Reduces a Track Mark: Carlton G. Runs Fastest Seven Furlongs Recorded at Palmetto Park, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-15


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REDUCES A TRACK MARK CARLTON G. RUNS FASTEST SEVEN FURLONGS RECORDED AT PALMETTO PARK. Samuel R. Meyer Sets Fast Eariy Pace and the Ma- lone Rarer Goes Into Lead When Pacemaker Retiies — Well Backed Horses Victorious. Charleston. S. t.. March 14.— In the fastest seven furlongs ever run ovei tin- 1aimctro Park roars* l art ton ;. look the measure of several good ones in tin- h ;i ii I i :t i that had Has place of honor al Palmetto Park today. Samuel K. Meyer landed in second place and Lochiel third. The race had l»* disappointment in Ihe had showing of In. Duenner. which rubd favorite, Samuel R. Meyer, with his d.iy./.ling earl* s|m..-i1. dominated the runninjc for tie-Ural «-i furlongs, Iiiii ; in- additional furlong w.-is in. i !• his iikiiiu. He ftuisbed second. Dr. Duenner ran close tip to the pacemaket for three furlongs. and ih. n retired. The « .-1 » ■ ; autre opened ihis afternoon to the ladies and maag were in attendance. The layers experienced a disastrous session, as all the winner* rcre eii n-iv.-ly hacked. Their heaviest loss al tended, the running of the linii race, la which Vim-Imm wan backed m the exclusion of all the other -i.-ni.-rs. Hi- won in a nii; ramp, with Towlou field n s. ri.ii.l place ami Bat Masterson third. .1. I . gfrodes colon were carried t.i victory for the Hi - r iiiii.- in ;i long while when Toddling led a mediocre hand to the finish in the opening ilafdi. Iii-k.-n. who rode Toddling:, came right hack uiili a win in Rnlgar in the second race. Bath horses were ravorites. After Bulggra victory he changed ownership on John .1. McCanTertys bid of anon Ill, -..n waa entered t in- sold for $~ 0. ll.-nr.v llni.lii~.iii. another thai waa wall backed. Blade good in handy tashioa in tin- third nice. There waa a had jain in ilii- race .xm niter the vim i and several of tin- riders were Interrogated bjr iln- stewards, lull bo action followed. The closing mee weal to Pliant over Blue Mouae and Pendant, •ah Hi llnldciiiac. iln- favorite, far liii.-k. w u A. Bnrltsehell sold I i ion Jack l P. W. in. w nliilil. ii new . .imr In racing. 1 he consideration -ii. I I., tmv liel n SHoOti. F, J. Pons hough! Counterpart from Suiu Louis in nrlanta terms. After Gold Mine made such a poor showing today. Luke I..- Blond sold her for *2iki to A. P. Walker. who will ship her i Lexington and aae her for • breeding puntosea. tlold Mine was considered lo he ..i g 1 class :i- u two-year-aid and Mr. I* Bload I bad the option «i Jacksonville of trading her for 1 ragtags and John Beardoa, hoih owned by .1. W. Si lie decided that the pair were af leas value ilian the Illy and refused ha trade. Todays illspoaal of ;.iM Mine leave* bias without say horses, he having sold Cheer I p aeveral days :ig». iaefcey Prank Jackson waa farced to i sncH his riding engagementc because of sicknesa. J. I. strode failed to take over Husky Lad and thai horaa ran la the Intereal of his forner own r, I.. H. Adair. Prang E. Bray is negotiating for the purchase of ; Beruadotte, l»ui will probably not secure him until after the running of the Palmetto Derby, in which in will In u starter. The Palmetto Park track was iisi this awning, wh.-n Hie fallowing work outs look place: Berkeley— Hah mile in 51. is ;,t hU bent. li.-r.ji- Latimer Threi -ighths in :;". handily. Coming aionnd. Hilly Valid. re,i Tlnei i|uart.-is in 1:18. Should i race well next line- out. Black Chief Three-eighths in ::u. Training slowly. Bounder— Mile ami an eighth in 1 :-V.i. should race w.-ll on work. i hga, «ni II Half mile in S3. Sulks in les work. hill. hi Sipiaw Half mil" in 32. Should run im pi i. ed race next i late out. Countless Hair mile in : .. Cuming la hand as well as ever, f hi ii- B.— Three-eighths in 30. Has speed in abundance. Hipuei PIve-elghtbs in i:ui. .i her liest. Donald Hacilouald Mile and an eighth la l:». Holding his own and training soundly. , i:.-Ml. Light Ion. ipwrters in 1 : is. Should ] .1 . W.-ll Beit 1 line oil! . o.i.l. n Three eighths in -.i. Igbting for his head. Ileiiperk Five-eighths in 1:04. hreeulng. ,l:..-l K IN ■-- Half mile in -"■::. haul held. Is ex n, good. |i - si. in Three-quarters in 1:18. Bight « n edge and is al his beat. John Furlong Mile and an eighth in 1:38, In aa nerb condition. Klumttnd] Tliree-qnarters in l:2 ». Training alow h. .Mai lie L. — Half mile in 38. lias ;.n h.-r speed. |. ; i Lad Mile in l :.v. breeaing. .Moiio.-ai .v Plve-eighths in 1 :ti4. hr.-ezing. Is fall i SOI I. Ianlner — Half mile in r.l. Looks extra good. tj II It.. Mil.- in l:f.t. liii|iioM-inelil BM] be pxpaCted when she races. Sha. ki- ion - Mi!-.- in 1:4::. Never better than now. p, IIIk.iiiuI Mile in 1:47. load move and i~ ga Ing -iin. II v Super, is., i -Kive-eigbths in 1:84. is | I and has n, . excuses. Tick Pack Ml, in l :to. Seemed to sMik. Troj n/elghl PIvi eighths in 1:03. Hounding to. I men Jack Kive-i Igbtbs iii 1 : i.".. Sulked. i W.-.l Mll and sa eighth in 1:38. Is im pil.VIII- ,h.,|, i:ili Half mil- in .".1. Will rue- well.

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