Work-Outs of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1910-04-09


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WORK-OUTS OF EASTERN HORSES. New York. April S. — Recent work outs of horses in training at Gravesc:id. Sheepshead Hay and Belmont lark were: Grnvesend Weather clear: track heavy. Aston Key — Five-eighths in l:Ot5j. Shows improvement. Adriuehe -Half mile in B2. Close to her best form and sh mid race well at Aqueduct. Hliiiulara -Three-quarters in 1:2." . Was full of run and hard held. Banyah Half mile in ."«!. Looks well and is coming around to form. Casque Three-quarters in 1 :2l.. Was hard held. District Attorney — 1 iiree-eighlhs in .".Si. Has speed. Dr. Stone - Three-quarters in 1:22. Shows nice work whenever a-ked. Everett Seven eighths in 1 :40«. Is close to good fm in. Elinora Half mile in T,. Fair Miss Half mile in ,"i7. This itlly lias nice turn of speed. Fitz lleibert -Five-eighths ill 1 : «». Coining around to his ImsI form. Gertie— Half mile in M. Nice work for her. Hazclthorpo -Three quarters in l:2r 5. Shows plenty of speed. Hildas Sister Half mile in "S. Was full of run and hard held. HactherblooBi Half mile in .T7S. Helena— Three eight I s ill 411. Irish Ge:itleni:in -Three eighths in 42. Jiisi-i man Half mile in BBt King Iin llaif mile in .VS. Louise S. — Five-eighths in 1:09;. Shows all her S|.eed and will be ready for Aqueduct. Malacca — Mile in 141 Looks well and is fast coming around to form. Mirdli-Scvu eighths in 1 ::. ;. Shows great improvement aver last season. Mern Knight Throe-eighths in 38|. Our ilaiuiah Half mile in 55, Opponent Throe-eighths in 42. Proclamation — Half mile in M. Ouinoy Hclle Three eighths in 4IS. A racy looking tiliv with a nice turn of speed. yuantieo -Five eighths in l:0ti. Never looked better. Rookstone — I ive eighths in 1KK|. At his ltest. Reiiutatioii Half mile in 5SJ. Works like a good cult. Snarkle — Half mile in ."■.".. Sir Jo n .Ddms.ii — Five -eighths in 1:07. Was full of run. Sandrian Seven eighths in 1:40. 1ndcr a strong pull. Sir Kavniond— Half mile in IM. Sculpture niiee-eighlhs in 42. , Warbler Three-eighths in 42. Zoll Half mile in ..4. Sheepshead Hay— Weather clear; track good. Ashwcll— Half mile in ",. Arasee Mile in 1:33. Is being kept close to racing condition. Arch Duke Half mile in S0|. A gi«id liniker. Absconder Half mile in .".oil. Husy Maid Half mile in 50. She has an abundance of speed. Fanhurv -Three-quarters in 1:2.!. Bishop Three quarters in 1:28. Blackford Mile in 1:55. Charlie Hnrgrave- Mile in 1 :.iti. Looking well, but is training slowly. Coiintv Chairman Half mile in ",. Cliff Edge Half mile in ."..;. Has developed into a promising horse. Dandv Dixon Half mile in 52. One that is coming" to racing condition rapidly. Dandelion -Half mile in tt. Good work for this old fellow. Dalmatian-Half mile in 505. This is a bit faster than lie had moved before and suggests that ha is meant for racing at Aqueduct. Dartmouth— Three-eighths in 40. One that is doing well. . ., Dullcan — Half mile in .",2. Has plenty of speed and is close to racing condition. Dreilkin— Mile in 1 :4ii. Eddie Dugan Half mile in .".15. Is rapidly coining to racing condition. Firestom — Half mile in tt. Looking exceedingly well and could be raced at Aqueduct. Favetti — Half mile in aU He was being stopped at the finish and worked much faster than was intended. Ionair- Seven eighths in 1:40. , Grasinerc -Half mile in Til. Tins three year old has plenty of speed. Gloria Mile in 1:40. Rapidly coming to form. Guy Fisher Mile in 1:4b. Well in hand all the "ay. , Hampton Port — Thrte aaarteri in IrsB. Infatuation — Half mile in ."2. Jim. Madden— Half mile in ."1. He is looking ex- ceedinglv well and could be raced at Aqueduct. Jeanne dArc Half mile in B. King James— Half mile in B5. Krikina— Han mile in ."2. Lord Rochester — Half mile in 5S. * Montgoinerv--Half mile in .".::. Mitaphor III. — •Half Hide in BL Norbitt - Half mile in .".7. Niagara — Three aaarteri in 1:20. Oatead— Five-iighths in 1:04. One of the fast. w irks of the morning. He is looking well. Ferry Johnson-Mile in 1:50. Has plenty of speed Qu.-en Mai guerite— Seven-eighths in 1:40. This mare has acea doing excellently. Rustetii — Three-quarters in 1:20. |,si Queen Half mile in 52. She has all her sped and takes to her work cheerfully. Rcstigoiiclu — Half mile in 52. Suffragist Half mile in ttf. Thorp— Half mile in 52«. A colt of fine size with a good wav of going. Tony Bonero— Mile in 1:47. Coming to hand nicely. Transform — Thn-o-qiiarters in 1:22. The Fecr — Seven-eighths in 1:51. Woodcraft— Half mile in 55. Belmont Fark— Weather clear: track fast. Abound — Half mile in 57. Agawain. — Half mile in ols. Ace of Clubs— .Half mile in 40. Agnier — Three quarters in l:22if. Amalli Half mile in 50?.. Bea lie, iii — Mile in 1 :4s:. Takes to training kindly. Billiard Ball— Three quarters in 1:17?.. Brushbroom -Three-quarters in 1:22?. Cainpeon Three-quarters in 1:11*. CandlclM-nv Mile in IsMf. Corona BeUe -Three aaartera in 1:18. Dorchester Half mile in 40£. Enrl i. Half mile in T,:l. Falcada Mile in 1 :4 . His bad tendons are stand ing the training ordeal. Grandpa Did a gallop of three miles and h«iks well. Huigh.ini -Half mile in 52. Liiii|H-l Half mile in 40?.. Magazine -Three quarters in 1:17?. May Riv.r Mile in 1:40. Working nicely. Mexoana — Three quarters in 1 :2: . Mretic Biw — Half mile in 4".»?. Olanihala -Mile in 1 :5s. , N st or —Mile in 1 S3. Old Boy -Half mile in 57. Onager Half mile in ttf. Owaniix —Half mile in 51*. Ihantasque Half mile in 50?. Radiant Star Three quarters in 1:22?. ReslMWisful--Three-quarters in 1:22?. Sheriff Bradley — Half mile in ttf. White Wool— Half mile in 40J.

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