Regret From End To End: Splendid Filly Wins The First Kentucky Derby Falling To One Of Her Sex.; Pebbles and Sharpshooter in Second and Third Places--Western Candidates Fail Badly--Royal II. Runs a Great Race., Daily Racing Form, 1915-05-09


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REGRET FROM END TO END SPLENDID FILLY WINS THE FIRST KENTUCKY DEEBY FALLING TO ONE OF HER SEX Fellies and Sharpshcoter in Second and Third Places Western Candidates Fail Badly Boyal II Huns a Great Race Louisville Ky May S This was tbe greatest day la the Ion anil honorable liistory of tUe Louis ¬ ville Jockey Club and its beautiful ClmrcliUI Downs for It marked thu achievement of what In t ho forty one years since the track was lirst opened it had tonic to be regarded as nigh impossible a lilly won thu Kentucky Derby 1es a lilly Regret by lErqomstick Jersey Lightning bred and owned by Harry Iayne Whitney at his Brookdale Stud in New Jersey won it in the largest lield that ever went to tlie post for the prize There were six ¬ teen today and there were lifted out for thu lirst running of the racu which Aristides the famous little race horse won under the colors of II Price JicGrath founder of the McGrutlilaua Stud StudIt It was a brilliant performance on the part of the winner She led all the way and won easily There was not a horseman who saw her but probably thought of Modestys achievement in winning the tirst American Derby at the now obliterated Wash ¬ ington Park ParkSome Some one said before the race Its Jimmy Rowt that nwkes this lilly the favorite It was Kir tially true but not in the sense that he meant it Rowe wonderfully clever trainer that he Is coud not have made Hegret win had she not possessed Un ¬ qualifies of a winner such as shu proved herself to lie Neither could thu marvelous skill of Joe Not ter ati a rider have brought her to the winning post in front had she not been swift and game with an abundance of stamina staminaAt At the close of the race her smiling owner saifli I do not care if she never wins another race nor if she never starts in another race she has won the greatest rate in America and I am satis satisKentuokians Kentuokians were somewhat disapiwinted that no horse representing this state in the matter 01 ownership shared in the money The first three Rogret Pebbles and Sharpshooter are all owned by New Yorkers and Itoyul II which saved bit sinku by being fourth Is owned by a Cinciunatiau who divides bis time between New York and Cul ciij and he was bred in England Pebbles anti Sharpshooter however were bred in Kentucky and thats some small consolation to the Kentuckiaus KentuckiausIn In the absence of any figures from the gate it is hard to tell just how this days crowd com ¬ pared with that of Derby day in 1114 lint it was stated by track otticials that there were more peo ¬ ple on the grounds and it certainly seemed so as it was a gay crowd of wellattired inople who made u veritable picnic of their outing under sunny skies and in the balmy atmosphere which came after a high wind had died down In the early afternoon It is marvelous how this track dries out Yesterday it was a veritable mass of muc and looked as If it surely would be heavy for the Derby DerbyThe The start of the opening race was delayed fifteen minutes principally because Hocnir concluded to run away a mile and a half When finally starter Ilarrj Morrlssey released the barrier San Vega popped out to the front and held tle lead to the finish with the favorite Hawthorn vainly striving to wrest second place from Hob Hensley It was the first success of the year for a racer under the 1C J Mac ¬ kenzie colors and a big shout went up when the price 2140 was iiosted The time 113 over a track that was growing faster each minute uudeJ the sun the wind and the harrows argued well tin horsemen thought for a respectable record in tht Derby which was to come as the fifth number on the card cardMargaret Margaret N heavily backed and running in im ¬ proved form held her opponents safe at every stage of tin second race and won like a good one Carmen was knocked back just after the start ami ran greenly This is the filly for which Sohuyler L Parsons paid J Kecne 5000 last fall Trainer W II Karrick said while t Lexington that she had not worked up to his expectations but today he thought oppositionMost she might beat her opposition Most remarkable finishing rushes attended the third race when Leochares piloted by jockey Ked eris overhauled the Hying Iron Mask In the las sixteenth and beat him out by a length Right a his heels came High Noon but he was not good enough today to outrun the Livingston crack and he had to IH content with third money Hodge was a good fourth Phosphor was never prominent am Chalmers retired early The pace was terrific the lirst quarter being in TZ the half in 13 and the liveeighths in 58 By the time this race was run Hits track had so thoroughly dried out that a sprink ¬ ling wagon was put on to allay the dust in front of the clubhouse and stand standFor For the fourth race at a mile the start was c pretty one with Leo Skolny showing the way arouni i hi tirst turn where Roamer got to him arid raced him into defeat before they reached the half From there home it was only a romp for the son o Knight Errant to win in 130 with Short Grass an Prince Hermis lighting it out for second place the former getting it by a narrow margin The Eng ¬ lish horse put up an impressive performance am will improveAnd improve And now came the Derby It was 4 3 p in when Little String first of the sixteen starters to take bis warming up canter appeared on the track One by one the others came and galloped briskly by the Htand until all had been shown to the vast throng In the paddock whither the horses were taken after their preliminary sprints horsemen and visitors displayed intense interest in the respective candi ¬ dates for the most coveted race of all the year The comments were as various as were the opinions of the thousand who pushed their way in and out of tlie betting incloMire to register their sentiments in the form of pariiuutiiul tickets It was stated bv one who should l e a good judge f such matters that the volume of betting on this race was nearly double the amount handled on any previous Derby but In the absence of figures this is not stated for a certainty It was 314 p in when the paddoc gate was opened and tlie maidOii Dortcli headed the procession which filed out into the track for Hit ¬ parade The post was reached at 318 and starter Mcrrissey sent them away to a good start after a delay of four minutes Regret was the first to show as tluy straightened away and Royal II was the freelyThe last to get to running freely The Whitney lilly led tlie entire distance and won easily by two lengths from Pebbles wliic inado a gnme effort for tlie prize when a sixteenth out but lie just simply was not good enough Sharpshooter which finished third ran a good rncp but lie disappointed bis backers sorely Tlie sorelyTlie Itcst race aside from that of the winner was Royal II Last to leave the i ost he was a fastcoming fourth nt the finish He ran today much tliH fame HS he did in bis cood race at Lexington The last time out there he put up a miserable performance under Jockey L Gentry who was unacquainted with him and itg Presiding Judge Wilson saw It Milked Neylou niiPUstion nbly is able to got i gotwl rare out of him in loilnvs porforinnnco lie should M favorite for the Lutoiilii Derby thoigh Pebbles will show Improve ¬ ment from now on the winner jojrgfd back to the stand the crowd broke forth in another great roar of ap ¬ plause for they recognized in the filly a marvel s of her breed and sex She had done something that no other filly had accomplished Harry Payne Whitney her proud owner was warmly congratu ¬ lated by the officials as ho strode up to admire the daughter of Broomstick and Jersey Lightning v which he himself had bred A flock of photog ¬ raphers and movie men got pictures of the race tt t the finish and the prominent figures in the his ¬ t toric event while the crowd looked on Cosmic onCosmic scored his third successive victory when he charged down on Gipsey George in the last g sixteenth of the sixth race raceIt It was 034 and the sun down with darkness fast approaching when Brave won the seventh j r race in a drive with Buck Keenon and more than I iiaif of the big crowd wended thoir way home ¬ ward satisfied that they had witnessed the most wonderful Derby yet run and feeling amply re ¬ paid for their outing in the sport they had had even though many of them were not winners of their wagers President wagersPresident Charles F Grainger of the New Louis ¬ ville Jockey Club entertained a large party of his ricnds in the club house and he and General Manager Matt J Wimi received myriads of con ¬ gratulations upon having had fair weather a fast rack and so large a crowd for the opening lamilton Applegate the secretary and treasurer ikewise Harry Breivogel the assistant to the general manager had about all they could do to akc care of tlie immense amount of detail in the oliice One of the busiest of the busy men was Jene Elrod who has charge of the fortyone parl mutuel machines and thirtyseven cashiers and another was W II Laudcman who looks after tlie correctness of the calculations in the prices paid on the horses horsesAll All of the officials slated by the State Racing Commission except Dr M M Leach the paddock udgp who is ill at Lexington and whose post was akeii by John S Wallace were In their places ts follows Chas F Price Ed C Hopper and John T Ireland stewards T II Talbot steward repre ¬ senting tlie state commission W IL Shelley Ed Jasper and E W McGinn placing judges Harry Morrissey starter W H Shelley clerk of the scales E Jasper racing secretary E W McGinn jandicapper S K Hughes timer Charles E Wright patrol judge Vernon Sanders telegraph censor physicianAndrew Dr J A OBreunan track physician Andrew Miller Phil Dwyer Harry K Knapp R Hitchcock Schuyler Parsons Jr P A Clark and Thomas Street formed a party of New Yorkers in one of tlie boxes boxesFrancis Francis Nelson of Toronto presiding judge at various meetings tinder the Canadian Racing Asso ¬ ciation was ain6iig the visitors He says that notwithstanding the European war good attendance i ud good racing as usual is In prospect in the Dominion Colonel Jack Chinn author of the bill creating the State Racing Commission and its first chair ¬ man also Colonel Milton Young a former chair ¬ man of the commission were among the visitors visitorsMayor Mayor William Hale Thompson of Chicago was expected t head a party from that city but was letained by a political demand demandMayor Mayor Edward Crump of Memphis was at the head of a party of fifteen who came from the Tennessee city to see his namesake run In the Derby DerbyHenry Henry Zeigler came on from New York to wit ¬ ness the sport Alfred Keith was another tlic itrical magnate in tlie throng Prominent among the baseball people were Messrs Charles Wecgh man and James Gilmore of the Federal League who Tame down from Chicago Nearly all heads of de ¬ partments in the state government were present with tlie exception of Governor James B McCrcary who was detained at Frankfort He was repre ¬ sented by Lieutenant Governor Edward J Mc Dermott DermottThree Three trains from Lexington and the blue grass region added about 2000 persons to the crowd crowdilr ilr and Mrs E R Bradley had as guests In their box Mr and Mrs II IL McLean of Chicago Mr Bradley announced that at Idle Hour Farm this aiorning Consnelo II dam of George Smith which ie sold earlier in the week to John Sanford o Amsterdam N Y foaled a Ciie colt by Trap Rock RockJ J W Russworm formerly racing secretary at Cumberland Park Nashville Teiin was among tlie visitors visitorsPresident President Harvey Meyers of tlie La ton la Jockey Plub was on band as were also General Manager John Ilncliincister of the Douglas Park and La tonia tracks and ills able assistant Frank Brnen The Lexington track was represented by Tntesby Woodford Secretary G D Wilson and Messrs 1C L Baker O II Clienault and Price ITeadley directors and James P Ross superin ¬ tendent tendentT T B CROMWELL CROMWELLThis This mornings workouts over a slow track at Churchill Downs were Bac Threequarters in 122 Brick and Mortal Fiveeighths in 108 Chartier Half mile in 54 Clynta Fiveeighths in 108 Dr Larrick Half mile in 51 High Private Half mile in 51 John Guml Mile In 1 44 Joe Morris Threeeighths In 40 Key Mar Half mile in 51 Lady Errant Threequarters in 120 Lady ICotha Threequarters in 122 Luke Threeeighths in 38 Marse Henry Threeeighths in 58 Mary Ann K Threequarters In 15247 Mullet Half mile in 51 Mabel Montgomery Half mile In 51 Moneymaker Threequarters in 110 One Step Threeeighths in 3873 Outlook Half mile in 51 Ormiilii Mile In 147 Pretty Dale Half mile In 53 Raincoat Mile in 150 Reno Half milo in Snniuol 1C Meyer Threeeighths in 40 Sea Shell Threequarters In 118 Star McGee Threequarters In 118 Verna Half mile in 53

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