Meadowthorpe Dispersal Sale, Daily Racing Form, 1907-02-12


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MEADOWTHORPE DISPERSAL SALE. Dr. s. ii. H.iiiev. wiu. parrasard tae Ifeadow- tlorpe farm at Lexingtmi. ky.. is a practicing physician at Paynes Depot, Ky. It is ueuerstood to be Lis intention to make his home oa the place and ii will he discontinued as a breeding farm for thoroughbred horses, lackey Lories Lome, who will rid. j.i Kngland this year, was one of the asaaeeeaafal I udders for the property. The complete report of the dispersal sale of the horses «f the late Colonel J Mines S. PepiK-r is as follows: Resolute II.. br. h. 13, by Trenton — Imilta: Kentucky Breeding Bureau $ 425 Meadaertnane, a, h. IS, by Kealska Itaoy ; C. .1. Bronston :jt; Prince Pepper, ch. Ii. 9. by Kantaka — GoMea Fleece; Kentucky Breeding Bureau 333 Lady Pepper, bik. in. i~. by Hindoo— Jaconet; J. E. Madden 4.000 Stvliteiie, b. in. Hi. by Stylites — Pel adventure: O. H. Chenault 3.S00 La Joya. blk. in. 10. by Hindoo — La Belle N. ; .1 I. M.iddcn MN Lave Note. ch. in. 7. bv Kantaka -Lady Pepper; J. K. Madden l.5o0 Countess Pepper, i . in. .i. nv Kantaka — - Lady Pepper; H. M. Zieghi 55.1 Lady Kantaka. ch. in. 10, by Kantaka — Lady Pepper; B. C. Cowdia 538 Bramble Leal. b. m. It. by Bramble— Long-leaf; J. K. Maiden BM Bcaaksread, br. in. S, by Watercress— Ca- chuca : Bd Kane 450 Qaeena Messenger, b. ill. H, by Kantaka — Stylitene: J. K. Clay 400 UaMea Fleece, en. m. 17. by Wanderer Ea valla: M. louag 400 ondina. eh. m. lo. by Onondaga— Blias; II. H. Stanhope „75 Relict, b. in. 13, by Sir Dixon -The Widow; J. B. Clay SSO 1 Neetara, a, in. in. by Patoetto— West Wind; . .1. Bronston 3M lliin.vara. b. in. 10. bv Iliniyar — War Reel; O. H. Whitney 319 1 Fleeting Venus, h. in. 7. by Kautaka — Qoeenfe; John II. otTutt 8M 1 Cherub, br. in. 14, by Bnsanle— Baby; C. .1 . Hi oustoli 25 , La Venus, b. in, lo. by Kautaka — Queenie; J. K. Clay 0 Princess Pepper, b. in. 9, by Kantaka — -lie-but: J. E. flay MB I Bonnie Lassie, br, in. 17, by Bonnie Brown — I.ongevitv : S. Poraytne 1B3 ; Qaeen Pepper, ca. m. 9, by Kantaka — Nattot; S. Poraj i he 175 Miss Dixie, br. m. in. by Falsetto— Bar- Mcne; o. H. Chenault 150 1 Basila, b. m. 14, by Bramble- Katie J.; Judge Hughes 150 1 Lang Iost, ch. iii. !». by Kantaka — Long Ago: H. M. Biegler 13* I Kilt. ch. m. 12, by Kantaka — Woodbeici: J. L. Fugato llo Merry Royal, b. m. 7. by Kantaka — Sad- dueoe II. : .1. L. Fugato l-5 i Florence Darttng, ch. at, 11, by Kantaka— Florence 1».: _. I . Chenault 125 ", Tapay III.: tilk. in. 13, by Moccasin — Lady Luke; S. Forsythe 12 J 1 Miss Feelev. ch. in, .». by Kantaka — Flirt; T. C. Young 12o • Baroness Pepper, b. in. P. by Kantaka — Noe- tuin: B P. Clay 1 M» Blue Violet, b. m. 10. by Peiblaise — Jheiub: Bd Kane 100 • Scotch Kis-. b. m. 7. by Kantaka — Debut; H. S. Reed MO 1 Gryselle. ch. m. 12, by Islingtoo— Racemede; O. H. Chenault S3 Little Belle, eh. in. 18, hj Wanderer — lioii- caster Lass; W. P. lluudliV 75 Silver Slipiier. eh. m. H. by Kantaka — Queenie: O. II. Chenault 75 Southern Belle, eh. in 7. by Kantaka — Bonnie Lassie: J. M. Parker 70 1 Merry Wanderer, eh. in. 10, by Peiblaise — Meander; C. J. Bronston 0O Rochelle. b. in. 17. by Himvar — Kokee: George Bradley l!n Bay tilly. 2. by MeadOWthorpe Long Leaf: . C. i». Chenault 2".i Lady Klla. l . f. 3, by Meadowtharpe — Lad] Pepper; J. L. Madden BM , Piiiliipidcs. b. g, J. bj Meadowtharpe — Bonnie :.assie; II. S. Kerry 150 l Bay gelding. 2. Daniel -Florence Barling: C. 1 . Chenault 13t « Ada Mayo, b. f. ::. bv Meadow thorpe — Debut: R. K. McMeekin 75 YKAKLINC.S. IdAl.S OF BMC Bay colt, by Resolute II. Stxliteno: J. K. Madden 750 i, Brown colt, by Resolute II. — Nocturn. .1. B. Madden v 525 Brown colt, by Resolute 11. -Lady Pepper; B. C. owdin 300 I Chestnut eolt. by Resolute II. — Florence Darling: Klmer Railey oOO I Brown colt, by Resolute II. -Ondina: Klmer Railey 250 Chestnut filly, by Resolute II. -Rochelle; Julius Bauer 20o ,, Bay tilly. by Resolute II. -Golden Fleeie; Milton Young UiO 0 Bay salt, by Maadawtharpe — Ronnie Laaate; S. Korsy the 1 00 0 Brown tilly-. by Resolute II. — Hiiiivara; J. L. Fugato 130 Rav rillv. by Resolute II. — Kilt; Julius Pauer 125 5 Lcstnut tilly. ry Resolute II. — Queen Pep- l er: Albert Hochinsmith llo " Chestnut colt, by Prince Pepper — Little Belle: 0. H. Chenault 110 ■ Brown rillv, " by Resolute II. — Cherub: H. S. Berry 110 o Bar rillv. by Resolute II. — Bramble l.eaf; H. H. Stanhope loo M, Rav tilly. by liesoiute ii. Binaural Pepper; o. ii. Qbenauh 7."i Chesinui tilly. bv Fiiine Pepper — Blue Vio let: Albert llochinsinilli 7 0 Blowu rillv. bv Resolute II. — Southern Belle: T. Irvin C*» o Luv tiilv. by Meadawtharpe Merry Wanderer; * H. U. Holloa •• B

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