Work-Outs Of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1913-06-27


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WORKOUTS OF EASTERN HORSES New York June 20 Recent workouts of horses In training at Belmont Park were as follows Weather clear track good goodAnn Ann Tilly Half mile In 53 Has iiot been hur ¬ ried much Bob K Seveneighths in 1111 Looks good and isi isiready ready to race well Bouncing Hasbeen Lass Seveneighths In 133 Has been showing plenty of speed In her work Bruin Belle Threequarters in 118 Captain Swanson Threequarter in 121 Has Hasall all his early speed and Is ready Chryseis Threequarters in 117 Coming around aroundto to her best form Coldsprlng Mile in 110 Has been on the slow slowside side for some time Cutaway Half mile in 50 A fast filly when at ather her best Discovery Seveneighths in 110 Has been let letup up on but is now coining around Ella Bryson Mile in 117 Has all her good goodspeed speed jimi is at her best bestEndyinion Endyinion Fiveeighths In 107 under a pull Fond Threequarters in 118 Has shown a few good workouts before Frijolee Fiveeighths in 105 Has not been beenasked asked to show much fast work Grosvenor Half mile in Til His Majesty Mile in 153 Looks good and is isclose close to his best form formHypatia Hypatia Half mile in r rl l At her best Jack Wall Fiveeighths in 1 M is ready Joe Finn Threequarters lu 1112 Has not been beenasked asked to show much fast work Judge Walser Threeeighths In 7 At his best Little Ep Mile In 140 Shows some Improve ¬ ment mentMargaret Margaret Meise Half mile in 52 Mary Scribe Threequarters in 119 Coming Comingaround around to form Moncreif andis Fiveeighths in 101 Looks good and is close to his best form Monocaey Half mile iu r Shows plenty of ofearly early speed when set down Mr Specs Threequarters In 110 Has shown showna a few good workouts and is ready Nightstick Mile in 140 Shows some improve ¬ ment Perthshire Threequarters In 119 lias been beenlet let up on for some time Punch Bowl Fiveeighths in 1OG Looks as good goodas as ever and is ready Salon Fiveeighths In 101 Improving Sandhill Mile and oneeighth in 159 Eased up Scallywag Threequarters iu 120 Has all his hisspeed speed and is ready Scrapper readyScrapper Half mile in 54 Has not been show ¬ ing much fast work workSleuth Sleuth Threequarters iu 122 under a pull Slim Princess Mile iu 145 Looks ready after aftera a short let up Strenuous upStrenuous Seveneighths lu 134 Has been show ¬ ing good work right along Stromlmll Half mile In 53 Was breezing along alongnicely nicely all the way Sylvian Mile in 140 Syossct Half mile iu 53 Coming around after aftera a short let up Tarts upTarts Half mile in 50 Under a strong pull The Turk Mile iu 14S Has been working well wellright alongTriller right along Triller Threequarters in 12 Ready to race Trumps Fiveeighths in 102 Has been on onthe the slow side but is now ready Walters Half mile iu 52 War Lord Fiveeighths in 102 Water Lily Fiveeighths Iu 104 At her best AVolverlon Mile in 140 Yankee Notions Half mile In 49 Shows plenty plentyof of speed in all his work workWeather Weather clear track fast Accord Mile in 148 Looks good after a short shortletup letup Addle M Half mile in 53 Has shown plenty of ofspeed speed in all her work Andrew Fiveeighths in 105 Has been doing doingslow slow work for some time Arrington Half mile in 49 A good moving colt coltwith with speed Bally Cliff Mile in 149 Has been showing good goodspeed speed iu all work Bellmore Threequarters in 120 Under a good goodpull pull Besom Half mile in 54 Was under a hard hardpull pull and is ready Cadeau Mile in 151 Has all her good speed speedand and is ready Captain Matlock Half mile in 51 Shows some someimprovement improvementChief improvement Chief Magistrate Fiveeighths in 103 Colonel Ashincadc Half mile iu 50 Coming Comingaround around after a long letup Crossbun Fiveeighths in 104 Has a good burst burstof of si ced and is good Defendum Fiveeighths in 101 Is Discovery form goodform Mile in 150 Coming around to good Dixon Half mile in 51 Looks good and is close closeto to racing form formDr Dr Dnenner Threequarters in 121 Executor Fiveeighths in 102 Coming around aroundto to good form after a let up Flittergold Fiveeighths in 101 Ford Mai Half mile in 51 Gainer Threequarters in 114 Good work workfor for this one which is at his best Galaxy Fiveeighths in 104 Is good Genesta Seveneighths in 133 Coming to hand handafter after a long letup Ha Penny Half mile in 50 Has been on the theslow slow side for some time Hester Prynne Mile in 140 Has all her speed speedand and is ready readyHis His Majesty Mile in 157 breezing Hvpalia Fiveeighths in 102 A good moving filly movingfilly that is at her best Iron Mask Half mile in 53 Speedy and at his hisbest best Jawbone Threequarters in 117 Coming to tohand hand Jim Caffrey Mile in 150 Has been going along alongslowly slowly Little Hugh Threequarters in 121 Has not notbeen been pushed for speed Margaret Meise Half mile in 51 Meridian Mile and oneeighth iu 15S At his hisbest best Montresor Mile in 151 Speedy and ready to torace race to bis best form Nightstick Mile in 140 Coming around to toracing racing form formNortherner Northerner Half mile in 51 Speedy and ready Prince Eugene Half mile in 53 Was well in inhand hand all the way wayPunch Punch Bowl Threequarters in 117 Was go ¬ ing along handily and is good Rcyboiirn Half mile in 49 Has all his good goodspeed speed and is ready Rock View Mile and a quarter iu 210 Good Goodwork work but pulled up tired Scrapper Threequarters in 122 Coming around aroundafter after a short letup Shackellon ThiVequarters iu 118 Coming Comingaround around to best form Spearhead Fiveeighths in 101 Spring Board Fiveeighths in 101 Has all allhis his speed Sprite Seveneighths ill 129 Coming around aroundto to her best form Stromholi Fiveeighths in 101 The Turk Threequarters in 110 Shows plenty plentyof of speed In all work workWhisk Whisk Broom II Half mile in 51 Was breez ¬ ing along under a good pull Wooden Shoes Threequarters in 115 Works Workswell well whenever asked

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