General News Notes of the Day, Daily Racing Form, 1914-10-29


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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. The battle which all the world is watching still sways hack and forth in the little district of West Flanders, where the allied forces are struggling to check the German advance to Calais. The German rush to reach the French coast would appear for the. time being held in check, but the fiercest lighting continues, with the Germans delivering harder blows on the Hue between DIxmude aud Yprcs, following their failure to make progress between Dix-mude and the coast. British naval gnus, it is said, have resumed their bombardment along the coast and colossal German losses are reported. The Belgians, London newspapers admit, have suffered terribly, but of the losses of the French and the English uo mention is made. The French olliclal announcement says: "During Tuesday the German attacks in all the region between Nieuport and Arras were less violent. Our positions were everywhere maintained and we continued to advauce to the noarth and east of Yprcs. AVe also made some progress between Cambrin, to the southwest of La Bassce. and Arras. Further information continues to confirm previous reiwrts that the German losses in dead, wounded and prisoners have been considerable in the northern region. On the right bank of the Airnc the Germans attempted at night a violent offensive movement in the region of Craonne. On the heights of the highway Des Dames they have been repulsed. In the Woevre district our troops have continued their advance in the forests between Aprilnout and St. Mihlel, as well as in the forest of Le Fretre." Au Amsterdam dispatcn says: "The only news arriving here today from Berlin is to the effect that the tight for the Yser canal is going favorably for the Germans. Despite the German assertions that their artillery had driven the British ships from Osteud. the bombardment by the ships was renewed so vigorously that the atmosphere was in a state of constant vibration over a large area all day." A dispatch from Flushing. Holland, says: "The Germans have fallen back slightly from Westende. They are putting the coast from Osteud to Knocke in a state of defense. At Ostend mines are being placed at the harbor entrance. The German losses ou the Nleu-port-Dixiiinde line are estimated at 115,000 kllkd and 30,000 wounded. Sunday 400 vehicles loaded with wounded soldiers passed through Ostend. A dispntch from Born, Switzerland, asserts that the Germans are receiving large reinforcements in Alsace and that the French are making great preparations to repulse the assault ou Belfort, which is powerfully iutrenched. What is unmistakably a grave revolt agaiust the British government in South Africa has broken out. The British colonial office has issued officially a dispatch from the government of the commonwealth of South Africa stating that the famous Boer general Christian De Wet. who gave the British so much trouble in the South African war, is leading the revolt in the Orange Free State. Another well-known Boor general, Beyers, heads a similar revolt in western Transvaal. Gen. Louis Botha, premier of the Union of South Africa, has left for the front iu an attempt to quell the rebellion. The damage to Reims is put at 00,000,000. Over 1,200 civilians were killed in the streets and houses during the months bombardment and about one-fourth of all the buildings were destroyed. Lord Kitchener has made an appeal for another 100,000 men for the British army. The Ausrrians claim to have cap tured thousands of Russian prisoners in the fighting around Ivangorod and in Galicia. The Russian general staff reports the commencement of fighting along the front in eastern Prussia and claims victories over the Germans at various points in Russian Poland. The German cruiser Emden sank the Japanese steamer Kamegasaki-Maru while the latter was proceeding to Singapore, according to a dispatch from Berlin. A Dutch trawler reports that the Lugger Vlaardingen struck a mine forty miles north of Ymuiden. a seaiwrt of Holland. The crew and ship were lost. The British admiralty has warned ship owners that the Germans have succeeded in laying mines around the north of Ireland aud that ships should therefore not pass within sixty miles of Tory island. AustrO-Germau official reiwts from the eastern theater of the war indicate that severe battles are raging along the Vistula and San rivers. The. Germans apparently are engaging numerically superior Uusslau forces and Hie battle is attracting equal attention with the struggle in Franco and Belgium. The bulletin issued by the Austrinn war department stales that the Austrians southwest of Ivangorod are combating numerically superior forces of Russians. Travelers reaching Amsterdam from Ostend say the German heavy artillery posted ou the sea dyke at Ostend was successful in driving off British warships iu the vicinity. "Five hundred British prisoner were, taken to Ostend. . There also are many wounded of the allies in Ostend and the roads to Ghent are jammed with marching soldiers. At a point nut far from Ostend the Germans have erected an airship shed of noniutiammabie material. Prince Maurice of Battenburg. a cousin of King George, lias beeu killed on a French battlefield. There is a late report, not oOiclal. that the Germans are falling back all along the line from La Bassec to the North sea. Heavy purchasing by British aud French agents of horses for war use is presenting a serious problem to the quartermasters department of the United States army and it is feared that it will soon be impossible to obtain enough horses for its own purposes during the present year. Already the young horses bought for the remount stations cost 7 a head more than last year. Those animals are too young to be used at once. Sixty-one men lost their lives in the burning mine of the Franklin Coal and Coke Company at KOyalton. 111. Twenty-four bodies have been removed from the shafts and thirty-seven men are missing. No hope is entertained that any of these men will be found alive;. Gcu. Carraiiza has submitted his resignation to the Aguas Calieutes convention. His offer to relinquish his post as supreme chief of the nation, however, is conditional ou the retirement to private life or Gcu. Villa. The American ship Kroouland. from New York, bound for Naples and Greece with a cargo of copper has been detained at Gibralter by British authorities.

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