Careers of Kentucky Derby Winners.: Interesting Review of after-Feats of Victors in Churchill Downs Great Race., Daily Racing Form, 1910-05-19


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i I . . CAREERS OF KENTUCKY DERBY WINNERS. Interesting Review of After-Feats of Victors in Churchill Downs Great Race. "The qui st ion is often asked." says the Louisville Courier-Journal. "what becomes of the Kentucky Derby winners V It must be borne in mind that the fame of niMiy has not alone rested on their victory in this great race. Some have done their best when they won the Be thy. while on the other hand others have goue on from victory to victory and achieved in lat.-r years even greater fame on the track and in the stud. The history of the Kentucky Derby Brant - there is no exact line as to how to jjt a Derby winner. They have come in many cases from sources utterly at variance with the fashionable blood lines ol today. Almost as many times has the plebeian won the Derby as has the aristocrat. "Arisiides. the tirst winner, passed from Churchill Downs to a victorious coreer that season on the eastern tracks, winning the Withers Stakes and other yreat races. He was the largest winning three-year-old nf his year, and as a four-year-old returned to the turf and defeated the record-breaker. Ten Brocck. When he quit the turf he was sold in Missouri and sired some fair winners, but his chances in the stud were limited and he never sent to the races any horses comparable with himself. He died about twenty years later, in the early !M s. ••Vagrant, the second winner of the Kentucky Derby, run in 1N71;. was one of the few geldings that ever won the race. He was defeated a little later in the Clark Stakes by Creedtnore. which had run second to him in the Derby, but after beini; taken ea-t to Saratoga lie retrieved his injured repu-tatiuu by winning the Travers Stakes. He was at one time the property of William B. Astor. but he had a lot of bad training luck the next season and never went to the |»ost. He. however, returned to the turf in older years and won a race or two. He died when about seventeen years old while ill use as a saddle horse for a young woman living on Long Island. "Baden Baden, the winner of the race in 1S77. was also owned by W. B. Astor. who paid Dan Swigert ..ilMi Car him just before the Derby race. His fate in the Clark Stakes was similar to that of Vagrant, as the mighty M.-Whirter took his measure, but had to break all xisting two-mile race records to do it. He also went east, and in the same Travers Stakes as Vagrant, won -back his Derby laurels, beating among others that woiiedrful mare. . Brad-mante. After he quit the turf Baden Baden was installed in the Astor breeding stud near Amsterdam. N. Y. He was not a great stud success, except through his daughters, which produced well. His failure in the stud, however, may have been due to the fact that he died very young. ••Day Star won the Derby in LS7S. and that washis ImsI race in his long turf career. He was sold when through with racing to an isolated spot in the west, when- thoroughbred marcs wore not plentiful, but still at that he sired several creditable winners and his daughters have produced well. He died at the age of eighteen years. "Lord Murphy won the Derby in 1S7II. and a halo has always surrounded his name, as he passed into history as the only horse that ever beat Falsetto. He came back in the tall and won the St. Leger at the Downs and was then purchased bv James K. Keene for 0.»0 l. Monitor beat him in the Dixie Stakes at Baltimore and Mr. Keene then sent him to Fiigland. He was never returned to this country and died abroad. It is thought he never lived to sire any colts or fillies. "Foiiso won the Derby in 1SS0. and it was his bets race, as he met with bad training luck later and was early sent to the stud. He was located at the Oak wood breeding establishment at Lexington and was a brilliant stud success. Among his get was the great Rudolph, and in his career he sired numerous stake winners. He died when about twenty-three years of age. His daughters rank high as producers. He left no great son as his successor, as Rudolph, the best of his get, was a gelding. "Old-timers will quest ion whether the Derby wis ever won by a greater horse than captured it in lhSl. when the peerless Hindoo led his field home. After his Derby victory he went on and on with sensational turf performances, and when he quit the track made his name immortal as a -sire by getting the mighty Hanover. He was located in his stud days at Runny-metlo Farm, in Bourbon County. Kentucky, where he died when he was about twentv-three vears old. "Apollo, the winner in 1S82. was. like Vagrant, a gelding. He was always an basest running horse after his Derby race and captured some stakes and many purses for his owner. 0 B. Morris. He broke down as a five-year-old and Morris presented him to a friend of his wife at Charleston. S. C. and the last that was heard of Ape 11. he was carrying his mistress over paths underneath the magnolia trees. "The Derby in IS*.! was won by Leonatus. which great colt left the turf as a three-year-old. unbeaten at that age. but never raced in his older years. He early went to the stud and got many good race horses. Pink Coat, an American Derby winner, and Tillo. a victor in the Suburlian Handicap, both lieing In him. He died at Riinnymcdc Farm, a companion in the stud to Hindoo, and lived to about the same age as the littler noted horse. "Buchanan, the winner of the great event in 1KK4. raced on until he was a four-year-old creditably, and in the stud of Scroggin Brothers, of Jefferson County, he got many stake winners and. in fact, was among Hie most successful of the Derby victors as a stallion. He was aliout seventeen vears old when In- died. "Joe Cotton, the next colt to win the Derby, raced into his four-yea r-ohl form with distinction, but left no get as a sire, as he died when he was six vears old. ""Ben Ali. J. B. Haggins great colt, won the Derby in MM and ran numerous good rapes afterward, bath as a three and four-year-old. In the stud he was a success, getting a nunilier of good horses. He was about twenty vears old when he died at Rancho del Paso Stud, in California. "Montrose next won the race, and was a good basse on the turf a year or two afterward. He was sold as a stallion to Ohio breeders and died young. lew of his get were winners. "Macbeth won the big race in 1SXR and was the third gelding to capture the prize. He had a checkered career on the turf in after years and won a BSSSher of races. He died the property of a Chicago society gentleman and even at an old age was often o be seen on Lincoln Park and other boulevards with his owner astride. ••S|Kkaue won the great race the next season and then went on and took the American Derby the same year. He spent a short stud career near Lexington and got a real good race mare in Spirituelle. He was young when he died. "The great Riley won the race in 1SSM. The*irilil veteran is still alive at the age of twenty-three. He was a brilliant racer, a good sire and his daughters are producing well. Kingman, the winner in MM, went from his Kentucky Derby victory and won the I.atonia Derby. He never raced after a I hree year-old and died when a live-vear-old. Asra. which won the Derby for George J. Long in 1S92. always a good race horse, was also a successful sire. He died at Bashford Manor Farm last year at the age of twenty years. "Lookout won the Derby In 1S9" and raced on till he was seven years old. He had bees gelded and J. E. Cashing, his owner, gave him away in Mimic sofa. He has been dead many years. Chance was the next winner and was a good race horse. He went to the far west as a stallion ami is still alive. Some of his get have won races on western tracks. "Iu lS0."i Halma won. He was always a great horse and lives in the records as the only Kentucky Derby winner that ever sired a Derby winner. He was taken to France by W. K. Vamlerbllt. but later was returned to this country and presented by his owner to the New York Breeding Bureau. He died last year. "In ISttfi Ben Brush Avon the Kentucky Derby, and he is one of the greatest horses that ever won the • •vent. He is now a star in the Castleton Stud of .lames R. Keene and- has sent to the races such great horses as Broomstick. Sweep and Delhi. ••Typhoon II. next captured the blue ribbon and was. until In- was a five-year-old. a prominent winner oil the turf. He was gelded in his older years and was finally sold to a huckster, who. at last accounts, vva- daily driving him on the struts in Indianapolis. Ind. "Plaudit, another great horse, won the Derby in 1S8IV He is now at Hamburg Stud, near Lexington, where lie sired the great King James. Manuel won the Derbv in IN!**, and that was about his last good race, a- lie died as a four-year-old. ""Lieut. Oibson met with almost a similar fate as Manuel, as Ik- ran few races after his victory at Churchill Downs, dying in the summer of his three vear-old fans. He has one distinction not enjoyed by anv other horse, as he is the only performer that was .ver allowed to walk over in a big Derby race. "His LniiiieiK-e ran about his best race In the Kentucky Derby, though lie was a winner afterward in the east at an older aire. He was finally sold to W . Whitney and put to jumping. He was killed in a fall over a hurdle. "In MffB Allan a-Dale won the big race. He was always a goad lHirse. and in Berwick. II tick and Klb-n a Dale be has shown I hat be can sire winners. He is still in the Ashland Stud of his owner. T. C. McDowell, near lexington. ""Judge Iiiiues next won the Derby, and was a great winner for C. R. Ellison before he died coming into his live year oid form. Elwno.1 won the big event in 1!M»4. He won a race or two at an older age and was last heard of in California, when he was being used as a saddle horse. ""Agile was the next winner. He raced on with sue -ess antral •esaSSS, and has since passed out of view. "•Another great horse won the IH.-rby in 190s in Sir Huou, which, as a flve-year old, broke the La- tonia track record at a mile. He is now doing his first stud service at George J. Icings Bashford Manor Farm. "Pink Star. Stone Street ami Wintergreen. the last three winners of the great race, are still in train iug." i

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