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NECROLOGY OF 1912. Death levied its accustomed toll during the year upon those connected with the turf. The list if those who joined the great majority embraced some who were well known by reason of their activities in connection with the sport of racing. Notable among the deceased owners, breeders and trainers were C. I. Harrison. John Hynes. William Jennings, Thomas II. Oh una, Daniel 8w inert. John Dyment, and James II. MeCorinick. Prominent racing officials and luif writers who passed away included Thomas B. Merry Hidalgo, Frank St. D. Skinner, and Frank W. Thorpe. Three Jockeys met death by accident while in the pursuit Of their vocation, the trio being .1. Allen. A. Barton, and W. Cullen. ••Monk" Co-Imrii. a famous jockey In his day. succumbed to the ravages of a disease from which he had been suffering for some time. The list of the years dead is made up as follows: Owners and Breeders. JAMES APPLEG ATE--Owner. Hamilton, Ohio, Feb- ruarv 8; general debility. BENJAMIN M. COLE— Lexington, Ky.. December 7: psrslysis. LOUIS H. EZELL— Owner. Texas. July 31. T. Gll.MAN Owner. Rrooklyn. N. Y.. August 20. GEORGE V. HANKINS— Owner. Chicago, ill., August 10. C. L. HARRISON -Owner. New York. N. Y.. Sep t ember 14; heart trouble. JOHN HYNE8 — Owner. Stamford, Conn., April 23: heart disease. WILLIAM JENNINGS— Owner and breeder. Baltimore, Mil.. May 17: heart trouble. C. LEWIS— Owner. Vancouver, B. C, June 4: Bright** Disease. JOHN MANNION — Owner. Nashville. Tenn.. September. / JAMES McKAY Hamilton. Out.. December 21. MATT McNAMARA — Owner. Lexington. Ky.. Sep t ember. CHARLES WM. MED1NGER — Former owner. Baltimore, Md.. October 2S. John T. MEEHAN — Former owner. New York, N. V., October 25. 1. II. MILDEN — Owner. Philadelphia. Pa.. February 1. CLARENCE MOORE— Owner. April 13: drowned. Titanic disaster. CHAS. J. MURRAY— Owner. Cayuga, Ont.. March I I. WALTKR s. PAYNE -Breeder. Lexiugton. Ky.. March 30: BrigfatS Disease. CHARLES SCHUMACHER — Former owner. St. Louis, Mo.. September 2!. llliiMAS SELLERS— Owner. Lexington, Ky.. April 13. THOMAS H. STEVENS -Owner. Butte. Mont.. August 19; pneumonia. DANIEL SWIGEBT— Owner and breeder. Belle Air. Ky., Mav ». FRANK B. VAN METER, JR.— Owner. Albuquerque, New Mc.. May 14. Trainers. JAMES DRI MMOND -Charleston. S. C. January s. JOHN DYMENT Barrio. Hit., January 12; blood clol on the brain. JOHN C. GRAY — Oklahoma City, Okla.. June 8; pan lysis. T. GREEN -Havre do Grace. Md.. September 19; 1 v i Id fever. JAMBS 11. McCORMICK — Berlin, Germany, April I,, i i ucer of the liver. W. J. NARYAEZ Juarez. Mex.. lebrutiry IS; sui- clde. JOHN G. PATTON— Tulsa. Okla.. June 20; suicide. Bookmakers. MARCUS II. CARTWRIGHT— Chicago. 111.. Janu- arv :i: heart trouble. FRANK i.ALLEN" —Chicago. 111.. July 27. CHARLIE HAYES -Philadelphia. Pa.; October 13; operat km. GEORGE LEVY New York. N. Y.. Deceinlier. LILLY MAOK1N New York. N. Y.. October 21: ion. JOSEPH STURGIS — New York, N. Y., June 23; apoplexy. JOSEPH i:. WOODS -Chicago. 111.; October 24. Jockeys. .1. ALLEN— Havre de Grace, Md.. September 12; injuries receiv d from s fslL HARRY BIRKBNRUTH London. Eng., March; in Juries received In Vienna. 1V10. ALBERT BURTON — Charleston, s. C. January 23: fail. W. E. "MONK" COBURN— San Francisco, Cal.. October 14: tuberculosis. .lolIN i ol.YIN Louisville. Ky.. August 20: heart trouble. WILLIAM CULLEN Montreal. Que., August 17: fall. ROBERT "DAD" HUNT— Washington Court House, Obi... Aoril 13. M. MeDONOI GH— Louisville, Tenn., May 12: acci- dentslly shot. JOSEPH IH.iioTT St. Petersburg. Russia. August; buIi Ids. JOHN SAMITES Cincinnati, Ohio. June 4. HENRY SPENCEB Oakland. Cal., March 21: fu- b. i. nlosls. .1. I BAL -Baltimore, Md.. October 22: typhoid fevi ■ Others Identified With the Turf. .1. ii. ALEXANDRE — Member of the foekey club. Rosebaiik, Stafcen Island, N. Y.. June :;o. WILL LAIN Turf follower. Alameda. Cal.. Janu- arj . ALZAMORA II BATTERSBY -Former manager Brighton B ach Ra ing Association. Brooklyn V "i .i urn. ii 2S; diabetes. W W. I»oi ill. ASS -Turf writer. Louisville. Ky.. Maj 11. iiiois FLYNN Former starter. Lake Snnapee, S II.. Viiu~t 21: erysipelas. .II DC! CHARLES coDSII Y Ka ing i Bli il. Ian.o i I!. i. Ji at ] 20; he irt 1 THOMAS l i . 1 : i i Y Senator. Sew York, N. Y.. cbtnarv ■•: i-ompl i *a t Ion ol diseases . 1. HASSARD-SHORT Turf writer and handi- rapiMM New York, S. . April SO; suicide. II. | Kl. ni GH Racing Oflh?ial and turf writer. Chicago. 111.. June :i: | umonia. Mini. KINGSMILL. K C. Stockholder of the On- Jockey club. Toronto, Ont.. July. THOMAS B MERRY Turf Journalist. Portland. Or.-., s. iitemhet ; suicide. GEORCE MORRIBON Director of Maryland ,l.« k ■ ; I . s. |,t. nib.- FRANK ST. I SMWI.U Newspaper correspond rut nnd i icihg otiici.-ii. San Francisco, Cal . pid I. CEOBOE smi ill Superintendent of belling ring. Niagara Falls, V . July 28; killed in automobile seel lent CPU i:n STI RGEOS Chicago, 111.. April: Brights iliseasc. I". . TUUIUE— Uumlicappt-r und loimer racut;; otiieial. Monntabj Lake. n. j., Sentemhei :;o: stomach trouble. CHARLES ZACHARIAS Bookmakers clerk. El Paso, Tex., December 30; pneumonia. Foreign Owners, Breeders. Jockeys, Trainers and Others. FRED ALLSOPP former Jockey, Worcestershire. Eng., December 4. John BARLKN- -Former jockey. France, April. A. CARRATT- Jockey and trainer. Okantilly, France, October. PRINCE COLONNA Marc Antonio. Duke of Ma rinoi President of Koman Racing Association. Italy, January 28. JAMES HOWARD— Jockey. Newmarket. Eng.. November. MILES IANSON English otiieial and breeder. Mutton. Eng., February 13. MAJOR JOICBY— Race track official Kemp too Park i. Suhningdale Park. Berks, Eng., Jaiiu-arv 23. J. m AINSELL RICHARDSON— Gentieasma Jockey. England, January 22. E. MONK Jockey, paiis. France, November 29; injure B receiv d by fall. THOMAS PICK ERNEJL— Gentleman rider. Eng laud. S. H. PURCELL — Trainer. Johannesberg, Soiitii Africa, oetoini 2ii; pneumonia. ARTHUR DAVID SASSOON — Owner. Ascott Leigh-ton Bnsxsrd, Enu:.. March IS. R O. SHRRRARD Trailer. England. March 29. FRANK WARD -Racing otiieial. Nottingham, Ens;., II.. mber 12: lung trouble. • J. WINGROVE SMITH— Director and owner. England. March :S. HENRY SMI RTHWAITE — English turf writer. England. February 7. THOMAS HAMPTON WINTER— Trainer. Middle-ham. Eng.. March 23.

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