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NO CONNECTIOM WITH ANY ONE Of THIS LIME. WE HATE KANT IMITATORS J. J. EVERETT and CO. 1 910 pays for 6 days- lenric©— Strictly two horses daily. Our Guarantee and Pledge to All Subscribers: • YOU RRCKIVB SIX CONSECUTIVE PAYS SERVICE rOB TEN DOLLARS— STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY. You positively receive the advertised two horses six days a week not one or two dsys a week. We send telegrams to everybody at 9 a. m. daily eastern daylight saying time, which ■Beans 7 a. m western standard time. We release no other horses except the two which are advertlaed each day. We do not discontinue your service. We do not hold up your service. We do not increase •ur rate*. 0 for six days service- strictly two horses daily for everybody and for all times. The Most Sensational Record in the History of the Turf— "An Unheard-Of Feat" READ! LOOK! READ! i 8 WIN PARLAYS IN 10 DAYS -spg Read below, the most wonderful record ever attained by any legitimate turf informant or bureau. RKMKMKKK. VVI; STATE NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. WE CAN IROVE EVERY STATEMENT WE HAKE. We fulfill our obligations. SATURDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Elevate, 0.40, Won Heavy Date, $ 6.6O, Won Fridays Parlay Lost Thursdays Parlay Lost WEDNESDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: LOUIS RUBENSTEIN 1.00, Won , ADVENTURESS $ 6.00, Won i TUESDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: PATHAN $ 7.80, Won BILLY McCARNEY 7.80, Won MONDAY S STRICTLY TWO HORSES: ; ATRENNE $ 8.20, Won SEA GREEN $ 7.00, Won SATURDAY S STRICTLY TWO HORSES: CLIQUE 2.60, Won BLACK CRACKLE $ 9.80, Won FRIDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: BIG SWEEP $ 8.80. Won BUN $ 4.80, Won THURSDAYS STRHTLY TWO HORSES: FLAMES $ 5.80, Won CAMEO 1.20, Won WEDNESDAY S STRICTLY TWO HORSES: HEED $ 8.20, Won DINGO $ 9.00, Won 3|p MONDAY PARLAY— 0 TO ~C Advertised Parlay Wired Everybody Early — No Waiting TWO LIMIT WINNERS AT LOUISVILLE MONDAY g WE GUARANTEE IMMEDIATE SERVICE TO ALL ~» We want ikiIhxIv to miss Mondays two big winners at I-ouisville. Roth horses should take the lead at the n«e of Hie barrier and win eased up. REAL BONA FIDE INFORMATION. THE HORSES WE ADVWKTISK AKK POSITIVELY TDK HORSES YOU RECEIVE THE SAME DAY TOO SUBSCRIBE. Our office will be open all day Sunday, so that those who wire their money Sunday will receive our telegram Sunday. If you wire your money Monday, you will receive our telegram Monday. Do Not Miss Mondays Limit Win Parlay At Louisville 0 PAYS FOR 6 CONSECUTIVE DAYS SERVICE— STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY-GUARANTEED SERVICE EVERY DAY. We state the truth and nothing but the truth in our advertisements. We fulfill and live up to each and every statement made herein. If you have ever had unsatisfactory dealings with people in this line, do not pass judgment on us until you become one of our subscribers. We know that you will be Btiore than satisfied. Wire ten dollars, either by Western Union or by Postal Telegraph, for six -consecutive days service — two horses each day. You receive our telegram the same day we receive your money. Our office •pen from 8 a. in. to 5 p. m. each day. J. J. EVERETT A COMPANY ROOMS 700-701-7OT-7M. 153 WEST 42ND STREET HEW YORK CITY T*MW YORK PRESS "GREATEST RACING AND FINANCIAL WEEKLY IN AMERICA. 145 W. Forty-Fifth St., New York City— Bryant 2761— Price 15 Cents A BIG EIGHT-PAGE RACING PAPER NOW IN ITS THIRD YEAR On sale everywhere in America — Greatest success ever scored by a racing; weekly YESTERDAYS DE LUXE SPECIALS BOTH WON: REPUTATION .. . 9.20, Won SINGING CRICKET 1.20, Won The racing department of TUB NEW YORK PRESS has established a service de luie. consisting of a DAILY TRACK WIRE. 0 for C winning days. DK.KSI this carefully: Heres what you must get for .our money SIX WINNINO DAYS FOB 0. In case had racing luck gives a losing day, this does not count against you. YOU MIST GR SIX WINNING DAYS FOR YOUR 0— TWO HORSES DAILY. ome on. now. dunt delay a minute. Fall in line. Tins Service De Luxe had a big week. The racing department of THE NEW YORK PRESS, with its multifold channels of information its ramifications which reach to the top-most branches and the deeix-st roots is especially equipped to BITS YOU A CONSERVATIVE BUSINESS MANS SERVICE. Wires can come to you at the race track, if desired. Remember, this service is for SANE MEN ONLY: not for horse fans who expert to shoot at the moon and drop out a pot of gold. If you do not expect the impossible, this service will lie of great lienefit and financial aid. LAST WEEKS DE LUXE SERVICE— 0 NEW YORK PRESS GOING RIG EVERYWHERE Are you reading the "Greatest Racing and Financial Weekly in America?" This newspaper, starting at four pages two and a half years ago now eight pages has its columns bristling with up-to-the minute doings of every track in America, and is the big outstanding success of racing journalism. It is sought and bought everywhere. The biggest men in the racing world are on its annual subscription rolls. Its dockers and correspondents are everywhere. It breathes virility, action, vivacity. IT TEIJ.S THE FACTS. IT POINTS THE WAY TO THE I.ON . SHOTS. All stands, everywhere in America and Canada, RH.HT NOW. 15 cents per ropy. Rush out to your newsdealer. Tell him you want the current issue. Also next weeks copy put aside. CONTAINS THE FAMOUS LAWTON RATINGS BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT WITH i.ROltt.B W. LAWTON, THE NEW YORK PRESS is carrying the famous LAWTON RATINGS weekly. These ratings have stood the test for twenty-one years. The most successful men in America follow Lawton. Mr. I.awton is writing a serial story each week on HOW TO BEAT THE RACES." The second installment of this wonderful story is in the issue y.m • «n buy today. Other installments will come along from week to week. Do not miss a single copy of th;s wonderful weekly. BIG DERBY NUMBER OUT THURSDAY Get the DERBY NUMBER of THE NEW YORK PRESS Out next Thursday, everywhere. IT WILL «.1VE VOL THK NAME OF A HORSE AT UHISVILLE DERBY DAY printed in a box on page Si. that should win and pay a hat full. This is FREE to you and is given for the purpose of advertising this wonderful weekly. Saturdays Da Luxe Service: KKIl TVTIO.V 9.20, Won SINGING CRICKS! 511.20, Won Fridays De Luxe Service-I14SHV I1S.H0, Won M V DDK STOW N 5.80, 2nd Thursdays De Luxe Service: KiMlKK 4.20, Won LITTI.K SAM $ 3.10, Won Wednesdays De Luxe Service: II A KKOIK 4.S0, Won SWKKP-N KT .40 2nd Tuesdavs De Luxe Service i HITT GONG $ 9.40, Won MI.VF.K SONG 7.60, Won Monday s Do Luxe Service: GAY BOY II 3.40, Won MARS $ 5.60, Won NOSES— NECKS— HEADS I have 9 SECRET PLAY. It shows you when to pla horses that were beaten a nose, a head, a lie. k. when they win at big odds on fast or muddy trac1 - I el me show you how yon can make JJIM to 000 monthly Write me. Its worth a stamp RICH. WILLIS 1226 THIRD AVENUE DAYTON. KENTUCKY , — ■ ■■Pimii hHbVmhb | Hfliaaiiio mum nUhU TODAib FHtt CODES: CHURCHILL DOWNS— Jack 17-1G PJlMLIC 0— Spade-W -16 , | Daily Racing Guide First on Streets with Entries and Past Performances 1 • , i ; Chicago Office 123 West Madison St. Phone Dearborn 1451 Open Today, Sunday, 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Daily, 9-6. JjCOME UP AND GET ACQUAINTED WITH OUR ORGANIZATION 123 West Madison Street, Room 720 Chicago, III. Specials Wired IKrect From Our Office. rj.il, at 10 a m. Not Tor Sal. At Any Newwtanda. fcperrised by Editor Laa*. Terms: 0 For 6 Winning Days • Two Specials Daily The Cry Went Up Across the Country YESTERDAYS BIG SPECIAL Rolled Stocking. 1.00 WON We told you this was The Bugles selection to win the Kentucky Derby. We said this is undoubtedly the best colt shown this year; we were right. I should say we were The sensation of the year— The Bugle, reliable and consistent. Editor Land says: Out in a few days. THE BCGLE WBEKLY. 35 cents per copy The gre.teat weekly erer publiahed. Edited by real horsemen. Watch for it. Will hare Kentucky Derby winner. FRIDAYS SPECIALS: MONTFERRAT ej2jn, Won CAYBOYII 80 Won SOME OP THE BUGLES RECENT WINNERS: Al Hotfoot $ 9.40, Won Beverwyck $ 7.10, Won Eighteen Sixty 3.00, Won Adventuress $ 6.00, Won Billy McCarney 7.80, Won Glenister II $ 5.00, Won Sea Green $ 7.00, Won Black Nan 3.00, Won Rusnee 0.50, Won Black Grackle $ 9.80, Won Dell Evans 1.60, Won Big Sweep $ 8.80, Won Miss Drapeau 0.20, Won Scotland Girl $ 4.80, Won Sweeptona $ 9.80, Won Watch It $ 5.80, 2nd Barb Wire $ 8.40, Won Radio 2.40, Won Treasurer 0.80, Won Scotland Girl 2.00, 2nd Wise Guy 0.80, Won Guest of Honor 6.00, Won Monday s 0.00 Private Special Wired Gratis to All New Bugle Subscribers. Old Subscribers Remit 0 If You Want Mondays Private Special. MONDAYS TWO SPECIALS CO AT CHURCHILL DOWNS Here .re two that the Kentucky Hard Hoots have all primed and set for a •■tJigaatie Killins" We ha»e received the word from the right people. "MONDAY IS THE DAY", fader oo eoaaider.- lion fail to get tout double killing Mooday CHICAGOANS NO WIRING, WORRYING, WAITING, OR DELAY COME LP TO OUR OFFICES HKRK IN TOWN AND OB YOCR SPECI U.X FOR MONDVT DIRECT PROM US. THIS ORGANIZATION IS UNDER THE PERSONAL SUPERVISION OK V RKAL HONEST- TO QMMM HORSKMAN. DONT FALL FOR SO CALLED FORMER JOCKEYS OR TRAINERS TIPS. YOU WILL FIND THAT THEY ARE PUBLISHED MOSTLY BY NEWSBOYS. Offices Open Today, Sunday, 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Open Daily, 9 a- m. to 6 p. m. Come Up and Get Acquainted. ATTENTION: WE HAVE NO REPRESENTATIVES IN Louisville, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Toledo, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Omaha, or other cities as yet. If you do not live in Okap you must set the Bugles Specials direct from our Chicago Of f i ... Remit 0.00 riB.it now and you will have Mondays Specials positively wired you by 10 a. ni. Monday morning. Send remittances to The Bugle Publishing Company 123 West Madison St., Suite 720 Dearborml451 Chicago, III. Few doors from the Morrison Hotel/ 4 WINNERS out of last .1 are what we save on our ONE HORSE DALLY WIRE. Terms $:, for I days, lkiius business every day for over LO years utnl. r I he same name anil management. MONDAYS CODE SPECIAL: March-Banana -56-30-86 -88 -Entry. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403-22 W. Quincy St. Chicago, 111. PARLAY PAID 7.85— . Backrop?— Thuren 1170. ail live newsstands. :t." cents; mailed :: weeks. . Special, 23 Pimlioo. THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Quincy Street Chicago. 111. Original and oldest uublcation in existence. YOU CAN BEAT THE RACES Write IODAY for a copy of "How to Pick !! « Horse That Carries the Cash It is Fit KB. It tells you all about the same and ciplains the New Superior Method of Handicappins. which will show you how to pick winners with surprising regularity. Write for it TODAY SI IFKIOI. riULISHIXfi CO. Munsey UuiMiiiir Washington. I». C DAILY RACING GUIDE I HAS THE WINNERS

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