Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-17

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 245 PM BATTER Batter Batter Limitation Batter Batter Batter 29 I Limitation Limitation Free Miss Batter Limitation Limitation Limitation 13 Bie Bubble Bier Bubble Kentown Kentown Kentown LimitationKentown Bie Bubble Bie Bubble 3 315 PM OPlay Quick Tool Captain Fury O Play OPlay Ballinderry O Play 16 Ballinderry Rocers Boy Ballinderry Ballinderry Ballinderry Roeers Boy Ballinderry 13 Quick Tool OPlay Quick Tool Trim Stepper Trim Stepper Quick Tool Quick Tool 8 Drumont Drumont Drumont Drumont Drumont DRUMONT DRUMONT 32 345 PM DrumontHarkim Black Fire Discussion Silk Yarn Harkim HarkimBlack Silk Yarn Black Fire Black Fire 7 Harkim Black Fire Harkim Black Fire Black Fire Donnaeina Harkim4 41 5 PM PMJL Valdina Dude VALDINA DUDE DUE SPORT Doctor Reder SONNY CASEY Valdina Dude Valdina Harkim4Valdina Dude 20 Sonny Casey Sonny Casey Valdina Dude Valdina Dude Valdina Dude DudeGrandNews Sonny Casey Sonny Casey 13 JL Owasse David B Jr Doctor Reder Grand News GrandNews Doctor Reder 445 PM Hoosier Charter Member Ebony Edee Charter Member Charter Member Ebony Edee Ebony Edee 15 Ebony Edee Ebony Edee Kine LeRoy Kine LeRoy Fire Eneine Kine LeRoy Charter Member 15 Luroid Fire Eneine Hoosier Ebonv Edee Hoosier Fire Eneine Hoosier 7 51 5 PM Alohort Harvard Sauare Last Gold Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare Harvard Sauare 21 Burnt Cork Burnt Cork Alohort Woof Wool Burnt Cork Last Gold Alohort 9 Harvard Sauare Kesareo Burnt Cork Alohort Kesareo Alohort Burnt Cork 7 545 PM Dancine Lieht Dancing Lieht Heno Lion DANCING LIGHT Woodsman Dancine Lieht Dancine Lieht 24 Neddies Hero Woodsman Neddies Hero Heno Lion Dancine Lieht Heno Lion Heno Lion 9 Woodsman Neddies Hero Woodsman Woodsman Neddies Hero Neddies Hero Woodsman 9 61 5 PM GourmetChoco Gourmet Gourmet Chocolate Maid MaidKaiHi Gourmet Gourmet Gourmet Gourmet 25 Choco teMaid teMaidSwoosh Mischief Afoot KaiHiKosse KaiHi Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid 13 Swoosh Swoosh Kosse KaiHi Kosse KaiHi KaiHi 4 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sirlette Rita Jane JaneSirlette Sirlette Sirlette Rita Jane Rita Jane Sirlette 20 Renraw SirletteRenraw Sirlette Good Ante f Rita Jane Tennessee Maid Sirlette Rita Jane 18 More Wine Renraw Rita Jane Tennessee Maid Sirlette Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid 4 1255 PM SmelePony Smele Sinele Star pLPadula Gala Reieh Little Davey Sinele Sinele 20 Pony Express Little Davey Sinele Sinele Star of Padula Little Davey Little Davey 11 Little Davey Volitant Little Davey Pony Express Sinele Pony Express Star of Padula 7 120 PM Danny Deever Baepipe BaepipeRoueemont Baepipe Kellsboro Kellsboro KellsboroRoueemont Flat Lance LanceEpindel Bagpipe 12 Flat Lance RoueemontTioea Roueemont Roueemont Flat Lance Roueemont Epindel Kellsboro 11 JKellsboro JKellsboroVietta Tioea Flat Lance Roueemont RoueemontBaepipe Baepipe EpindelBaepipe Baepipe Flat Lance 10 145 PM Vietta ViettaStepwisely VIETTA Penomp VIETTA Vietta Vietta Vietta 31 StepwiselyPenomp Stepwisely Blenette Vietta Stepwisely Blenette ViettaStepwisely Stepwisely Penomp 8 Penomp War Waac Blenette Penomp War Waac Penomp StepwiselyPenomp Stepwisely 6 210 PM BOTTLE IMP Bottle Imp Cherry T Bottle Imp Cherry T Cherry T Cherry T 21 Cherry T Cherry T Country Style Cherry T Bottle Imp Bottle Imp Bottle Imp 20 South Drive Country Style Bottle Imp Country Style Country Style Country Style Country Style 6 235 PM Wait a Bit Birch Rod Brieht Willie Omission Brieht Willie Brieht Willie Brieht Willie 18 Omission Omission Blue Pennant Brieht Willie Birch Rod Omission Omission 11 Proud One Brieht Willie Birch Rod Birch Rod Porters Cap Wait a Bit Birch Rod 9 300 PM Caduceus Bull Reieh BULL REIGH Bull Reieh BULL REIGH BULL REIGH BULL REIGH 33 Bull Reieh Plantaeenet Traeic Endine Plantaeenet Master Henry Plantaeenet Plantaeenet 8 Plantaeenet Traeic Endine Plantaeenet Traeic Endine Traeic Endine Traeic Endine Traeic Endine 6 325 PM Brenner Pass Brenner Pass Fueeo Sun Eaeer Sun Eaeer EaeerFueeo Sun Eaeer Sun Eaeer 19 Transformer Abovne Sun Eaeer Aboyne Fueeo Aboyne Brenner Pass 12 Sun Eaeer Sun Eaeer Aboyne Brenner Pass FueeoAboyne Aboyne Brenner Pass Aboyne 8 Trnrlcmcm R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 130 PM Dinemans Sun Galomar WabaunseeHiKid Wabaunsee PariErnestImpreenable PariErnest PariErnestDinemans PariErnest PariErnest PariErnest 16 Impreenable Dinemans HiKid Impreenable HiKidPariErnest ImpreenableHiKid DinemansHiKid Dinemans Sun Galomar Dinemans 9 Sun Galomar Jtapreenable PariErnest HiKid HiKid Impreenable Sun Galomar 8 200 PM Kelspride BUD WEST Kelspride Sunamit Portaee Trail TrailSunamit Green Belle BelleKelspride Kelspride 14 Green Belle Sunamit Green Belle Bud West Sunamit Kelspride Sunamit 11 Sunamit Portaee Trail Bud West Kelspride SunamitKelspride Kelspride KelsprideSunamit Sunamit Bud West 10 230 PM Guest Master Brieht Quest QuestBetty Betty Leon Ecomint Brieht Quest Brieht Quest Brieht Quest 18 i Ecomint Betty Leon LeonChance Brieht Quest Chance Cross Betty Leon Betty Leon Betty Leon 11 Chain Miss Chance Cross CrossUs Chance Cross Brieht Quest HyKerry Chance Cross Ecomint 7 300 P M PAR AVION Us UsBattle Us UsSatin Battle Jack UsPar Us UsPar Us Us 23 23Par Us Battle Jack JackWar Satin Cap Par Avion Par Avion AvionBattle Par Avion AvionWar Par Avion 14 14Battle Battle Jack War Reward Par Avion Us Battle Jack War Reward Battle Jack 9 330 PM His Banker Believe Scotch Abbot AbbotIlefetchit BELIEVE Believe True Lass Believe 20 True Lass His Banker Ilefetchit His Banker IlefetchitBelieve Scotch Abbot Scotch Abbot His Banker 9 Believe True Lass Believe Flanee Leicester Believe Scotch Abbot 9 400 PM Bunny Baby Bunny Baby Praiseworthy Bunny Baby Raneer TJ Bunny Baby Bunny Baby 20 Praiseworthy Raneer n Raneer n Briar Play Patron Saint Raneer H Raneer 12 Raneer n Praiseworthy Nopalosa ROJO Raneer n Praiseworthy Bastinado Praiseworthy 9 430 PM Little HOOPS TOP Straw TOP STRAW TOP Straw LITTLE HOOPS Top Straw TOP Straw 24 Susan Constant Little HOOPS Precious Years Little HOOPS TOP Straw Little HOOPS Little HOOPS 18 Faille Lieht Chaser Faille Susan Constant Faille Precious Years Susan Constant 3 1 500 PM Misrule Misrule Misrule Misrule Misrule MISRULE MISRULE 32 Sir Kid Ida Roeers Ida Roeers Ida Roeers Hattie Belle Ida Roeers Ida Roeers 8 Junco Hattie Belle Hattie Belle HattieBelle Junco Show House Hattie Belle 5

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