Day of Close Finishes: Selling Platers Figure in Stirring Contests at Palmetto Park, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-14


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DAY OF CLOSE FINISHES SELLING PLATERS FIGURE IN STIRRING CONTENTS AT TALMETTO PARK. Colonel Ashmeadc. Backrd as a Good Thing. Is Beaten a Nose by Spindle — Ideal Weather Piu- duccs Improvement in Patronage. barb -i Ion. S. C . Miinli IX Close contests marked i ». l .1 " - rai -lag :ii Palmetto Park, willi favor in- :tinl si-, .ii. i choices figuring prominently in tke Ji » - n 1 1 — . Wiallicr Mini Hack Conditions weir ideal. und i In- i hi n image was of generous proportions. The betting nlsi showed marked improvement ua com pared art III former day* Ikia week, probably doe in loaaj mm visitors. .l! the race* arete ander aril lag ■ owditioaa, inn owl* uoe urn up developed. It cume in Ike l •- i uii dn-h. wn.-u Sam 1-onis recent BCquI hit km. Counterpart. was advanced from aa entered price nl sio.i In 03. The bidding was dune l.v »:. I I;iy in retaliation fet Ike runup of Frog in tael nights closing dash. Tke higgesl surprise of the .-i rteruoou ;i - furnished arken spin.Ho outstayed Oduuel Ashiueaitc to win tke tourtk race i»y a noac. • cli nel Asbmeade was an luteaded good tiling and appeared ■ certain winner until tke l.-tt sixteenth, where Taplln began ■ terrifk drive mi Spindle and virtually natcked tke prize before Haider uu Colonel A linn ■:ide anrokc to .i realisntlon ol tke ait nation. .1. I. McTarrens Llholhnrg II. showed her liesl form in winning Ike opening dnak over Elan, willi Vi acta Sirnine third. Tke last naaaed araa again a favoriM mid is ii disappointingly. Coeut dAlone ma---H aar emends lo tke Talbott conaectiona for Veneta Ktromea Iiiilun I.v lakhnj tke second race 11. G. BedweUa Rom hum n ran in her hest form and cantered :iw.i in in ber oppwail Ion in Ike thud. The favorite. Eihel laj Brume, araa much the beat in the littli and beal New Haven mid Anna i Line baudil ouiit-rparl. which ana been ipiil ling at shorter distances, snowed improvement and laated the mile in Ike cloainn dash to aria over Tin Squire and Mi — Jonah. Tlie purse won b Mama .lolni-mi yesterday nas ■_ : lav hi! en truii ber hj the steward* mi the ground m-f liei inciigP-iiit [or tin- race. Iter present tncnef was iiiiai iiipiiiileil with the fact that she had nun a purse Ht Pitt-burgh l.i-i lull that barred her. Her illsquallHeiition gave Brat money |o Willi-. Thia is tke second time nt this meeting thai nlnnets have hail nurses taken from them because of Ineligibility. Mchael Angelo was tin- oilier victim. Caat. Hiihaine nl I In- PlukertoU foreee, and bis ■ asaknaat, Edward Sbevliu, apprehended this aft -i-noon an alleged first past Ike poet operator in the grandstand arfco w-,s signaling results to ronfeder-■tea mi the ontaide The fellow gave his name a* II in rv .1 c. nl Detroit. Mich. He was turned i ever in the county authorities. Sam Louis Ih u-ii i M..ii Ami today. I I . Strode hougbl lii-ky I. ad from I.. H. Adair and will race him her-- during tbe remainder of Ike aeaaoa Jockey C. Grand will depart tonigkl for Illinois, whrie iii — mother is said •• be In falling health. His departure, coming immediately after Ike an iimncemciii thai Musgrave would atop riding ami 1 But wells suspension for rough riding, rwused tbe clrcQlatloB i rejMjrl that tke stewards had quietly given He Idera notice to cease riding here. Nn official aunouueemeut relative to tke matter has been 1 given out. Jockey Taplin ha algned a contract to ride for James s. i:eiinan on tbe Kentucky eonreea thi J season. Thi- ockej is iliuilaylng hi old time suiii 1 and is iieli I to pay mm.-i attention to buaineaa. ■ Hi- wife and bahj son came bere frdm theft home In 1 California. Tke Palmetto Park track wa- hj lii-t rate con ■lit km this morning, when tbe following work -on U 1 lUUfe place: Allied . Mile in 1:50. Training slowly. Armor Tkrce-qnarlcrs iu 1 :JL. cantering. Hiii l.oyal Tbree-eigktka in II. Training slowly H.u Prior Tin o. ipia; ti is iii i :. ii. driving. Una gone* back. , Bernadotte Mile in 1:47. Worked well in irat put. I ben i Ired badlj . Boender Tbree-quarters in 1:22, eantering. Buaty- Three-eighth in :p». Has akoarn nothing. i hllton King Hall mile hi .77. nreestng. Will | start for tke Derlty. Br. Ikjenner Mile Iu 1:43. Work Mint stand; ■ H Edha I. I»i Thiei mhili in -.s. well in hand. Cffeudi Mile iii I PS. Mux Improved greatly. liiut Threi quarters in i 1 •». Never worked bel tei ■ of Rouea Half mil. iu 50. A race to work will win cheap race. lii.o . Mi I hi.- qu ii tern in I IV. A race to work will win iii cheap roaaoaay. i, rover Hughes Hall mile in ..". Tratntng akrwly. Hearth low Half mile in ;,:; breeslng. Incision Tin. . i|ii,n ters in llil. Never worka s rest. .la. t !• aa l i . ■■ . Igkth In II. Has been 1 lane John Curious Klve-eightha in 1 ."■ I- na gootl 1 aa ever. I.inv Ueorgi Mile in 1:17. Probably will im prove in ". tin hi. Mi n Mi icla: Tbree-eigbtke in •;: . Tried to run out Michael Angelo Hair mile iii :.::. is aot*. KaajghtJ Lad Mil in 1 :4V. Is tit and has no i . ii-. . Paten M le in l Ifl. Rigbl le Samuel K. l.-i.i Three-Hghtha in p.. Ua- andet 1 h.nd i • -ii aint, Kcaradalc Half mile in 31. Had no -i I. Kbaehleton Three-eightba in ;■. bard Ii-i.i. Haa - no excu — Si. Amiiio Three-quarters in 1:18. A Derby elii- ble thai ha- shown nothing. Ti.-k Ta.-k Plve-eighths in 1 :"7. breeaing. Tmiv W. Three-quarters in lis. Sever better. V. 1owi- Pivi eighths in 1 :08. Ha- been lame. • Vengbee Three-elghthn in .7H, cantering. Looks well and will train right along.

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