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40 WINERS THE PAST WEEK v - AT A COST OF ONLY 25 CENTS fEaSSv what the little white book gave, of which 22 rated first and won, 10 rated second .rtfv3ri2vv and won and 8 rated third and won. 40 WINNERS out of 70 races handicapped. x jLKSk. Guess you will have to go some to beat this at 25 cents a week. Besides this we ASL gave the past week 20 "specials" cr selected choices free to all who buy the book, KwA8fenBKk ut of which i won. These alone are worth of any mans money. Thats wlat SVpwyflKfiL others charge. We give them to you free. Get w!si to yourself and get the white ffiigajsBjiHjfe book if you want winners. Its en sale at all live news-stands and dealers mailed S ,!ircct from otlice in pain sealed envelope. 25 cents a week, ?1 a month. S.atur- . ggpl JttfandandSpand days .?1 weekly special lost. If you want a live wire on Saturday send for tho StSj53? next one. It goes November 34. Heres .Mondays card, all handicapped for yu.i. V? Just get a book and see how they come out. Its up to you. M251 V37 Racy , C45 C30 R39 U39 17 Ruffo J68 C64 J22 Z30 E59 K36 NC9 F22 King Radford, THE AMERICAN THOTtO UandHBBED BALTIMORE BUILDING, Established 1007. CHICAGO. ILL. Dont fall for a "just as good" book. There are none. Get the one and only original ratings. WE ORIGINATE. OTHERS IMITATE. The "Riggs System" during the past week pro- H duced many good winners, including AFTER- I GLOW, 523.80 for 52. and GRAZELLE, S43.40 for 52. The complete list of its accomplishments I I will appear later in the week. H ADDRESS H. H. RIGGS I 12 Fifth Avenue, New York N.Y. A SYSTEM that gives long shots. Recent winners. produced by vsteni arc Cannonade, 1G75-1, Joe Stein. 14G0-1, Tranid, 1065-1. Write for full particulars and demonstration. WILLIAM HARRIS, 26 Kellogg Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. ; I THE STANDARD TURF GUIDE, CHICAGO Yesterdays Form Special WON. MONDAYS FORM SPFCIAL: Ootober-Peach-25-28-48-26. Daily lost. New Service lost. THE TURF REPORTER Room 509. 22 West Quincy Street. Chicago. Illinois. Yesterdays Form Special lost. Saturdays Special 3rd. Dailv :ird. Occasional Xrrt. MONDAYS SPECIAL: No. 359, Book 518. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW. MONDAYS SPECIAL: Utah, Mountain, Mate, Canary. Yesterdays Wire, IIOCNIR, 280-100, WON. Special lost. Room 44C, 321 South La Salle Street, Chicago, 111. I j I . ; 5 , 1 i ; THE SARATOGA ASSOCIATION FOR THE IA1PROVEMENT OF THE BREED OF HORSES. 18 East Forty-first Street, New York, N. Y. Race Course: Saratoga Springs, N. Y. R. T. WILSON, President. H. P. WHITNEY. Vice-President. ANDREW MILLER, Secretary and Treasure. Office, from July25 to September!, 18 Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs,N.Y. STAKES TO BE RUN AT THE Summer Meeting of 1915 To Close on Monday, November 16, 1914 The Rules of Racing- adopted hy The Jockey Cluh govern all races run under the auspic03 of Tho Saratoga Association. FOR NOW YEARLINGS. FOR NOW YEARLINGS. The Hopeful United States Hotel Stakes OF of ,500. ,000. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. By subscription of FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. I?y subscription of 00 each: or 0 if declared by January 1. 1913: $."0 each; or 3 if declared by May 1. 1013. or 0 if declared by May 1, 1013. .Starters to pay Starters to pay 0 additional. Guaranteed gross 00 additional. Guaranteed sross value ,300. value ,000, of which 00 to the second and $.100 of which ,000 to the second and 00 to the to the third. Winners of two races of ,000 each, third. Winners of two races of ,000 each, or or one of ,750, to carry 3 lbs. extra: of two of ojie of ,730. to carry S lbs. extra: of two of ,500, or one of ,000, 5 lbs. extra: of three of ,500, or one of ,000. 5 lbs. extra: of three of ,500, or two of ,000, or one of .300. 8 lbs. ,500, or two of ,000, or one of $.-.,500 8 lbs extriI- Kon-winners ,500 allowed 3 lbs.: of extra. Non-winners of ,500 allowed lbs.; of . . . ,.,,,,.. ,, 51,00- om S lbs- of ?l,00 0 J v lbs" U1-lld-n- ,000, S lbs.; of 00. 12 lbs.; maidens 15 lbs. Slx urlones- Six Furlongs. FOR NOW YEARLINGS. FOR NOW YEARLINGS. Grand Onion Hotel Stakes The Spinaway OF OF ,000. $ 3,000. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. By subscription of FOR FILLIES TWO YEARS OLD. By subscrlp- 0 each; or 5 if declared by May 1. 1015. tion of 5 each; or 0 if declared by May 1. Starters to pay. 0 additional Guaranteed gross 1015. Starters to pay 0 additional. Guaranteed value, ,000, of which 00 to the second and gross value ,000. of which 50 to the second to the third. Winners of two races of ,000 each. and 30 to tho third. Winners of two races of or one of ,750, to carry !J lbs. extra: of two of ,000 each, or one of ,750, to carry V, lbs. ,500, or oue of ,000, 5 lbs. extra; of three of extra; of two of ,500, or one of ,000. 5 lbs. ,300. or two of ,000. or one of $:i.500. 8 lbs. extra; of three of ,500. or two of ,000. or one extra. Non-winners of ,500 allowed 5 lbs.: of of ,500, S lbs. extra. Non-winners of ,500 ,000, S lbs.; of 00. 12 lbs.; maidens. 15 lbs. allowed 5 lbs.; of ,000. S lbs.: of 00. 12 lbs.: Six Furlongs. maidens, 15 lbs. Five and a Kalf Furlongs. NOW YEARLINGS. Grab Bag Handicap FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. Nominated by subscribers on or before August 10. 1015. By subscription of T30: 0 additional for starters. Guaranteed gross value ,500. of which 00 to the second and 00 to the third. Subscriptions not transferable. Starters must run in name and co!ors of subscribers, but inay be owned in partnership or leased. No limit to the number of subscriptions by any subscrber. Weights to be announced live days before the race. Six Furlongs. In this stake it is not necessary for a subscriber to own a Itorse. Arrangements can be made with any owner to run his horse in the name and co!or of the subscriber Address SECRETARY of THE SARATOGA ASSOCIATION 18 EAST FORTY-FIRST STREET. NEW YORK. H GIVE ME CREDIT. BOYS, FOR BEING d CONSISTENT. MY SERVICE IS WITH- X THE REACH OF EVERYBODY. fIN NOTHING IN ADVANCE. f 5 ALL I ASK IS A SQUARE DEAL. I FUtLLIX 32-5 WON f I SUPREME 21-10 WON I 0. M. MILLER . . 21-20 WON T and three losers wpre this week sent to those 2 who wrote me. A systematic play won out. A THE PREVIOUS WEEK I GAVE Y 1 4 StraiQlit Winners : I I MUBS8LL 12-1 f TRANID 10-1 REPUBLICAN. ... 3-1 f, I BLANKENBURG 3-1 and two losers. X A TEN-DOLLAR WAGER Showed a Net Profit of 1 64. Be satisfied with a steady grind and get X in touch with Bob Rhodes. Write or wire X 5 me. A wire costs little and will bring you a code quickly. I extend my thanks to. those Y X who treated me sipiarely the past two weeks. X A Wont you join me, boys, this coming week, a V -which should nv excellent results. X ONLY ONE -HORSE SENT EACH DAY. T I ROBERT RHODES I 211 St. Paul Street, Baltimore :: Maryland Havre de Grace Meeting 15 DAYS SERVJCE, ONE HORSE A DAY, E0R 0. Included in this service is our BIG Pimlico Special FREE. Joes Wednesday, November 11, 1011. This Information has been very good. GUY FISHER 310.70 for WON UNCLE BRYN S 8.70 for WON BESOM $ 3.50 for WON I second, I third in past ." days. GEO. L. STRANG and CO., 350 WISCONSIN ST., :: .:: CHICAGO. ILL. SUBSCRIBE ""TOR DAILY RACING FORM. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO., 441 Plymouth Court, :: :: Chicago, Illinois, Notice j-Special I An owner and trainer, who was directly re- I j sponsible for as many successful coups as any 8 n in this country-, has put me in possession of in- formation for two investments for this week, which should satisfy the most skeptical, that B legitimate inside information is still to be oh- I wish to hear from those who are in a posi- nj tion to prolit through connections of this kind, I It will also be to the interest of persons of I standing who can guarantee me their responsi- I I bility, who can be reached by telephone when I the occasion necessitates it, and are able t nake JJ investments through their connections if my 9 telephone message reaches them one hour before H 1 ADDRESS, AT ONCE, H. H. RIGGS S 12 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. BONANZA 250-100 WON j MUD SILL 295-100 WON I OAKLAND 195-100 WON f and Four Losers were my wires at Latonia the past week. Mud Sill and Oakland were sent by me for a Parley Bet to all my Patrons. NOTICE. NOTICE. A Ten Dollar Flat Bet Placed on My WireT Sinco the Douglas Park Meeting Shows a WINNING OF 5493.50 WON 93.50 I have had a man at Pimlico getting a line on th horses there and I may get a wire from there any day. which my Patrcns will get. Anytime I gtt :l wire Patrons who have their names on my books aud have a wire due them, get it. HAVRE DE GRACE. HAVRE DE GRACE. 1 will handle this meeting, which opens next Friday, the 13th lust., and I know or several Sleepers that will be turned loose. These horses ar verv lit and were shipped from Latonia. My Terms Will Bo.?5, 6 Wiroj, G Startsrs. Get your Subscription in early, as I may get a wire from Pimlico. Patrons who wire their subscription must send air dress also where telegram is to be sent. A flat hot on each horso sent cut ty me gets tho money. Bo systematic in your operations. Dont place five on I one and afty on another just because you liko it. An equal amount placed on each one and you will end with a balance on right side of lodger. No notice taken cf communications unless accompanied I by tho mcnoy. All wires sent in code, I EX-JOCKEY MAE SHALL I Initials E. J. Roam 413, Fort Dearborn Bldg., :: Chicago, 111. DO YOU WANT to follow the stable money, when they are betting. I am in a position to know when the stable connections and big operators are placing their money. The information is the most exclusive I have kaown. I am anxious to do business with players who will pay after they win. Let me know what you will bet. Address GEORGE McCANN, 256 West 114th Street :: :: New York City HOUSE PLAYERS: - I know or a horse which will start November 11. at Havre de iraee, upon which a "killing" is to be made. Will send the name to a few square bettors, who will wire me the winnings of a ten dollar bet. If satisfactory, wire ir.e your name and address at once. No mail. EX-JOCKEY JOHNNY JONES, Care of Postal Telegraph Co., :: Baltimore, Md.

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