Uncle Gelding is Winner: Old Rosebud Scores an Easy Victory in Yucatan Stakes at Juarez, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-10


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UNCLE GELDING IS WINNER OLD ROSEBUD SCORES AN EASY VICTORY IN YUCATAN STAKES AT JUAREZ. Get of Young Star Shoot Stallion Making an Er. rellent Showing at Mexican Course — Inquieta and Rake Winning Favorites. Kl Ha-... Tex., February 9. — Before one of tha largest crowd, of the season, the third running of the Viteatan Stake, took place at Juarez today. Ir waa wen la-t Mnaon bj the mighty Hawthorn, which left here with an uiiiieaten retold. The tir-l vi" the distance was half a mile and ii waa won by Anion in the fast lime of :46and, which equaled the American record for the dbrtaace. u was iimu re-dnced to three and a half farlonga. Crank 1. W.ii Beat 1 lie winner to tin- poet tod. in Old !• -. hud. 1 geldiM by the yoamg -ire. ITnele, oat of Ivory Hell-. ■The impressive manner in which he won stamped him as a high-clasa yoaagater. Ha simply played with hi- opaositio. and won off by himself. Blarney was the nearest of his opponent, throughout the running. Except Maagaaese, Hie others showed a stroag di-like for the heavy and holding track. This was particularly true of the favorite, Man-.m. from the stable of A. H. Sprockets. Old Boeebwd i the third ot the tirst. crop of Uncle*, get to run here and it h.ks as il that Star shoot, stallion will !*■ highly snccessfal iii the stud. Aunt Mamie and Edith w. are the oilier I Inch* .juvenile- that have scored here. George M. Odoma lilly Imtuiela duplieated her win of yesl.rilay in the se.ond raee. She simple levels iu the kind of track conditions that am prevailing. Rake waa made favorite for the charing ran aa the strength of his winning performann of yesterday ami the iliminiiii ive apprentice rider. -I. McDonald, handled his monad with rarely imm| judgment. He waa warmly applauded upon las return to the seal.-. A part of Hhil.idelpliian- arrived this morninir. They are all members of the American Polo H.niv Association and will remain here until Taenday. The laclade L. S. Stewart. C. Converse. R. Klliott and W. I .iwibii. .lames l!a acted a- their e-n.nt and they visited the -tal.le- to |..nk ..r Several bom - that may make good polo poay prwmeets with the idea of making parchaar*. Jockev Cloth was thrown into the feme while riding Royal Dolly, by Berllngame, on Bye While. Tim boys leg waa coaaiderably luui-ed. Jockej Harhain va- saapended for ten davs for lUsobeylng starter a-sidy at the mst in the fn-r 1 nee. After the races yesterday, the following dorses worked: Chapaltepec— Half mile la ..... breesfcag. Noi mm-ii a 1 preaeat. ciiiionian — Mile iu 1:38, caatering. link.- ot Bridgewater — Half mile in ." , breezing. Dyni —Three-eighths in 41. breezing. Seemed to like ihe nuKl. Good lutein -Tiiree-eishths in u. hreeabar. Insuranee Man Five-eigbtbs in 1:12%, breeahmg. Mazurka — Half mile in 51%. Extra good work. Nobby Half mile in 55, bracing. Not 1 di at preneat. Sliek Pin- Hall" mile in 58, breezing. Is goisl. This maraiag Ihe track waa exraedmgiy haMfatg and full of hoi.-. What few horaea were out worked around the "dog.," as follows: An. -esters Half mile in .,«!. l.reezimr. Prefer* fast track. Ant.. Girl Three-eighths in »4--.. breezing. Is improving. Auto Run Three eighth, in 86, breezing. Is rounding t.» form after bav lag been tired. Ruu- especially well in mud. Bachelor Girl Mile in 1:59, eaateriag. Is at her best and will win when properly planed. Baden Half mile in 59. hrcealng. Batwa Three eighths in It-., of little account at present. Baaaana Five-eighth, in 1:17, eaateriag. Beeaaa 10 like the mud. Brevttj Three-eighths 111 46, breezing. Choctaw -Three-eighths in 14%, breeaiag. Is iui- proving. Cracker Boa Half mile in "ill. breezing. Will win when properly placed. Edith W. Three-eighths in tc. breeaiag At her best. Firsi Star — Seven-eighth, in 1:45, entering, l.ike- -nfi going. Iiyin:. Three-eighths in Hi. breeanng llih Street Three-eighths iu 11;. breeaiag. At his liest. -Holahird Half mile in 59, breeaiag. Has had win. I. Mnlhr lime qiiarters in His, raaterhng. Baa rounded into lorin again and looks extremely otiiieiiii-i -Half mile in 38, hneamg. 1- at his best, which is not mucli. Quick Trip— Three-eighths in 44-:-.. breeaiag lii-it.iiii Three-eighths iu 11-... braerJag. Is nerricean Btvea-eightha in 1:47, raaterhng. Is The tirst foala by Harrigan will begta ■hartly ta anive :n the farm ol Horace Jones mar ParnelL v|" J, A. Seeking ton, who i- now racing a string at .liiai.z. bought Ihat -on of Hlaudil from H It Brand! la.l spring hen- for Mr. Jones, and also secured a number of thoroughbred mates fog hi-Missouri breeding farm, all of which arc dim lo drop toals i Hanigan this season. They ire Top Note, by Hamburg Tender Bloom, hy sir Dixon -Lemon Kirl, by Madstone: Mis- Van Winkle by SI Felix; Princess Tnlane. by His Highness; Errant Lady, by Knight Errant; Silver I.iiili r. by sir Ih. .in. 1-: lle-nla. by Pardee; Hester Zona, by Ceaa rion: H.ttie fulhi. by McUee; Maui.- Kernan, br Kilkerran; Maaonia. by Maaagan: Flarney, by Green an: l.ava Belle, h. lamplighter: Dan.lv Dancei l.v Oaliantry; Black Domino, hy Ethelberl ami Baa ironia. by Bannockbara. Mr. Jonea, Who K .1 wealthy man, has hi- -mi. B. A. Jonea, Mnoriated with him in the breedbig bnsiness and intend, to extend In- operation, in this line during the next few yean, He intends lo breed thoroughbreds solely, with the object of getting together a good class racing stable. His horses will !»• trained ami campaigned by Mr. Seckiagton, when obi enough to ran. Mr. Seckiagton has recently bought four raee imiie- .11 ihe Juare. track. Which he will raee dnring the meeting lure and then send to the Join -farm in April lo be mated with Harrigan. They are Pickaninny, by Cesarioa: Minnolette, by Min dora; Debutante, hy McGee, and Barbara Worth, hy Stalwart. The site selected by Mr. .loins for the location of bis breeding stod i- Ifteen mile* from 1 iii-tiui.i Farm, when- was loeat.il the faanoan Paustus and wlnie the late .1. B. Hrather brad -imli noted horses a- ialen, Blwood, William in., i-n-t Ward, Jaj Jay Cee. Cesarion ami scorn of other noted winaers With the exceotloa of Barney Seiiniher. Mr, Jones will he Mhamuris hading thorough lireil breeder. Mr. Seckingtoa, who ha- charge ..I In- training stable, and ha- acted as his agent in the purchase ot Harrigan and the br. odmai ■■-he own-, i- a horseman af wide experience and g.Hhi reputation. II- 1- a native el Mi-somi and was raised near where i Im Jonea breading farm i- b . rated Harrigan wa- a good nee horse and except King James, raaks as Ptandits beat son. tin hi, Cui ituieil .iu s.-eonil iiage. UNCLE GELDING IS WINNER. Continued from in -t p - dams side ii i- English-bred and his pedigree is !ed hs faultless throughout. With the breed-Ins elm nee now siren inn b his Missouri owner, he i- likclv i., make g 1 a- a sire. Me • istern turfman James Ray. "ho purchased hi entlj tut speedj sprint ei Iawbuska. for polo nony racing next summer, think-- thai ■ * s..imiii i,e -.,i a ebeap horse m this fast ttv yew oUl. Ih i Cbappaqus and Merced! ts l« T tbi which «bould n.ak- an id.al stock horse for l be breedlns ul small Iboroughbreds ami when through wrtb racing is likely t i !*■ sought after by breeder ol sneii stock. Thai Pawhuaka will be ■ star in I racing Is almost a certainty. -xceptiug Calisse, h. I- the -I ■ li-i horse u-i sold hereabouts tot audi racing Lit hue iln sin of Maugaw - ■ and Otliello. a « _ph ol -w . ai old »•! rs here ibis winter, and alao the di t the useful selling plater Engraver. is now dead, and the dams .. these youngsters a~ well as ili- other marea own.. I bj .1 A. Blackford. i ii.- Denison, Tex., breeder, are aon being mated witli Meeikek, the noted - i Planudes. Mr. Blaekfotd purchased thai triple Derbj winner from J. E. Madden, and looks for him ultlatately to out shim- an horse thai has .1 .a. stud wervtee in Texa« 1n reet-nt yean McelnT. wa a HM|MTior tw . an I thre si id n -1-!"-• i inei an. I. m. » , i . |* royal D bred ■• both ddes. II.- dams line traces to the wonderful Sbotover, n t the few till* winners of the i:i.-.in Derby and victor* in great events pre loiu.ii.il ill tlirough hi* i n h iiedigre [tut the curtailing ol breeding in Kentuekj on acconui nf. he elosinj, down of the New York tracks, s_cn. I ■ stallion aa Meelich wwnM never have keen allowed to leave that state fee bbj reasonable price. The speedy race mare. Meddling; Hannah, has been shipped to Darnell. Mo., by her owner. Prank Iairar. lor retirement to the stud. Mr. Parrnr had several offers t,.r the seven year-old daughter at Bedeck, bill declined all lender*, as lie desires to raise a colt or two from h.r to race during tin next few yearn. lie will male her in the spring with Hani HI and perhaps leave her for several season in Missouri io be mated with thai good son of Plaudit. o. W. Crippen has broken tor a saddle home his three-year old Battle Top am! . xpects !•• dispone . [ the gelding within the next lew days. Battle Top never grew tone much of a horse of sbte and hence his owner never attempted to really train him. though as a yearling he was promising. Manx ol tin saddle horses now in use in southern Texas and northern Mexico are thoroughbred horses and. having proven tar mole serviceable than other breeds, are much in demand by ranchmen, as well a* for cavalry service. Buyers on the lookout to pick up any broken-down race horses are among the visitors at the race course here. There is a good market here lor any sort of a thorough bred bone.

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