Work-Outs of Eastern Horses, Daily Racing Form, 1910-06-30

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WORK-OUTS OF EASTERN HORSES. New York. June 29. Kecetit work-outs of hordes in training at Graveseud and Sheepsliead Bay were as follow--: Graveseud Weather i lean track fast. Adam Me- 1 hn • ipiarters iu 1:21. Fiv, eighths iu 1 :04. Aldivia Three-eighths iu 39. Coming to her l»est form. Ba-hti Five eighths iu 1:01*. Has all her speed and looks good. Killv Bar live eighths in 1:88. Bound, i live eighths in 1:04. A good liMikcr and aawer. I..irn Dane- Three quarters in 1:21. Was under a pull throughout. Ballymeiia Thro quarters in 1:21. Blundaia mile iu .Mi. last and now at his be-t. .istb-wood Seven-eighths in 1:38. Coming around nicely to his Ih-sI form alter a long letup. Chhka-.w Thru quarters in 1:10. Has all his sp. ■• -d aaal ia ai Ma heat. Dclinv liv. eighths in 1 :04. Danger Mark— Five-eighths in 1:68. Looks well and works well at all tunes. Kthel Ii. Mile in l:4«. Was under a stout pull. Kveinti Tin i e ipiai t-r- iu 1:21. I-oo lights Five eighths in 1:85. A good looker and mover, with a line burst of speed. Five Aces -Five eighths iu 1:11. Shows all her s|H-ed. t.oldi-n S.iml Five eighths in 1:ns. Has not been :• k d to show much speed of late, .ale. Slaw Three-quarters ill l:lSg. Was under a pull Hiidi Barter Seven eighths in 1::I5. lI-iMli.t Half mile in 57. Was under a stiff pull . ml m v -r IM.ked better. Helena I ive .ightlis in 1: i"i. Looks well and wik- ■ II at ail times, lb agon Halt in 98ft. Slews all his speed and wa m -ver hatter than now. Indian M.:h. Mile iu 1:48. Has all her speed. Imitator S.-v.-n eighths iu 1:32. Shows a great dial of impiov.iieii! lately. Label, Half mile in 50J. l»oks well and is ready. Kaufman Three quarters in l:l!l. At his best, killb cranki. S-vii eighths in 1:33. Leigh rhx -eighths m i:m. Laaka well. Mutiinr Fiv eighths in 1 »!•. Merry Knighi Half mile in 51-. Was under a stifl pull throughout . Ml. Golightl --Ihri i quart. T.s in l:18|. Has all his s,„.„l. May Ann Ua -Half mile in 5o. Coining around f«si |.. her best form. Mich-ap Five-eighths in 1:08. Holds all her speed .iid is icadv to race. Novitiate Half mile in B8|. N. rthumbei land Thru uaartera ill 1:21. n -t»oii Five-eighth* in 1 :i.». pheme Half mil, in Mi.-. A fast iiliy that will improve. Iatriek S. Tim . nil irti is in 1:22. Has a nice turn ". s,..eil and shows some Improvement. Qaantlro Five-eightlia in 1:5*. Looks well ami holds aii Ma -I....I Royal Met. ..1 live eighths in 1:04. Shows ■ good woi k v ri -i. I • :i kd. Ilaqiii I hn i|i::n t. i - in l:F.»ii. Laafca well and :l hue Irttrst • f s|,i ,i|. Ki-.ii urn -Half mile in r.4* . Has hi en going -b.wlv for s..i|,. linn |, nt now doing nicely. R.M-kv oKri. ii Si-vi n i .jghths iu 1:38. Has not Ix-cn Inn; i. | in Ins work. Scrilxi -Five-eighth. jM .m. A nad looker and mover with a |BM8 bursl of sni ed. S|H-eial I.iew Iivi eighths iu 1 : !."•. Coming aroiiid pi form. St. .lose;,i. Mil.- in l;47;. Has all his s|„i | and t.ev.r 1....1;. .1 Uii.t. T«.p laata Half mile in o»i . Looks well and works w II win in r asked. spiii Tarn aaartera in 1:22. lias kctai goim: slowly for some time but now -doing IlicelV. 1 go--Five eightl-s iu l:«jy. lias all her speed and never looked better. V reel a ml — Half mile in 52. Holds all his speed and is readv. Wenna — Mile in 1 :4S. A fine going filly with a giM,d burst of speed. Wilton Lackaye Three-quarters in 1:21. Has been showing some fair work-outs of late. Wander Seven eighths in 1:31. Nice work for this one. Sheepshead Bay — Weather clear: track fast. Apache — Mile in 1:47?. Rounding to form rapidly. Archduke -Half mile in 50. Works along with all his speed and is ready. Absconder— Three eighths in 88, A good looker and mover, lilacktriar Thrce-oighllis in :;sv. Bishop -Mile in 1:13«. Went along well the first part, but tii-d at the end. Belle Mawr Mile in 1:41. Has all her speed and , is nearly ready. Beatri.-e Five -eighths in 1 :02». Keeps improving with each work and is ready. Bill v Wells— Three-quarters in 1:20s. A good l.K.ker. Daw Mile and an eighth in 1:50. Candidate -Three-eighths iu 38. Moves along like a high-class colt. Hixon — Half mile in 54. Is at his best. Extravagance — Half mile in 52. A good looker with a nice way of going. Forbidden Fruit Half mib in B8§. Coining to hand nie.Iy and b oks like a good filly. Fairv Storv --Three quarters in 1:10. Fashion Plate Mile in 1:41|. o.ldie -Half liiih- in 51. Has lots of speed. Hilarious Mile in 1 :42L pulling up. Helmet -Half mile iu 52k. Rounding to his best lorin. Heatlierl.loom — Half mile iu 50. A fast filly and a grand l.N.ker. High Private Mile m 1:18. Coining to hand rapidly since his bt-np and is 1. Hiking good. Hind-Hi Star Mile in 1:43. Nice work for hiiu. Krikina Half mile iu 49. Lahore Half mib- in 58j. I.000 -Mile in 1:52. Working along slowly. Melisande— Half mile in 52. Is in fine racing trim. Marigot Mil- ii, 1:1.;.. Norl.itt Three eigiiths in 37. Has all his speed and is close to form. Nightfall Five eighths in 1:03. O. F. Busier Five eighths iu 1:01. Has all his speed and i: leady. Prince Sal Half mile in 49. Never was better. Ietronii:s Mil- and a quarter iu 2:13. Went along in a nice way and is ready. Oueeus Song Mile in 1:2. Royal Captive— Three-quarters in 1:20. Getting goo.1 again. l:. vl«.,in -Mile ill 1 :4."o. Svrep Mile ind an eighth in 2:02. Sulfragist Mile and a quarter iu 2: 9:. Tie w:is M-rv tired at the end. Star Plm Mile in 1:13?. Has lots of speed. Thrifty Tan I aaarttra in 1:17. lias iieeu working along nicely and is nearly r.-adv. Trance Three eighths In 37. Has all her speed. Twickenham — Halt mile in 50.

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