEF OBSERVER 50 Cents. Mailed two weeks, . Address 332 PLYMOUTH COURT CniCAGO, ILL. DETROIT FOR SALE ONLY AT Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayetto Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac Square MUTUAL g INFORMATION BUREAU 1 5 COLUMBUS CIRCLE B NEW YORK CITY H A COMBINATION OF THE SMART- gj EST INFORMATION IN AMERICA gi I Our horses on file with DAILY Q RACING FORM. Mondays information : H CORAL REEF 10-1 "WON j Five Big "Winners Last "Week E Four Big Winners "Week Before B TODAY IS THE BIG. DAY 1 10 to 1 expected on our Daily Horse. g 00 SUPER SPECIAL 1 GOES TODAY I "Will be given FREE to weekly subscribers. Last Tuesdays Super Special: K VENIZELOS 10-1 AVON g And we expect equally as good a E price today. jlj Rates: .00 Daily; 20 for 6 days. H Out of town subscribers wire remit- H by Western Union. City sub- Stance scribers call. M JIM DRAKE EOOSI 516 25 "WEST 42ND ST. NEW YORK CITY WINNERS TALK!!! No lone stories to tell you. Simply wire ?5 for ono day or ?20 for C days. Subscriptions limited in order to protect rcy csnnec-tiocs at the race track. So wire early. Yesterdays Horss: CORAL REEF 10-1 "WON Saturdays Horse: THIMBLE S-l "WON Fridays Horse: SANDS OF PLEASURE 5-1 "WON Thursdays Horss: FLINT STONE 7-6 "WON "Wednesdays Horse: GONDOLIER 3-2 "WON Tuesdays Horse: MERCURY SECOND Mondays Horse: BROOKDALE 2-1 "WON . Saturdays Horse: DUSTTROOF 5-2 "WON Fridays Horse: LADY ROSE 5-2 AVON Thursdays Horse: SUN MART ....S-l AVON $ $ PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS $ $ The S1IUACLE SYSTKM is nationally known $ 1 S ns "easy for player linrd for layer." Sold on $ ! S installment; payments paid from your profits. ? i $ Absolutely KKKK 73-page luminal and review. ? i $ Investigate today anil make your bookie obey. 5 S Public relations manager ? $ S. H. AUTHOR $ $ Box: 40, It. P. Towson, Md. $ 1493914939 14939149391493914939? ADVERT!SEIN-RACING"F0RM SCHUYLER FLOYD ROOM 614, CALVERT BLDG. 1452 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY TELEPHONE, BRYANT 7739 The story of- a turf investment with a happy ending was told yesterday when the fourth "SCHTJLYER INVESTMENT" to the western clients WON The reason Avhy the "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS" are popular is because the directors I have the experience of many years in organizing efficient turf investments which yield a liberal profit. The Best Way To Get Ahead is not to invest all you earn from a previous winning investment, but to regularly invest an equal amount which will bring the highest returns with safety to principal. THE NEXT "Schuyler Investment" TAKES PLACE TODAY Terms: One Hundred Dollars In Advance, by Telegraph cr in Person The "Schuyler Investments" are like "Sterling" on Silver the stamp of distinction SIX HORSES ONE HORSE SIX DAYS ONE DAY 0.00 .00 ABSOLUTELY ONE HORSE A DAY M. CAMPBELL Schuyler Arms Hotel 9Sth St. and Riverside Drive, Nw York City Yesterdays Absolutely One Horse: GOLDEN BILLOWS 7-2, WON MY ABSOLUTELY ONE HORSE TODAY Another Champion in the Mud SIX HORSES SENT YOU FOR YOUR 0.00 subscription must show a net profit of 00.00 or over for a 5 play straight or your subscription will be continued for six more days. Local players call; out-of-town players remit by "Western Union or Postal Telegraph money order. 116 Nassau St., New York City, Room 401 UNITED TURF NEWS SEMI-WEEKLY PRICE .00 PRICE .00 Published every Wednesday and Saturday. On salo all newsstands everywhere. SPECIAL BATE MAILED MONTHLY: 9 ISSUES .00 TODAYS BIG CODE SPECIAL: 23-15-19-33-Plunge DAILY OCCASIONAL: 0.00 WEEKLY 0.00 WEEKLY YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL: GOLDEN BILLOWS .3y2-1 Won 00.00 Special Postponed Yesterday Until T.oday 0.00 WEEKLY CLIENTS WILL RECEIVE TODAYS 00.00 SPECIAL FREE Out-of-town clients wire money Western Union or Postal, 0.00 weekly. Occasional every day. Feigned Zeal 5-1 Won "WAS 3IY BIG ADVERTISED SPECIAL Dont miss my next big winner GOES "WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 Terms: .00 for this Special. Weekly 0.00, including Special, Free. W. S. OAKES 145 "WEST i 1ST ST. NEW YORK CITY R003I 513 Monthly Form Book Is On Sale 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. ILL. L57-159 EAST 52ND STREET. NEW YORK. N. Y. 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO. ONT. I 305-307 DECATUR STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA. Crescent City Service 0.00 A WINKER, 0.00 WEEKLY OR SEVEN WINNERS New York Office: Room 412, 1452 Broadway, New York City Strictly a One Horse Proposition Yesterdays Big One Horse : Coral Reef, 8-1, Won WOULD YOU GUESS IN YOUR BUSINESS? The confidence our clients placed in us lias not been in vain. They did not have to wait until September for their harvest. You will note they had their harvest yesterday. Those that participate today will enjoy the same success. Todays proposition, we believe, will equal yesterdays big winner: CORAL REEF 10-1 WON Saturdays Big One Horse : THIMBLE 8-1 WON Fridays Big One Horse: SANDS OF PLEASURE 5-1 WON Thursdays Big One Horse: TELESCOPE 8-1 WON Wednesdays Big One Horse : LADY CH0C0 15-1 WON Tuesdays Big One Horse : VENIZELOS 10-1 WON Mondays Big One Horse: FLYING FUR 13-5 WON Saturdays Big One Horse: MIDNIGHT FOLLIES 20-1, 8-1 2ND Fridays Big One Horse: TELESCOPE 8-1 WON Weekly subscribers will receive two private propositions free ONE WEDNESDAY, TWO SATURDAY Li remitting use Western Union or Postal Telegraph. HEATS THEM ALL-Room 402, 500 Fifth Avenue New YorU, X. Y. Terms for Our AVire Service: 0.00 FOR SIX DAYS OR A DAY Yesterdays AVire Horse: CORAL REEF 10-1 WON Ycsterdays Code Horse: MISS DOMINO 5-2 WON YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED TO ICNOAV OF" THE THOUSANDS OP DOLLARS THAT ARE 1XVOLVEI l.Y PRODUCING AV1NNKRS FOB OCR ARMY" OF CLIENTS. Onr truck men are at the track: day and nisrht Alts-KinT up prospective winning; horses that are ready ami are placed rivrht. Very seldom miss when the rig;ht money is down. That is our business to know when the rlgrht money is down. AVe make very few mistakes, as proved, by our record in the past for producing; winners. WON OVER ,350.00 LAST WEEK ON A TWENTY DOLLAR FLAT PLAY Todays Code Horse Lee-Bob-Fred-Winners. AVIRE JJ.-J.OO FOR OVR CODE Good for Six Days, Then See Code Horse in Racing; Form Every Day. PLUNGE TODAY" IS THE AVORD THAT OUR CHIEF OF STAFF AT NEW" ORLEANS AVIKED US. Here is a horse that is in clever lie nils and the track and conditions of the race are made to order for him. AVe know that today is the day. Yon can hack this one for the limit and know that you have got all the best of it, and you will set a price today. Here! Look at these winners wired nil clients and filed in advance with Racing; Form, the AVestern Union and. Postal Telegraph Company last woek. Here they are. Look them over. WIRE HORSES: GOLD FIELD . 15-1 WON CARPENTER .10-1 WON LORD GRANITE 7-2 WON RUBY 4-1 WON HIGH GEAR 5-1 WON BUCAD0 8-1 WON Combinations .OO pays for six days wire service and code combined. ALL CODE HORSES WON LAST WEEK EXCEPT BILL WINFREY WHICH RAN SECOND Money Horses Exclusively ONE HORSE EACH PLAY Yesterdays One-Horse Play: FEIGNED ZEAL 5 to 1 WON B Information plioned to me each day on long: distance from Hew Orleans comes to us from the I y smartest and hit;liest-priced. docker in the "business. I TODAY AT NEW ORLEANS Ae have the O. K. on a horse that has been kept tinder cover and especially prepared for this race. No mistake will he made antl the price on this winner should be as good or better than CASH 4 TO 1 WON Which was my one-horse play Saturday and filed, hours in advance with Daily Racing Form. Fridays One-Horse Play: SANDS OF PLEASURE 5 TO 1 WON Also filed In advance with Daily Racing; Form. Do not expect 20 to 1, but you can be sure of fair and sensible odds. Terms, strictly payable I I in advance, 525. CO for three winners. "You play as much as you like." Writo or wire today, including telephone number when possible with address. I mmmmm tmamlL ONE HORSE EACH PLAY. J. B. MARSH 1-11 State Street Springfield, Mass.

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