Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-04-07

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps BOWIE. The horses which seem best in Mondays races are : Prince George Tark, April «. 1924. 1— Bill Winfrey. Kitty French, Turma- chenee Belle. 2— Watch Charm. Bass. Conceal. 3 — Barleycorn, Felicitous, Huckleberry Finn. 4 — Fifty-Fifty, St. Michael, Mumbo Jumbo. 5 — Eager, Golden Billows, Zama. 6— BIFF BANG, Beverwyek, The Peruvian. 7 — Bowsprit, Peace Pal, Day Lilly. C. J. Connors. Xcw York Handicap. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Parmachenee Belle, Kitty French, Millie G. 2— Go Foin, Bethlehem Steel, Shine On, Handsome. 3 — Felicitous, Antiquity, Huckleberry Finn, Gen. Cadorna. 4 — Commo Ci, Warning, Fifty-Fifty, St. Michael. 5-LLKWEIXTX, Eager, Golden Billows. Rock Bottom. 6 — Biff Bang, Beverwyek, Freezy Sneezy, Humboldt. 7 — George Washington, Day Lilly, Mystic. Bowsprit. Chicago Handicap. 1 — Shanghai. Bill Winfrey, Kitty French, Millie G. 2 — Go Foin, Watch Charm. Poedie. Altissimo. 3 — Antiquity, Gen. Cadorna. Thessaly, Kirah. 4 — Warning, Mumbo Jumbo, Charles J. Craigmile, Mary Maxim. 5— GOLDEN BILLOWS, Eager, Llewellyn, Rock Bottom. 6 — Biff Bang. The Foreigner, The Peruvian, Humboldt. 7— Rekab, Col. Whallen, Whalebone, Royal Charlie. Observer* Handicap. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Parmachenee Belle, Kitty French, Shanghai. 2— Watch Charm, Go Foin, Bethlehem Steel, Belle of Plymouth. 3 — Antiquity, Warren Lynch, Thessaly, Gen. Cadorna. 4 — Warning, Mumbo Jumbo, Quick Time. Charles J. Craigmile. 1 5 — EAGER, Golden Billows, Llewellyn, Rock Bottom. C — Biff Bang, Beverwyek, Freezy Sneezy. Humboldt. 7— Day Lilly, Whalebone, Col. Whallen, Overtake. Consennns of Handicaps. 1 — Bill Winfrey, Shanghai, Kitty French, Parmachenee Belle. 2— Watch Charm, Go Foin, Bethlehem Steel, Rags. 3 — Antiquity, Barleycorn, Felicitous, Huckleberry Finn. 4— Warning Fifty-Fifty, St. Michael, Mumbo Jumbo. 5 — Eager, Llewellyn, Golden Billows, Rock Bottom. 6 — BIFF BANG. Beverwyek, Freezy Sneezy. The Peruvian. 7— Bowsprit, George Washington, Rekab, Day Lilly. HUNTINGTON. The horses which seem best in Mondays races are : Huntington, W. Ts, April C, 1W4. 1— Glory of the Seas II., Ed Garrison, Ken-nesaw. 2 — Attoo, Corto, Gonwithim. 3 — Charlie Summy, Adventure, Avalanche. 4 — Dreamer. Dunoon, Our Star. 5— CALCUTTA, Fantorhe. Dumbfounder. C — George Starr, Zorro. Jolly. 7 — Black Hackle, Eye Bright, Widgeon. F. II. Sproule. Xew York Handicap. 1— Mount Pleasant. Glory of the Seas II., Ed Garrison. Due de Guise. 2 — Hello Pardner. Lieutenant Terkins, Gonwithim. Straight Shot. 3 — Mack Garner, Mount Hope, Avalanche, Propaganda. 4 — Dreamer, Our Star, Virginia B., Sleigh j Bells. 5— CALCUTTA. Fantoche, Grass Maid, j Dumbfounder. C — George Starr, Little Florence, Camou- , flage IT.. Matinee Idol. 7 — Eye Bright, Secretary, Mormon Elder, Yorick. hi.-ajjo Handicap. 1 — Due de Guise, Big Son, Blue Dale, Arthur Middleton. 2 — Lieutenant Perkins, Gonwithim, Corto, Ardito. 3— Mack Garner, Avalanche, Adventure, Bris- tow. 4— OUR STAR, Dunoon, Pretty Mally, Dreamer. 5 — Gras3 Maid, Fantoche, Calcutta, John Morrill. G — Kittle Florence, Babylonian, Camouflage II., Rapid Stride. 7 — Black Haekle. Secretary, Eye Bright, Mock Orange. Observers Handicap. 1 — Ed Garrison. Due de Guise, Big Son, Arthur Middleton. 2 — Lieutenant Perkins, Corto, Straight Shot, Hello Pardner. 3 — Mack Garner, Bristow, Adventure, St Paul. 4— OUR STAR, Pretty Mally, Dreamer, Dunoon. 5 — Calcutta. QoM Maid, Fantoche, Dumb-founder. C — George Starr, Jolly, Rapid Stride, Matinee Idol. 7— Eye Bright, Black Hackle, Neenah, Widgeon. Consensus of Handicaps. I — Glory of the Seas II.. Mount Pleasant, Due de Guise. Ed Garrison. 2 — Lieutenant Perkins, Attoo, Hello Pardner, Gonwithim. 3 — Mack Garner, Charlie Summy, Adventure, Avalanche, i 4— Our Star. Dreamer. Dunoon. Pretty Mally. S— CALCUTTA. Grass Maid, Fantoche, Dumbfounder. I — George Starr, Little Florence, Camouflage II.. Matinee Idol. 7— Black Hackle, Eye Bright, Secretary, Widgeon. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Tijuana, Mexico, April C, 1924. 1 — Norma Talmadge. Intake, Solimente. 2 — Dancing Girl. Bramton, Dan Arvi. 3 — Martha L, Colonel Lit, Brian Kent. 4— TUBBY A., The Almoner, Yalta. 5 — Miss Claire, Breeze, H. Warren. C — Norford Honey, Stone Bell, Lady Bourbon. 7 — Pcnjola. First Call, Knighthood. t — Marsdale, Blarney Stone, Be Frank. 0— Dolph, Little Hope, Wylie. G. W. Schilling. cw York II audit-up. 1 — Super Lady, Little Bat, Coalition, Intake, i 2 — Dancing Girl, Obstinate, Bridgette, Preser- vator. 3 — Tom Owens, Bobby Allen, Jay Mae, Colonel Lit. 4 — Yalta, The Almoner, Tubby A., Norfield. 5 — Miss Claire, Gold Bryan, Freecutter, Breeze. 6 — Stone Bell, Harry P., Norford flWMJ. Midnight Bell. 7— First Call, Battle Shot, Fighting Cook, Knighthood. 8 — The Falconer, Wild Heather, Dorius, Chiva. 9— DOLril, Little Hope, Wedding Mae* Locust leaves. Chicago Handicap. 1— Dutch Girl, Super Lady, Little Bat, Intake. 2 — Horinga, Dancing Girl. Operator, You Bet. 3 — Colonel Lilt, Tom Owens, John Arbor, Bobby Allen. 4 — The Almoner, Yalta, Lady Tiptoe, Nur-field. 5 — Miss Claire, Gold Bryan, Dainty Lad/, Breeze. 6 — Settle, Harry D., Noonhour, Norford Honey. 7— FIRST CALL, Top o th Morning, Knighthood, Abadane. 8 — Be Frank, Dorius. Blarney Stone. Txniis A. D — Wedding Prince, Wylie, Dolph, Little Hope. Observers Handicap. 1— Super Lady, Intake, Little Bat, Dutch Girl. 2 — Dancing Girl. Dan Arvi. Pueblo. Horinga. 3— COLONEL LIT, Martha L, Bobby Allen, Flame. 4 — The Almoner, Norfield, Tubby A.. Peerless One. 5 — Dainty Lady, Miss Claire, Breeze, The Lamb. 6 — Harry D., Norford Honey, Noonhour, Settle. 7 — First Call, Abadane, Fighting Cook, Pon- jola. 8 — Be Frank, Marsdale, Blarney Stone, Chiva. 9 — Dolph, Wedding Prince, Little Hope, Locust Leaves. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 — Super Lady, Norma Talmadge, Dutch Girl, Intake. 2— Dancing Girl, Horinga, Dan Arvi, Bramton. 3 — Colonel Lit, Martha L, Tom Owens, Bobby Allen. 4— The Almoner, Tubby A.. Yalta. Norfield. 5 — Miss Claire, Dainty Lady, Breeze, Gold Bryan. 6 — Norford Honey, Stone Bell, Settle, Harry D. I — First Call, Ponjola, Knighthood, Fighting Cook. 8 — Be Frank, Marsdale, The Falconer, Blarney Stone. 9— DOLPH, Wedding Prince, Little Hope, Locust Leaves.

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