Work-Outs of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1910-04-05

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WORK-OUTS OF EASTERN HORSES. New York. April 4. — Recent workouts of horses in training at Cravoscnd and Sheepshead Ray were: C.ravcseiid -Wcatln r clear: track fast. Alfred Noble -Mile in 1 :4!l. He has all his speed. Adriuche Three eighths in S8|. Cantered out the half in :.l. Looks gaa*. P.eanie Mile in l:5S. P.. iny.ih --Three quarters in 1:24. lb llev b-w -Iive-eighths in 1:117. Coming around ni.elv. Rarhv thorp. — Five eighths in 1:04«. Was hard Inhl and never looked better. Ren Iiyal — live-eighths in 1:05. Never looked better and shows all his speed. Hack Chief -Half mile in ..2j. Shows Improve incut, aspic— rive-eighths in 1:12. Was cantering al nig in a nice way. Curly lacks Mil,, in 1:"2 . Training along nicely. Pi. St. .to- Three-quarters in 1:P. ». Shows improvement aft.r the winter. I.litiora— Three eighths In ::7. Everett — Seven-eighths in 1:40. Is a much Improved horse. Fullback— Half mile in 51. Shows a line turn of sp cd. Far West— Five-eighths In l:ttft. Has all his old time speed. Fitz Herbert— Three-eighths in 4.".. Enough to prepare him for a work. Clucose Half mile in ..... Callev Slave -five eighths in 1 MUL Full of run and looks well. llazelhurst Half mile in ." :!. Shows speed and is training along nicely. Heatherblooin -Three eighths in 3K1. Was well in hand finishing. Hildas Sister Half mile in T,M.. Has all her speed ami looks well. Helen. — Three eighths in :.7. Has plenty of speed and works well. Kingpin Three eighths in :.7«. I,ocn Mile in 1 :.".2. Looks well and is coming around to form. Louise S.- Three-quarters in 1:21. Never looked better than now. Malacca— Three quarters in 1:21. Was will in hand. Maid Three eighths in .".OS. Is a fast tillv. Miss T—fc Three eighths in 37. Was full of run at the end. Mirdli Fiv-eighths in 1:04. o F.m -Half mile in .".2. Pretend — Three-quarters in 1:19. Never looked better. Prima- Imperial — Three-quarters in 1:1!. Well in hand. Qiiincv Relic — Threepighths in 40. Malta — Half mile in ."il. Kifkstoiic — Five eighths in 1 :05. Sandrian -Seven eighths in 1:42. Was under a pull all the w.av. Spimlb — Mile in 1:."4. Looks well and works along nicely. Sparkle Half mile in ."."•. Looks well and shows some early speed. The Turk— Mile in 1:."U. Was well in hand. Wise Mason Tin ee quarters in l:l!l. Never looked better. Sheepshead Ray Weather char;- track fast. i Adelin. — Half mile in ..1. Ra.l News-Thr quarters in 1:22. Continues to train ni.elv and will race at Aqueduct. Rallol S.-veii eighths in 1:32. lie is training soundlv and acts like a wild horse when on the track." Charlie llargrave Half mile in .". Is looking well and pulled up sound. Half mile in .".... Was hard held all through this move. Dandy Hixon Half mile in ..2. One that will be read* for Aqueduct. Eddie Higait Half mil- in ",. Looks well and is training nicely. Frosty — I luce quarters in 1:24. Coining to racing form rapidly. Calves— Three qua iters in 1:20. Was hard held. Crasniere --Three-quarters la 1:1113. A nice move for this three year old and he probably will be a starter in the Carter. Hilarious Seven eighths in 1:12. Was only cantering all the way. Helmet Three eighths in 43. Mask-otto Half mile in SB. This good filly is only licing cantered and is not meant for an earlv start. M.lisin.le Half mile in 58. Metaphor III. -Throe-quarters in 1:R ?.. A nice move, suggesting a start at Aqueduct. Master Lester -Three quarters in 1:24. Wanted to run all through this move. Planter Three eighths in 42. Jveen Marguerite Three quarters in 1:22. This mare never looked better. Sir Kvelvn Three quarters in 1:22,. Suffragist Three quarters in 1 :2o. Seneca II. Three quarters in 1:21. Sweep — Seven eighths in 1 :4."i. The Spear— Half mile in Eft, Thriftv Three eighths in 42. One that is tram ing nicely. Cravoscnd— Weather clear: track fast. Arist.i — Half mile in ." ■".. Annie Sellers Three-eighths in 37. Aston K.v Three quarters in l:ttf. nas all his speed aiid shows a great deal of improvement. Rillv Van Derveer— Three-eighths in 37. Shows plentv of speed and handles himself well. Ren Wilson Half mile in .".4. P.. •rkelcy— llaif mile in M. Never looked in liet ter condition. Ren Loyal — Three quarters in 1:22. Shows great improvement. Rushranger Seven eighths in 1:30. Was going along easily. Ballet Dtace — .Half mile In ."."i. Training along in a vcrv nice way. Rashti -Half mile in ...".. Was well in hand. CuthlxTt — Half mile In 53?.. Training along in an easv manner. Danger Mark— Half mile In 55. Well in hand. District Attorney — Half mile in 54. Shows some improvement over last season. Fitz Herbert— Half mile in 51:. Was hard to hold down to this pace. Never looked U-tter. Frank Mullens -Three eighths in M. Pulled up to a walk: the first quarter in 23. Fair Miss Three-eighths in :S»J. Has been going along slowly. Certle Three eighths in 37. Coorgc W Lobolt Three eighths in 39. , Ha/.ellhoriM- -Half mile in 49. Ileiodia Half mile in 55. Imitator Three quart, rs in 1.19. Looks good and will lie reads for Aqueduct. Leah— Half mile in 55. lyouise ft. — Half mile in 52. Never looked better or worked with more vim than now. Motion Seven-eighths in 1 :.!«. Has all her speed. Master Cuv —Half mile in 55. Merry Knight— Half mile in 51. Mutineer Half mile in 55». Noithunilverland Half mile In 553. Proclamation- -Three eighths in 40. Repeater—Three eighths in :,7. A fast brother to Fleet ioiieer and a good looker. Roval Me tear Half mile in 55?,. Was under a pull all the way. Shannon— Half mile in 50. Tirade— Half mile in 55. Was under a strong pull. Ya.le Mecum — Throe-eighths in 37*.. Was eased up at the finish. Young R.lle Half mile in 51. Ml -Three eighths in 37J. Fast and has been training along nicely. Sheepshead Ray — Weather clear: track fast. A-huoll— Three eighths in 41. Oak -Half in 51. Shows speed than ever before. Re-oin Thi .■ quarters in 1:18. Has an abundance ..I -|Mcd and can. lie made ready for Aqueduct. Ronnie K. Is,, Half in 493. lie has been training well and is showing liottor speed than usual far him. P.ishoo Three qua rlers in 1 :2S. Christina Mile in 1:9ft Coiinaught Ranker Three -quarters in 1:21. Has been showing some improvement, but is touched in the wind. Cohori Three-quarters in 1 :23. Coming to racing c.n.lit.ui and is intituled for an early start. Calvanist Half in 5.!. Helt.iie Three eighths in 42. Diillear. Half in 63. Dalmatian Thro, -quarters in 1:23. Fashion Plate Half in 55. Colli. • Levy— Half in 51. Hard h.1,1. Favete Three quarters in 1:21. He is looking better phvsieallv than ever before. Craira Three quart, rs in 13ft. Ilan.pioii C.nirl Three quarters in 1:28. II. nt Pang Tlirei quarters in 1:24. Joe Madden Throe quarters in 1:22. Looks well and is all that is required. Jeanne dAre I hree quarters in 1:22. Has plentv of speed. King Janes -Half in 38. Just a Moderate breath ing exercise for him: he is not intended for earlv racing. Krikina Half in 53. Mar* Davis Three-quarters in 1:23. Coming to hand nicely. Montgomery Three quarters in 1:22. Nimbus Three quarters in 1:23. Niagara Hall in 55. Niinda live eighths in 1 :05. Petrofins -Three quarters in 1:2S. Is cmlng to hand ni.elv. Prime Cal Half in 49. Was well in hand all the wav and is close t., racing condition. Rest jgonehe Three-quarters in 1:22. He is .lose I., racing edge and ought to go well at Aque UuvL Rose Queen — Three-quarters in 1 :23. She went along with Fircstoue under restraint. Scarpia- Half in 55. Trance — Half in 50. Was well in hand all thi: wav and U; training along soundly. Traveller -Half iu51. Was rank all through the move. Tony in l:4,s-. The Peer — Half in 5ft Cood speed for this one, and lie ought to race well at Aqueduct. Turf Star — Three-quarters in 1:24. She has been taking a good deal of slow work. Tubal -Three quarters in 1:2A . A nice move. lb will race at Aqueduct. W.xdcasta — Half in 52. Has plenty of speed and is one meant for Aqueduct. Woodcraft — Three quarters in 1:23. Is training well.

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