Sidney Lucas the Winner., Daily Racing Form, 1900-06-24


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■DXET ■DXET 1. 1. 1 1 CAS CAS THK THK WUfKKB. WUfKKB. IB. IB. W1NNKR. WINNER. .MHKKY. .MHKKY. WT. WT.! SECOND. SECOND. 1VT, WT. THIRD. THIRD. WT. WT. TR.| TR.| TIME. TIMK. Vl.. Vl.. 1884iModeety lModesty I. I. Murphy Murphy Ill 117iKosciusko Kosciusko 115 115 Bob Bob Cook Cook Itt 11? G G 2 2:423 :*2i 0700 0700 1885 1885 YolanteI.Murphv Yolantel.Murphv 123 123 Favor Favor 123 123 Troubadour.... Troubadour.... 123 123 M Ml I 2:49* 2:49* 9570 9570 1886 1886 Silver Silver Cloud Cloud I. I. Murphy Murphy 121 121 Blue Blue Wing Wing 121 121 Sir Sir Joseph Joseph 118 118 F F 2:371 2:371 8160 8160 1887 1887 C. C. H.Todd H.Todd Hamilton Hamilton 118 118 Mis Miss Ford Ford 113 113 Wary Wary 116 116 F F: : 2:36* 2:36* 13690 13690 1888 1888 Emperor Emperorof of Norfolk Norfolk 1. 1. Murphy. Murphy. 123 123 Falcon Falcon 121 121 Los Los Angeles. Angeles. .116 .116 S S I I 2:40* 2:40 14340 14340 1889;Spokane 1889 Spokane Kiley Kiley 121 121 Sorrento Sorrento 118 118 Retrieve Retrieve 116 116 S S 2:4H 2:4H 15440 15440 1890 1890 Uncle Uncle Bob Bob Kiley Kiley 115, 115; Santiago Santiago 118 118 Ben Ben Kingsburyl08* Kingsburyl084 M M 2:554 2:554 j | 15260 15260 1891 1891 Strathmeath Strathmeath Covington Covington 122 122 Poet Poet Scout Scout 11F lift Kingman Kingman 129 129 S S 2:40* 2:404 j ; 18610 18610 1892 1K92 Carlsbad Carlsbad R. R.Williams Williams 122 122 Zaldivar Zaldivar 122|Cicero 122|Cicero 115 115 M M, . 3KWi 3KWi , , 16930 16930 1893 1893 Boundless Boundless iGarrisonj iGarrisonj 122 122 St. St. Leonards. Leonards. 122 122 Clifford Clifford 122 122 F F 2:36 2:36 49500 49500 1894 1894 Rey Rey El El Santa Santa Anita Anita VanKuren. VanKuren. 122 122 Senator Senator Grady. Grady. 122!Despot 122!Despot 122 122 F F , , 2:36 2:36 .19750 .19750 1898]Pink 1898|Pink Coat Coat W. W. Martini Martini 127Warrenton 127Warrenton .. ....122jlsabey ..122]Isabey 122 122 S S ! ! 2:42i 2:42i 9225 9225 1900Sidney 1900Sidney Lucas Lucas Bullman Bullman 122jJames 122;James 122 122 Lieut. Lieut. Gibson Gibson 129 129 S S 2:4 H 2:4 H j j 9425 9425 The greatest of all Western turf classics I passed into history Saturday at Washington Park, and after the flying clods of mud had cleared away Sidney Lucas, a rank outsider, ; with Bullman up. was declared the winner of the 1900 American Derby. Second to Sidney Lucas, with Mitchell up, was James, fresh from the east, and eight lengths behind him came the stanch favorite. Lieutenant Gibson, carrying J. Boland, a ton of money ami the all purple of Charles Head Smith. Never before in the history of the Washington Park Club, with the exception of Worlds Fair year, was there such a crowd present to view the Derby. Between 35,000 and 40.100 handsomely dressed people crowded into the grandstand, j clubhouse and betting ring, and the lawn i in front of the stand was one solid mass of humanity. Over in the center field were equipages of all descriptions, and it seemed that each was trying to outdo the other in lavish j display. Consequently luxury and elegance were visible on all -ide-;. It was worth ones life to try to get near a betting booth in the ring, where forty-one bookmakers, doing business tin the eastern plan, were kept more than busy trying to handle the publics money. It was precisely 3:57 oclock when Barrack, wearing the green, white and old gold stripes of Tom Barrett, poked his nose out of the paddock and started the parade for the Derby. Directly behind Barrack in order came James, Advance Guard, Sam Phillips, Lieutenant Gibson and Sidney Lucas. Each starter, with the exception of Sidney Lucas, was given a warm reception, but Sidney, who seemed stiff and sore and looked more like a dray horse than a Derby-candidate, was friendless. On the way to the po t Lieutenant Gibson acted friskily and it was predicted on all sides that he would have little or no trouble in winning but the Lieutenant disappointed his backers horribly and was disgracefully beaten. Starter Dwyer had his good eye with him and at the -econd break he caught the half dozen colts so closely bunched that it was almost impossible to tell which was in front or which was last, and sent them on their way. while the enormous crowd shouted, as if with one nice, "They are off. Rounding the upper turn Lieutenant Gibson and James raced head and bead, and when the field swung into the stretch and pacing the stand for the lirst time, the pair racing like ■ team was two and one-half lengths in front of Sam Phillips who was neck and neck with Sidney LnOBB. Barrack was tilth and Advance Guard, who could not do himself justice in the going, last. The Held swept around the club house turn at a -nails pace and Lieutenant Gibson, as rank as he could be, seemed to be able to "run over the moon, and ever one wondered why Boland did uot go on to the front with him. Hut evidently the boy had waiting instructions and was doing his best to place his colt. After going the lirst mile and passing the half-mile ground Mitchell made his move with James, and quicker tbarftwiidnjar went up "James winsT ; j i j "James wins !" but on the far turn Boland let I out a link on the Lieutenant and he soon was j up alongside of Jame and and once more his j backers and admirers breathed easily. At the turn into the homestretch, however, Sidney Lucas, who. up to this had been rating along in tho ruck, assumed command, but he was friendless, I and although he won away off by himself, and like a good colt, there was no one to give him a hand, and consequently the American Derby of 1900 passed into turf annals as the tamest race of its kind ever run. By getting the mount on Sidney Lucas and winning goes to show how luck will break for some jockeys. Bullman had no idea of riding the colt forty-eight hours before the race, Taral having been engaged, but the latter had his pick between Sidney Lucas and Advance Guard and chose the latter colt to ride. Taral is well liked around Chicago and his many friends would have been greatly pleased to have seen him on the winner. An uncommon incident happened after the fourth race. It seems the judges neglected to ring the bell to notify the bookmakers that the horses were off and some of them were taking money in big chunks on Great Bend after he won and the race was over. "Billy" Barrick introduced his Faraday— Alta Blue colt Criterion to the Chicago public in the last race and incidentally won a big bet for himself. Criterion opened at 3 to 1, but was backed down to 7 to 5 and less, and just "rolled home" five lengths in front of Alard Scheck and Sofala, who had a battle royal for second place. Sam Fullen started the sport of the day. and at the juicy price of 7 to 1 gamely beat Modrme by a length in the inaugural one-mile condition ■ race. Bannockburn, with 126 pounds up. was a strong favorite, but he ran below expectations, finishing a distant fourth. Pat Dunne and his friends thought well of Reminder and backed the colt well to win the ! second race, which he did. He is a speedy Hanover and can outrun his horses all the way.

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