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Mario Lavigne ...TURF BROKER... PLEASANTON HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL Commissions of and upwards executed accurately for 5 percent of the net winnings. NO CHARGES ON LOSING COMMISSION?. TWO TO FOUR Sure Winners Weekly I am placing money on hore for two largest and best stables in NEW OKLE INS and one in CALIFORNIA. To a select few agreeing to place .00 on for me, I will I wire what I get to play, you to send I winnings after each race. To protect me H against loss on telegrams jou must send mo I in your first letter. If you want to. I will I place your money on, handling from 520 up. My charges for that is 20 per cent, of net I winnings, mailing or telegraping you before I 12 daily what the play will be. Settlements weekly. I GEORGE W. BENTLY, I Sheepshead Bay, 1. 1. HOW 0 WINS Every Day at Present New Orleans Meeting, Sealed particulars, plain envelope, how Our System Copyrighted is to be had ABSOLUTELY FREE. " MY SYSTEM " CO., BRBoi3 Bard Burns, 2-1, Extra Special. Little Jack Horner, Safe Bet. MONDAY 4 to 10 to 1 EXTRA SPECIAL Tuesday 3 to 8 to 1. Wednesday 6 to 15 to I. THURSDAY Xmas Special Free! Free! Free! ALL OUT OF TOWN clients mail me yournamo and address to private office. ALL CITY PEOPLE will call at office, 145 Clark St., 11 :30 Christmas Day. ATTENTION I GUARANTEE ALL specials to run 1-2-3 or refund .00. WIRED ANY PART OF THE WORLD. Office 145 S. Clark street, E. B. ticket office. , NOTICE Address ALL mail and money to my private office, 94 Lincoln Ave. COL. J. C. AVOOTJKBS, MANAGER. Telephone 3031 Dearborn. Bunco Broncho Information Co , 94 Lincoln Ave. Read the Free Xmas Offer. I ROBERT C. DALY, lURF CORRESPONDENT. 263 JEFFERSON AYE., DETROIT, N1ICHL I DELIVERED THE GOODS ! Oponing week proved to be a bonanza for the racegoing public. Over TWO HUNDRED patrons received my opening special on Tuesday of JOE LESSER AT 10 TO 1, which was one of tho best b9ts of the week. Mrs. Frank Foster, my extra special, finished second. Below is a list of wires sent my patrons during the week: MONDAY. Did not wire. THURSDAY. If You Dare, Scratched. TUESDAY. JOE LESSER, 10-1, won. FRIDAY. BILL MASSIE, 6-1, won. WEDNESDAY. Mrs. F. Foster, 13-1, fin. 2d SATURDAY. Did not wire. TOTAL 2 winB ; 1 second, and 1 scratched. EVERYBODY WINNER. The Free Xmas Offer. Through the great success and for the benefit of those who did not take advantage of the opening offer last week I am going to repeat my offer by giving to all my patrons on December 25th Christmas Day an XMAS EXTRA SPECIAL FREE, which will be at least 5 to 1. Give it a trial and be a winner. TERMS : .00 for first special or .00 for three specials sent daring the weak. Both offers include the FREE EXTRA SPECIAL on Christmas Day. All correspondence answered by mail or wire. Correspondence strictly confidential, N. B. Dont delay. Get my cipher code at once ; cannot wire without. A "LALLAPALOOSA" STARTS THIS WEEK So ou can go down in your "kick" for that "century plant" youve been holding out for SANTA CLAUS; turn up the carpet for stray coins, search all the "togs" you laid aside with the dog days, go through every old sock in the rag bag and "hock" your meal ticket to swell your roll for the prize plunge of your whole and joyous life, for a "Lalla-paloosa" starts but once in a season only. We are going to make a sensational plunge all along the line thatll go down into history as the banner "book-smasher" of the year. I have handed you many "killings" right along the line at every eastern track on a straight bill of lading checked right through to New Orleans. Ive made you hammer the high-stool "gents" and cart it off in cart-loads week after week. But I want to tell you that your Uncle James has got up his sleeve for this week some real creamy peaches thatll butt into that betting ring like a real old Kansas cyclone on the red eye rampage and rip things up until the slates look as though they had received a bombardment from a man-o-war, and the layers of odds think" theyve tackled a couple of buzz-saws "on the buzz." This week several grand specials will adorn the program, as we have only been waiting for the track conditions to improve, and we will shoot the "star tricks" under the wire with colors flying. "Sleepers" Ive had in bunches, and many a time you have "copped" the coin at prices large enough to span the Great Divide, but none of em was a marker when it comes to "greased lightning" speed, to the "money-getter" I am going to hand out. The "slaughter-house pet" has been "prepped" for the grandest coup of the meeting. The Sports from Missouri Will be slipping quietly about the betting ring, taking in every slate at a glance and meekly planting one fat wad after another, saying mighty little, but doing most of the business. These same retiring gentlemen will be the commissioners of a few of the slickest "engineers" of the turf today, and theyll be sending in the checks of the "wise" ones on these "dark ones" from the moment, the prices go up until the cows come home. If I were at liberty to mention the nams of the unobtrusive financiers behind this proposition, youd understand in a minute why its dollars to doughnuts that they wont spoil the success of many years by letting this one fall through. I cannot positively undertake to wire this one away except on a private cipher code. Its up to you thats all. Each week I mail a special list of the BEST WEEKLY WORKOUTS, so that my clients can keep in close touch with the condition of the horses. TERMS for SEX SPECIAL TRACK WIRES sent in cipher code 0. All turfites who will send me their names and address I will mail a free copy of "HOW TO BET SUCCESSFULLY." CDCPI Al OFFS-R 1 make the following offer to clients who are unable to Or LulML wrrtri play themselves or place their money: Send me an account of 5 or 0, and I will place or 0 at the track on each of my selections, wiring or mailing as desired you the information each morning, and at the end of each week remitting you the winning by P. O. money order, with an itemized statement showing the horses played, odds, etc., thereby giving you everything "Black on White." When placing accounts I charge nothing for the information, but deduct 20 per cent, of the winnings as my commission. Accounts should be sent at once, so as to take advantage of those mentioned above. C. H. JAMES, P. O. BOX 1054, NEW ORLEANS, LA. LONG BEACH TURF EXCHANGE. 4 REGULAR TRAINS VIA Stations 1st 2nd 3rd 4tU Lake Shore Ry. ?,r.fi SSS ii!S JSS SlS Grand Central Stntlon, Harrison St. and l-nglewood 13.48 1:18 1:48 2:83 U-Iftn Ave. Grand Crossing. 12 :54 J :24 1 :54 8 :29 . - , South Chicago.. 1:01 1:31 2:01 2:36 Running Time 35 Minutes Four trains returning at i :45, 5:2t, 6:10 and after last race. BOUND TRIP 25 CENTSi

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