European War Developments, Daily Racing Form, 1914-12-08


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EUROPEAN WAR DEVELOPMENTS. It is officially announced at Berlin that the Germans occupied Lodz, in Russian Poland, on Sunday. Lodz is the second largest city of Russian Poland and is seventy-live miles southwest of Warsaw, tile Polish capital. Its population is ."00,000. The Russians defending it are said to have beaten a retreat witli severe losses. It is stated that the Russians losses are being increased as the Germans pursue, and that many guns and thousands of prisoners were taken by the Germans. Tho German official announcement is given further support by delayed dispatches from Potrograd to the London Daily Telegraph. The correspondent states that on Friday, the date the dispatches were tiled, the situation at Lodz was serious. "For the last three days," says one of these dispatches, "the Germans in Russian Poland around Lodz have been strenuously aggressive. The German wedge, which already has been driven into Russian Poland, is being pushed with tremendous reinforcements. The base of this wedge is Thorn ami Kalisz. The apex is Lowiez. This gives the Germans control of all the railroads in this triangle. They are using the railroads to pour in an unceasing stream of fresh tnxips and engines of war. Ihe enemys plan around l.odz involves the cutting of some of Warsaws most important lines of communication. The Germans plan to hold tills wedge all winter by inaugurating an elaborate trench warfare." Other news from the eastern front indicates that the Germans have commenced another attempt to envet lope the Russians on both Hanks. This is indicated by the fact that there is lighting near How to the north of Lodz and at Piotrkow" to the south. Rotlt of these places are in advance of the positions at, which the Germans previously have been reported in their second invasion of Poland and, like, Lodz? they are situated on the main roads to the Polish capital. The French war office gave out an official communication as follows: "In the region of Annen-t lores and of Arras, as well as in the Oise territory, in the Aisiio region and in the Argorine, there is nothing to report, except to refer in general terms to the superiority of our offensive. In Champagne our heavy artillery on several different occasions lias shown marked superiority over that of the enemy. In the region of the Yser we continue lo attack the few intrenehments sti.l held bv the enemy on the left bank of tho canal." A special dispatch from Montevideo. Uruguay, to the New York Herald, says it is reported thatll naval engagement has been fought in the Atlantic ocean off the Uruguayan, coast between British ami German Heels, with, possibly Japanese warships engaged. It adds that the German steamship Patagonia, while carrying supplies to the German licet, was attacked and sunk by the British cruiser Glasgow off the River Plata. A dispatch from Atliens says that the cruiser Goehen, purchased by Turkey from Germany, is undergoing repairs of the heavy damage suffered in the battle with a Russian lleet in the Black sea recently. The Goehen was struck by fifteen shells from Russian ships, whieh are said to have killed 1-0 members of its crow, besides destroying a turret, smokestack and one engine. Defeat of a British landing force and an advance to within less than twenty miles of Batoum is claimed in an official statement Issued at Constantinople as follows: "A Britisli lauding force between the Tigris and the Snvaya, which attempted to take the Turkish position, was repulsed with heavy loss. Our troops captured a machine gun and considerable ammunition." The Russian attempt to Hank the Germans on their left wing following their capture of Lodz has been foiled, Iondon reports. This end of the line has advanced twenty-five miles to within forty miles of the capital of Poland. The line of Field Marshal von Hindenburg now presents a solid seventy-mile front, from How, on .the Vistula, on the north to a point west of PletrkoW on the south. Hie Britisli steamer Chareas, from New York October 1 lias been sunk at sea off Port Corral, Chile, by the German transport Prinz Eitel Fried-rich. The crew of the Chareas has been landed at Papudo, forty-five miles north of Valparaiso. The Swedish steamship Luna and the Finnish steamer Kverilda were sunk by mines off Bjorne-iiorg in tile Gulf of Bothnia. The crew of the Luna was saved, but all on board the Kverilda except one member of the crew perished. A- dispatch from Vienna says that the Relchspost declares that Servia intends to conclude a separate peace with Austria. With the fall of Belgrade. Servias chief resistance lias been brolen, the Vienna newspaper asserts. Captain von Mueller of the German cruiser Emdeii. which was run ashore recently in the Indian ocean during a light with the Australian cruiser Sydney, is being taken to England, where he will he confined as a prisoner of war. The Turkish cruiser Hamidieh has struck a mine and returned to Constantinople considerably, damaged. Russian warships have sunk six Turkish sailing vessels which were carrying war supplies. King Nicholas of Montenegro has telegraphed Petrograd that a third of his army lias fallen on the battlefield and that the little monarchy Is in dire need of money and supplies." An order issued by the Britisli admiralty that the whole fishing lleet in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, cease operations lias been received with consternation by 1,000 fishermen who face ruin. Germany has just called Hie last of her regular reserves to the colors. The next call will be for the extra reserves, of 1914 and 1015 and then the volunteers. .The British -ltoard of trade figures continue to show a natural effect of the war. Imports in November decreased 1914.sh2,400,000, and exports decreased 00,770,000. The report of a backward movement bv tho German troDps along the Yser canal is officially denied at Berlin. President Poincare of France is to transfer his official residence to Paris this week.

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