Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1926-04-05

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps BOWIE Tho liorses which seem best in Mondays races are : Trackman*! Selections. 1 — Noon, Witchery, Foreclose. 2 — Joella J.. Muskallonge, Klemental. I— TOYLAND, Green Blazes, Golden Wanderer. 4 — Golden Billows. Prince Hamlet, Sir T,eonid. 5 — Toyland. Special Account. Basquaise. 6 — Levoy, Mode, Dancing Fool. 7 — Spugs, Camouflage, Gunny Sack. C. J. Connors. Daily Raring; Form Selections, 1 --Noon. Tripalong. Mijigado. AAitchcry. 2 — Leathorwood, Muskallonge, Cave Woman. 3 — Green Blazes. Adieu. Welshot. Toyland. 4 — Sir Leonid, Prince Hamlet, Golden Billows. Commissioner. 5 — Lemnos, Special Account. Haze. Glance. 6 — LKAOA, Kent L, Sandrae. Drumbeat. 7 — Volcano, Spugs, Fornovo, Camouflage. Consensu*. 1 Noon. AVitchery. Tripalong. Foreclose. 1 — Muskallonge, Joella J., Leatherwood, Elemental. 3— Toyland. Qrecil Blazes, Adieu, Golden Wanderer. 4 — Golden Billows, Sir Leonid. Prince Hamlet, Commissioner. 5— Special Account, Toyland, Lemnos, Bas- quaise. t— LEVOY. Modo. Kent L. Dancing Fool. 7 — Spugs, Aolcano, Camouflage, Gunny Sack. ORLANDO Tho horses which seem best in Mondays races arc : Trackmans Selections. 1 — AVee Toddler, Gussie P., Thunderbolt. 2— Dean H.. Ormzleigh, Oil Lady. 3 — See It Through, Merry O., French Canadian. •— KEAOLANI. Trafalgar. Kendall. 5 — Viking, First Call. St. Donard. G— The Ally. Blossom House, Jim Daisy. 7 — Duke of Uidge Aiew, Fast Boy, Admirer. P. Horgan. Daily Racing: Form Selections. 1 — Gussie P., Stargo, Alice Atkin, AAee Toddier. 2 — Oil I ady, Wilton Flanna, Ormzleigh, Dean It. 3 — Trapeze, French Canadian, Merry O., See It Through. 4— KEAOLANI, Trafalgar, Havana Electric, John Marrone II. i — First Call, St. iKmard, Hcrberlus. Aiking. C — The Ally, Phenol, Jim Daisy, Blossom House. 7 — Admirer, Moonbrook, Shindy. Evening Star. Consensus. I— Gussie P.. AVee Toddler. Stargo, Thunderbolt. 2— Oil Lady, Dean H., Ormzleigh, Wilton Flanna. 3 -See It Through, Merry O., French Canadian. Trapeze. 4 — KEAOLANI, Trafalgar, Kendall, Havana Electric. 5— First Call, Aiking. St. Donard. Herbertus. 0— The Ally, Blossom House, Jim l aisy, Phenol. 7 — Admirer, Duke of Uidge View. Fast Boy, Moonbrook. HUNTINGTON The liorses which seem best in Mondays races arc : Trackmans Selections. 1 — Imperial. Aagrant Ditty. Soanso. 2 — Lotto, Bills Hope. Dr. F. T. Adams. 3 — Golden AAing. Apres Moi, Chile. 4— OLD TOP, Cassius, Hoover. 5 — Overtake, New Moon, Miss Ida Brown. 6 — Tule, Uunleg, Tonimie McCoomb. 7 — My Biddy, Sentimental Tommie, Little Komper. F. H. Sproule. Daily Racing Form Selections. 1 — Lumber Jack, Uoseberry, Bequest, May Shannon. 2 — Lotto. Dr. F. T. Adams, Air Mail, Lady Oxford. 3— Black Art, Chile, Apres Moi, San Iledron. 4 — Miriam AVood, Satana, Hoover, Cassius. 5-OVKUTAKK, New Moon, Blue Brush. Miss Ida Brown. 6 — Lasting Love, Smart Guy, Uunleg, Tule. 7 — Pentecosts Last, Sentimenal Tonimie, My Biddy, Little llomper. Consensus. 1 — Imperial, Lumber Jack, Aagrant, Bose-berr: 2 — Lotto, Dr. F. T. Adams, Bills Hope, Air Alail. 3 — Chile. Golden AAings, Black Art, Apres Moi. 4 — Old Top. Miriam AVood, Cassius, Hoover. 5 — OAEBTAKE, New Moon, Miss Ida Brown, Blue Brush. C — Tule, Uunleg. Lasting Love, Smart Guy. 7 — My Biddy, Sentimental Tonimie, Pentecosts Last, Little Romper. TIJUANA The liorses which seem best in Tuesdays races are : Trackmans Selections. I— SERGEANT SETII, Shasta Negra, Gum Boots. 2 — Coombs, Bemoreeareful, Lilliputian. 3 — Swift Lady, General Fryer, Shady Brook. 4— AAild Thoughts, Miss Omond, Meddling Seth. 5 — Escort. Marine Corps, Hence. 6 — Hayseed, Hyanpom, Harry Maxim. 7 — Reap. Hands lp. Spear Shot. 8— Lady Rose, Clermont Jr., Hilarity. 9 — Baggage King, Queen Bess, Golden Bed. J. J. Murpliy. Daily Racing Form Selections. 1— Assault, Palolo, Shasta Negra, Sergeant Seth. -— Coombs, Doctor Tubbs, Bemoreeareful. Black Pat. 3— Bigwig. Shady Brook, General Fryer, Tolicha. 4— Meddling Seth. Uose Uoberts, AVild Thoughts, Miss Emma G. 5 — Booneville. Four-O-Five, Star Cloudy, Ethel Brown. 6— II. AVarren. Delhi Girl, Hayseed, Peter Pierson. 7— BREECHLOADER, Duty Boy, Seths Memory. Reap. 8 — Al Hotfoot. Hilarity, Clermont Jr., Emma Hoagland. 9— Baggage King, Happy, A. Lester, Queen Bess. Consensus. 1— Sergeant Seth, Shasta Negra, Assault, Palolo. 2 — COOMBS. Bemoreeareful, Doctor Tubbs. Lilliputian. 3— Shady Brook, Swift Lady, Bigwig, General Fryer. 4— AVild Thoughts. Meddling Seth, Miss Omond. Rose Uiberts. 5 — Escort, Booneville, Marine Corps, Four-O-Five. C— Hayseed, II. AAarren, Hyanpom, Delhi Girl. 7 — Breechloader, Ueap, Hands Trp. Duty Boy. 8— Hilarity, I*idy Uose, Al Hotfoot, Clermont Jr. 9— Baggage King. Queen Bess, Happy, Golden Bed.

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