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THE MONTREAL JOCKEY CLUB LIMITED RACE COURSE: 1 i| OFFICE: BLUE BONNETS, W II St Sacrament Street, MONTREAL. J MONTREAL. 1907 SPRING MEETING 1907 The Inaugural Meeting vill begin on Tuesday, June 4, and continue to Saturday, June 15, inclusive. The Following Stakes to Close with the Clerk of the Course, Saturday, May 4th, 1907: The Kings Plate. The Kindergarten. fY11"3 ""• •" "• ■"■ ,M;ljl"tv ui,h $ I , 000 Guaranteed. 00 -FTn added by the Montreal Jockey Club. The first „„.„ „WT, „T„ kaiae to receive the gaJaeaa, stakes, and added vJSnf™ vSILI;UhF0R Tf °, »""»■• :■ r " Ul,i" " "« "* "■ •" Soth*e«d"the,Shl.0 gft in third, a Sweepatake oi ski each, parable at aceoaipaay the nine t km. .Sir. additioaal to start. time of entry, aad fM additional to start. For The Winner to be sold at auction for ,000. If three year olils and uiiward, owned, foaled, raisid •* ,000, allowed ■ Iba, If for less. 1 lb. allowed and trained in the Province of Quebec that have f" l;"h -*"10 ,io"" " *s,,°- Beilfcai price to be never won a race, either on the Utorero- gug1?* £ £and StT eaaatry. One Mile and a Quarter, the race is run. or to be sold for J000. A pice of plate will he iMcsenled by the lresi- Five Furlongs. dent ,.r the club to the whuer ai ■ aoareair of the Tne Blue Bonnets Stakes. rMm " Ihe "* u,uo BoulK,s S"* ,000 Guaranteed. THE BLUE BONNETS STAKES. FOR THREE- YEAR-OLDS. Guaranteed Value ,000, of which Thp C.anarWan HanHiran i ne oanaaian nanaicap. *2oo ,,, wcond. and 00 to tande third. 0 to m ,000 , jjj vuai Guaranteed. aiuccu, accoatpany the no „tion. 5 additional to start. Nll|| Klnnera , r ,00 in 1906 or 1!M 7 allowed :: lbs.: THE CANADIAN HANDICAP. FOR THREE- of ,000 allowed 5 Iba.; ot .5O0 allowed 7 lbs - YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD, owned in the Docaiit " ,000 allowed 10 lbs. Maidena allowed S lbs. ion of Canada. Guaranteed value si. kio. of which additional One Mile and a Furlong. 00 to the second, and 00 to the third. 0 to tl aji.-, + D I l_i *J" accompany the nomination. 9 additional to start. * ne IVIOUnt riOyai nanaicap. Weights to be announced four days before the day 500 Guaranteed wei ins"::;;;,. x?;!rs £z "-! , ssr °i£i the kov royal handicap. f0R ihEEE. wu.iiis once, • His., tune. lbs. extra. rinee YEAR-0LDS AND UPWARD. Guaranteed Value horses, the property ot different owners to start, »-_•..",« n i. ,,f which :S.".m to the second and X"K to or the race road. One Mile and a Furlong, the third, sir. to accompany the nomination, sr.n additional to start. Weights to be announced May Thp me oacques tlarmip*; uanier fiartipr fitakpc otaKes. ••*• winners of a race of the value of ,000 ,,,,.,. ,,„, j,,,,,,,, „L wei«hu to carry s iba. ,000 Guaranteed. extra. One Mi!c and a Quarter. THE JACQUES CARTIER STAKES SELLING Thp .InrWpv/ Hliih QtalrPc FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. Guaraa OlctlS.CS. ted value. ,ooo, of wiiich t.. the second, and » $ i I , ««/» 000 « Guaranteed. 00 to the third. 0 to accompany the nomination. THE JOCKEY CLUB STAKES SELLING FOR 5 additional to start. The Winner to be sold at THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. ,000 anar- auction for ,900. If entered to be sold for ,000, anleed. of Which 00 to sec 1 horse, and xlci to allowed 5 lbs.: if for less. 2 lbs. allowed for each third. -Slit to accompany the norainatioa. 3 ad- 00 to 1907.sh00. Selling price to be Stated through ,M""1:.1 " sV"n i1;- Winner ■► be sold by auction ,,,.,,.. , ,i , ,., • , , for ,000, 1 1!-. allowed lor cverv » own to the l,,.ir I.ov the 12 oclock at course at n gelling price to be stated UuWgu the Entry on the day before the race at to be sold for ,500. Boi ,i 12 oclock n i on the day before the vnv. • One Mile, or to be sold for .*::. k 0. One Mile and a Furlong! SATURDAY Evie Greene 9-2, 2nd How To Win| And again Lester-8 clients won heavily. MY WSi. THREE, FOUR AND flVE BEST PLAYS « r Friday sj . . . niTiirn RATHER nnvu ROYAL ... tunu WON beats em and beats em good g| TL..--J,,. Ufipn I „,* WINNING HISTORY made daily by MY I I nUrSClay Wire LOST EASY METHOD containing winning idays I ... , , I"1 -■"" consecutive races; also oilier val I nilTTrn lunil Wednesday . CUTTER WON ": ■ * ", v", - w, ",,,i " I which are ghreo free lor your ins tion. MB TLeSday . . LADY IRENE .... WON MY EASY METHOD made WINNING HIS I Monday. . . W. GRISWELL ... WON s„ud, Aprii «h, in i«t, 3» .1, a,,,. I Mon. lay. April Mil, IN 2nd, trd, 1th ami I NOTE ■ We will send out intormat ion on Aqueduct Sth Bacea. nan to,- the ateetias to all clients for 0.00, This is p.*]!/ Apla :"h- 1N ls1, oUl ;1,ul " I the Hral time LESTER advertised any ■Metiag for Wednesday. April huh. i -,,.1. 3rd, Ith and I iiis small amount of money. Sth Races. ifcS Thursday, April 11th, IN krd, Ith, Bth and I Dill f C0TLCD Q PR *«day, ARril 12, in trd, ith, :,tl. aad ith I Oil LLIJ I Lll W tlLS.. My EASY METHOD i« based upon prin S| ■WBoaaual aniaair I Bail ■ W ajp ajp l a eipals whereby the plays made the ■ to the player instead of tile I — percentage it an ■ • c«n_ #»u---._« in S..:,« uite 37, 90 La Salle Street, Chicago. III. bookmakers afl re/. Ifain 2928. : : Owners and Tninas J££ and££and £gG£X£m Daily, or 0 lor 6 Guaranteed Winners. ■*■■ tl«:." "W famous EASY METHOD iffl free. Wires sent at niht in private lei. ■ - -- v ,„,,, |» AA/VtAA iA/VNAAA/NV absolutely make any one ■ il - -_ __ _ __ beat •• •cm" and l«-at " em" sure. Mm WOODS | address= fi « | daily form letter The JUithor WINNING HISTORY, I 5 142 W. 49th Street, New York. M i* Figures Combined with Information. ■BBBBaBBBBBBBBBBaBBBBaaaBaanaaaaajB S 2 Races at AQUEDUCT and 2 at OAKLAND. C j i .00 Daily :: .00 Weekly. 5 _ » Room S12 59 Dearborn Street Chicago. _ . _ _ _, SATURDAY OUR LETTER GAVE S j%| III I 9 | T « BELLE OF JESSAMINE 6-1 WON J II J I I # I— . • [ SLICKAWAY 10-1 3rd J ! %P8hi*6:: ::::::: K Si, | TO CONSERVATIVE BUSINESS MEN . Kemember: We Ruai-antee it per cent, of our *r i* entireletter 1—8. or srive the next days sheet KKEK. |/| y method, giving B to 7 plays each week, V/y//VA/VNAAAAAAAAAAAANAAAAAAr* has made good, shuwiog for the years play i 65 per cent, winners at --cod odds, 90 CIIPPCCC in sPeculation depends on per cent. 1 2 3. Nlll.l.r correct information. BEING Each selection is not only placed right, but IT i? RIfHT 0NfTHEf GROUNDS haT th" "if " J jockey up add out to win. A with one of f the most conservative trainers here . . ... ■ u i j enables ma to secure real select pointers once or winning proposition, winch, played con-twice weekly, and I am willing to wire these "good sistently with an e ivtal amount on each selection, things- to a few reliable bettors and to demonstrate yje|c|s good Steady income On Small that I am on the inside. I ask NO FEE WHAT- i__:*_i EVER IN ADVANCE. For particulars address capixai. ■«, T 4 n ri/-n Personal letters with instructions to each client. M. LAVlbJNt, Terms: Net winnings of .00 flat COSEV ISLAND ; ; : MKW YORK, bet average form on each selection remitted weekly. THE REPEATER. Send .00 deposit a a Ruaranteo, and deduct th9 deposit from first weeks remittance. IT WILL HAT rail to secure a copy cf Thurstons new TLKF ITBLICATION. It in sent out ev.ry Saturday at Selections wired 0 a. m. * 00. and contairs reliable information to follow, together t with T1IHEE HOUSED no more that are overdue and ready. This class of horses was never sold before less than ja 4 i I • il 00 each, In sets of 5 or 10. And you will Hnd you cannot Arrhlll* I £aA/lG lose ir you once follow ••THE REIEiTEK." The wise e"1 1 I LIIUI — . W VW I m j ones that play these horses net the money— SO CAN VOC pa. ea?gJTa,», -,!_ « au **~j*~-**l« 1 1 1 VV . Jefferson St. SOUTH BEND, IND. lisher, Dept. C, Suite 7-8 Bennett P.ldg , Detroit, Mich. — THE ADVANClTAGENT "■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■" does not report every horse at each track. It gives on the | | D a | Im . / j i*l/ I Kl f S1 average eight 8 horsesa week. Every hoiae reported should i 11 11 1 W CI I l« " 0*~l« WW Llll win one of its next two starts. Instead ot being a leporter. . i it is l-eally a Daily reminder of high class InforniUion, sent was Our Daily One Horso Wire Saturday. •at in advance, on high-Class horses that are ready to Win •mimmmmm—mtmmmmmmmi—mmmmm and past due. It is just the thing for the person who has I I I _ a A • ■ »■% — ■» gf+ f— l only an hour at noon ti make i play save-timeai! I troubh | | I pC aJlf I par W a% *f* •" I and will make you a winner every month. a month. j | I V WW I W* UW a*# V I | | H. J. OLMSTEAD, J | Record of ab~ j | Suite 304. Loyal Guard Building, Detroit. Mich. _ _ __ - | | GENTLEMEN j ! Losers ,n Days! ! who cim Bake »no play ere— flay, have one or two REMEMBER, we give only : | iminlied dollars, which is aaOeleal to hack tea and ONE HORSE A DAY. 1 twenty dollar waaers respectively, areraging 00 . | per nionth proCI on .-losing ,hI.Is. can serine IuKM T. C. WOOD and CO., R. SI?, S» Diarborn St., Chicago. 1 horses hi uir.- rrOBl H eM-ry morning. CeraM, re I I wbta-RT V»TAMLiaii.lM THTTPTI 1004 1B0*. I -ill! of .00 on each u inner sent. So loiiimissioii- handled. THE CROWN CO.. Opelika, Ala, I I 25 West 42nd Street, New York, N. Y. ..] j SUBSCEIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM. •••••••••••••••••••••••••wW

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