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SCHUYLER FLOYD IH ARVFY AMFS Calvert nnil.llns, Broadway at 41»t Street Bryant G333 Xrn York flij ■ _p— ■ J ~ W J __ ■ JP~ |f || ,__ _T YESTERDAY earle building broadwav at s2d street new tohk, n. t» The Old-Fash ioned Getaway "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" Mr Ames, over the long distance from Louisville, informed this lir office yesterday, that all was in readiness for the next "Harvey Trans- *_ 9 _** r%£. Ak€ | liir nAI* SllX _-_ foil lix VV Atl action" now that the track is once again in good condition. He isl VJIUV 11UI j %p X Ms vf V/t|/-Wj ▼¥ Vr_-_- personally supervising the details of several transactions now in MONDAY, MAY 12— "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT"— WON preparation. , — ; __ . _. The fact that a 50 investment from April the 14th shows a clear Make it your business to profit by these profit of ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHUYLER INVESTMENTS" ■■■■■■■■■-■-■■i It is to your interest to protect your turf investments by _rv_-*_ placing them through the advice of competent specialists. g 1 2 JfjO WE SPECIALIZE IN TURF INFORMATION— l__-_____-_ THAT IS OUR BUSINESS _ . _ . _ , . . , -_. WE WILL SAVE YOU MUCH WORRY AND MANY DOLLARS— after deduction of losses and cost of the information, x speaks tor the THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS value of the service. — I 7TT.~~....w. -- , , , Subscription, 00, must be telegraphed early today, to avoid ex- THE NEXT ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT" c|usion tnroP n oversubscription, as aM "Harvey Transactions" are which takes place today at Kentucky limited "m,ted to t0 territory temtorv- IS OFFERED FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION JOIN US TODAY OR WE BOTH LOSE MONEY!! Those who subscribed for the first time today and are not in possession of Code, must call this office over the long distance after1 TERMS: ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN ADVANCE two-thirty, New York time, as no open telegrams will be sent to any-by telegraph or in person one, to prevent same from getting into the hands of those considered undesirable. Jh®,"SC"VYLE TiliV|?lMpNrTIntQT!MrTinKi Subscribers are also requested, in their own interest, not to make "c* STAMP OF DISTINCTION "Sterling" on S.lver-THE thejr p|ay ear|y _he agajnst pEQU0Tf wno WONt and paid — .10 — Mondays "Harvey Transaction" — would have been much us nassau St., Room 401, ew Yort city larger if this precaution had been heeded by all. JfUMPHF BHnEMJ™ ¥ T • 1 Positively no service to anyone today unless subscription, 00, tiiema? v ti5 cjS mmsTyou vfj 1 |»-*if-_rl js received here. This is necessary on account of the heavy expense URVIand 1 MlUJ IllLCU involved. a-— -j TELEPHONES— CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 and •SPECIALS" I aal r |V| Bold on All Newsstands— - ■ ATtyff mmmmmmmm —— — — ————————— — — — ———————— — — — — — — — — — ■■■ - %£££»- -"isr" MaryhndServfce SHIELDS iN.fc.IM I UOlS-Y J KNOWN TO TURFMEN FOR A GENERATION IW* 00 TODAY Suite SOS, Hi . 41st St. New York City id.--mH-.i.w-.t .00 Daily-0.00 Weekly ,„ ,,. „ - ■■,,...t mw MBl numn AGAIN WE lllj WON WT YOU SHOULD WIN 00 . «*»*- "11 a. both of these horses come from the sam, source Q 1Q CriTI 010 Qft WON Yesterdays 0.00 Occasional M EUiSttJittEFlmwSmSr Yesterdays Advertised Occasional : TAD M,UL - !»**-. HUH BrUnSWJCk 3.50- W fl T0DAY- Brunswick 3.50- Won _. * »••" xuW TEansaction postponed until °"™n%o Yesterdays BOTH SPECIALS SCBATCHED. TODAY-WEDNESDAY-MAY 14TH. Nellie „. MOPSC . . . 6.20- WOlT Mondays Advertised Occasional: Saturdays 0.00 Occasional: n_ _, I ACT O CTDAIPUT HAVC IPP LAOl O OlnAIUnl UAIO Todays release starts at Louisville. There is r* . pac|. t19 90 Wntl , _ ..._ -...-n Breechloader 6.60- Won not the least donbt of hu m.-. and _mh* it opot Uasn . . ... .*£and*£ WOn .U-f WE n. CLEANED llo UP release should he ™" s „ our candid .pinion that today. TlTftH FRIDAY SATURDAY and MONDAY yesterdays Opening Louisville Occasional, Saturday: returned a winner and as we stated in yesterdays riyiMy rUr J I I .OU~3 -. «9 Wftfl WOll hoth scratched. We sure did "clean up" last 3 ... , _ rt __ _._ ... ad, the pleasant surprise you will receive when Thursdays 0.00 Occasional: «ay.. Glide $ 9.3o- Won told m price „„ nothinr short of a shock. Extreme .80- Won You wiU *• tettin5 on a re*1 hard-boot horse, fed Wednesdays 0.00 Occasional: ljr-nr~ IC VAIID rUAMOrr TrinAV HtKt lb TUUK LHANLt IUUAT THREE WINNERS STRAIGHT «a raised on that wonderful h- rra*. of the Auntie Millin .50- Won If you let this ret away from you today, you , i/ruTll/M/u ***** °f Kentucky Hlght her* W* U™° 7°U t0 Tuesdays 0.00 Occasional, never will forgive yourself, so rush to your news- IN KtN I UCK.Y make your limit play and make it straight play, tf » ■ laa ■»■■■■! iim M Q Ofi tO UInn dealer and be sure you ret both JACK FIELD S _ . Ml KieVingiOfl . . 3 I O.OU-aC WOll ««.«»««« built ♦ w— *takmff — J and P Specials today and since United Turf News resumed doing bu.si- » "ll* wa aro .°Ur . - , aa lmbroken strine of wulBors nP°n the ont" upon .... . t Lo 11 St ,] M. 10 - | A • 1 wr you will win 00 *, ««t « TZZTZ. reLbie. capa- "" - *— * ~* Another Winning Occasional aa we expect both "Specials today to pay "smash- ble and careful. Your are protected with all OTTK. RECENT RELEASES— aO a¥™*0 TsTX A 7 iSac-«£Cday ayTue *£*,%* J?x SS *e -oney „ quired to make todays Louis- n r ld O ocul , J1Q *IW,,/V Q0. v WOn UUt-O 1 UUAY this. ville horse win. Subscribe n® name of todays long" shot winner has beea N tim JACK FIELD sold everywhere Also a/% tai _m „ you, p. k,, for h SB. 0.00 weekly— .00 Daily Excuse Me 1.10- Won •L-SUVS.a iZfSiSJStiZ "SaS! "CHICAGO READERS, ATTENTION:" today or wire money. Call at our office 9 a. m. te 5 p. m. We want OCCASIONAL EVERY DAY IN WOrthmOre . . . . 4.90" WOn TERMS-*10.00 to show you that we get our "info" direct from the _ , _" — ... , ... „ track by WIRE" from JACK FIELD, who is al- KENTUCKY Bubscnhe— Six Occasional winner, for 0.00. tN UNY» ALL ALL andUMMtK SUMMER . **«— m a/* isi way, at the track. Oom. and see us; e,-yUdy [m VJOnemale . .5.40- WOn WOLa me- JACK FIELD PUB. CO. Telegraph 0.00 for one week, or J5.00 3 , DIP MAMUV HORF Room 32. 3» W. Adams St. Chicago, m. for one day. Western Union or Tostal Tele- fQpy DQ •••• . .$ 8.80" WOtl i WU lllUllLl I llUIluL LOUISVILLE READERS, dont go to the track graph Co. . L.v»i.vi._. todav without steppinr at ELLER A GOODSIANS, 0llHmy S«K *"** TJ" T at*2i *"* 227 V 4th St.. "d ret "JACK FIELDS" SPE- . C.ty clients call. 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. jy0g| 4.40" a a/% A/ l.f WOP j jg.oo VJvt.Ood fuxeutuels".7 h _ ~ . „ ... TERMS— 0.00. . NO WHERE ELSE CAN YOU GET BVPO 0.1 0" M WOP. RIG 00.00 PRIVATE SPECIAL GOES FRIDAY TUT* ClT4ATI*BrrkTsr ir 11?n I /C.-*j- workouts of the fastest 2-year-olds , M.Y 16TH. and it wiU be given free to aU weekly 1 UL *«jiUR1 llw LlAULK RBSj °d Vrf ""n""" Normana 2.50- Won| r enure cuici nc than 1:41 fit and «s, showing-they WAT/ are UtllflUt OnlCLUo - I if .r + if r - W JbtncaSgreateitSportVaper I V2/ ready t. wja. A-yj-JW. tt7 Broadway, Room „t New York Clty OWeepbldKCb . . .1924.sh. IU *£. ¥¥U1I ADVANCE PUB. CO., Distributors. 25CENTS-P0RSALEATALL NEWSSTANDS stands today. 35c. Hailed three weeks for . #2r?jjl"l I Basides track officials, only Reporter gets these i.m workouts from our chief docker, who also gives his f|J LTiifhfiil Q fifi t A/fn fl Todays Free Code: one best every day. Terms, for 6 starters. Our UIU rdlllllUI . ..* i7.0U"*4. WlUII •aJw percentage of winners is far above any oae. See j *1" I |LJ s* I I io--ine Da ton- " ■ "* laKe wotice ! I w srmefodiric?rmtneecockaDd n loht shade . . . 0.40- wonLosers, fi!t%j Hastv-Kancy- ** tf£ ■ Ietard THE TURF REPORTER Bucado $ 9.50- Won Here ,s a Cnance to Get Even WvCJpL Anil. Fir, let me tell Originator and oldest publn.-at:on id existence. With YOUT BOOrCJe Jgr you that here is one 22 W. Qnincy St. Estab, 1»04. Chicago, UL 6.10- WOP jorma| $ Yon have never before seen this name advertised K that should Le ew.- j y of the racing papers, as I am not a tipster. H6re.s the Bect_ c#iU M more ,han the Eejt_ * hit of But I am at the present tima in a position to — " v m — -.j——;- —-——---— ______ ___ OUR LAST SPECIAL OFFER TODAY— know of something that is being prepared for a *40.00 IN MUTUELS TODAY I kUling at Don,t MiSS U QTNyfPT TlinrV !_____ d"nCe: Tl "wIT Wina,nS" CHURCHILL DOWNS, THURSDAY. MAY 15TH The SPORTING LEADER IS FOR SALE 0 1 1V1 JT Ll 1 V-* 1 1 I pnmdingr horse pays 6 to 1 or better. ... „ . , . , ..„,..„.v,„,.o This horse is being prepared for this race by a at aM newsstand* excrjwhere. MARYI A ■ n QFRVIPF «« ! of min» who haa »ent me the ord to et . _— __ KfK l¥IHn I LHIlU 0_.I1 V IV/U down on it to the limit. As I am not in a position #-, ; „ ,. __0 ... __ .. , fl# Wow vrr* fitw t0 ma° a large wager, I am taking this course AlllinAIIII I ssHPrilll I*-00 _- .-,__«-_-« M Pares CIlJ , to raise some money to bet on this good thing. b ■ -— -— ■ ~ ~ ■ ~ ■ ~ ~ ~— ■ — llllllnlllll 1 Arrlllill lalll Lllvl/aJj uus ones nose. To all who wish to t«ko ad- Ul I W II Ul lll_i_- Wi kVink C. 0. D. ] Bound mm • £ S 1 S S S r J-T vantage of this unusual opportunity, send me 00 Expecting something extra good next Saturday. V- .MTV *- /T_ I by Thursday morning I will send you by tele- "c,.tS!.ih*.hXa,ui;%:lt T.d NOTHING FANTASTIC. NO BUNK. NO TIPS i** PREDETERMINED |J* -- i„ _™ « _T_ ainirs of 0 alter h r.e wins. Wnte quick for this __„♦.,«» and mo.t successful handicap ever •• TURF PROFITS «• TELEGRAPH. OR ANY WAY CONVEMIENT TO follow. iuo s«» ... _ WVl _ HU1 1U rvTBi SPECIAL «nd other rood ones to ■_ ..». ■ u I * vrvir iffA-sTroB vtcV offered tho public is why th3 wise men are buying . Y0XJ- ««t 13S Davton Ohio Ohio. "* „.._„ __,,_._,,; ** SUPERIOR SERVICE. Box 133, Dayton. Reduces yonr chances on the horses to a mini- • Th« MIRACLE Si STEM la nationally •• •«- iijnpr kaawr. a. »,y for P--J-d JUt AfMUttt — laum; also list of classed horse,. «» J LOLLIPOP 7 80-WON BKI.I.K MEADE PUBLISHING CO. » iSZ 9mE! wTeMM lEt%Z+Zj£ m 1~ MILFORD BT. BROOKLYN. N. Y. GLIDE .30- WON P. 0. Box 731 Nashville, Tenn. thousands of dellnrs p-r annum adrr- . Were both given Gallops readers May 10. Bead "The Thorobreds Home" ** ti«.ing water as touch syruri — and con- «• for next Mondays two by mail. Address M linue in bu«iness. Sold on Installment ~ „ rp __|* 1~ _■•_ __ 117 1 1 GALLOPS p« ment paid from your profits. Abso- I lll*f refill Ol 54 W fPK IV * *** * *— *** »•— * • w» »-»»--*jr £19 B Dearborn St. Chicago, HI. -_-_-_— ..m..—————————— __■__- •» lutely FREE. lOO page racing manual. «» D !?-.__.—-. V/mis* Ppmlt*. •» review, sworn trstimonals. -tc. lavestl- TODAYS FREK CO IK: rfiiy r rOm I Olir I rUlllB gak lodar and mske jrsur Beskif obey.,** Churchill Downs— Dick -News -Greatest -Are. GARS WEEKLY THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing Public Rrtntlons Manager «r I Have Two Heal Things Golrjff Today cents at all newsstands, tbe ni m win be mailed you for one weeks Of 8. E. ARTIIlR ttxt_- oi-t tttc TODAYS FREE CODE— trU1 Ko charge unless it shows an average /V* B*X i0 U. * To- son. Md. TOM kIItAM 1UIIT LOUIBYILE: Wyoming-Dark-Ivory-White Drollt of at least 0 s day on the scale k*tsf L • _i rill* r.IIHOKS DAILY And under no considcrat.cn fail to get this FREE *. pUv j-or pirtlculars maU this ad., with W$ $ % t t t 1 A0T AT ALL LEADLNG NEWSSTANDS CODE today. »our name and address to _______________________________________________ ____________.______________________________. " t j _•. yj w ILL IS — !,_;, -- - ;l 1.0, sl Miami R,, Fi.. 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