Meeting is in Full Swing: Racing Season at Juarez Now at Its Height and Sport Flourishes, Daily Racing Form, 1913-01-26


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MEETING IS IN FULL SWING RACING SEASON AT JUAREZ NOW AT ITS HEIGHT AND SPORT FLOURISHES. Stewards Exerting Themselves to Keep the Racing Clean and Adopt Particularly Vigorous Policy Towards the Jockeys — Interesting Gossip. Ill I.isn. Tex., January 20. — The Juarez racing Benson is now mi its beighth. Up this time, etci I .-. k -in - - the opening if the meeting has seen an improvi mi lit iu patronage and the character ot the i.ii is coaipared with the previous one. The Heather after having been except inial ly freaky anil in. lement, lias H last mIIIinI tn normal conditions ami racing folks are now being treated to a fait simple of El liso"s wlater eliaaate. Afternoons at the course of the Jockey Club Juarez are now paused iiiii! i i I i t ions tlial remind one of a May day in tin north and east. »n Thursday last the i»n-« t in ji |.a--il its fiftieth .lav and was egactll halt over. I I ii-s Mfe to predict that the second half will In more satisfactory from every Standpoint than lit-- first. I In viiluini of betting in the Juarez tins nth its tin health condition of the aport. There is always an abundance of support for any good hone in a raee and speculation is uniformly heavy. There are many big operators here and the; wager with confidence beranae of the knowledge that the spoil In being rlr.uily conducted. The stewards have lieen us rigllaat as-tbe moat exacting could desire. It is prabablj tree that they are exercising a closer sup ervlsion of the work of the jockeys than is ordinarily ut tempted. Fvcrj one of the loekeya riding here has been given to understand In no uncertain waj that his career will terminate abruptly unless be lidis t« the lust of his ability all the time. And all nf I hem have been wanes that rough riding will not be tolerated for a moment. Failure to heed this warning in one or two instances has been followed i nummary punishment. An instance of this oc .lured recently iu the case of jockey Schwebig, who suspended Indefinitely, which probablj means ibe iockcys permanent banishment. Schwebig proa-; 1 1 ■ i will not be granted a license to ride for unite tunc, period, as ids malicious aaaaolt on F. Tea _ in. when ha rod,- tlatteraa last week, was not his W Ursl olTense in this line. Tltar explains why his f punishment was si severe and that he will have a i-*ta lime to think ahowl it is the general opinion, as Judge Price is slew to pardon any rider who re- ■ i is to such tactics. Favorites fared well at Juarez this afternoon. four out of the si winning and the layers were hard hit. .Inn Baser, favorite for the handicap, was Up. victim of interference- and a misjudged ridi by Jockey Loftos. Irish «lentletnan, the win ner. has been racing consistently bote of late, He v,.is favored with the best of racing link today. fan Zani i .main ib-nioiisti a ted that she is tin best three-year-old Miss ;it the track. She won liom i good lot of --oils and ti!li.-s of her age with consummate ease. she will doubtless race la Kentucky Ibe rootling spring, as .1. 1. Newman i-l I. inning to enter ber in all the big stakes. Jockey Bohbj Small was susjicndeil for live days by starter fassidy for disobedience at the post. Jocke H.ils.y. who had the mount on Kootenai iu ih- handicap, Interefered with every horse that drew mar him. Irish Gentleman alone escaping. The stewards, after having the patrol judges report, intnacaded iii in for tea day*. Boroaster was bought this afternoon by Hell A: Mm | li. liiiu V. B. t arson, who churned him iu hi lasl start. I». I.. id hongfat Aulo GM from J M. Harms thin morning ami she raced iu her new- owners colors ■■ the- titst race this afternoon. A niong this mornings work cuts were tin fol lowing: Aeiirnen Three quarters in 1:14-,. Is good. It.-iciiihu isirl -Seven-eighths in 1:33, hreesJng. Itlue I.i-ai.l Three-quarter* in 1:18, breezing. Boca Grande Three-eighths in 39, breezing. Bonanza Three-eighths in 35%. i .iiii.ii .ida Three-quarters in 1:19%, handily. lampoon llii.-i quarters in 1:14--,. Is good. iia-. tioeti Five-eighths In 1 : :,. handily. Hanserons March Mile iu 1:44. handily. Is good. iioioiln li.. in Hail mile in ft. handily. i.liz.ib.-ili llaiw i —Three namrten in l : 1 0 :! -. . handily. r.iii Johnson Three-onarter* in l:lfi%, handily. Illlpy Half mile iu V. . handily. liladys V. Three-eighth* in :;T. breezing. II. I. ii Barbee Three-eighths in ::■». breezing. Injury Half mile in 51, breesing. iiisiiraiic- Man Mile in 1:40, bKeaing. Isom Three-eighths in ::!». breezing. Jim 1- Mib- in I :4S. hreeaamg. Joe Deihold Five-eightba in 1:02, handily. Is good. Joha falters. .n Seven-eighths in 1:33, breezing. .lust lted Half mile ill *», handily, l.ehi-h Mih 1 is. bii-.-zing. I . w in I In. i bibs in .17. bre.-zing. I... mis I. an.- Three-eighths in 39, breezing. Iii.-kv Ik. Three eighths in 39, hreealng, i. Alan li.ii- eighths in r.7. breesiag. Milt Junes • s. en eighths in 1 ::;. bieezing. Mona aim in, mi. five-eighths in 1:03, handily ii, ,n Queen Three-miarters in 1:18, breezing. hi cinatoi Hall nub in t. Is extreaaelj good. Palatable Half mi!- in 51. hreealng. Quid iiih rbree-elghtbs In 37. hreexlng. Racqw i:. Halt nub- in 51, hreesJng. i: ike Seven eighths in l :30. la good. Sam Bernard Mile in I 1i hreealng. s.i ii Ramon Halt mile in 51. hreealng. Serenade Five-eighths iu 1:03, handily. siiin lliree-qnarters In 1:18, breezing. i; mar co Three-eighths in ■ ■. hreealng. . , c FVwty Three-eighths in :;7. bic-zimr. George M Van Gorden, the California tuvfuian. i il ••: a letter from his breeding farm ::i that si.ii,.. t|,at iiis ihiiI broodinai e. Janice Marian, bj Rnbicon, foaled mi January •. a haad ituaae nit bj i.i ri i al Ibiberis. This ronngster is a i.iotb.i to Mi.- speed] tilly Florence Roberts and his owner regards hnn highly. He means to give him .i -h.i in . !•• groa and develop and. if he turnout to Ii- Mr. Van Gorden expects, he Bill t: lo win I In- Kentucky and f.atonia Derbya of IMfl with him. Janice Marian, the dam of this ronnajster, cornea from the family of !■* famous fl.izi-s. noted in the haag a-. . she beiag oat of I. ady Motley, tin- dam of Biases. Mr. Van Gorden will again mat.- .lauice Marian with General Rob ■ lis. The one big stable of If nderaaa and Hogan has been reduced to one horse, Cockspur, a maiden, thai i- being racd here by ;. M. Odom. and which so far has proven of little account. Millet Henderson, th l.ntuck member of tins Irm. had to quit the turf owiag to ill health ami ids racing partner. Frank *;. Hogan of raaadt na CaL, has ihowa little interest in tin- snort ..f late and has not even isited tie- Jaaret track tii- aeasoa Roth tarfaara are wintering in Paaadaaa. Henderson A. Hogan still own several yoaag mares, which bav been retired li, tie- sind and are BOW at in. 1 Farm near I.. siiiLton. Ky. It may he thai when the prodnce oi these in ins aie obi eaoagh to raee, the tirm Continued on second aajpa. MEETING IS IN FULL SWING. Continued from tirst page, i Will resume iis activity in tin spoil. A fen years ■go Henderson .V Uogan had one of the biggest stable- in training, at tinu-s there being as many bs thirty-fire horses in their barn. The tirm foe nereral seasons wan a large Dumber of races and their luri" rentures were not wholly unprofitable. The were n rer Fortunate in uetting a real good horse, but owned ami raced a number ol useful performers and their string always had a Strang following. Foiii members of tin- firm were personally popular ami art missed. rhej were enthusiastic for racing ;ts long as tiny maintained a big stable ami undoubtedly Mr. Hendersons poor health alone is resp risible fi t their absence. Trainer .1. 0. Keene will take buck with him to Kentucky only iiu two three-year-olds, Barsac and Lord Marshall, and a t wo v car-old which lie dees not expect to start here. He had intended to sell Barsac, but that three»year-oi«i has v, done well in training al Juarez and vvoulit not bring anything like the price ins Kentucky trainer believes him to be worth. Mr. Keene thinks ho has in Lord Mar ■ball the making of a great three J ear old. He Will go lo Kentucky next month and Will lake up .1. V Camdens Kentucky Derbj candidate, Helios, and the rest of Mr. Camdens horses, lie tried out several of the now two-year-olds in ibis stable as yearlings last fall ami the showing they made was highly satisfactory. He expects ■ good season la Ken luck j ibis year If the Camden horses hare a fair share of training link. i.lad.v- Y. ai I ion. i. two uvenilcs thai scored in their see. .ml start at Juares for the stable of Ool, V. i;. ipplegale. were purchased at private sale from atesby Woodford and Phil T. China, re-sp • i i ei. . The former is n;,nie.| for the daughter « t W .. Yank. . win. is interested in the book-ma kins and racing v •n-tures of Colonel Applegate, ■the alliance between the pair baring been formed in California when the sMrl nourished in that state. Gladys 1., a daughter t»l Miller, by Hindoo, is un donbtedly the better of the pair, but her stable companion, thong] n the small order, has :, tine turn ■■! sjieed and i~ likely to develop Into a useful racer, ii being the idea of those win. have observed her closelj thai s;,,. R-m -,, :, route better Hi Jt ii any daughter of her sj... Cesar ion. since the days oi Fred Coo Its hi-.i class filly, Minnie Adams. which was k I enough " scori as a Derby winner and defeat good ...lis. .is well as high-class lilli s, in her time. ■1 McDonald, who has* made such a l; 1 haprea- siou here as an apprentice rider, is a native of Butte, Mont., and conns from a good family. Al Austin, who has him under contract, says in- Is the best behaved boy ho over had around his stable, 11 likis lo ,|;n around his place of work and. when not busy, Bpends his idle .hue in reading good hook-. II.- third mount resulted in a win with Vdie Forty. N . veteran of tin- saddle could have managed her b. mi- Ibau McDonald did upon that occasion. Mi. lufltin means to bo extreme! careful in selecting mounts for the lad, on til the little rider has had more experience. H- wants to guard against having his courage shattered bj a fall from m in. v, orthli s hon e. Phil Hyams lias bis horses here now la charge of trainer c. I., i lark and Ihey will soon begin to rat ■ at the .1 •■ k : Club .h t tra k. The string iiuiiIh-i-s six bead, namely: Granite, Bonnie Rloise, Royal Meteor, Marj Aun K., Servicence and Dorlon. All are old hoi s, s exeejU Dorlon and Marv Ann K . Its v both being thro real old-. All the mem Is • ! he stable ire look ilia w II and IkKIi owner II in and ii ilner Clark iliink Granite will like the Juares cans.-, in Kentucky and Canada ii.i-bo: ,- Khoweil a !iki for firm going, similar lo that ot tfo Juares track when ii i- at n- best and when he i.-io - liere be is likely to prove as unbeatable. as Ihe noted Bourl m loan was last winter. Gran i1 his at linns shown brilliunl speed and If be g. ; |o his I- -i r« ui. he has a rnaw Bourbon leans Juarez mile record of 1 ::;7- . Leopold, oik ol W. F. Applegate a ousistenl ig .ii., s. has be. ui tired in the ankle* by Dr. i. Cann and thrown out of training until spiing. Tin- son of WooJsthorpe has been snaTerlng with his ankles for several weiks. hut both his owner* and lr t ann think the application of the irons will bring him around so be can race sound I j nexl sum iiiei He ran some sparkling race* here las winter and has a mile race record of under I :.;:» over the Juares course, .1. Dreyer, one of the few Jnarea riders who have gone lo Charleston to rid", had three chances to make good here and failed in every Instance. first K. F. Carman gave him ■ trial, but soon ht him go. Then be began to ride for R. II. Harris. i„it was only a few weeks in his employ. His last con uect was wilh Docrboefer ,V west, and a recent poor ride on [Trsula liuiina ended his engagement theie. The fault seems to be with Dreyer thai be is indifferent in his work in the saddle al limes and Juares is no phuv for such a Jockey. The stewards exact from tin Jockeys riding here what tie public expects on an course run on Ihe highest plain-. fin Jockey Club Juares stand* only for ihe last in sport and indifferent riding will not be tolerated here. Judge Price has enjoyed none loo good health Ihis winter anil in fact he has been complaining from tiie early pari of last fall. His is an aggravating sort ..I sickness, the kind which enables one to keep going, bin causes one to feel rather mean at any time. At that. In- has missed few days from Hie slew arils stand at Juarez and his many friends hope as spring advances he will once more be restored io perfect health. The health of i.d Jasper, the capable secretary of th" Jockey club .luanz. has greatly Improved in Un- las] week and lie now expect* to be able lo resume his duties al Ihe track within the net lew days. His rheumatic attack was exceedingly painful, his feet being the parts of the body most alii del.

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