Woodbine Stakes Entries: Large Nomination Lists for Maple Leaf and Breeders Renewals., Daily Racing Form, 1927-04-09


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WOODBINE STAKES ENTRIES ♦ Large Nomination Lists for Maple Leaf and Breeders Renewals. a Mrs. L. A. Livingston Is Leading Nominator In Itotli — Seagram and Fletcher Are Likewise Well Represented. TORONTO. Ont.. April !.-.n even forty entries have been received by Secretary W. P. Fraser of the Ontario Jockey Club for the Maple I eaf Stakes of 192S. This number is five short of the total entries received last year for this years running of the stake. Mrs. L. A. Livingston tops the list of nominators with eight, while th" Seagram Stable is right behind with seven nominations, and J. C. Fletcher third with six entries. The Breeders Stakes of 1923 closed with fifty-five entries, which also marks a slight falling off frmii last years total. As in the case of the Maple Ieaf Stakes. Mrs. I* A. Livingston leads all nominators with twelve. Following are the complete lists of entries for both features : MAPLE LEAF STAKES, for three- and four-year-old fillies foaled in the Dominion of Gan-aila in 1924 and 192." . and owned there at time of starting. By sutwer pt ion of $." each I to accompany entry i. 0 additona! to start, with M.000 added, of which 00 to second horse. 00 to third and 00 to fourth The I. re.nl. r of the winner to receive ." 0. Weight for-age. Non-winners of . ".00 allowed three pounds; non-«inncrs of .ri00. if a non-winner of four ra.es. allowed five i ounds; ntin-winners of ,000. if a non winner of three racial, allowed eight [xnind*: non winners of ihmi if a non-winner of two race*, allowed ten pounds; niaid-in4 allowed twelve pounds. One mile and a sixteenth. To he run during the year 1!*-S as the Ontario .loekey Iluh may decide. prohaMy at the autumn meeting. The Ontario Jockey Club reserves lie right to cancel this race upon repayment of all entrance f.-cs paid in advance. LIST OF NOMINATIONS. Cowie. R. YV. It Kliza .lane, dk b. f, 3, by Quartx Rock Isadoia III Cowie. It. V. R. Bonninglon. hr. or b. f. 2. by Ieonarilo II. Chrysoberil. Cowie. R. V. R. Sunnysi.le. br. or b. f, 2, by Eternal Rverdene. Flelcher, J. .—Blanco, ch. f. 3. by Anmer — Aprisa. Klelcher. J. C. Jlc Too. h. f. 3. by Anmer Hidden Crown. Fletcher. J. C. — llanna I eel e, br. f, 2, by Knights Differ Highland Mary. Fletcher. .1. C Anuslika. b. f, 2. by Anmer — Aprisa. Fletcher. J. G. Ilushka. eh. f, 2. by Anmer— Ro k On. Fletcher. J. . Asalii. b. f. 2. by Knights Differ— Iptown. Fraser. Mrs. W P - Flamingo, ch. f. 2. by McNeill — Mnval Red Bud. ■ =1 Classen. Mrs. E Marie iaicty. b. f. 2, by For Fair Marion Jaiety. Hann.i. YV. C— Flowering Bowl. l.r. f. 2. by Kingship Hebe. Livingston. Mrs. L. A.- Sweetest Song. br. f, 2. by I ovelie Simla. Livingston. Mrs. L. A Siren Song. b. f, 2, by King-shin— My Star. Livingston. Mrs. L. A— Toy Jewel, b. t. 2. by Lovetie Amelia Jenks. Livingston. Mrs. L. A.— Vale of Cedars, br f 2L by Kingship — Vashni. Livingston. Mrs. U A— t;rey of Dawn, br f. 2. by Kingship Dawte. Livingston. Mrs. L. A— Tipsy, b. f, 2. by Kingship —Trash. Livingston. Mrs. L. A— Daughter of Dawn. b. f 2, by I .on-tie -Aurora Raby. Livingston. Mrs. L. a.- Autumn Fire. b. f. 2. by lovetie -Sumac Fire. McKay. Wm. — White Dove. blk. f. 2 by I-ovetie White Tuft. New. Ryland IL— Troutlet. b. f. 3. by Sobieske— Trou I ling. Riverdale Stable— Brown filly, 2. by Rosclyon - Beauty Spot. Riverdale Stable— Lady McNeill, b. f. 3, by McNeill - Muskrat I-a.iy. Ross. Miss Eleanor Rose of Frome. br. f. 2. by Roselyon Cillingham. Ross. J. K. L.— Miss Wisdom, ch. f, 2. by Fiti- williain ".mice. Ross. J. K. U— Wilhelmina. ch. f, 2. by Fita- william Collinga. Ross. J. K. L— Thesis, b. t. 2, by Ajom Nora Daidy. Seagram Stable— Lady Sphere, ch. f, 3. by iolden Sphere — Lady Meave. Seagram Sable Fleur de Lis, br. f. 3. by Parisian Diamond R»u iuet. Seagram Stable Pandora, b. f. 3. by Parisian Diamond—Isadora II. Seagram Stable Young Kitty, br. f, 2. by Old Koenig Callant Kitty. " Seagram Stable Pottery. b. f, 2, by Parisian Diamond Callipot. Seagram Stable— Furrow, b. f. 2. by Farman— Crevice. Seagram StabN — Best Bonnet, ch. f. 2. by McNeill — liala Dress. Thornclif.e Stable Southern Dawn ch. f 3 by First Sight Southern Maid. Thormliffe Stable Star of Wonder, ch. f, 3, by Calgary Alice in Wonderland. | Wt -loiter. Dr. R. E — I go II. . b f. 3. by Ristouri White. J. P. Listerine. ch. f. 3. by Kockville Mkal Jean. White. .1 p.— Sun Crest, ch. f. 2, by Roselyon Miss Jean. BKEKDKRS STAKKS For three-year olds, foaled in the Dominion of Canada in l»23 and owned there at time of starting. By sub-o-ription of each I to accompany entry I. and 0 additional to start, with $." .000 added, of which ,000 to s.-.ond liorse. $.",00 to third, and 00 to fourth. The breeder of the winner to receive TiO. Weight. 122 pounds. Winners of ,000 t* carry three pounds extra: of $.~ .000. five pounds extra. Non winners of ,000 allowed fiva pounds: of ,000. allowed seven pounds. Maidens allowed en pounds. One m.le and a sixteenth. To be ruu during the year 192S as the Ontario Jockey Club may direct, probably at the spring meeting. The Ontario Jockey Tub rescrvea the right to can. -el this race upoa repayment of all entrance fees paid in advance. Continued ou sixth pace. WOODBINE STAKES ENTRIES Continued from third page Allan. W. — Merrymount. hr. g, by Lovetie — Mutch-kin. Allan. W. — Snapshot, hr. g, hy Kingship — Skipper. Bulmer. W. E. — Kxmoor. h. g. by Spey Pearl — Juni.t II. Cowie. R. W. R. — Bonnington. h. or br. f. by Leonardo II.— Chryaoberil. Cowie. R. W. R. — Sunnyside. br. or b. f. by Eternal - Everdene. Don Valley Stable — Plaguer. h. or br. c. by Alasnam or Cattegat — Blue Peat. Fletcher. J. .--Banna Deebe. br. f. by Knights Differ— Highland Mary. Fletcher. J. C. Anuslika. b. f. by Anmer — Aprisa. Fletcher. J. C. Dushka. ch. f. by Anmer Rock On. Fletcher. J. . Ichitaro, b. c, by Kuigbts Differ — Ruth Maxim. Fletcher. J. C. Asahi, b. f, by Knights D;ffer— Iptown. Flynn. J. S. — Carey, b. c. hy Anmer — Moon Love. Fraser, Mrs. W. P. McNeill — Flamingo, ch. f. hy - Royal Red Bird. Glasseo. Mrs. E. — Rex Fair, b. g. by For Fair — Lavana. Glasseo. Mrs. E. — Canada, ch. g, by For Fair — Pianette. Hanna. W. C. — Flowering Bowl, br. f. hy KinT- ship — Hebe. Hogarth. Thos. — Red Ridse. ch. c. by Red Fox— Vimy Ridge. Holmes. W. J. Billy Stokes, b. c, by Dragoman — Calgary Maid. Livingston. Mrs. L. A -Ferry of Fate. b. C. by I-ovetie — Final Shot. Livingston, Mrs. L. A. — Carpe Diem. h. c, by lovetie — Dazzling Ray. Livingston. Mrs. L. A. — Sun of Light. I . c, by Lovetie — Light Wing. Livingston. Mrs. L. A. — Sky Robe, b. c. hy Lovetie — Sunrise. Livingston. Mrs. L. A. — Sweetest Song, hr. f, hy IjOvet ie — Simlah. Livingston, Mm. L. A. — Siren Song. b. f. hy Kingship — My Star. Livingston, Mrs. L. A. — Toy Jewel, b. f. by Lovetie — Amelia Jenks. Livingston. Mrs. L. A. — Vale of Cedars, hr. f, by Kingship — Vashni Livingston. Mrs. L. A. — Grey of Dawn. hr. f. by Kingship — Dawte. Livingston. Mrs. L A.— Tipsy, b. f. hy Kingship — Trash. Livingston. Mrs. L. A. — Daughter of Dtwn, b. f, by lovetie — Aurora Kaby. Livingston, Mrs. L. A. — Autumn Fire. h. f, by Iiovetie — Sumac Fire. McKay. Wm.---Pander. I . c. by Lovetie — Pandor- ina. McKm. Was.- White IV ve. blk. f. hy Lovetie— White Tuft. Riverdale Stable — Brown filly, hy Roselyon — Beauty Spot. Riverdale Stable- Bay colt, by Anmer Alice K. Bob-vm. Charles- Norm, ch. g. by Roselyon — Lady Norma. Robson. Charles — Bikos, b. c. hy Kingship — Mollie Pitcher. Ross. Miss Eeanor Rose of Frome, hr. f. hy Roselyon Cillingtiaiu. Koss. J. K. L — Optical, br. g. by Joiui P. Grier — Prism. Koss. J. K. L. — Spanis. eh. c. by Wigstonc — Speariana. Ross. J. K. L.- Thesis, h. f, hy Ajom — Nora Daidy. Ross. J. K. L. — Springold, ch. c, by Prince Pal — ■ Springtide. Seagram Stable Young Kitty, br. f. hy Old Koe- nig- Callant Kitty. Seagram Stable Pottery, b. f, by Parisian Diamond -Callipot. Seagram Stable Ancient Lineage, ch. c, by Old Koenig I-ctty Und. Seagram Stable Furrow, b. f, by Farman — Crevice. Seagam Stahl" Captivate, b. c, by Captivation-- Zarinette. Seagram Stable Best Bonnet, ch. f, by McNeill— l.ala Dress. Smallman. J. E.- Kelp. b. g. by Alasnam— Sea Froth. Smallman. J. E.- Mirth, b. g, by Alasnam — Tick- olette. Smallman. J. B. — Tinsmith, ch. g. by Ben Hodder -— Tinker. Thorncliffe Stable— Head Lad. ch. g. by First Sight Easter IJIy. Thorncliffe Stable — Mystic Star. ch. g. by First Sight —Sky Rocket. White. J. P. — Sun Crest, ch. f. hy Roselyon - Miss Jean. White. I. P. -Cedar Crest, ch. c. by Gauntley — I.ady Vixen. While, J. P. Sergeant Major, br. or blk. c. by Gauntley Ijidy Catherine. «.

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