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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. irotn Rome a dlspatfh of yesterday says: Rovoroto. the largest Aii-trian lit.v to fall before ■ the Italian armies, is being slowly occupied by th kings troops. The Kovereto foils, which 1 blocked the Italian advance on Trent, only thirteen 1 miles away, were blown up early yesterday and I the Austrians began to evacuate the city, retreat-lag northward np the Adige Valley in the direction . Of Trent. Before retiring the enemy forces demolished all the historic Italian monuments and sot J lire t the homes ol Italian residents. After the . garrison had withdrawn Austrian artillery. -ta-tloned . on the heights overlooking the town from the north, poured a heavy lire Into Bovoreto throughout j yesterday, completing the work of ruin, these batteries were engaged by i he Italian gunners and j partly Silenced the tir-l Italian troops began entering Rovereto before dusk last night, according to dispatches received hen- today. Capture b ., Bovereto marks the greatest single victory in 1 the Italian advance upon Trent, the goal of General t arnarnas forces in the north. rhongh the Aus-ii have constructed barricades across the valley f between Kovereto and Trent, military men here believe the Italian troops will approach Trent Icaelf I ! : re winter halts military operations. The City Kovereto. lying sixteen miles north of the Italian frontier, ha- been under long-range honi b.iidnient lor many weeks. I lie civil population of about 12,000 lett early in June, but the garrison. occupying strong positions, continued its resistance I . until the movement of Italian troops through the i Sugana region ami also fraaa the west j. i reatened their envehtpment. The early evacuation of Biva. at tin- Head of lake di Jarda. by i tin. Austrians is expected to follow the fall of f Bovereto. A Bstllll dispatch of yesterday says: The army r of field Marshal von Hindenburg has captured i Grodno, the last of the strong Russian fortresses - i„ Meld out. The German troops arhicb are advanc in. n the important Russian port of Baga, on the f Baltic, have also made a Further cooaequentlal gain. IMBcial announcement sras made here linlay that « they captured a position northwest of whPh I- about forty mile- lio.n Riga. An nounceanMl of the fall of Grodno -was made at * army headquarters today, as fallows: Field Marshal v,-u Hindenbiirs army conquered Grodno alter rapidly forelag a passage of the Niena-n. and Bgbt-ing the Russian- in the streets of the city. Hie « Germane reached the Niemeu uetwaea the Aagnstowo „ canal and Bwialoca Lennewarden line. German cavalry advanced to tin northwest and we-i of Vllna. I e Bnaslana attempted to oppose our advance, but failed, suffering extraordinarily large losse- s aitheast »f Mereca the Bnssiana were thrown back. . ii.-i nl von iallvv it/.s tr.Hips broke the resistanie p of tbe onemy ou the Alekaxycc-Swlalocj road. 1. ■ 1 1 I . J . . j j b 1 f I . I j. i f r i f « * « „ p 1. Field Marshal von IHndenburgs army capturefl [ 1 more than 3.000 Russians, as well as one cannon 1 1 and eighteen machine guns. Tin- army of Driuee j Leopold of Bavaria is still engaged in battle north of Prusaaay. The artnj of Field Marshal von J Maekensen. pursuing the Russians, reached the 1 .l.i-iolda river, near Silnek and Serena, and also | in the dislri-i of Antopol. east of Kobrin. Austin- j , II ingarian troops are advancing to tie east and , south of Boktto and Dabowoje. A mnisagi of late yesterday from Brownsville, ; Texas, nays: The Mexican bandits who killed two 1 American- late yeslerdav have been surrounded by | American soldiers in the thick brush near Fresno o and are battling lor their live-. Deports reaching J here say the entire band of fifty or sixty faces annihilation. Army aviators located the Mexican-, but have been unable to eniph.v bombs because of .f the danger ot hitting soldier-. 1he bruah is so 10 I thick at this point that it is impossibh to see more e I than tlui . or four feet ahead. , The Belgian -teanier Koninania and the British steamer Whiteticld have been sunk by submarines. "• Dispatches yesterday -aid their crews have been • landed. The R uniania displaced 2,583 tons and was j" owned by 1 Belgian shipping firm with headquarters " , it Antwerp. Since the capture of Antwerp by the Germans -1,0 imd operated from Kagltsb ports. The I,. Whitefield displaced 2.422 tons, was owned by the 1. Macl.can Shipping Company and was registered at lf West Hartlooool. flic French ministry of marine gave out yesterday a note outlining operations of the naval aeroplane j" ." squadron 11 says: Last week, notwithstanding heavy artillery lire, our aviators dropped in one ! night more than 300 ninety-millimeter lw,mbs on German naval bases along the Belgian coast, besides , taking an effective part in the bombardment of Monthulst forest Auuusl 25. All Hie machines ,s • returned, although several Of them were damaged ,,j severely. According to .1 dispatch from Leihach. two hundred . thousand Austrian reinforcements have reached . the front and have been distributed al. the points where tin- Italians arc making their strongest .1! lack-. the-,- new fores are chiefly ciglitecll-yeaV-old soldiers f 10111 Bosnia. ..ersogvina and lalmoTia. • The Austrian- have also received eighty new bat . lories and an abundant supply of ammunition for " them. A genera] Austrian offensive i- expected. A cable dispatch received yesterday at San Fran n- cisco by the Marine Exchange stated that the ,e lumber steamer Williom T. Lewis;- ow nod by the it. Ilind Dolpli Company of San Francisco, had boon n tired on and sunk by a Herman submarine off ,fl- The vessel was loaded with 2.000. HIP 10 feet of lumber. She had sailed from Fverett. t. Wash. Captain Mannlg and his crew of thirty men ■ n were re-cued by the Dani-h niotorship Australia. The American cruiser Tennessee, arriving at Cane •• Ilaitien. Haiti, from Philadelphia, debarked Km H! artillerymen with machine gun- yesterday. General :l1 Ceo-, the revolutionary leader, and Ills follow v era declined to lay down their arms and retired Jj in the direction of Him he and Gonaives. They left .r behind them, however, troops which took up positions ;1 outside tbe city lo shut off communications is with the interior. Yo-tMdavs baseball results — National I-eaguc: c: Iitt-biirgli 4. Chicago 1: St. Louis .!. Cincinnati 1: l: New York 2. Philadelphia •: Boston ,. Brooklyn American League: Chicago 8. Cleveland 2 1 tirst uamei: Washington 2. New York 0: Boston 16, Philadelphia 2. Federal League: Kansas City 4. Chicago : Pittsburgh 3, St. Iuiis l; Brooklyn 3. ■ Baltimore 2: Buffalo s. Newark 1. Five murderer- were pat to death in the electric 1, chair at Sing Sing prison. New York, yesterday inside of sixt.v-tive minutes. The men. in the order ,r of theii execution were Antonio Ba lemma of « Boebeeter County, Paaqnale Veoditti ■■ New York. " Louis m. Roach of Palatine Bridge. Thomas Tarpey and William Ferry of New York. The funerals it General Pastas! Oraaro and four It companions killed la Texas last week, were held at 1 1 1:1 Paso, Texan, yesterday. The bodies, on a float. t. pa— ed through streets lined with thousands of ,! Mexicans, with head- bared and each carrying boll Ouets. Ieinii--ion to bury OrOBCO in Mexico was declined by Oronco* family. The British government yesterday was faced with ■ fresh labor disputes that threaten to Interfere with j ■ the production ot mturltwms tor the- IJ»iiit h armies Trouble broke out at the big Armstrong armament" . w nks mar Manchester, it was understood, however, : that the differences there would be submitted to arbitration. I ive milllioii dollars have been subscribed and a half milli 11 set aside for instant call by a a coterie of Chinese merchants in San Francisco and d [ 1 1 1 j J 1 | j , , ; 1 | • the OTient to uaaaee a new rtranaahlp line to ply . between San Francisco and China in rivalry to the-1 Japanese lines already in operation. A dispatch of yesterday to the Parti Matin from 1 tanea. Crete, -ays: The Fatted Slate- cruiser r 1, Moines, bringing 534 refugees, mostly French, from Jaffa. Palestine, was Liven an enthusiastic 1 reception by the people ,,t this city when she ar-1 rived here today. K.iiscr Wilhelui ha-- conferred the Order of tbe -, Black Ragle ii|Hin Field Marshal .Maekensen for r the ipiick capture of the Russian stronghold of f Brest I.itov-k.

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