Work-Outs of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1910-04-12

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WORK-OUTS OF EASTERN HORSES. New York. April 11. — Recent work-outs of horses in training at Gravoseiid. Shoepshead Bay and Belmont Park were: Gravis. ml —Weather dear; track slow. Alfred Wiihh Thin iinailiu in LU8L At his beat far the Carter Handicap. Cantered out the mile in 1:4.".. Adam Bode- Three-eighths in Mi. Shows plenty of speed ami is a likely colt. Arista— Three-eighths la -7 = . A good leaker and mover, with a line turn of speed. Black Chief— Half mile in .".4. Coming around nicely to his I est form. Ban I.oval — Three-quarters in 1:22. Shows great improvement over last season in his make up. Barlevlhorpe -Three quarters in. 1:18. Ballymena — Three-eighths in ::7». A good looker and mover, with a tine burst of speed. Baahti Three-eighths in :!7Ji. 1ast and sadck at the post. Babe Macum— Three eighths in 0S8. Well in hand and works like a smart tilly. Black Mate— MHe i:i l:".l. Doming around to goad form. Constellation Thrce.piarlers in 1 : IDA- Shows good work ;tt all tin .-. in. !•. Three-quarters in 1:24. lias been resting for some time and is looking well. Banger Mark Three-eighths in o7. Pi Miet Attorney — Five-eighths in 1 : «.-;. Was an II in hand and shows Improvement. Ethel Le Brume Half mile in ..2. F.ll.el Day -MHe in 1:53. Hard held. Fullback -Three-eighths in 38 . Far W.-t -Five-eighths in 1 :0-!. Has all his speed. Golden Agues Half mile in ..:.». Works like a gaod lilly. Glucose— Fire-eighths in IMisi. Bus all his speed. Hecuba -Half mile in ." !•. Works like a snarl liilv. Helena— Time-eighths in :.7. Fast, and acts like a good one. Imitator— Three-quarters la 1:1*. At her best. Indoi — Hall mile ia M|. faunae improvement over 1 1st season. Loco--Mile la 1:52. Has improved a great deal. Maid— Half mile in 51. A fast tilly. Miss Jonah Half mile n 52. Merry Knight Five-eighths in 1:0 ;?.. Maxa Half mil • in -.2. Motion -Three-quarters in 1:1*1. Shows great Improri ment. N. va Hail nile in 51. Nb-e work. 0 Em -. hree-qutarters in 1:22. Training along nicety. Projectile Half mile in 53. Went along ea-tlv. Prim- Imperial -Three-qaartera in 1:15. Nerrr looked or ararhed better than be does now. Pretend Three-quarters iu 1 :! . Improving. B. peatt r Half mile in ."2. Shaiinon -Tun eighth- In 38|. Never looked better. S| ani-li .Maid Half mile in 52. Sensible -Half mile in 51. s.sii Three-eighths in OTI. One that leaks wl! and work- wel : t all times. Wi-, Maaoa -Three-quarters in l:M|. Never I... ked better Youn ■: Bel! -Three-sjnartera in 1:BH nheepahead Bay -Weather .bar: track sandfly. Ball.. Mile tat 1:-".. This goad horse has been baring ■ deal of slow m ek and is going along • t: in. |j wi II. Blackfool Three-eighths in 10. Moves like I fall ly good one. Brass Buttons Half mile in 55. Keil Horse Half mile in ."•".. Bonnie Kelso Beveu-elgbthn In 1 :38. He is In- d for Aqueduct racing and is training nicely. Biaoni Half mile in ".2. All f his recent saeres ha-..- been rxceBent. Bfatek Oat;- Half mile in ,".4. Never looked better. Bans TbrecHiuurters In 1:20! . Has all her sp. e.i and i- Iseklng well. Bear of the Mountain -Half mile in r.S. Chancery -Three-eighths la 12 Looks well and has a good way of going C eiiidimeir l»«lf mile W "• t ohm 1 Beren eighths in 1 :.".l. Coaaaaghl Banger 4teven-elghtha in 1:12. Dreamins Three-ebrhtha In 41. Duster Three-eighths in 40. FutbidUea Fruit— Thiee-elfcUtUjj |u 44, Fashi.n Plal — Five eighths iu 1:11. Training along slowiy. Pol lie lav* Tntee Quarters in 1:22. Hilarious— Mile in 1:.V . He has settled down and is doing all that is asked in cheerful fashion. Katoaah Half-mile in 55. All of his moves indi rate that he is a high-class colt. Lore Knot— Three-eighths in 44. Lad of Lringden- -Three-quarters in 1:23. Coming to hand rapidly. I ahore Hair mile in .v.. A good colt. Maskcito- -Mile in 1 :." •" . Ths good mare is being mi. lulged in long slow work and is not intended lor early racing. Melisandc - Half mile in SA Mary Davis -Seven eighths in 1:.°.l. Prince Gal — Bercn-elgnths in 1 ::;s. Petronlna -Seven-eighths in 1:12. Ittinin 11.1 de -Half mile in 35. Sweep— Mile in l:."..". Is ready for fast work al any tlsae now. Spin -Three-eighths in 44. Has plenty of speed. Sweepawav — Three-eightbs in 44. Scrimmage — Half mile in •" •" . Works like a high class colt. Traveller- -Haif mile in 58. Is training soundly. Iiuas Chief Half mile in 58. Has dtrthmtd into a grand-looking three-ycarold. Ill lllinal Par* Weather dear; track fast. Alt.-ihama- Half mile in 52. Has a ansd turn of early .spied. Blue Cinal Tbiee nasilfii in 1 :2:j*. Blue Tic — Three-quarters in 1:25. Center Rust Three-eighths in lit-. Cnickasa v, - Iree-ipiarters in 1:2:5. Fort Worth— Half mile in 52*. King Cobalt — Five-eighths in lsflaf. Went the lirst half in 4M under wraps. All his recent mores make it apparent that he has recovered his lest form. Ix.rd Stanhope-— Quarter in 27. Miss IkM-lev— Half mile ill 54J. Queens —Half mile in ."0. Question Mark Three-quarters la 1:20«. Semi-Ouavet-— Half mile in ."2. lay Pay— Three-eighths in -" t». Graven? ad— Weather dear: track fust. Barley therpe — Five-eighths in 1 : i2!. Has all Us dash and 111 v.r looked better. B.inrol.-t — Five-eighths ill 1 : !. Bahynh— Seven-eighths in 1:35. Coming around fast to his best form. Bushranger — Half mile in 51. Cteee ! ■ racing farm. Basin 1— Three eighths in "tii . Ballet Dance— Halt mile iii 56. Ben W.l-on llai: mile in 53. Cuthberi — Thre • -quarters in 1:22. Casjue Thll I isasil r- in 1:22. At his best an 1 will race well at Aqueduct. Danger Mark -Three-eighths tat :.7. Everett— Three-quarters in 1:22. ! air Miss — Half mile iii 38. p. aaaa Half mite hi SC. George W. Lebolt — Three -eighths in 401. Coming around tiiet Iv after a short let-up. Gallev Slav. — Five-eighths in 1KB. Golden Dream— Three-eighths iu ::»;*. Goal w -k for this one. George Fields -Three-quartera In 1:10 .. Hentlierhl 1 Tim e . tenth* la 37J. Hildas Sister Three-quarters in 1:22. Haaelthorpe— Five-eighths In 1:041. Irisil iei.tlenan -nice-eighths iu Sflf. Jeraeymsn Three-eighfhs in -" 7-. King Pin— Three-eighths in 3T|. A likely going -olt with a high turn of speed. KiJIarney Base -Three eighths in o7». I.adisine — Half nile in 5S. I.isaro — Three-quarters in 1:10. I.eui-e s. — Three-quarters la l:18f. Mantir Guy — Half mile in 5B. Mazunia — Three-eighths la 41. Malacca Half mtte In 55. Well in hand and never leaked better. Mutineer— Three-eighths in Ml. Madcap- Three-eighths in :;•;;.. Mirdli— Thre.-.iuart. is in 1:1«|. 0 .pea -lit -Three-eighths in 3S|. Proclamation— Half miie in -".4. Pvrmide- -Three-eighths in M r.. Quincy Belle— Thrce-eifhths in M7. Close to racing form. Reputation — Three-eighths in ",~i.. Rialto — Half mile in ■■•■ Rounding to nicely. Roekstone — Three -qua Hers in 1:18. At his lest and should race well at Aqueduct. Sir Raymond — Three-eighths in 38. Saadrtaa — Thin qnaihiii in l:22i. Never bjaked better. Sans Bone] II. — Three-eighths in 3C». Sculpture— Three eighths in 38. I go— Time eighths in 3M. Zoll — Thiee-eigliths in 111*. She. nafaeafl Bay — Weather cloudy: track fast. Bad Hews — Three-quarters tat 1:1SJ. Training along ni.-elv. P.ishop — Three quarters in 1 :2S. Is taking slow work. lift Bdgl — Haf mile in 58. Training slowly. Charlie Hargrave — Mile in !:•".• . Coming to racing condition rapidly. Dandy Dixon --Half mile la 52. Dixon— Three-eighths in •::». Has much early Sliced. Dalmatian — Half mile in 51. Nice wcrk and he is rounding to racing form rapidly. Dandelion -Half mile in 51. Has all his speed and Should race well at Aqueduct. IMdic Iuigan Halt" mile in 51. Favettt — Half mile in •". . Flies tone Half mile in ISf. Was well in haul and looks good. Frosty- Half mile In 52. Graiiia -Half" mile in 51|. Guv Fi-her S en-eighlhs in 1 :.".2. Hampton Court Th equal tor- in 1 :2S. Montgomery — Half mile in 503. Shows more speed than usual. M. Caaahoa -Half mile in .".•" . Will be ready lor Aqueduct. Niagara — Thrco-quarlers in 1:25. Ats mean tit times. Planter Three-eighths iu 41. Queen Marguerite —Sen 11 eighths in lets. R.stigoiiche Half n.ile iii SH« Nice move. Rose Queen -Half mile in »" ». Turf Star Thief quarters in 1:21. Tubal— Three-quarters in 1:21. Trance- Half mile in -".4. Woodcraft— Half mile in "2. Belmont Park — W. athcr clear: track fas. Karl G. Five-eighths in 1: i.l. Grandpa— Three-eighths in ::7. Nestor — Three quarters in 1:101. Plutocrat -Five-eighths in l:flE . Rocky OBrien— Fire-eighths In l:01J. Rufns -Quarter mile in 2 i. Winning Widow Flte ehththa in 1:»2.

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