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Gars Weekly 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS New Issue Out TODAYS FREE CODES: Laurel Georgia-Rose-Water-Whito Louisville Michigan-Pink-Grass-Boy Dont miss this pair. Get new issue, Book 29. Again It Won YESTERDAYS ADV. LONG SHOT: Lass O Mine .10-, Won This one -was the one wo CALLED YOUR ATTENTION to EXTRA STRONG. I toU you, wo are GOING EXTRA STEONG. WEDNESDAYS SPECIAL: Parader .70- Won TUESDAYS SPECIAL: Waterflag 8.50- Won MONDAYS SPECIAL: Maximaneh 6.70- Won SATURDAYS SPECIAL: Lexington Maid .7.00- Won I tell you, wo are CLEANING UP on GARS DAILY EVERY DAY. TODAYS 0 FREE SPECIAL On the 50 Cent Sheet and OCCASIONAL Come extremely strong. BY ALL MEANS dont miss them. For sale at all newsstands. i Clifford S. Balle New York Office : 200 Broadway, Suite 214 New York City, N. Y. Chicago Office : ; 109 N. Dearborn St., Suite 606 Chicago, HI. YESTERDAY THE FIFTH ENTERPRISE Johnny Jewell 8.1042 Won Yesterday was a further demonstration of the soundness of the "Balle Enterprises." As was stated once before, "Balle Enterprises" are investments, not gambles. Wednesday the Fourth Enterprise Kumonin, 8-1 Won Monday the Third Enterprise Lucky Play, 5-1 Won Saturday the Second Enterprise Wracklane, 15-1 Won Thursday the First Enterprise Rigel, 8-1 Won Upon the completion of the Chicago office the address appears above, this office decided to increase its clientele and at the same time give the small player a chance to take part in "Balle Enterprises." This office does not discriminate. The terms appearing below should be within the reach of the average small player. NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! The sixth "Balle Enterprise" takes place Monday, November 3. Terms for this enterprise, twenty-five dollars 5.00, payable strictly in advance. . This enterprise has had the benefit of Mr. Parkers personal supervision. Mr. Parker will personally interview all clients calling at the New York office. NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! YOUR SUBSCRIPTION OF TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS 5 for Mondays enterprise must be in as early as possible. Make your subscription at once. This office will be built upon a policy of honesty, secrecy and a square deal to all. Above all, there will be no misrepresentations. Only facts will be published. This policy will be adhered to at all times. The Monthly Form Book on Sale Noon, Nov. 3 HARVEY AMES EAItLE BLDG. BROAD "WAT AT 521 STREET YORK CITS! Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON AT VERY GOOD ODDS The only horse advised yesterday and, of course, not the favorite, WON, easily and was the "Harvey Transaction" of the clay. "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Mr. Ames advised this office over the long distance that todays "Harvey Transaction" has been specially prepared for this event and should win again at very good odds. Terms: 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" MEANS ONE HORSE, NOT A COLLECTION This office draws special attention to the fact that it is in no way connected with any one in this line of business. We do not deal in "Enterprises" and the reason this service enjoys the confidence of the racing public is because it is an established fact that our ads state FACTS, NOT ILLUSIONS. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 I PLAYRITE SERVICE I H SEVENTH FLOOR 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY K Our telegrams give two horses daily, never more, with instructions for each investment. TERMS: Six Days service, ?25. Twenty-four Days Service, 0. One Years Service, ?750. H YESTERDAYS MEMBERS SPECIAL: I JOHNNY JEWELL 8.10- Won I YESTERDAYS BEST BET: THE ARCHER .00- Won Wo advised straight on each and straight asd show parlay. All our horses are filed in advance with Daily Racing Form. THURSDAYS BEST BET: THURSDAYS MEMBERS SPECIAL: Lexington Maid.1.50- Won Audacious 7.90- Won We advised straight on each and a straight parlay. TODAY SATURDAY WE EXPECT ANOTHER 100-1 PARLAY Wire your subscription at once, as we want no one to miss the so horses today. At once, on receipt of your subscription, wo will wire these horses in plain English and send you codo for use on future wires. Our previous, releases have appeared daily in this paper, proving that no one can equal H our information. We have only had five losing weeks in the last year and any timo you pay m for a week that loses, we give you another week free. We have on tap now several good getaway and winter money horses, and this is the time to join our organization, as at this season of the H I year many bottled up good ones are released. Wiro your subscription at once with address. H RALPH RETEY 15 161st St., JAMAICA, N. Y. I Wire One Parlay a Day TERMS: ONE PARLAY, ?10. SIX PARLAYS, ?25 YESTERDAYS ONE AND ONLY PARLAY WAS: LASS 0 MINE .10- Won LEATHERWOOD .90- Won THURSDAYS PARLAY WAS: EDINBURGH 09.10- Won DOROTHY ADAMS .50- Won Boys, I am certainly hitting the high spots. I make good. I tell you truthfully I cannot put a big-priced parlay over every day. That is why I want- you to take advantage of my special weekly rate cf 5 for six parlays. Then, if one loses, you have a chance to pull out. AH my parlays filed in advance in compliance with this papers strict rule. You only havo one more month to take advantago of these juicy parlays, as my present connections cannot operate after Maryland and Kentucky close So rush your subscription at once by Western Union and tell them to he sure to send your street address, -or your service will be withheld. TODAY ANOTHER BIG ONE NUFF SED V y I Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing I the races-will be mailed you for ono weeks trial. No chargo unless it shows an average profit of at least 10 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. !a. 1 SUNSPERO, .90-, WON 1 was yesterdays .00 Special. Dont fail to get R todays .00 SPECIAL and 50 CENT SHEET. For sale at all newsstands. U NATIONAL O. K. RACING LETTER 1 411, 22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, 111. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. AUDACIOUS ?17.S0- Won I Given on middle page of our latest book. Just 1 another sample of what you got in the STAND- ARD, 35c at all newsstands. Mailed direct, 3 1 I copies for . SUNSPERO. .90-, won, was yesterdays One Horse Daily. Terms for this I scrvico, 55 for C days. Todays Codo Special: B October-Peach-42-12-31-25. STANDARD TURF 1 GUIDE, 403, 22 W. Quincy St., Chicago, 111. m i m.w m"ftmfi III 1 1, I 111 xHWUkXiiHm Daily Racing Guide Has the Winners

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